My Christmas Eve lunch was saved by a panda – FOOD PANDA, that is!

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and with just days away from the last hours of the year, I thought I’d finally poke my head out a bit to say hello and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Personally, I’ve been snowed under this December; though obviously not of the White Christmas variety but with loads and loads of work, work, work.

Sobs, I had to miss the Butterfly Blogger’s Christmas Party and a host of other blogging events too so I wasn’t surprised to find myself at the office again on Christmas Eve too with a pile of things to do.

Empty bowl blues

Empty bowl blues on Christmas Eve

Now, I don’t work in the food industry so there is a distinct lack of food at my work place and unless I count an expired pack of instant noodles and a few slices of stale and mouldy bread as a meal well, I would have needed to have to forage out-of-doors for this year’s yuletide feast.

But, if there’s one thing you should know about Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, in particular, this is a city that celebrates Christmas Eve like no other. There was no way I was going out into that jungle for a simple feed. Not on Christmas Eve!

Instead of lying low and lighting candles or wrapping presents at home or whatever it is that’s peaceful and traditionally Christmassy, Kuala Lumpur does Christmas Eve like it’s a New Year’s Eve party. No kidding.

Honestly, anyone thinking of dining out on Christmas Eve around here better brace themselves for traffic jams and the bazooka-blowing, fake snow blowing madness of this festive night. KL lets its hair down in a crazy crowd-filled show of faux snow spray, flashing LED lights and endless streams of people taking selfies with plastic trees. You have to see it to believe it!

Anyway, you don’t have to feel sorry for me because as many of you tucked into your turkeys and festive punch, I am pleased to say that I had a wildcard up my sleeve with ta-da – FOOD PANDA!

Panda saves Christmas at my office!

Who knew that a panda could save Christmas!

I was introduced to Food Panda by The Butterfly Blogging Project, a community of mostly beauty bloggers who seem to love food and and beauty equally because many of my blogging mates seem to be seasoned Food Panda customers. I’ve stalked their feeds on instagram and yes, they order in almost as much as they dine out.

In fact, Head Butterfly, Tammy, is a true Food Panda die-hard because, like me, she understandably doesn’t like to drive in this city either and this food delivery thing really works for her.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I did not want to stomach (excuse the pun!) the maddening crowd on Christmas Eve for a working day meal and I really did not want to eat instant noodles again so this is where I could see Food Panda really fitting into my Christmas Eve schedule this year.

What Is Food Panda?

Food Panda is a food delivery service and brings a city of restaurants to our doorsteps.

The Food Panda food delivery service is actually not limited to Peninsular Malaysia at all but is available in 28 countries and essentially works on the same principles of service to deliver menus of meals to customers in the same way in other cities too.

Personally, these are the reasons why I was excited about using Food Panda for the first time this Christmas Eve…

1. I Needn’t Drive to a Restaurant!

Bad Driver

[image via]

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a pretty bad driver so it is a relief that there is now a service to do the driving for me.

The Food Panda service picks up my food order from a choice of local restaurants and brings it straight to me at my office or house. In fact, Food Panda can even deliver to a location like a hotel or other venue as long as you make your location details specific enough.

2. I Can Avoid KL’s Notorious Traffic Jams!


[image via]

This delivery service makes it possible for me to stay in instead of venturing out for a feed during this peak traffic period.

Food Panda drivers deliver their wares by scooter and are often spared the crazy traffic prangs that plague the rest of the car-driving population.

Generally, from placing the order to arriving at your door, cooking to delivery takes around 60 minutes. My advice is to plan your order ahead to allow for this lead time and you’ll be happily fed when you want to be.

3. More dining choices than ever for delivery to my door!

Food Panda takes getting food delivered to your doorstep to an awesome other level! In the pre-Food Panda days, it used to be only possible to get a pizza or a burger delivered to the door but the dining choices via Food Panda is impressive.

Here are some of Food Panda’s most popular dining partners…

foodpand brands

Even then, the brands above represent only a small sample of the many restaurants partnering with the Food Panda delivery service.

There are literally hundreds of dining brands available to order from but of course, the exact number varies according to your location and time of order. The website and app updates the status of restaurant availability in real time so you will know exactly if a certain restaurant is available to fulfill your order or not.

This means that the Food Panda website/ app will even let you know if a restaurant is open or close for delivery and in some cases, even allows one to pre-order meal deliveries from certain brands for a specific day or time.

How To Order

Once I keyed in my city & suburb, the Food Panda website or phone app was able to present me with a list of all the restaurants delivering to my specific area.

It took me a long time to get on the Food Panda bandwagon because I had always thought that it was complicated but now that I’ve tried the service personally, it really comes down to these few easy steps…

The Food Panda Ordering Process

The Food Panda Ordering Process

Smart Phone App Food Panda from Phone

Download the Food Panda from the link relevant to your App system-:

For Apple:

For Android:

AppOnce installed, the Food Panda App will create a cute Food Panda logo shortcut on your phone…

The Food Panda on my phone

The Food Panda app on my phone

Tap on the app logo to activate…

Load up the site

Load up the site…

This is what you'll see after you've opened the app

These are the pages you’ll scroll through after you’ve opened the app…in this order…

Click on the empty fields to a menu that allows you to select your city & suburb…

Select your city & suburb

The Food Panda App will then bring up a list of dining outlets servicing your area…

Food Panda List of Restaurants

You may also refine your search using the filtering tool that looks like a little funnel in the top right hand corner of your page…

Refine Your Search

Do note that you can only choose menu items from one dining outlet per transaction.

If you’d like to order food items from another dining establishment to go with the food from your first choice of restaurant, you’ll need to start a new and separate transaction for that.


