BOURJOIS Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara…and Lash Machine Review

Long time, no beauty! What have I been thinking?!

My last two blog posts might have led you to believe that I’ve gone to ‘the other side‘ and am now a food blogger but that’s not at all true and here’s proof –  without further delay here is a beauty post for you *does a little happy dance*.

Bourjois Push Up Volume

Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Waterproof Mascara

I’ve been testing a couple of lash products that arrived on my review desk recently and these are from one of my all-time favourite drugstore brands – Bourjois Paris.

The first is the Bourjois Push Up Volume Waterproof Mascara (pic above).

The second is a nifty little wand product with a cute name called the Lash Machine (pic below).

The name makes me want to love it right away. It seems so functional, as if the product churns out lashes on call.

All I can say to that is – yes, please!

Lash Machine

The Lash Machine

Now, when Bourjois first arrived in this town, I loved the very idea of this dainty Parisian drugstore brand.

Where Chanel can be haughty and overpriced, Bourjois is a happy, youthful French brand with the packaging well done and the products divine but the fact that it is an affordable range…well, that just makes my dollar stretch further and me a happy shopper.

The drugstore price point of Bourjois is especially helpful for purchasing makeup products such as mascaras because, from an ocular perspective, I feel we should use up liquid cosmetics that are placed nearer to the eye more quickly than other beauty products.

Mascara is one of those beauty products I will use and discard most often.

I won’t encourage the use of old mascaras because it’s just foolish to gamble with the health of your eyes by using a mascara for longer than 3 months from opening. I believe it’s good practice unless you want to tempt fate and land an eye infection, that is.

Personally, I only apply mascara very occasionally so the economics of sporadic use and the shorter shelf life of this kind of product just means that it’s unwise to spend too much on one.

For this reason, I mainly stick to drugstore lash products because, aside from them being able to do the job, I can grab one and toss it out without heartbreak at the end of the 3-month mark without breaking the bank by doing so.

Anyway, let’s dive into the review of the Bourjois lash product where I’m doing something a little different today.

For a change, I’ve tested the Bourjois products for this review on a pretty friend who has very sparse and relatively short lashes and is someone whom I felt could benefit from a lick or two of mascara power.

She’s also an amateur at mascara application and I think that makes her a good candidate to test the products’ ease or difficulty of use for a non-professional makeup user too.


So here are her lashes in their completely natural state BEFORE application…

Before mascara

Before mascara


– Single Coat –

One Coat

After one quick coat

After just one coat, you can see that her lashes have become instantly darker with increased volume and length. Lucky girl!

My friend has a done a decent job despite her speedy and amateur application. Application is standard and straightforward.

The single coat makes her lashes look nicely separated, thicker and longer. I like how the mascara isn’t clumping on her lashes and there’s none of that flakiness that can occur with some very dry or low quality mascara formulas.

Now, before we proceed with a second coat, this is apparently the time to introduce the Lash Machine product to the lashes…


– Worn Between Mascara Coats –

Lash Machine

Lash Machine

It’s a funny little product that is meant to be a instant lash booster.

After Lash Machine

After Lash Machine

After application of the Lash Machine, it’s possible to see fuzzy little fibres cling to each of the lashes.

You may feel free to add as many fibres from the Lash Machine as you desire by brushing the wand through the mascara-coated lash hairs.

What the Lash Machine does is to beef up the lashes by using tiny fibres to stick to the mascara-coated hairs. The fibres add lash bulk and this then becomes the basis for an instantly volumising effect when the next coat of masacra is applied.

Obviously, it’s impossible to go about town with fuzzy white lashes without inviting stares so a follow-up coat of mascara is an absolute necessity if you choose to use the Lash Machine product.

There’s no escaping this follow-up coat to ‘paint black’ over the white fibres. Without it, you will just look like you have dirty lashes and that’s not really a look that most of us can carry off attractively.

Fuzzy Volume Creators

These fuzzy fibres are ‘volume creators’ and are wrapped around the slim wand. They cleverly add welcome bulk to and lengthen the lashes when brushed up against the hairs

If you’re at all concerned about how the fuzzy fibres hold up on sensitive eyes or on the lashes of contact lens wearers, the packaging of the Lash Machine suggests that the product has been looked into by Bourjois and I assume they have passed tests before printing this statement on the box . No irritation was experienced by my demo girl here.

