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Bag of Love ~ ‘Stay Beautiful & Read On’ – March/ April Edition

Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful and Read On

I’m still struggling to get into the swing of the new bi-monthly scheduling of¬†Bag of Love and can’t help but feel devastated that Bag of Love has gone halves these days.

One bag every two months. I’m feeling a little watered down ūüė¶

There’s a silver lining to this cloud, however, because the first bi-monthly bag was packed with almost twice as many beauty samples as any regular monthly bag so this does compensate somewhat for the withdrawal effects of realising there will now only be six Bag of Loves a year instead of twelve.

Have to give Bag of Love credit for trying to do its very best. It’s like The Little Engine That Could!

This month Mi Mi wanted us to have beauty and brains so she put her samples in a bag meant for books.

The Bag

The Bag

I would have loved a book too but I realise that would have been excessively greedy. Bag of Love did make this month’s pouch waterproof so that helps for carrying books that I’ll have to be buying myself.

So what was in this latest edition of Bag of Love?

It’s always a good thing to start on a high note so I’m going to kick off the lineup with some hope – Hope In A Jar, that is.

Hope In A Jar

Cult Product Alert! Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar 7ml

This apparent miracle potion is a lotion by Philosophy that is loved by many around the world.

Anti-oxidant heavy and dermatologist-loved, this is a moisturiser for all skin types and probably one of the most branded (read: exciting!) samples in this edition of Bag of Love.

There was some issue with some saying that this sample was a tad minuscule but when a product retails for RM160 per full-sized 60ml jar – I just don’t think it’s fair to be hoping that Bag of Love gives me the full jar in a subscription bag that’s only costing me RM40.

So yes, while I’d love the full jar, I completely understand the sample size.


Dove Hair Therapy – Intense Repair Conditioner

The next sample was a heaving tube of Dove conditioner that really beefed up the bag. This was not really a sample at all but a full-sized hair care treat.

I really like Dove. Like good old Johnson & Johnson, Dove is a brand that has never done me wrong. Sometimes, the best beauty things for you are from the tried & trusted brands you can find in drugstores everywhere. As far as brands go, Dove is an old-reliable.

Pimple Patch

Pimple Patch

The next product from the bag was a curious little thing that will probably save the day for me if it delivers what it promises.

The¬†¬†Mia Care Acne Patch is a little transparent and medicated sticky dot that works quietly and consistently to assassinate pimples. Indeed, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and for this, I think I love the Acne Patch already but fortunately, I’ve been blessed with a spot-less week so I can’t test it out yet but this might be the first time I’m actually looking forward to breaking out – I really want to see this thing in action!

I’m thinking that this could possibly be the real life equivalent of the blemish-remover function in photo editing. It’s quirky enough to be interesting and ambitious enough to be promising.

Locally, this is available at Watsons and other well-stocked drugstores.

Acne Patch

Acne Patch

Gone are the days when oil was evil. Nowadays, the beauty industry has an oily elixir for just about every ailment, need and wish.

Following on from where other oils by brands like Nuxe have been leading the market, Overnight Elixir by Human Nature  is another natural oils-based beauty serum that is meant to be massaged into the face and left overnight to produce radiant results.

Apparently, 77% of users experienced positive results after only the first use. I haven’t had a chance to try this yet and I’m rather wary of claims that something works that effectively but at least it will be quick to determine if this is a winner or a dud.

This product is available locally through Down to Earth.

Human Nature

A vial of goodness? This multifunctional beauty oil is by Human Nature

The latest concoction from the folk at Calvin Klein fragrances makes an appearance in this March/ April edition as a body wash. Some subscribers claim the CK Red made the bag, while others thumbed their pretty little noses at the miniscule sample size and the fact that it wasn’t an EDP but, you know what – it’s a deluxe sample so I’m not complaining.

As for the scent itself – it’s modern, young, a little fruity and likeable. Classic CK. Just don’t expect the same potency as an EDP or EDT from this and you’ll be fine. As a body wash, I suspect the scent will only linger lightly, post-wash.

CK Red

CK Red Body Wash For Her

Mi Mi surprised subscribers with a bonus product for the bag in the form of a specially developed sheet mask named after Bag of Love.

I’m excited about this mask because it was something that Mi Mi actually sat down and designed with the team at¬†Unico and it contains all the lovely beauty ingredients and benefits that Mi Mi herself would personally want in a mask. And, if you have ever seen Mi Mi, you’ll want a bit of what this gorgeous gal is having too.

In saying this, Mi Mi’s Mask of Love contains Hyaluronic Acid for anti-ageing, cactus extract to help retain moisture and honey to soothe.

Mi Mi - we'll have what she's having

Mi Mi – I’ll have what she’s having!

