The Butterfly Project Turns 3!

I’m sorry, I’ve been hibernating.

That said, nothing in the world would have stopped me from missing the moment The Butterfly Project turned 3!

Yes, this very special blogging community that was founded from the ground up by veteran blogger, Tammy Lim, celebrated its third anniversary in true Butterfly style – uniting beauty bloggers through cookies, cosmetics, contests and companionship!

Generally, as far as blogging events go, there is nothing that The Butterfly Project does that hasn’t been spectacular but this event – well, it literally takes the cake as far as I am concerned!

A Butterfly Party never disappoints!

A Butterfly Party never disappoints! Sign up today if you’re an up and coming blogger as all are welcome if you are as passionate about the craft as they are.

For one thing, the venue was hands-down amazing.

The party was held at Delectable by Su @ Seputeh, a tea and dessert house situated in the leafy Seputeh event enclave.

The building is tucked away discreetly at the end of a forested road once you turn left off the Kuen Cheng Chinese School. I would never have known that such a secret location existed had I not been invited to this party. It’s so very close to Mid Valley Mall yet completely concealed from the mad bustle of the main highways nearby.

The Delectable cafe itself has large windows and features its signature shabby chic decor making it a well-lit and idyllic corner for an afternoon tea meet. The abundance of natural lighting is something that the selfie addicts and food reviewers among us would truly appreciate and is perfect for any occasion that requires many photos.

Venue: Delectable by Su

Venue: Delectable by Su

Everything about a Butterfly Project event is carefully thought out.

From the invitations, to the decor and the edibles, and crucially to the sponsors and activities – The Butterfly Project is the ultimate host and whether you are a new beauty blogger navigating the industry or a veteran-type of many years, the community welcomes you with arms open.

They say the devil is in the details but Tammy makes it all look easy and breezy despite the hard work and effort it actually takes to bring an event to fruition. Thank you so very much, Tammy!

Plenty of Cake...with a giant doughnut to boot!

Plenty of Cake…with a giant doughnut prop to boot! Tammy thinks of everything.

Recently, a reader of this blog who just so happens to be a blogger of the food & travel genre, asked me if beauty events or food events were better and without hesitation, I would shout it from the rooftops that beauty events are the best kind of blogging events! Especially those organised by The Butterfly Project.

For one thing, beauty bloggers get to preview, play with and take home a sample of cool cosmetics to test and review. Secondly, most event hosts are of the generous kind and almost always – bar a tight-wadded few – feed and water us well.

And boy, were we well fed & watered at this bash…see for yourself…

Althea Korea was the proud beauty sponsor of the day

Althea was the official Beauty Sponsor of the day!

AKA as the Cookie Monster Spread

AKA as the Cookie Monster Spread

A party is just a meeting without cake!

A party is just a meeting without cake! As you can see, this was a Par-Tee!

Some welcome savouries to cut the sugar

Some welcome savouries to cut the sugar

Food was so plentiful that day you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a food review.

Delectable had set up along with the buffet spread a most gorgeous arrangement of terrariums as table decor but when we took a closer look we were all left in awe – the terrariums housed not plants at all but edible mini gardens of mossy chocolate brownies embedded in a thick bed of the smoothest chocolate mousse ‘soil’. Each creation had been sprinkled liberally with all manner of cake crumbs, edible flowers, berries, nuts and the most delicate fondant butterflies to suit the party theme.

It was almost too beautiful to eat…almost!

Of course, we all tucked in anyway!


The edible terrariums with butterfly accents, no less!

The downside to consuming this adorable treat was that the aesthetic presentation encouraged me in every way to eat way more dessert than probably was good for me and, I may have also spent most of the event grinning stupidly at everyone with very green teeth after partaking too generously on mossy brownies.

Note to self – avoid green buttercream in food as it stains the teeth like nobody’s business *facepalm*

Now, no beauty event is ever absent of some sort of beauty product activity and Althea Korea was on hand with the necessary supplies to allow every guest to decorate their own BB Cushion.

The only catch was there was a memo to bring your own BB Cushion…and I forgot to read that tiny detail so I had to sit this activity out.

The BB Cushion Bake Squad

The BB Cushion Bake Squad – from left to right: Sabby/ Anis/ Kelly/ Innanie/ Carol

Apparently in Korea, decorating your cosmetics casing is a popular thing to do and there are actually inedible clay creams and even little novelty attachments made available to enable one to do so.

BB Cushion Decorating is an actual thing!

BB Cushion Decorating is an actual thing!

Here are a couple of the finished Cushion Art pieces from the party…

This was made by my good friend Carol. Looks pretty yummy actually!

