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Be Good @ Cats Whiskers, Bangsar


If you’re a fan of wholesome, handmade beauty goodies by Be Good then you’ll be happy to know that there is now a dedicated retail point for all of Be Good‘s luscious bath & beauty products at the lovely Cats Whiskers fashion boutique in Bangsar, KL.


#BeGood now also @ #CatsWhiskers!

My random visit to the Publika Mall one Sunday coincided with the Fuyoh April Bazaar and I had a chance to chat with Be Good‘s Founder, James Wong, when I stumbled upon his beautiful stall at the art market.

It turns out that he is as sweet as his lip scrubs and an all-round good sport for posing for me in a portrait even though he was busy manning his stall. Thanks, James!

Anyway, I really, really love indie beauty products made with love and born from passion and speaking with James, I get the feeling that this man just puts his all into everything he does for Be Good. In fact, he is Be Good. And yes, he stands by the brand’s tagline of being positive in every other area of one’s life too.

So, the first post in my new blog series – Beauty Spotlight – is dedicated to Be Good!

I hope you keep on being good!

As an opening promotion and to celebrate the next chapter of the brand, Be Good is kindly offering all readers of this blog a 10% Off Discount on all items at the Cats Whiskers, Bangsar outlet so if you’re wanting a bit of a Be Good indie beauty fix, then head on over to this new collaboration in the Bangsar boutique and flash the following pic (print/ digital) for some dollars off your choice of Be Good goodies.

Be Good X ShopGirl Promotion

Be Good X ShopGirl Promotion

Fashion and beauty have always come hand in hand so it’s nice to see Be Good move out of its comfort zone and partner with one of Malaysia’s funkiest and most established indie fashion boutiques, Cats Whiskers to bring us Be Good‘s first dedicated bricks & mortar counter.

Of course, as per usual, you can still order Be Good online or pick up their goodies at the various bazaars they feature at, in and around the Klang Valley.

Be Good @ Cat's Whiskers

Be Good @ Cat’s Whiskers

If you’re new to the brand and not sure what Be Good creates and sells, here is a handy list of their offerings to whet your appetite.

Be Good Menu

Be Good Menu

Mmmm…just thinking about the Afternoon Tea and Vanilla Cookies lip scrubs is making me hungry.

I’m also keen on the brand’s citrus line because citrus-infused beauty products make great pick-me-ups.

I have personally used Be Good‘s Afternoon Tea Lip Balm and Lip Scrub and they smell amazing, feel great on the lips and are naturally-based and kind to the skin.

It was a duo that came with my last Cosmobox subscription and gave subscribers a taste of the company’s best selling Afternoon Tea scented lip products and when you catch a whiff of these babies, you’ll understand why they are so popular. They just smell so good!

My Afternoon Tea Set that came with my Cosmobox purchase

The Afternoon Tea Set that came with the swansong edition of Cosmobox

If you’re thinking of getting a starter set, then this is a great duo to kick off a love affair with Be Good.

At the time, I remember thinking that these two Be Good items were my absolute favourite samples in the box because the Afternoon Tea Set is a deadringer for a sweet and lovely tea of the kind you might enjoy on a patio in America’s deep South. Trust me, this is a scent and flavour that really takes you there.

In fact, it’s such a spot-on flavouring for an afternoon tipple that it will make you think it is tea time and all that is missing are the scones. I have much love for this flavour because I love, love tea and tea time.

Interestingly, some of Be Good‘s products are actually so natural they are in fact, edible! So if you really must, you can!

Be Good Body Scrubs

Edible Be Good Face Scrubs

Here’s another peek of the Be Good counter at Cats Whiskers…

BeGood@Cat's Whiskers

BeGood@Cat’s Whiskers, Bangsar

I love that Be Good makes natural, artisan products that are made locally. Yay, I’m really all for supporting a homegrown brand!

I also wish Be Good much success with the next chapter of the brand’s growth and may you stay Indie and always wonderful!

100% Good

Made with L-O-V-E and 100% natural & good for you too!

Finally, here’s how to get to Cats Whiskers in hip & trendy Bangsar and get your hands on some Be Good

Directions to Cat's Whiskers, Bangsar

Directions to Cat’s Whiskers, Bangsar

Alternatively, you can always contact Be Good via their dedicated Facebook page regarding orders, to find out more information about their products or to locate the next local artisan market where Be Good will be setting up a stall…

Be Good Facebook

Be Good Blog

BeGood Logo

[Notes: The Beauty Spotlight is a new series of posts where this blog intends to indulge a passion close to ShopGirl’s heart and explore the world of indie beauty, cult products and emerging beauty brands from around here and abroad!]