[via EmmaGem]

It’s always nice to get a sheet mask with a subscription. They kind of force a frazzled me into ‘taking two’ and just lying down for a moment. They’re also sanitary and conveniently foolproof enough to use at home.

With this little debut, Bag of Love adds another feather in its cap with a mask made just for Bag of Love.

Bag of Love Mask!

Going places…Bag of Love now has now got a mask named after it…a beauty subscription first!

Now, the next product in the bag was one of those contentious subscription inclusions that seems to get everyone’s knickers in a knot when they appear but for what it’s worth, I always see the bright side to getting a product for a man in a women’s beauty pack – it makes me feel less guilty that all these beauty box purchases are only for me.

When I get a man’s item in my beauty subscription I try and milk it for all its worth so that it becomes a clever little “see-I thought-of-you-too” type peace offering to The Caveman lol


Uber-Men Hydrating Mist

This time, the bonus product pour homme was an UberMen Hydrating Mist. I’m going to have a laugh convincing the resident cave-dweller to use this. A cleanser is one thing but a hydrating mist…well, it’s going to take some persuasion because as far as he’s concerned, sweat does as good a job, right?

Anyway, if you don’t have a man in your life who wants any of your Man Samples try this – use the product on your feet. I have this theory that women’s feet are tough enough to handle anything. We wear heels, y’know!

The next sample was a BB cream and while I happen to love most universal type BB Creams and wanted to love this too, I don’t. It’s probably not a bad BB Cream but it just doesn’t suit me.

This one was by¬†COVO – a homegrown beauty brand with a good range of makeup tools and colours and their BB Cream is made in Korea but I’m disappointed with this sample because of two reasons. There was so little product in my sample tube that I had a frustrating time trying to extract it and, when I finally did, it was so yellow and didn’t suit my skin tone at all. Such a let down after all the effort.

I’ll have to use it on my feet.

COVO BB Cream & Discount Voucher

COVO BB Cream & Discount Voucher

There’s just one last thing in the bag that I want to talk about before I forget.

It’s a 10% Off discount voucher for one of the newest subscriptions to hit town – The Fashion Culture Box (FCB).

The Fashion Culture Box is the fashion accessory equivalent of a beauty sample subscription but instead of beauty, it features a carefully curated selection of fashion accessories based on one of each month’s three themes. Occasionally, there is even a beauty product or two thrown in for good measure.

Fashion Culture Box

Fashion Culture Box Facebook

This seems like the local version of the very popular US¬†Wantable Box and although I almost never wear fashion jewellery, I’m finding I’m drawn to some of the themes that have been featured in past boxes.

Below was the FCB edition that changed the game for me – I saw it on some other beauty blogs but it was Sold Out by the time I wanted to buy it *kicks self in shins*.

Fashion Culture

Fashion Culture Box – Queen of the Fairies Edition

[Photo Credit to Million Dollar Beauty]

The above image for the Queen of Fairies Box was grabbed from Jerine at the Million Dollar Beauty blog.

Incidentally, blogger Jerine is one of the co-founders of the Fashion Culture Box and I have to give it to her and her pal – the FCB is really nice set up. It’s a pretty and professional subscription that adds another dimension to the beauty/fashion shopping genre for local fashionistas. I’m excited to try one soon so it’s timely that there’s a discount code in the Bag of Love.

As a standard subscription term, each FCB arrives with around 4-6 items that might be fashion jewellery, a scarf, a purse, and/ or beauty item for the single price of RM58. I think a small discount applies if you buy 2 or more monthly boxes.

The actual items themselves remain a surprise until you receive your box so the subscription retains the mystery of a sample box but because each box is sold to a theme, it means you are allowed some control over what kind of accessories you might receive when you pick a certain theme.

Below are the three themes available for the May Editions of The Fashion Culture Box…

Fashion Culture Box

Fashion Culture Box – May Themes

I’m including the link to the¬†Fashion Culture Box Facebook page where you can get more information if you’re interested. And relax, it’s a non-affiliate link that I’m tacking on just for your convenience.

So that concludes the first ever Bag of Love bi-monthly edition. I leave you all with a family photo of the March/ April bag of Love.

You might be able to make out that the Fashion Culture Box voucher is in the foreground there. (Psst! Steal the discount code if you must but you didn’t hear me say that!)

The March/ April 2014 Edition

Family Photo – The March/ April 2014 Edition

While this may not have been the most glamorous and sexy edit by Bag of Love, it was a very practical top-to-toe selection of samples to solve some of life’s unavoidable beauty issues – pimples, frizzy hair, dry skin and then some.

Definitely more of a brains than fluff edition.


I call this ‘The Practical Beauty Edition’

If you want to hop onto the bandwagon with Bag of Love, here are the links for your convenience…

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Bag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 regular bags are available bi-monthly to Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

[Disclosure: This Bag of Love was purchased by me. All opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk. This post contains non-affiliate links for informational purposes.]