Carolific's Masterpiece

Carolific’s Masterpiece

The next BB Cushion may have been my favourite of the lot but I can’t remember who did this. If you are the owner of this magnificent piece of work – drop me a line and I’ll give you due credit, babe!

Another BB Cushion that caught my eye!

The One That Rules Them All!

And, what was the purpose of all that BB Cushion Decorating at the party, might you ask?

Well, there were korean beauty product prizes for the best ones, that’s why!

Here, the CEO of Althea and his band of merry men are going about the ultra difficult task of choosing winners for the beauty goodies.

Who knew there were so many BB Cushion Picassos among this team of beauty bloggers! It took a while to determine the winners, if I must say so myself. So while that was going on, I ate more cookies.

CEO Frank is pictured here in deep concentration at the momentous task laid out before him.

CEO/ BB Cushion Judge - Frank of Althea

Althea CEO/ Part-Time BB Cushion Judge – Frank

Before I forget to mention, the party had a dress code as all good parties do.

Pinks or pastels was the order of the day, along with a gorgeous Butterfly Blogger X Althea Apron for each and every guest. The apron was made by Butterfly Project Mamasan Tammy’s own mother and Mother Mamasan did a great job making 50 aprons for 50 bloggers. I can’t even express how much appreciation I feel for what Tammy has gone through to deliver these details.

My favourite Pink Ladies

My favourite Pink Ladies – Carol, Samia and Arpita!

As one of the very few male Butterflies in the community, Leonard of Deelicious fame took the pink theme one step beyond …and donned the doughnut lol

In fact, much to the amusement of us all, he seemed to have formed quite a meaningful friendship with the popular doughnut throughout the event . I noticed how it was never far from his side haha

You may take a man’s dignity or even his life, but never, never mess with his doughnut, right? I’m sure Homer Simpson would agree.

Don A Doughnut Day

The party was also known as Don A Doughnut Day for the Master of Ceremony, Leonard. Leonard blogs at @Deelicious. Do look him up for a man’s perspective of beauty & lifestyle products.

In addition to eating cookies by the barrel and decorating BB Cushions, there was also a live Instagram contest and bloggers who were selfie ready posted their best pics of themselves at the event as it was happening. Obviously, being somewhat anonymous made it difficult for me to participate in this *sobs*. That’s two activities I had to sit out 😦

The other main attraction was an Althea Group Shopping Activity. Did somebody mention SHOPPING?!!!

Now this I could do!! Outta the way – ShopGirl here!

I have not seen 50 bloggers shop online enmasse before and it was great fun panic-buying with a group. Well, many others were panicking but I was as cool as a cucumber. Online shopping is my forte! Don’t you doubt it.

We were each given 30 minutes to purchase RM150 worth of Althea beauty products and if I must say so myself, I was in my element here and completed this task in less than 15 minutes – maybe 10 – with plenty of time to spare and to eat more cookies whilst chuckling at fellow bloggers gasping in despair at the weak wi-fi lol!

Moral to the story – splurge for data, girls *cue self-congratulatory smug and evil laugh*

Here is a candid picture of Samia doing her shopping, I think. That, or she is posting to Instagram.

The girl is a social media wizard and FBs/ Instagrams/ Snapchats like the best of them. You go, girl!

Samia the Shopper

Samia the Shopper/ Instagrammer

The sad thing is that this was our last blogger event with our dear Samia and we shall miss her terribly as she has since moved to snowier pastures in Canada and this was the only bittersweet thought that came out of the whole day.

Love you, Samia! You are always in our hearts, babe.

The event was a blast and I’m sure you’re jealous that you weren’t there but if you are a beauty blogger lost in the lonely wilderness that can be the big blogging world fret not, join The Butterfly Project. Don’t delay, do it NOW!

Before long, you’ll be able to write long-winded event posts with awesome pictures as expertly as I have done here lol *kidding*

The fact is, The Butterfly Project is a community of like-minded bloggers specialising primarily in beauty and lifestyle writing. The community’s fundamental purpose is to share and nurture the love of blogging and bonding over blogging.

Membership is free and The Butterfly Project provides an invaluable bridge to PR events and PR contacts for emerging and established bloggers and even offers guidance and support in areas of blogger and PR relations.

For more information…these are the links…

The Butterfly Project Official Website

The Butterfly Project Facebook

Best. Collaboration. Ever.

The Butterfly Project X Althea Korea – Best. Collaborations. Ever.

Korean beauty shopping has never been more easy…

Thanks to Althea Korea…we had cookies and cosmetics in abundance!

Althea Korea Website

Althea Malaysia Facebook


[Pic Credit: The Butterfly Project]

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