Mivva Beauty Box ~ June 2013 Colourific Edition

My first ever Beauty Box order arrived from the lovely gals at Mivva last week. I’m a Beauty Box Virgin no more!

Mivva is one of the more popular local beauty box subscription and has a growing fan base who have been waxing lyrical about the little touches that go into making this one of Malaysia’s premier Beauty Box brands. I was pretty impressed with many of the other reviews by bloggers who’ve subscribed for previous boxes and chose Mivva.

This edition was themed Colourific and surprise, surprise…full of colour products!

Can't wait to break open this one!

Can’t wait to break open this one!



  • Liese Bubble Hair Colour ~ RM38/ box (Full-Sized)
  • Enuca Eye Essential Quad Eye Shadow ~RM88 (Full-Sized)
  • Skin79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss ~RM16.90/ 1.1g (Full-Sized?)
  • BeautyMate Black Pearl & Calendular Officinalis Whitening Nano Mask (1 sample pack) ~ RM49.90/ 7 packs
Lots of Full-Sized Products this month!

Lots of Full-Sized Products this month!

I tried the Beauty Mate Whitening Nano Mask and it was excellent.

Believe it or not, this was my first time using a sheet mask. I was surprised at how moist and relaxing it was and I liked that it had a nice, gentle fragrance. I’ve never really been a mask girl, thinking they just take too much time and fuss to use, but this was an all-in-one product and a cinch to use – I just may have to hunt down some more! I really enjoyed that it forced me to lie down and relax for a few minutes at the end of a long day and think that this has converted me. I’ve heard stories about all these beauty addicts lugging suitcases full of masks home from their Taiwan trips. Now I know why! My only regret is that I was so late to this party.

Mivva darlings, if you’re reading this, please include some more mask samples in future boxes! I do think I am actually going to like using beauty masks after all.

I received my Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Raspberry Brown. I know some other subscribers got Creamy Beige but I think I’m pretty pleased with my shade.

I’ve tried the Liese Bubble Hair product before and found it really easy to use at home. Some liquid dye kits can get really messy but this one is foam-based and eliminates the dripping problem that often plagues DIY home dyers.

I also like that it comes in shades that suit Asian hair and features. This was a really good deal in the June Mivva box because a box of Liese Hair Colour can easily set a girl back RM30+ even when it’s on sale at Watsons.

Enuca Eyeshadow Quad & Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss

Enuca Eyeshadow Quad & Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss

My Enuca Eye Essential Quad came in Sunset and I am on the fence about whether it suits me. Some of the other colour quads sent to subscribers were Amethyst or Smoky. I think I would have preferred the set in Smoky but such is the luck of the draw.

I’ve never actually heard of the Enuca brand but it’s Made in Italy and looks to be of good quality.  I believe Enuca are a new brand in Malaysia and I think it’s awfully sweet of them to include a full-sized sample in this month’s Mivva box as a way of introducing their brand to new customers.

Finally, there’s the Skin 79 Mini Rose Lip Gloss that is so darn cute and so ‘Anna Sui’ that I just want to save it. Ever since they rocked the world with their BB Creams, I’ve loved Skin79! This gloss is adorable and comes in its own mirror compact that is linked to a little metal bead chain so you can attach it to your purse or keys. Fun and functional!

Check Out Mivva for yourself

Check Out Mivva for yourself!

1 month subscription
RM38 (+RM10 shipping)

3 months subscription
+ 190 Points
RM114 (Free Shipping)

6 months subscription
+ 570 points
RM228 (Free Shipping)