Did I melt over MELTED in Peony?

Have you ever purchased a beauty product that you thought you would love so much that you couldn’t bring yourself to use it?


Too Faced’s Melted Longwear Liquified Lipstick in Peony was just that product for me.

A mass-love movement spread like wildfire in beauty circles and of course, being the sheep I am, it triggered the beauty desperado in me to get my hands on at least one.


At RM69 (less 10% for being a loyal Sephora shopper), it doesn’t break the bank and the packaging was so pretty and the idea so novel that for months, I was treasuring this cult product in my stash and deeming it too precious and pretty to open until a special occasion.

I even bought the Melted in Fuchsia for Cindy Tong of Cindy's Planet in our Christmas swap.

I also bought the MELTED in Fuchsia for Cindy Tong of Cindy’s Planet in our Christmas swap last year but that was before I tried my own unit.

I was struck by the idea that it had the opacity of a lipstick with the newness of it being a liquid cream and oh-so-spreadable.

The beauty blogging fraternity has raved about it all year long. Every other beauty blogger I have spoken to who actually owns one has professed their love.

So, how could this internationally blogger-praised, much-sought-after lip product of the year be anything but amazing?


When I finally popped the cap as a post-Christmas treat to myself, it was a complete and utter surprise that I don’t like it as a lip product at all.

So, what went wrong?! Are we using the same product?! Is everyone lying, deluded or part of the Melted cult?! Are some of you girls being paid for your love?!! What’s going on?!

The crazy thing was I swatched it repeatedly at Sephora as a precursor to opening up my own tube and I genuinely loved the way the product looked…on my wrist…every time.

Sadly, beyond the pretty way it swipes on my inner wrist, there are not many things that make me happy about the way this product works or looks on me as a lip product.

Swatches on the wrist

Swatches on the wrist reveal a romantic and natural dusty pink.

To be fair, however, I’ve tried to weight it up in terms of Pros and Cons…



Liquified Long Wear Lipstick? Good in theory but here, er… in retrospect, maybe not. More on this later.


Gorgeous gold accents on a unique tube make this Melted darling so pretty in the hand.


Mid-priced and not too expensive as far as lip products go and the fact that it was by Too Faced made buying this a somewhat easy decision. I quite like the Too Faced brand, I really do!



The Melted comes with this unique and fuzzy built-in applicator…


Sure, it really is as cute and fuzzy as it looks but the lack of precision from this thing is a cosmetic disaster.

When you press at the tube gently, the lip product oozes out of the holes in the middle of this fuzzy tip and you’re meant to smudge the blobs of colour product across the lips – saving, in theory, the need for a lip brush.

No brush needed? I disagree!

No brush needed? I disagree!

But ‘smudge’ is indeed the operative word here because I couldn’t get anymore precise than that. A smudge of colour.

What seemed cute and novel for this lip product is what in practice makes Melted a mess to apply from the tube. I suggest bypassing the novelty applicator completely and going for quality application with a good lip brush when it comes to using Melted.


Now, I haven’t tried Melted in any of the other shades on my lips yet but I really find it horrible on me in shade, Peony.

It looks like a lovely, romantic and rosy pink on my wrist but is in reality a shade that’s too light for my lips so it makes them look washed out and well, brined.

The effect is that my lips look off-coloured and pale like I’ve been sucking at a dish of vinegar. Just horrible.

I will give the Melted the benefit of the doubt on this point. It’s possible that not all the shades in the range will look as badly on me.


The formulation is a little tacky but it also has a powdery sensation that makes my lips feel dry and uncomfortable. It’s a feeling that lingers the whole time the product is on my lips.

On the wrist, it applies smoothly and evenly like a good paint to quality canvas but for some reason, between my wrist and my mouth – some crazy thing happens and the Melted feels thick and heavy and dry and awful on my lips.

Application on the lips is patchy with the built-in applicator and the product is extremely effective at emphasising all of my lip flaws.

Cracked and dry lips? No problem, let Melted show up all those crevices in a ghastly colour-coated glory.

There’s also an annoying plasticky flavour/ scent with this product. Me no likey.


