K-Palette Haul & Eye Makeup Workshop at SASA

No brickbats today because I can’t fault the brand. It’s Japanese and one of my favourite eyeliner brands!

Japanese & awesome

Japanese & awesome

Today’s post is actually a #throwback to a workshop I attended last year as a consumer and many of the products by this brand are such staples in my makeup arsenal that I’ve been looking forward to sharing my haul and my thoughts with you.

I really, really do love Japanese eyeliner/ mascara formulas. If you haven’t tried them, I suggest you take a serious look.

The Japanese have a knack for creating some awesome liners and mascaras and brands like K-Palette aren’t usually much more expensive than Maybelline or Revlon brand but the quality and innovation is always above par. Not forgetting the quality brush tips that often come with these products too because the Japanese are simply amazing at making brushes.

So yes, it’s mostly bouquets this time as I finally get around to blogging about my haul from the K-Palette X SASA workshop at KLCC.

On top of a free eye makeover at SASA, K-Palette gave me this thoughtful participant door gift…

The Lash Perm aka mascara

Free! The Lash Perm Long Curl Mascara

But of course, it’s almost impossible for someone like me to walk out of a SASA without dropping some dough and since I was able to get the team’s advice, I ended up picking up some extra K-Palette products that I’ve always been wanting to try. It was a productive day of beauty spending!

Don’t get me wrong, I was in no way pressed to buy anything during the session but when presented with all the great products and handy advice, it was impossible to walk out of the shop without spending some money. I call it my SASA Syndrome.


Here’s the day’s haul…

The 1 Day Tattoo Value Set

The 1 Day Tattoo Value Set – a liner and mascara set

1 Day Tattoo

1 Day Tattoo – my original love. My K-Palette love started with this.

1 Day Magic

1 Day Magic – I liked the Alice in Wonderland style packaging. This liner contains a built-in essence too!

Zero Tema BB Cream

Zero Tema BB Cream – I love this and I’ll soon blog about why

I’ve been looking for another BB Cream for the longest time as a backup to my beloved Dr. G on the off-chance it gets discontinued. I love the way this blends and it is a brightening BB – my favourite type.

I didn’t think much of it at first because it doesn’t look very serious as a foundation – too cute in its packaging – but now that I’ve had some time with it, I think it’s up there with the top BB creams. They might have to change the packaging a bit if they want a wider client base.

Personally, I take my bases very seriously but it’s hard to when the product features a funny little sloth mascot.

There was another shade for this product – 02 – but I found it too yellow on me even though the SASA assistant insisted it was a match. I despise yellowish BB Creams so I insisted on taking the 01 shade which was lighter and less sallow. Turns out I was right.

I really, really like the 01 on me – so much, in fact that I will write about it in full on this blog soon.

Anyway, the moral to the story is to NOT let any sales assistant insist upon a shade for you.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve spoken to women who buy foundation shades at the insistence of a beauty assistant who tragically gets it wrong. I’ve been there myself a dozen times by letting these sales people herd me into the wrong shades.

This happens to enough people I know that I suspect half the beauty assistants in this world are colour blind. No more – I’ll be my own Shade Master!

And, I encourage you to take your shade into your own hands too. Girls, you have it in you – call it a gut feeling – to have the final say on what will suit your skin best!


Free but good!

Unlike most workshops/ makeovers, this was a 5-to-1 workshop and no, it wasn’t one makeup artist for five customers but just me (in my time slot) being surrounded by a makeup artist, Aya Umchara, and a whole bunch of happy K-Palette (and SASA) people. They even had several people in the team flown in from Japan for the event.

It was great and as rare as hen’s teeth to have all these people looking after just me. They made me feel like star and who am I to question that every girl need’s that kind of retail lovin’ once in a while.

Meet Aya,

Meet the adorable, Aya Umchara, K-Palette’s Brow & Liner Artist who came all the way from Japan to show us a thing or two

Aya working her magic...

In deep concentration, Aya works her magic on the lady before my slot.

Precise work. It's all about the angles when it comes to eye makeup!

Precise work. It’s all about the details when it comes to eye makeup!

I’ve been a K-Palette fan long before I even attended this workshop so it was a no-brainer to sign up for this workshop. I was lucky I got a slot as they filled up very quickly.

You see, I have oily eyelids and if you know anything about greasy lids, eye makeup tends to suffer from an extreme lack of long wear. It’s a serious condition for greasy gals and short of suffering a real eyeliner tattoo which I never, ever, ever want – my only solution is to source high quality dedicated long wear eyeliners and mascaras. This is easier said than done.

