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My BECCA Project – A Mega Haul

Back in August of last year, I caught wind that Aussie cult brand, BECCA was discontinuing a few of their much-loved products and this catapulted a crazy desire to get my hands on what was still available in their Créme Blushes.

I made a flower out of BECCA

Just because, I made a flower out of some of my favourite BECCA products


Then, like wildfire, my lone lemming for blushes spread to a consuming passion for powders, highlighters and brushes too and this is what it all came to in the end – one massive BECCA-only mega haul. I don’t think there is anyone I know who’s as BECCA crazy as me and if there is, please say HI in the comments because I want to see your collection!

So, I’ve been wishing, dreaming, and hauling all the different parts of this mega project for about six months from every corner of the world that BECCA is sold and this collective haul is the fruit of all that effort and spending.

BECCA Mega Haul

My BECCA Mega Haul!

So, no review today, just sharing my extravagant and unadulterated splurge on one brand – BECCA!

I’m trying hard not to think about how much I’ve spent but the truth is I’ve lost track because it came from so many sources and it’s probably a good thing too as BECCA isn’t cheap even when it is on sale *nods forlornly at empty purse* but what price is obsession.

The only place I couldn’t get BECCA was locally and it has been a good while since they closed up their Singapore & Hong Kong counters but BECCA is an Australian brand and I was able to get some of my items during a BECCA sale ahead of my Aussie trip last year.

It’s such a shame that Asia just doesn’t appreciate this brand enough for it to be represented here but yes, I do realise it’s a relatively pricey brand so my haul was a real exercise in hunting down the best deals for this personal favourite.

The rest of my BECCA haul was sourced from various websites and indie sellers and I had to pay all sorts of ugly in terms of shipping but I think it was worth it to get my hands on some really amazing cult items.

Now, it all started with my desire to snag a couple of these, the Créme Blush and the Lip & Cheek Créme before they were all gone.

Both lines are firm fan favourites and I believe there was a collective global *gasp* from BECCA die-hards when it was announced that these would be axed from the collection. You can believe I was gasping there with the best of them.

BECCA Créme Blushes and Lip & Cheek Crémes


BECCA Creme Blushes and Lip & Cheek Cremes

These are the shades but I ended up buying doubles and triples of some because these are all now discontinued and once they are gone they are gone for good.

It’s a such a shame that BECCA is getting rid of these two products because they’re fantastic and any self-respecting BECCA fan girl will have at least one of these in her stash. These are so good that I can promise that I’ll hit the pan bottom for each and every one of them.


These are my all-time favourite BECCA products and are sadly now all discontinued

BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powders

While I was at it, I also got myself some Pressed Shimmer Powders (PSP) and these have also gone under the axe – what are you thinking, BECCA HQ?!! This is akin to cutting off your limbs!

I originally managed to find the PSPs all in full compacts at the All Cosmetic Wholesale site but these paranoid weirdos decided to cancel my order even after it was processed because they think everyone ordering from Malaysia is a credit card fraudster. I won’t even bother to link you to them here because they are just too narrow-minded to shop with.

I can’t believe that a company, in this digital age, does not have the means to ensure a credit card is legitimate before shipping and would rather jump to some extremist conclusion that we’re all cheats over here and simply terminate my genuine order without so much as a basic explanation.

I was really upset about my treatment by this company and in a way I’m glad that I didn’t spend my hard-earned money with such an ignorant company.

Anyway, there was a happy ending to my story because some lovely soul on eBay actually wanted my legitimate funds and I finally did get hold of my Pressed Shimmer Powders. I only managed to get one as a full compact and the others are new but loose (they were meant to be tester units) but the pans will be fine popped into my Z-Palettes. No sweat.

The good news is that prices were also well below what I would have paid at retail.

The full compact pictured is in shade Gypsy and the loose pans are Nymph, Angel and Hyawatha.

BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powders

BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powders

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors

Thankfully, BECCA are not mad enough to kill off these lovelies below…yet. They are still available on the BECCA sites and at Sephora and occasionally, even Luxola.

The Shimmering Skin Perfectors are BECCA’s famed highlighters.

I managed to get three bottles inclusive of a tester unit which is fine by me. Again, the Tester unit is still brand new. The other two were from exotic Sephora, Hawaii. I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of this product because it’s still available.

I have these in shades Opal, Pearl and Moonstone and they are all gorgeous! I love these and this supply will very likely last me forever as it takes little more than an amount the size of a grain of rice to do the job.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfectors

BECCA Beach Tint

The new product that has replaced both the Creme Blushes and Lip & Cheek Cremes is the Beach Tint. I picked one up just to see how it compares to my old favourite. I got mine in the shade Watermelon. If all goes well, I’ll be diving in for more of these and reviewing them for you too.