It really doesn’t stay on my lips and transfers like crazy to the side of cups, skin, you name it! Not a bad thing, however, if you’re inclined to leave kiss mark signatures everywhere you go.


I know I listed the mid-range pricing of the Melted as a PRO earlier but the fact that I’m not going to be using this much if at all makes this a pricey purchase mistake.


So, there you have it. Sorry about the long rant but it has been a deflating experience with the Melted for me. For me, it really has failed to live up to all the hype.

Does it work for you?

If it does, do let me know why it works for you but not for me.

I’d be curious to see how you make it lovable so that it won’t feel like I’ve wasted my money. I’d welcome any tips, advice or alternative uses.

In the meantime, I’m not melting anytime soon for Melted.

Now, what to do with the four piece Melted Kisses set I hauled during the sales ?

No love from me, I'm afraid.

No love from me, I’m afraid. [Image Credit: Too Faced via Musings of a Muse blog]

Too Faced Official Website


[ Notes: Product was purchased by me for personal use and commentary is my personal opinion and not meant to be representative of any other person’s experience of this product. Images excepting the Too Faced logo and Melted Kisses image which belong to Too Faced, are by me and may not be used without credit and a link back to this blog.]



  1. I honestly love your writing! It’s very entertaining and honest. Thanks for your input, I’ll be sure to think twice now before I buy Melted.. Truth be told, I’ve been influenced by the hype as well and I’ve been planning to get it for months now 😡

  2. I have to agree with Carinn, you’re super duper bombastic when it comes to writing it left me gaping in awe ^_^ I dont blame you for not liking Peony, I’ve seen the review, swatches and how it looks on lips and instantly I knew that Peony is not the colour for everyone (and I cant brain why some wrote that Peony is the colour for every skin tone, like seriously, hello?). I bought Melted Ruby as I thought it was red. I’m a red lippie girl, remember? hehe! So it turned out that Ruby is not red at all. It’s a combination of red and fuschia when I applied it on my lips. At first I was disappointed too because I wanted a real red. the RED red. but as time passed, I dont entirely regret getting Ruby because it is actually a pretty number on my lips 🙂 I wore it on my graduation day and it stayed from morning till night, even after a heavy dinner. Of course it transfers like mad (on straws, cups) but the colour doesnt fade more than 40% while i wore it so, I can conclude that Melted Ruby is a worthy investment I’ve made, and i only need 1-2 tiny drops for that super opaque colour on my lips ^_^ oh, i even purchased it at half price because I used a RM30 voucher I got from Sabrina’s giveaway back then. but of course I still resent why it is not red red as I saw in reviews XD

  3. @ Carinn Tan: You sweet thing, thanks for the kind compliment.
    In truth, I wanted to love the Melted so much and be part of the IN crowd too but I can’t get over the fact that I didn’t like it on me at all and felt compelled to talk about the ways it didn’t impress me.
    Granted, to each their own and many millions maintain that they love this product but it just goes to show that reading a slew of reviews and swatching a product on the wrist repeatedly isn’t really 100% foolproof, personally.

    This has also taught me not take the views of the mass as gospel and experiences with products will vary according to skin tone, skin type, and a whole bunch of variables. One girl’s treasure is another girl’s trash so it pays to carry around a bag of salt when reading a product review – of course, I speak inclusively of my reviews too!

  4. @ Mieza Everdeen: Oh stop it, you’re making me blush, Miss Everdeen! But thank you, from a beet-red ShopGirl.

    As for Melted Peony, it’s routinely sold as the most universally flattering shade of the bunch but on my lips it’s really more of a pale pink, 80’s-esque horror story.
    Your comment gives me promise, Mieza, and I believe you that not all shades in the Melted family are potentially as unflattering and may even be fantastic but I still do not know how I will overcome my disappointment with the texture and sensations of this product on my lips to want to try Melted in Ruby, Fuchsia or any other shade for that matter.
    That said, I have the Melted Kisses 4-pack now and on a day when I am in a good mood and have an improved tolerance for sticky, powdery, drying and highly transferable lip products, I’ll approach the Melteds again.