There are plenty of eyeliners and mascaras on the market – but you’d be surprised at how many of them smudge and smear like there is no tomorrow.

Others literally crumble off my line and lashes in no time before piling up in an ashen heap of black speckles around my eye. Gross but true.

I won’t name it in this post but there’s one extremely popular brand that does this within mere minutes of application on me. Many of the other beauty bloggers rave about it though *throws hand up in exasperation* so, go figure! I’m having no luck with any of the beauty things that every other blogger seems to wax lyrical about. I feel like some kind of Anti-Blogger now.

Anyway, to cut the story short, K-Palette makes an awesome eyeliner that they call their 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner and I picked up one on a whim at SASA once and that one liner lasted me months and months and months and months of daily use. You get the idea.

It was beautiful, inexpensive, and did the job it was designed to do with no fuss. The brush tip was especially good for precision lining and the formula was Super Black.

I loved that it was precise to a fine point but also adaptable to different stroke widths and managed some sassy wings with almost no effort. It was, in a nutshell, a completely functional stay-put liner absent of premature fading or crumbling all over my face.

One of the useful tips I picked up from the lovely Aya was that it was useful to use a combination of eyeliners on the eyeline. An eye pencil is perfect for filling in of the lash line, for example, and the liquid liners were better for drawing more precise lines and wings at the outer ends of the eye.


K-Palette often use a TATTOO analogy to name their products and it’s appropriate because their liners last all day on me like a tattoo but unlike a real tattoo eyeliner situation, I’m not stuck with the horrid commitment issue of a real eye liner tattoo.

In this day and age, I really can’t understand why anyone would want only one eyeliner look permanently tattooed onto their eyes FOREVER. That is so weird and if you’re thinking about it, just don’t do it.

Sure, you’ll save a little time by not needing to do your daily lines but it’ll look so much better and more natural than having a weird prone-to-discolouration stain framing your eyes forever and ever.

If you’re new to Japanese drugstore makeup, one of the most challenging things about purchasing these products is navigating the long product names and sometimes Japanese-only descriptions and instructions.

We’re fortunate that here in Malaysia, the local brand people make an effort to include a translation on the packaging but this isn’t always the case if you’re buying these products in Japan or off eBay, for example.

Anyway, this workshop was a good chance to learn about these other K-Palette products from the brand’s people directly and I had a lot of my questions answered that day.

During the workshop, Aya used a whole bunch of K-Palette products to create my eye look. I may not have bought all of them but it was a good chance to see and feel how they might work or not work on me.

These were some of the products I had a chance to try…

1 Day Tattoo - 2 Way Eyebrow

1 Day Tattoo – 2 Way Eyebrow

The 1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow pen is a dual-tipped product with a brush on one side and a sponge on the other. Used in unison, this is meant to produce a brow with a nice, clean tapered end to the brow but also enable the development of some bulk at the body of the brow for a more natural look.

I liked the idea of this product and Aya used this on me during my makeover but I felt the available shades were too light to match my dark, black hair because I prefer a stronger brow colour. Not converted to this one yet until they produce a slightly more charcoal shade to join their stable of reddish browns.

Tears Tank

The Real Lasting Tears Tank

Then there was this Real Lasting Tears Tank pen which is probably the only product in the K-Palette family that had me confused. It apparently lets me paint on some glowing under eye bags which left me asking “What on earth for?!”.

I’ve always assumed eye bags were a beauty no-no but it seems that the Japanese are endeared by eye bags because they’re supposed to leave women looking dewy, teary and oh-so-lovable.

It’s an idea that falls in line with the popular essence of ‘Kawaii’ which is Japanese concept for cute but I’m not the cute-type so forget that.

Hmm…this is one Japanese makeup trend I’m passing up. It’s weird and I’m pretty proficient at manufacturing my own natural eye bags anyway. I want to hide them, actually.

Which is why I am more likely to pick up this Zero Tema Concealer instead. Yes, this is next on my SASA target list.

Zero Tema Concealer

Zero Tema Concealer

I’m not a fan of the caped bear motif because I think that the cartoon character seems to make the product look less professional but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. K-Palette has been hitting home runs on almost everything I’ve tried so far and I won’t let a little bear stand in the way of me and the possibility of a good concealer.