Beach Tint in Watermelon

Beach Tint in Watermelon

BECCA Brow Powder

Not to be left out in the brow department especially since my brows are barely there, I added a BECCA brow powder in Ash. It looks promising because it appears matte and without any of those dreaded red pigments I hate in brow products.

I’m hoping to compare it with the Joey Healy powder I have in Raven. This may also be a discontinued item because it was on sale for half price.

BECCA Brow Powder in Ash

BECCA Brow Powder in Ash

BECCA Dual Point Sharpener

Then, there was my insatiable love of tools to try and satisfy and I had to buy this BECCA sharpener because it’s really clever and can create a sharp or a rounded point which seems to make me think it’s the best sharpener ever.

This is very handy and I haven’t seen this dual-function in a sharpener before, have you? If you have, let me know where – I may want that one too.

BECCA Sharpener

BECCA Sharpener

BECCA Makeup Brushes

Being very much a crazy brush girl, my life would not be complete if I did not add a few brushes to a haul as serious as this one. BECCA brushes are very decent (but pricey!) and I have yet to compare these with my Japanese tools of choice but a first impression is that they are very nice and necessary.

And, unlike the case with some high end brands, even the brushes that come with BECCA palettes are well-made. Are you hearing this Marc Jacobs with your pricey palettes but el cheapo sponge tips?!

From top to bottom, the brushes here are #57, #55 and #58.

These are still available at BECCA but each will set you back a pretty penny.

At full retail the#57 Medium duo-fibre brush is AUD$50 and the #55 Extra-Small duo fibre is AUD$35.

The #58 Taklon foundation/ concealer brush at the bottom is still AUD$50. I love the unique stripey lavender of the BECCA taklon bristles and it may just be the prettiest synthetic brush I own.

I managed to get the first two at 50% Off through BECCA’s Australia site and the third at a discount from mySale. Not that cheap but supremely better than retail.

BECCA Brushes

BECCA Brushes

BECCA Palettes

Finally, I had to have some BECCA palettes just to round off my hardcore BECCA-fest and these are so hard to get now it’s not funny.

Here are the Avalon and the Fallen Angel palettes – both completely Limited Edition and are all but gone from the face of this Earth.

I love that both palettes come with their own BECCA brush that’s of the same quality as the regular BECCA brushes!

Limited Edition Palettes

Limited Edition Palettes


By the way, if you’re not familar with BECCA Cosmetics, it is a brand founded by Australian makeup artist, Rebecca Morrice Williams, whose frustration with not being able to find the perfect foundation set her on a mission to create what may now be one of the most comprehensive and impressive lines of bases ever.

“My search for the ‘perfect foundation’ became a mission that was to prove as elusive as the search for the Holy Grail!”

-Rebecca Morrice Williams, MUA & Founder of BECCA

BECCA Cosmetics Founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams

BECCA Cosmetics Founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams


Anyway, if you’re interested to know, BECCA produce foundation shades for just about every human skin tone possible and this will be good news for you if you need something that’s a departure from the standard light beige and nude.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter what colour you are – BECCA should have a base for you because their ranges run the gamut of possibilities.

Here’s a chart for your reference…and you’ll be excited to see that BECCA takes care of all of us from the very alabaster to even the deepest ebony tones and these shades come in the option of some innovative formulas to help you perfect your look whether it’s liquid, compact or loose powder.

Becca Foundation Chart

Becca Foundation Chart


BECCA cosmetics is also about creating a radiant glow that brings out the best of a woman’s natural beauty and I think the BECCA campaigns really highlight the performance and colour range of their products for a truly global market.

 BECCA is one of the few brands that uses models of all colour to illustrate the wide universal appeal of its cosmetics. I love this!

Becca Models of all colour

Becca Models

Lipsticks for any skin tone

Lip colours to suit any skin tone


“The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.”

– Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder


I think I’ve finally earned my blog moniker with this haul because I’ve really shopped myself out with this one.

My only lament is the fact that I wasn’t able to commit to any of the BECCA foundation products online because I’m completely turned off from buying bases without first swatching or getting a BA to match me and even then I/ they get it wrong *throws in the towel*.

I missed getting a proper consult with a BECCA cosmetic consultant at David Jones for a good match when I was in Australia a few months ago and it’s a shame because BECCA might have the most comprehensive collection of shades and most innovative formulas of bases to ever to hit the market and I think they’re really worth a look-in.

I’m still dreaming of BECCA’s amazing base, primer and powders…and, budget-permitting, the next chance I get to pop into David Jones Australia will likely herald a sequel to this haul. Wait for it!

BECCA for all

BECCA for all


BECCA Website


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