  5. I swatched once before. By looking at the tube I can already tell the highly raved color Peony is not for me. The color payoff on my wrist swatch is already too wash out. And I cannot get my heads around the applicator tip. So I never bother to buy any. I bought a few of the Melted Kisses set as Christmas gifts. Still didn’t bother to left myself with any lol. I have heard how badly this so-called liquid lipstick transferred everywhere. With my hair so long now and the pre-CNY windy weather, I would risk having streaks of lipstick on my face.

  6. SG, I don’t blame you for not melting over Melted – especially in Peony.

    I found peony a perfect base when I feel like going nude (on my lips, of course). Here’s what I do when I use Melted to and minimise colour transfer.

    1) Start with lips moisturiser (I love Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Lip Silk)
    2) Dab a light layer of powder on the lips
    3) Apply Melted by using a lip brush. Mostly, I prefer using them as a base for layering
    4) Put a (thin) layer of facial tissue on the lips and dab another light layer of powder on top
    5) Apply matching or darker shade of lipstick of your choice
    6) Repeat No 4 & 5 🙂 but this time, with a finishing powder instead of a normal face powder to seal the colour

    It’s a lot of work and I only do this when I have all the time I can spare. But the outcome is amazing 🙂 Most days, I’d grab my Chanel lip gloss instead. They’re easier and I can even apply them on while warming up my car engine

  7. @ fionastreetlove: I admire your foresight with Peony! I have to say that I wanted to add a colour that I didn’t yet have in my stash for my collection and a dusty pink seemed about right. The colour looks very different on my lips, however, and is more of a whitewashed pastel pink instead.
    Yes, the shocking transferability of this product and overall discomfort on the lips makes this a product I would think twice about.
    An earlier comment left here by Mieza Everdeen mentioned that despite the transferability, the product manages to still retain an all day presence of about 40% colour which is interesting and weird. I find it strange that despite it enthusiastically wanting to whip itself off the smackers at every given chance, it retains a degree of long wear. For me, this is a very weird product that is infinitely more lovely in theory than in practice.

  8. @ Laura G. Ashley: Long time no see and I hope you are well, babe! Can’t wait to catch up and see how you’re coming along 😉
    Truly, thanks for your amazing step-by-step advice! Your comment is extremely valuable as a Melted tutorial in itself and will help me and others make the best of the situation.
    I agree, that is a lot of work to get what was supposed to be designed as a ‘no brush needed’ hassle-free product to perform at its best but your advice is appreciated for those days when one wants to indulge in the process of applying makeup itself. I will give it a go when I am feeling in a better mood about this product.
    In truth, there are plenty of more impressive nude and natural lipsticks on the market at much lower prices and I currently can’t get over how much I love my NYX lippies which happen to be only a third of the price of this popular Melted product.

  9. Yikes. I guess I’m glad I haven’t gotten my hands on Melted yet! The fact that it transfers is already enough to put me off. The sponge applicator is also messy :/

    Have you tried Bourjois’ Rouge Edition Velvet? I’m in LOVE with it and cannot wait to get more shades!

  10. @ Aggie: Cosmetics that get all over everything really are a pain. I have not tried the Bourjois Velvets but they look nice in the swatches and I spotted your lovely instagram shot of them today. I’ll look into them.
    The Melteds produce great arm swatches though but between the limb and the lip – something was lost in translation.

  11. I got a deluxe sized Peony as a Christmas gift, and I quite like it 🙂 The fuzzy applicator did put me off for a moment, but what I do is that I don’t squeeze out too much product and on application, for me it’s perfect, cos it will seep into the fuzz. The colour is quite pink, but I think it’s not a bad shade for me 🙂 I posted a photo of me wearing it on my insta: http://instagram.com/p/xJAb1PL2nH/?modal=true

    Having said that, if you’re looking for someone to offload that Peony and Melted Kisses set off your hands, do let me know! Would love to take it off your hands!

  12. @ Choulyin: Yes, the thing is – the Peony looks great on you and almost everyone else but not me – which frustrates the hell out of me.
    I’ll PM you on FB about the Melted Set but I’ll keep the full-sized Peony as I’ve already used it.

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