Mentholatum BOTANICS Facial Care Launch & Review

Contrary to what people expect of beauty bloggers, I’m a lazy sod when it comes to taking care of my skin and confess I don’t ever do the whole skincare song and dance.

To give you an idea of a what a fully comprehensive skincare routine might look from start to finish, I found the following skincare chart on new beauty & lifestyle blog, Ying Yang Talk, and really liked the clear and precise way Yang presented the steps for an Asian system of skincare but boy, it’s a lot of steps and not really a great system for a time-poor and super-slothful person like me.

Image Credit to Ying Yang Talk

Image Credit: Ying Yang Talk – a very new but promising beauty & lifestyle blog you should check out if you have the time.


As you can see, it’s a pretty comprehensive and time-consuming system if you plan to follow it all the way through, but did you notice that CLEANSING features at the very beginning of the routine?

Without a doubt, I do agree that cleansing is rightfully the primer to precede any other skincare action.

After all, who wants to slap lotions and pricey serums on skin that is coated, metaphorically or literally, in the blood, sweat and tears of the day?

So, even if I skip every other step in this drawn out system, I would never skip cleansing and I hope you won’t either.

Irrespective of how tired I am or how tight my schedule is, cleansing is that crucial step or two that rids my skin of the day’s impurities and prepares it to absorb the benefits of any other skincare that I plan (if any) to apply later.

And cleanliness is next to godliness, no?


by Mentholatum

Launched earlier this month, Botanics is a series of face washes and sheet masks by Mentholatum and ranges in price from RRP RM6.90 – 25.90.

The products have been developed to suit a range of skin types and contain real herbal or floral extracts.

With this range, I am first and foremost attracted to the drugstore pricing of this series as facial cleansers are something I use twice daily so it’s only fair that I am on the lookout for effective but affordable products of this type.

#cheapbutgood is always a plus-point for a shopaholic because my dollar stretches further!


BOTANICS by Mentholatum ~ is a nature-inspired series of Face Washes and Face Masks formulated with natural herb and floral extracts.

~ Tube Face Wash ~

100ml RM14.90

Tube Face Washes

Tube Face Washes [Pic Credit: Mentholatum]

It comes in four varieties-:

  • Deep Cleansing Face Wash – Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang (Oily/ Combination Skin)
  • Hydra Whitening Face Wash – Arbutin & Agave (All Skin Types)
  • Hydrating Face Wash – Calendula & Jasmine (Dry/ Combination Skin)
  • Pore Refining Face Wash – Rosmary & Witch Hazel (Oily/ Combination Skin)

The selection has four options that target differing skin needs and is a cream formula that lathers up easily. A tiny blob lathers up in next to no time and I expect a tube will last me months and months.

Cream formula

Cream formula – lightly scented, slightly coloured.

I was given a media sample of the Deep Cleansing Wash targeted at Oily/ Combination Skin with Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang and I can tell you – this formula is great for that feeling of washing the day off and will leave your skin feeling very squeaky clean.

This cream wash is only lightly scented and has a grassy lemon scent that’s pleasant and refreshing. The packaging says that the scent is of lemongrass but it’s lemongrass in a nice way.

This variant of the Botanics tube wash powers through dirt and oil like a champ but in saying that, I think it might be a little too deep cleansing for parts of my face that are drier.

As such, this face wash is probably a better cleanser for younger or teenaged skin as it promises and has some truly deep cleansing and pore-purifying action. I could not feel any greasiness or see any shine at all post-wash

I do believe the tea tree extract in this product makes it effective for acne prone skin too as tea tree is known to have antibacterial qualities against blemishes and would make a great starter face care product for younger people starting out in their skincare journey.

Tube Wash in Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang

Tube Wash in Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang

I have one of those troublesome complexions where I not only suffer from an oily T-zone but have dry patches of skin around the forehead and cheeks so I found this version of the cream wash really only suitable to my shiny T-Zone. Now, it wasn’t drying in a stripping way but did seem to leave my drier areas feeling a little more taut and squeaky clean than I prefer.