I hoped you enjoyed this haul post and brand focus post on K-Palette. It’s a brand I’m personally pleased with or I wouldn’t write about it otherwise. If you’ve been reading my blog before this, you’ll know that I’m not ashamed about being honest about what I love or hate on here.

But for the record, I’m actually not paid or required to write about K-Palette and I attended the makeover in my personal capacity as a consumer but I’m impressed with the products I’ve used from this brand and wanted to share it with you in case you are hankering to try a Japanese cosmetic brand, but not sure where to start.

It’s worth noting that the product range under K-Palette isn’t too broad but it’s sufficient to say that they do what they do extremely well. It’s a fact that they excel in their eyeliners, mascaras and brow products and they are a best-selling brand in Japan under all these categories.

So, for what the brand lacks in variety as a cosmetics brand, it makes up for with some high performing and extremely useable products. There are so many products to love by K-Palette and I find them affordable with nothing over RM100 and it’s a brand that’s often on sale at SASA too. It’d be a shame not to tell you about it.

Have you tried any products by K-Palette? What did you think? Any favourites?

I usually find it easiest to buy my K-Palette products from SASA stores in Malaysia but you can try eBay or Amazon if you are outside of Asia.

For your convenience, here are some useful links if you want to get acquainted yourself…

K-Palette Official Website

K-Palette Malaysia Facebook

K-Palette Singapore Facebook

K-Palette is also available from -:

[Notes: All links are non-affiliate and for your convenience. Original photographs in this post are by me and remain the property of me and this blog. Please do not reuse without permission and a credit back to this blog. Products in my haul excepting the door gift were paid for by me.]



  1. Hi there, thanks for doing a brand focus and an in depth review of k-palette. I’ve been in doubts on their products, as I find that everything is in Japanese and I’ve never come across blogger that has rave about their products. Anyway I’m glad that you shared your honest opinion and I hope that I could purchase their product soon, which most probably be an eyeliner, since I’m more incline to that than Mascara… 😉

  2. I really cannot understand the need to create eye bags and make it a trend. What the…Here we are, trying to get rid of it and someone created a product to fake it LOL. At one point of time I was very much into brow powder in pen form and my first choice was all the Japanese brand. Seriously Japanese brand ones are too blonde or light. Sigh. I wish they realise that not everyone dye their hair light brown.

  3. @ Alisha: You’re welcome and thank you for your feedback!
    It’s unusual that you’re not finding more positive reviews about the K-Palette products but the beauty reviewing situation is, dare I say, becoming increasingly commercialised in many countries and it has become such that unless a brand is proactive enough to offer sponsored products or enlist in paid reviews regularly, many of the more passive beauty products are overlooked – even if they happen to be wonderful.
    It’s a shame because there are so many amazing beauty products out there just waiting to be discovered and they haven’t had the chance to fall upon the user radar due to the lack of reviews or ‘advertorials’ but I guess, it’s the case with all things in this world. Marketing makes all the difference.

    Once upon a time too, it used to be the case where beauty bloggers would almost always purchase a product and review it and that would mean just that – a critical review based on use. Nowadays, as readers, it really is tasked upon us to take a blogger’s conclusions with a grain (or a bag!) of salt and determine a critical review from a plain ol’ paid advertorial.

    I do hope that you get a chance to try K-Palette one day. I agree, the Japanese brands can be very confusing and you can spend a good part of day at the shelf trying to make out the functions and features of each products.

    With Japanese drugstore beauty products they packaging is designed to be ‘visually-busy’ and the product is often given a name that is lengthy and clumsy, in English. In addition to that, the loud and overly-cute packaging can be a turn-off for people who aren’t taken with cartoon imagery and prefer more simply packaged items.

    I’m not hugely enamoured with K-Palette’s packaging and would have overlooked some of the K-Palette products I purchased that day had I not had the staff on hand to answer my questions about product features.

    Anyway, based on my personal experience, it’s an affordable brand and they really do make very good eyeliners. What I didn’t expect was how much I would love the Zero Tema BB Cream.

  4. @ fionastreetlove: The Japanese have given us some amazing beauty innovations but yes, not all of them such as this Tears Tank product will make sense to some of us outside of Japan. I literally laughed out loud when they told me they were going to paint in some ‘tear tanks’ for me at the workshop. I just don’t know that there is an occasion that I would choose to emphasise my eye bags. Not at my age anyway lol
    I really can’t use many of the Japanese brow products either. You’re right, they’re really designed for people with fairer hair or who dye their black hair. I know that I’d be the first in line if they developed a shade to suit people like us!

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