Lash Machine - image by Bourjois Press

Lash Machine [Image Credit: Bourjois Paris]

The other good things Bourjois claims is that it’s all of the following -:

  • Clump-free
  • 24-hour Hold
  • Easy to Remove if you so wish

Indeed, the lashes looked smooth and clump-free after the next coat of mascara was applied and later, was easy to remove but in all honesty, we did not test the 24-Hour hold yet because who keeps mascara on for 24 hours anyway.


– Second & Final Coat –

Final Coat of Mascara

Final Coat of Mascara


As you can see, both products used together added significant volume and length to sparse and short lashes.

Application also proved easy even for my mascara newbie.

The Mascara comes in a nice weighty glass tube

The Mascara comes in a nice and luxurious glass tube

Both products felt comfortable on my friend’s lashes.

There was zero tugging and it did not irritate her eyes but according to my friend, the final coat of mascara did feel significantly thicker and weightier on the lashes. I think it may have been because she is not very used to wearing mascara and the sudden increase in volume and length was a surprise to her.

We observed little to no flaking or smudging and her lashes moved naturally and did not feel stiff against her natural eye movements.

I saw that she removed the products easily with water and a standard drugstore eye makeup remover so no major issues to note here.

One thing my friend did say was that it would have been nice if the mascara and Lash Machine were combined as a dual-tipped 2-in1 lash product for travelling convenience and that’s a good idea and perhaps something Bourjois might want to consider down the track as a product innovation.

My friend especially liked the volumising effect of the Lash Machine and felt that it was quite special but bemoans the fact that she will have to carry the Bourjois mascara and Lash Machine separately in her vanity case among the 101 other items she has in there.

My advice to her is that it is time she Spring Clean and cull away the old makeup in that bag of hers haha #hoarder


(Subject to Change)

  • Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara – RM51.90
  • Bourjois Lash Machine – RM42.90


Bourjois Kiosk – Sunway Pyramid Mall

Select Watsons outlets nationwide

Hermo Beauty – Online

If you’re interested in more information about these products, do visit the official Bourjois links…

Bourjois Logo

Bourjois Official Website

Bourjois Malaysia

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  1. Hey there, just dropping by to say what a great review u’ve written on both those products. I especially love how you mentioned the level of difficulty to take off the mascara. I now feel like I should run out and get these two products! Especially that lash machine, i’ve always wondered about those things, I am officially scared at all these products that have tiny fibres in it, but at the same time I’m amazed at its wonders. Anyhoo, I hope I can be as diligently as you are at throwing out old mascaras, I really need to start putting dates on my mascaras so that I remember to throw them out once they exceed 3months. Anyhoo i’m rambling, great post, I loved it! Xoxoxox

  2. @ Lany Zabidin: Hello there and thank for stopping by!
    Aww…thank you for your kind words too and I’m glad you found the review useful.
    I feel you about the little fibres but the ones in the Lash Machine are so cute, fuzzy and soft and so unlike some of those spiky-looking little hairy things that I’ve seen on other lash boosting wands.
    My friend wore contacts when she did this trial and did not experience any discomfort from these fibres.
    Oh by the way, I wasn’t always as diligent about throwing out old mascaras when I was younger but there was someone I knew who contracted a serious eye infection and it was related to poor practice when it came to eye health and not mascara-use per se but since then I’m ultra paranoid about my eyes. I just can’t imagine life with damaged eyes.
    It’s not worth the price of a new mascara to damage your eyes but even though I say 3 months I’m sure it’s okay to extend the deadline just a little.

  3. @KJ: The Lash Machine is pretty funky. I’ve used a similar product by Maybelline once but it was more hair-like and not nearly quite as furry. As you can see, this really does add temporary bulk to the lashes.
    I didn’t test these products on my own eye but on a volunteer. Nowadays, I just don’t mascara as much as I used to. Just getting ultra lazy lol

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