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  1. @ Just Me, The Mrs, Thank you for stopping by my blog too. Like I said, what a clever blog name you have! One of my favourites, in fact.

  2. @ Alize F.K: I’m not sure what country you are in but here in Malaysia, the Premium FINE H&C is Rm238 for a tin/ refill pack. Occasionally, it does go on sale at SASA and you can get a special two-pack deal for something like 2@ RM368. Hope this helps!

  3. @ Salina: For Johor, you could try Sephora at Komtar JBCC. Perhaps you could call them before dropping by – this product tends to sell out quite quickly.

  4. HI, can u tell me where i can buy loose powder Lakme Brand? (rose powder). I seacrhing for it at KL area but I couldnt find. I bought in KLCC guardian which is last few months.

  5. @ Zaza Mor: The last time I saw the Lakme Rose Powder product was at Guardian Bukit Bintang (at the store opposite KFC on Jalan Bukit Bintang). It’s probably best to give them a call before you make the trek in case they are out of stock. You can try calling them at this number-: 03-2145 7553.

  6. I bought a lip liner previously but have 4gotten the name. How do i go about choosing color online. .
    Tks n Regards

  7. @Jacqueline: Apologies for the delay in reply. I’ve been away from blogging for a while due to personal matters.
    To answer your question about choosing colour online. What I always do is Google swatches for the said product line and invariably, given the sheer amount of content online, there is usually bound to be someone who has posted an image of the colour swatches. That’s the beauty of this big, wide Internet world! Give it a shot.

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