That said, it’s still quite a gentle formula anyway and didn’t irritate my face like other more astringent face washes but due to the annoyingly duplicitous nature of my skin (shiny T-zone/ dry cheeks) , I am often in a position where I need to use two different cleansers for separate areas of the face anyway .

Fortunately, since this range is so affordable at barely RM15.00 a tube and even less when it’s on promotion, I decided to go ahead and purchase another variety of this cream wash and review it too…and this is what I picked up…

Tube Wash in Calendula & Jasmine

Hydrating Face Wash with Calendula & Jasmine

I chose the Hydrating Face Wash with Calendula & Jasmine from the range because it promised a hydrating function.

I do find that a non-greasy moisturising cleanser actually works well for both oily or dry skin conditions because such a product usually has the ability to hydrate and in turn, calm the skin.

And I was right, because I found this version better suited my skin overall.

The Calendula & Jasmine formula cleaned my T-Zone effectively, ridding it of the day’s oil and grime but while I didn’t get the squeaky clean effect I had with the Tea Tree-infused wash, I preferred the soft and supple feeling this left on my face that little bit more.

The scent in this one is pretty fine too – and even better than the tea tree/ ylang ylang variant.

The soothing floral scent that apparently comes from the Jasmine extract that is in this product was calming and pleasant.

Anyhow, if you opt for any of the Botanics products in the tube packing, you’ll find that it’s the most convenient option of the series for travel so do pick this packaging if you’re choosing a face care product but are planning some episodes of wanderlust ahead.

~ Liquid Pump Face Wash ~


Liquid Pump Face Wash

Liquid Pump Face Wash [Pic Credit: Mentholatum]

This dispenser comes in two varieties-:

  • Deep Clean Face Wash – Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang (Green)
  • Moisturising & Brightening Face Wash – Rosehip Oil (Pink)

The media sample I received was the green one – Deep Clean Face Wash.

Basically, this is the liquid formula version of the Cleansing Wash in tube .

As expected, it’s just as effective at powering through dirt and oil for a squeaky clean result as the tube face wash version but if you need to choose between the two dispensing types, opt for the tube wash if you plan to take a cleanser for travel and leave this bulkier pump dispenser to the bathroom counter.


~ Foam Pump Face Wash ~


Foam Pump Face Wash

Foam Pump Face Wash [Pic Credit: Mentholatum]

The Foaming Face Wash has two varieties-:

  • Oil & Blemish Control Foaming Face Wash – Tea Tree & Ylang Ylang (Green)
  • Whitening Foaming Face Wash – Narcissus & Aloe (Pink)

For some reason, I have generally shied away from foam cleansers in the past because I felt they were drying but I was given the Whitening Foaming Face Wash (Pink) and for the purpose of this review, did do a little guinea pig dance with it for two weeks…and, was surprised at how much I ended up liking this product.

This foaming wash feels and works great when used with a konjac sponge and a small amount of product goes a long way. I was pleasantly reminded that it might be time to add some foaming cleansers (good ones!) back into the routine and I really enjoyed this brightening formula version of it.

Foam Wash in Narcissus & Aloe

Foam Wash in Narcissus & Aloe

Now, I received this face wash in the Whitening Foaming version and I don’t normally use a lot of whitening products because I am already quite fair and my skin is quite thin and sensitive but I felt comfortable that the product was developed by the folk at Mentholatum and that the brightening quality in this is derived from natural extracts of Narcissus and Aloe.

I suggest that we all stick to tried and trusted brands when it comes to sourcing whitening beauty care because I read in the newspapers recently that a local beauty brand had products withdrawn from the market by the government for containing toxic mercury as a whitening ingredient so one can’t be too casual when buying whitening products.

Anyway, I loved the scent of this foaming face wash and this formula in the pink bottle is meant to suit all skin types.

I think it was my favourite of all the products I reviewed for this post because it cleans well without leaving the skin dry or greasy and smells softly rosy and natural.

This product is so subtly-scented and soothing that I believe you’ll find it pleasant even if you are like me and aren’t a fan of roses.

~ Facial Masks ~


Last but not least, the Botanics series is rounded off by a collection of facial sheet masks.

