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The Lilac Box 7

If sunshine could be boxed, The Lilac Box, did it with their seventh edition.

Tie a yellow ribbon around that...

Tie a yellow ribbon around anything…for a hint of Summer. Nice touch, TLB.

After another signature hiatus, The Lilac Box returned with a fresh yellow ribbon and only a hint of lilac on the box interior so this felt less a Lilac Box but more like an ode to an early Summer.

This time, with the samples packed lovingly in some bright and sparkle-kissed lemon tissue and nestled in an abundance of some equally zesty filler, TLB7 arrived as a pretty bit of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day. This was just what I needed to find in my mailbox to lift me out of the misery of an uncharacteristically wet start to May.

The summery theme was continued into the box with a radiant skin duo from Clarins.


Clarins Brightening Hydrating Emulsion

The Brightening Hydrating Emulsion by Clarins is a moisturising lotion for day wear and apparently designed to keep me sun-safe yet radiant and supple. Intended for all skin types, it’s a good thing to have a sample that will suit all subscribers.

The product has an SPF of 20 which isn’t amazing but it is decent and still better than none at all because I’m looking increasingly for daytime products that contain any sun protection. Have you ever noticed how the skin on our face always seems a little more weathered than the areas of the body that never seem to see the light of day? It’s not a coincidence – the difference is mostly to a lesser or greater extent the result of sun exposure.

After the drama of too much unfettered exposure to the harsh Aussie sun sans sunblock during my trip to Oz last year, I’m staying well clear of sunlight without the protection of an SPF lotion, a hat or an umbrella. Especially for my face. I’ve been bitten and now I’m shy.

Anyway, we all know it’s a proven fact that raw, unadulterated exposure to the sun is one of the key reasons why human skin may age prematurely so sun and Summer are great but stay protected. That’s my Community Service Announcement for this post.


Clarins White Plus Intensive Brightening Serum

The second Clarins product also comes from the same range – White Plus – and complements the first with a more targeted emphasis to the radiance factor.

The Intensive Brightening Serum is a serum with a higher concentration of brightening features to handle stubborn pigmentation and counteract future spotting.

Be Yu

Be Yu Lip Cream in a bright boardwalk pink.

The next product from TLB7 was probably my favourite item of this box because it has been too long between lip products in a Lilac Box. Come to think of it, did we ever get a lip product in a Lilac Box? I honestly can’t recall that we have, can you?

Nails seem to get all the loving in beauty boxes but lip products are always left out for some reason. Sure, I may have plenty of nails but I have a big fat, naturally colourless, dead man’s pout that only loving lip colours can bring back to life. So, Lilac Guys, more lipsticks, please!

The featured lip cream in TLB7 is by Be Yu, a German brand and the colour is really quite now. I found #60 in my box – a bubblegummy, Barbie Girl pink that looks fun and bright for Summer 2014. Rosewood is so last millenia, red-red is getting a bit yesterday too, so thank you for giving me this in a trending hue! I’m very happy with the shade.



Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you will know that I love Vagheggi. It’s a skincare brand that feels so luxurious on the skin, works a treat on my sensitive skin and not many people know about it so it makes me love it even more. I feel like I am part of some hush-hush underground beauty club.

This edition’s date with Vagheggi was with their (softly citrusy?) massage oil. Ooh-la-la! Okay, I just wanted to say that because there aren’t enough opportunities in my life to shout ‘Ooh-la-la‘. Which tells me that I need to get out more instead of hibernate with all my beauty samples but yeah, ooh-la-la!


La Petite Robe Noir ~ Eau de Parfum Couture

The House of Guerlain made a cameo in this box with a fragrance sample of La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum Couture. The Couture edition is the scent’s latest incarnation since its earlier runs below.


Left-Right: La Petite Robe Noire EDP & EDT editions

Now, nothing is as classic as a Little Black Dress and Guerlain created this scent as a fragrant tribute to this iconic staple of wardrobes around the world.

