It’s Skin Power 10 PO Effector Serum Review

I’m going against the grain with this review of the PO Effector by It’s Skin. There is a lot of online feedback praising this Korean serum and, after a month with it, I don’t know why. As a serum, I think the product is overrated and if you read on, I’ll tell you why I won’t be purchasing another bottle.

PO Effector - It's Skin - Serum - Power 10 - althea - korean - skincare

I won’t lie, I bought it because it was cheap. The product bills itself as a serum and by serum standards, the pricing is very affordable.

Listed on Althea for only RM30 (USD7.50), I figured it was worth a shot at this price.

The next reason why I bought it was due to that old devil – the packaging. I always get sucked in by nice packaging and the psuedo-medical bottle of the PO Effector had me imagining that it might be a dupe for a pricey Skin Inc serum; a brand that I’ve always wanted to try but could never justify buying due to Skin Inc’s high price point.

I admit that the dropper-type bottle of the PO Effector set me up with high hopes of the product’s efficacy. I probably read too much into that.

Anyway, after more than a month of daily use, I think it’s safe to tell you that the PO Effector didn’t impress me and these are the reasons why.

The packaging that initially won me over turned out to be the most annoying way to dispense this serum. The formula is a watery gel but it’s too thick for use with a dropper. It’s hard to pump up and dispense any product with the dropper and it became a daily wrestle to get the serum out of the bottle.

In the end, I resorted to scooping out the formula with the dropper tool. However, using it this way, I had to touch the glass tubing to get the serum onto my fingers and this didn’t feel like a very sterile way to use the product.

PO Effector - It's Skin - Serum - Power 10 - althea - korean - skincare

The printing on the bottle is also a let down. Parts of print are missing here and there. In hand, the PO Effector bottle looks less premium due to the sloppy print details but it might be that bad luck landed me a single, badly printed bottle.

Speaking of hand, that hand in the shot above isn’t mine. I borrowed my caveman’s scaly little finger for this photo. Obviously, the poor guy needs hand cream more than I need this serum so I won’t get another PO Effector and put the money towards hand cream for him instead.

PO Effector - It's Skin - Serum - Power 10 - althea - korean - skincare

Finally, and what is the deal breaker, I really didn’t see any noticeable improvement in my skin during the 4 weeks that I used it daily.

From my experience, the product falls short of what it claims to deliver as a serum -:

“A weightless serum designed specifically for oily to combination skin types.

Developed to regulate your skin’s natural sebum production, the It’s Skin Powder 10 Formula is a hero addition to your skincare routine. Applied directly to freshly cleansed skin, the quick absorbing serum delivers visible results from the first use such as reduced oil production, reduced number of blackheads and blemishes plus a boost in hydration and improved firmness, leaving you with a clear, trouble-free complexion.” via Beauty Bay.

PO Effector - It's Skin - Serum - Power 10 - althea - korean - skincare

The PO Effector isn’t an awful product, it’s just not serum-like.

If you do want to try it anyway, here are a few points for you to consider -:

  • The ‘serum’ is very cheap but the bottle is small – 30ml
  • The PO Effector is a scented product and smells like a hair conditioner
  • It is a watery gel and pats easily into the skin to produce a silky touch but matte finish to the skin
  • Offers a sensation of instant hydration on contact and delivers some instant primer-like benefits on application

The PO Effector is sold as a pore-refining serum within the It’s Skin Power 10 line but the product works more like a skin veil than the all-powerful, pore-targeting serum that it claims to be.

On application, the PO Effector does instantly leave a silky touch and give a matte look to the skin. It might be this immediate result that is impressing some of the other reviewers but what you see is temporary. Without the serum on, there was no visible improvement in my skin condition.

Personally, I think the formula is positioned incorrectly in the market. It’s nothing to brag about as a serum and I might have liked the PO Effector more if it was marketed as a skin corrector or primer.

PO Effector - It's Skin - Serum - Power 10 - althea - korean - skincare

Despite the product’s many positive reviews online, its lack of efficacy as a serum doesn’t justify a repurchase by me, however, you might enjoy the PO Effector for its hydrating, primer-like qualities.

My search for a serum continues. Got any recommendations?

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  1. Same here, though it was a gift of the Vitamin C variant, yellow bottle. I personally did not see any improvement but then again i stopped at half a bottle. Cant wait to read on more about your hunt for the search for the perfect serum.

  2. @ sharonsree: Hello! I had such high hopes that I bought two more types from the Power 10 range. Been a bit reluctant to invest time in those after this underwhelming PO Effector trial. I will try to review other serums on this blog. Returning to old school beauty reviewing remains one of my favourite things about blogging.

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