Single-Use Sheet Masks

Single-Use Sheet Masks are a tidy and minimal effort way to look after your skin.

Five mask varieties complete the range and each type is designed to benefit the skin in a different way.

Lavender Soothing Mask

Lavender Soothing Mask

Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask

Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask

Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask

Rosemary Pore Refining Mask

Rosemary Pore Refining Mask

Rosehip Oil Brightening Mask

Rosehip Oil Brightening Mask

I don’t know about you but I love ending the week with a sheet mask and I think it’s one of the best ways to take care of your skin with very little effort but maximum relaxation. They’re a great pick-me-up skincare experience and a perfectly flat-packed skincare product for travel too. Just use and toss.

I was given the Rosehip Oil Brightening Mask in my media kit but I decided to buy the four other versions of this mask too because I saw that they were on sale at Guardian as part of a promotion.

In fact, I was able to get the other masks at only around RM5 each which makes them very affordable as far as sheet masks go.

At the time of writing this review, I was only able to try the Rosehip Brightening Mask but these are my thoughts…

  • The mask was thick enough to be generously saturated with essence and there was plenty of fluid left to rub onto my hands and elbows
  • The cut of the mask fit my face perfectly and was thin enough to remain flush against the skin after application until I chose to remove it
  • No unpleasant scent
  • Cool and calming
  • Reasonably priced

~ Final Notes ~

All in all, this is a fine but affordable skincare range from a tried and trusted brand. I am an old-time fan of Mentholatum lip balms.

Botanics is formulated using natural botanical extracts as opposed to chemical esters so the products apparently harness the qualities of its plant-based sources to benefit most skin types.

Would I purchase these products again?

Yes, the low pricing point is a very solid attraction and the products I used functioned as claimed.

Botanics is a simple range of fuss-free products that also look very pretty in the bathroom.


Anyway, if you’re in the market for a fresh selection of botanical facial care products that won’t break the bank, availability is nationwide but only at Guardian stores or via …Guardian Online

[Disclaimer: Several products in this post were received as media samples while others where mentioned were purchased by me for purposes of this skincare trial that spanned a period of 3 weeks. Opinions are my own. Consider at your own risk. Images by me remain the property of this blog. Please do not republish without permission and a link back to this blog.]










  1. Gotta love the price point. I saw the range earlier in Guardian say 2 months ago and I have to take a double look to reconfirm the price. So affordable and good. I like the face wash. Have yet to use the sheet mask.

  2. It’s such an affordable range that it’s possible to try out the whole series.
    I never liked rose products much but the Botanics version of the rose scent is so soft and pleasant that I’m smitten.

  3. @KJ: I like the rose items best. The tea tree items were too stripping because I think my skin has changed a bit and is now less oily.
    Oh you’re right, it actually takes effort to dedicate some time to masking.

  4. I appreciate how well written your take on these products were as apposed to other blogs that were basically like OMG YASSSS THESE FLOWERS ARE SO PRETTY and barely touched on how effective the products actually are.

    The tea tree + ylang ylang tube does give you the clean feel but the dry patches always calls for moisturiser afters. Lazy lazy

  5. @ QS: Why, thank you for the kind feedback. I do like to force any skincare I review through a thorough testing on my own skin for at least a few weeks, if not months or even years, before writing about them! I truly hope my experiences help you consider if you’d like to try a product too.

  6. can u teach me how to use this product…. it is i have to use all 3 cleanser or just 1 type of them?

  7. @ syamimi I don’t believe there is any hard and fast rule of how you personally might want to use cleansers but I think it’s a good idea to determine the type of skin you have – dry/ oily/ combination/ sensitive etc – and to choose a cleanser based on your skin type. For example, my skin is quite greasy after a day out and I will localise a clenaser that suits oily skin to my T-zone where it is oiliest, but may opt then apply a less-stripping cleanser over my drier areas.

    That said, I’d imagine that a single cleanser for the whole face is what many people do – and especially handy if you don’t want to fuss too much but certainly, determine your skin type, do some research on the functions of the clenasers you are interested in. Unfortunately, as with all skincare products, nothing beats some trial and error to establish what works best for you.

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