CANMAKE Tokyo’s 30th Anniversary Event & New Season Makeup Trends

It’s a well-known thing that Japanese women are famed for their good skin and youthful looks thanks to the abundance of high quality and on-trend Japanese cosmetics and skincare.

So, it comes as no surprise that CANMAKE Tokyo, one of Japan’s premier drugstore makeup brands, has been able to endure a generation’s support and is this year, celebrating 30 Years in the beauty industry.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Canmake!

A keeper at 30 years old

A keeper at 30 years old

I was invited along to the festivities and of course, there was lots and lots of makeup as the event was held at this year’s International Beauty Expo.

CANMAKE Overseas Sales Asst. Manager - Kaori Anzai with famous bloggers, Chanwon and Cheesie

CANMAKE Overseas Sales Asst. Manager – Kaori Anzai discussing the merits of the brand’s new Lip & Cheek Gel with popular beauty bloggers, Chanwon and Cheesie [Pis credit: Canmake Malaysia]

Without cake, a party is just meeting, right? So, of course there was big cake to cut!

Without cake, a party is just meeting, right?

Ron Tay (Group Executive Director – Canmake Malaysia),  Joyce Au ( Sales & Marketing Manager), Kaori Anzai and Co. do the honours. [Pic credit: Canmake Malaysia]

Popular blogger Chanwon gets the Canmake treatment

Popular blogger Chanwon gets her cute Canmake makeover from MUA Meoki Tong [Pic credit: Canmake]


Many of us know and love Canmake products for their pretty packaging and youthful shades.

If you love pretty packaging, Canmake ticks all the boxes with plenty of scalloped edges, pastel casings and shiny compacts.

Embossing is also a pretty signature of the powder products in the Canmake range too.

The embossing is to-die-for

Embossing that is to-die-for and worth collecting



The themes for this season’s makeup looks according to Canmake are “Glossy & Shiny” or “Colour Coordinates”

We can expect a collection focusing on dewy and translucent eye palettes that showcase light washes of colours and contouring. The look this season will be accentuated by ‘glossy & shiny’ lip and cheeks too.

Eyeshadow Trio in 06

Eyeshadow Trio in 06

The compact is so pretty that it almost breaks the heart to dig in. Do you know that feeling?

Impressive embossing!

Impressive embossing!

Canmake Matte & Crystal Cheek Powder

Canmake Matte & Crystal Cheek Powder in 03

Matte & glitter in one cheek compact

There are matte & glitter options in one cheek compact.

One of my favourite additions to the Canmake range this season is this Stay-On Balm Rouge. It’s a moisturising lip balm that comes in richer and more attractive colours than regular tinted lip balms.

I especially love how this product leaves the lips looking glossy and plump but is not sticky or gloopy. In fact, it feels lightweight and just like a quality lip balm instead of a lip gloss.

The product is unscented which is a relief because I’m getting tired of scented lip products that taste artificial and cheap.

Stay On Balm Rouge

Stay-On Balm Rouge in Shade 11

Moiturising colour

It’s a sheer but quite buildable lip colour and the finish makes the lips look juicy, plump and younger too.


This season you can also expect a trend from Japan where lips and cheeks are coordinated using Canmake’s new dual function, 2-in-1 products…for lip and cheek.

The idea is that wearing essentially the same colour on the lips and cheek creates a well-coordinated look and saves time too.

Lip & Cheek Gel in 02

Lip & Cheek Gel in 02

The Lip & Cheek Gel is sheer cream-based formula that is suitable for adding colour to the lips or for sheering out across cheeks.

The colour looks very strong in the pan but is actually very wearable, smooth and easy enough to apply with just fingertips. A little goes a long way so just pat on as much as you need but do blend out if you’re using it as a cheek gel.


This adds a juicy flush of colour on the lips and cheeks.

So, I hope you enjoyed this recap of the Canmake 30th Anniversary event and my little walk through some of the brand’s popular and latest products.

If you’d like to get up close to some of the latest CANMAKE cosmetics in person, CANMAKE Tokyo cosmetics are available nationwide at SASA or AEON Wellness stores.

CANMAKE Malaysia Facebook

Canmake Official Website



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  1. @shadesofsplendour: Aww…thank you, Sweetie, but Canmake create really photogenic products. I wasn’t too pleased with my lighting and exposure actually but oh well…

  2. @KJ: Yes, awesome packaging is a Japanese signature. I’m sure a lot of people buy Canmake for how prettily it is packaged. I know for certain that Canmake is available at SASA.

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