The Butterfly Project Turns 4

Hello from the Twilight Zone! I can’t believe that a full year has passed since I last updated this blog.  So much has happened in my life that has kept me away but I’m trying to ease myself back to the site slowly.

Since time has moved on at such a rapid pace between my last post and this one, The Butterfly Project has now turned 4! It really feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating the 3rd birthday of this awesome community. Indeed, if you scroll back to my last post, it was all about that.

IMAG3674 (2)

If you’re new to beauty blogging or have been thinking about committing some time to the endeavor, a good way to start your journey is to join Tammy Lim and her Butterflies as they find ways to bring bloggers to more beauty brands, and vice versa.

As a platform for new bloggers to develop great social media connections and friendships in the industry, this community is one of the best places to start for a blogger in Malaysia.

Even if you have no plans to monetize your blog, the community is still a great place to socialise and be supported through the hobby of running a blog. So, don’t hide behind a keyboard, do it! Personally, I’ve met so many wonderful people through the Butterfly network and their events always ensure that you are well-fed and having fun.

As with all Butterfly Project occasions, a party is never truly a party without amazing beauty products and great cake. Doing the honours this year in the beauty category was Jerlynn’L.

Jer1 (3)

Jerlynn’L is a beauty brand big in products that are gentle and natural for the skin. What’s more, the products are kind to the sensitive skin of kids, too. Child-safe and paraben-free, Jerlynn’L’s swag box made sure party guests came away with a wonderful collection of natural skincare from their top-to-toe range.

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If you’ve noticed with the packaging, the products come in attractive and brightly-labelled bottles. Aside from being an aesthetic feature, the Jerlynn’L labels serve a more practical purpose.

  • BLUE labels: Products for the body
  • GREEN labels: Products for the hair
  • RED: Products which require adult supervision to use

This is a pretty ingenious way to make identifying products within the range easy. According to Jerlynn’L, children love the primary-coloured packaging. Personally, I think I’m over the minimalist monochrome packaging of some of the other beauty brands so it’s refreshing to see these vivid pops of colour in my bathroom.

Citrus and botanical ingredients feature a lot in the Jerlynn’L skincare range so everything smells lightly fruity or floral. Many products also contain doses of essential oils or plant extracts. I spotted lavender and evening primrose oils, both of which are widely known for their health benefits.

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The range is user-friendly and skin-safe. Age-appropriateness is indicated on the label for fast and easy reference. Essentially, these products are meant for a wide range of age groups and many are suitable from early childhood, so it’s a brand that you can share with all the members of your family.  But, I won’t judge if you intend to hoard all this goodness for yourself.

The surprise hero product in this range for me was the Bug No More spray. It’s hard to find an insect repellant that keeps the bugs away yet doesn’t make you smell like you’d keep a man away too. This product was actually pleasant, non-greasy and effective. There’s a touch of citronella, but not too much.


Now, a party is never a party unless there is cake and this was a birthday so a big, yellow cake with candles was a must!

IMG_1545 (2)

And, since the party was held at Hello Deer,  we gobbled down delicious cupcakes and plenty of savouries, too. Food aside, the party was a nice catch up with some faces from my time as a regular blogger. It was also a chance to meet new ones. All in all, it was hugs all around.

Meet Tammy Lim – she’s the brains behind The Butterfly Project. It’s not easy holding a full-time job at Althea and being head of Malaysia’s most welcoming bloggers’ community, but she balances it out so well. On top of that, she’s always busy with something, or travelling somewhere.


In the foreground of the pic below are two of the winners of the Best Dressed prize at the party. Some people went all out to impress and deserve their prizes! Congrats, guys! For all their effort, Grace and her friend, Maleficent, quickly became the official party mascots. Everyone was eager to pose with them and make a Disney-inspired occasion of the event.

IMAG3680 (2)

Although, here is Tammy looking a bit concerned that she has to choose between good and evil – over lunch. It’s a tough job, Tammy, but somebody has to do it.


Thanks again for having me at the community’s 4th Birthday, Butterfly Project. Congratulations, and may there be many, many more anniversaries!






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