This latest version of the fragrance has a fruity blend of raspberry notes with the addition of spices like anise and licorice to temper the scent’s opening sweetness. Of course, because it is Guerlain, this is all combined with the requisite French joie de vivre and elegance in terms of packaging and brand story. It’s a scent that is meant to be as timeless as that Little Black Dress women can never go wrong in wearing.

The bottle’s pretty. The dress motif updated to a long, elegant evening gown to reflect the scent’s latest, and apparently more elegant, turn.

But it’s not me.

Making me feel neither classy nor elegant…the fragrance strikes out on contact with some explosively sweet berry notes and ends up being a little too peppery for me. It also borders on being an incensed ode to cough syrup and ends up being smoky and powdery when worn on me in our muggy weather. This might wear better in France where it’s cool-er and chic-er and there are cobblestones instead of open drains but this parfum does nothing for me here in hot and sweaty Kuala Lumpur.

I’m curious to try the EDT version of La Petite Robe Noire which is said to be more lightweight because the Couture Edition is, to me anyway, more of a fragrance for colder weather, an older city and an older person.

Eau de Parfum Couture

The La Petite Robe Noire ~Eau de Parfum Couture Edition

Instead of feeling elegant, flirtatious and chic, this leaves me feeling as if I were a very sweet and kind grandmother with a fondness for chugging cherry cordial, dusting myself in body powder and puffing on the occasional cigar.

Please don’t take my word for it though. I often let my imagination get the better of me when I attempt to review scents. Certainly, you may be more stylish than me and this LBD scent may work wonders for you.

And with perfumes, being such an intimately complex thing, they interact with each individual’s chemistry and the surrounding environment in the trickiest of ways. I urge you to try it for yourself before you decide to side with me.



I panicked a little when I saw the above sample in the stash because it looked so much like its lavender-bottled cousin who has been stalking me since the earliest days of my subscription adidiction. Imagine my relief when I realised that this was not the Liss Ultime dressed in sheep’s clothing – it is something new!

Absolut Repair Cellular – Lactic Acid

It’s not that I don’t love L’Oreal hair products. They’re really, really lovely and universally popular hair products but it does get frustrating when you are a beauty box subscriber and the same two products keep taking up precious sample space in all your subs and thereby defeating the purpose of buying a beauty box to experience fresh samples. Gimme fresh blood samples!

This is a shampoo by L’Oreal meant for very damaged hair and I although I don’t have even mildly damaged hair (a bad hair cut doesn’t count in this sense lol) because I’ve been quite nice to it, I just want samples that are something else from the oft received Liss Ultime that I’m so very relieved to have this instead.

So yes, I’m wiping the sweat from my brows and just glad these L’Oreal products are something that’s new for me from the brand. Yes, new and different but I tell you, it felt like a close call.



The Absolut Repair shampoo was followed with an equally deluxe sample of hair treatment from the same range – the Absolut Repair Cellular Lactic Acid Repairing Masque because these things are team players and tend to do better in pairs or trios, don’t they?

So how do I feel about this latest edition of The Lilac Box?

It was solid. It was mostly safe. The Lilac Guys delivered. Seven solid samples from a cluster of good brands for a ticket price of only RM49.90. No big surprises but no real freaks either. The fragrance sample was exciting because it was from Guerlain but on this occasion it just wasn’t me – perhaps for another time and another place, and in another life? Still, I’m glad to have had the chance for a dance with it despite my conclusion. In the end, it became a point for conversation at our household and that’s something that all fragrances should aspire to, don’t you think?

Did you pick up Box 7? Were there any lasting affairs in there for you? Were you as amused with the Guerlain fragrance as I was?

So, with TLB7 unboxed, I’m temporarily sated but what do you know, I’m already saving up pennies for Box 8!


Hello Sunshine!

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[Disclosure: This is not a sponsored or brand affiliated post. The Lilac Box 7 was paid for by me and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Consider at your own risk]