I decided to try something from Morganfield’s for Christmas Eve.

Morganfield’s food categories come up as soon as I tap on the Morganfield’s logo.

Morganfield's Categories

Apparently, Morganfield’s is the House of Sticky Bones.

So, I went straight for their specialty…

Sticky Bones

Mmmm…the rack of lambs looked especially tempting to me and my colleague on our empty stomachs so I added a double order of racks to the cart but we opted for a side of mash and garden vegetables instead of the fries and slaw.

You may add a little requests like this (if available) in the dedicated NOTES section at the end of the bill and before you confirm the transaction.

My Order

The final bill…

The Final Bill

I had the option of paying by Credit Card or Cash On Delivery but I hate digging around for cash so I chose the convenience of paying by card. Eat now and pay later – that’s me!

Once I decided on the method of payment and confirmed the order at my end, a confirmation SMS was sent to my phone.

I also received a phone call  from someone at Food Panda HQ to confirm the address and order.

They want to be extra sure they have it all right.

Order Confirmed

As promised, within the hour, a man in a signature Food Panda shirt arrives at my door.

Meet Afiz, my friendly and softly-spoken Food Panda delivery man. He was so sweet and friendly, I made sure I gave him a little tip for his trouble. A tip is completely optional, of course, so don’t you worry!

Apologies for cropping out the background but my boss doesn’t like it when I take photos of the workplace.

My friendly Food Panda delivery man, Afiz!

My friendly Food Panda delivery man, Afiz!

My order of the famous Morganfield’s Sticky Bones lies herein…and they were still warm!


Excited…and hungry!

Still warm!

My Morganfield’s Sticky Bones and sides arrive warm!

My only issue was that I did expect my sticky bones to look more like a rack of lamb ribs as illustrated in the menu images but these cutlets were actually meatier and fall-off-the-bone tender. Definitely beats a bag of stale instant noodles any day.

The other plate in my order did arrive with the said ribs but my starving dining partner had already tucked in so to spare you images of half-eaten food – no photos of that. Sorry!

So, that was how our Christmas Eve lunch at the office was saved by The Panda!

About as good as being at Morganfield's

About as good as being at Morganfield’s in person, don’t you think?

A day later, I received a post-feast feedback in my email so I could rank the restaurant I ordered from. It’s a good idea to mark your feedback honestly because Food Panda is serious about improving the quality of their dining partners so review away!

I’m giving Morganfield’s a 4/5 because while tasty, the serving of meat I was expecting from the menu image did not look like the cuts I received in my takeout box.

Food Panda themselves did great with the delivery though and it was a smooth and efficient transaction.

Post-feast feedback!

Post-feast feedback!

Of course, if you don’t have or want to use a smart phone to place an order with Food Panda. You can just as easily place the order through their website too if you’re a traditionalist.

Order Via Computer

Ordering from Food Panda from the Food Panda website is basically the same as placing an order through the phone app – it’s easy!

When ordering online, it helps to register an account with the Food Panda website for the best experience.

It’s easy and you can do so by clicking on the tab in the top right hand corner of their website homepage. If you’ve already done that, you can also log into your Food Panda account at the same tab.


The registration/ log in page…

The registration page

The restaurants list…

As you can see, the website experience mirrors the App ordering procedure exactly so from this point on, you just need to make your selections and follow the prompts to checkout in the same way.

Final Notes

It turns out that Food Panda is an easy and convenient way to get access to popular restaurants in your area without having to leave the home or office.

I’ve never dined at Morganfield’s but Food Panda brought Morganfield’s to me and it is refreshing to know that I have all these different cuisines at my beck & call via Food Panda.

It’s also fun to scroll through all the possibilities too and menu plan your day away.

For someone like me who hates to drive, can’t park for life and works crazy overtime hours – this food delivery service solves my dining and encumbent logistics issues.

In other words, what it really means is that I won’t have to beg favours from anyone to bring me takeout again and yet I can still have a feast. Never again will I ever have to be held to ransom for a bowl of food!! You know who you are!

No more Empty Bowls


To let Food Panda remove the hassle from your food foraging dramas or simply for more information on whether Food Panda is available in your part of the woods, here are the relevant links-:

Food Panda Malaysia Website

Food Panda Malaysia Facebook

Food Panda Twitter

Food Panda Malaysia Instagram



Bon Appetit!

Finally, if you’re not in Malaysia, Food Panda is also available in the following countries…

Food Panda is available in these countries

Food Panda is available in all these countries [Image credit: Food Panda]

Food Panda Official Website

Food Panda LogoSpecial thanks to the Butterfly Blogging Project (Malaysia) for the introduction to this handy delivery service.

I know you gals, especially Head Butterfly – Tammy, swear by The Panda to fuel your lives! I’ve seen the pictures of all your work + nosh sessions! *jealous*

[Notes: Links in this are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only. All screen shots are by me and for example only. Images of my transaction/ personal experience with Food Panda remain the property of this blog. Please do not republish without permission from me and a link back to this blog. Official Food Panda logos and images have been sourced from the Food Panda website and FB page. Your own actual food experience with Food Panda may vary from mine depending on where you are located and what you have ordered. Please contact Food Panda directly for any questions about ordering or an order. ]



  1. @ cindy tong: I agree! I’m over the moon that I can get access to this kind of food without having to go all the way to the mall. I should have tried Food Panda a long time ago!

  2. @ KJ: I believe he was a little taken aback lol He was a sweetie to accommodate because I’m pretty sure posing for a portrait wasn’t part of his job description.
    Thanks, KJ, red bowl was the only bit of dining ware looking half-decent at our place. We dine like Mad Hatters around here and everything else is chipped.
    Hope you are well! Happy New Year!

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