Skin Peptoxyl Intelligent Dark Circles Eraser with HALOXYL- A Preview

While Malaysia recently celebrated the arrival of a pair of treasured pandas from China to the national zoo, I have been quietly creating my own private tribute to these adored balls of fluff with one too many late nights and a diet pretty much planned for hell.

[READ: fried chicken at midnight with a side of The Walking Dead reruns – because yes, we are that family]

Some can get away with it, while others can do with some Haloxyl

Some of us can get away with it, while I can do with some HALOXYL and other active ingredients


My night owl lifestyle has been catching up with me and when I was asked if I was interested in trialling a product targeted at erasing dark eye circles well, to say that I leaped at the offer would have been an understatement but yes, When Harry Met Sally, mate.

Yes, Yes, Yes …and Yes!

Shamelessly, I will not say no to anything that could potentially erase the possibility of there being a third panda around because this town really ain’t big enough for the three of us.

In Skin Peptoxyl's signature cosmecuetical packaging

Smart Packaging

Now, this Intelligent Dark Circles Eraser with HALOXYL retains the signature packaging style of the other products in Skin Peptoxyl‘s comprehensive line of targeted skin care solutions and looks and sounds as scientific as everything else we have come to know from Skin Peptoxyl‘s labs.

The impression I get from this type of packaging is that this brand means business.

It’s not cute but has a semi-medical vibe to it and is certainly not shy about stating exactly what it plans to do for me – in this case, intelligently erase dark eye circles. Sounds promising so far.

It’s really hard not to like a product that is bold enough to shout its intentions from the word ‘go’.

If you have any doubts, this quick tour of the product’s key active ingredients does go some way to revealing how this formula works in a practical sense with its cocktail of scientifically proven ingredients aimed at treating specific stresses that seems to be the at the root of discoloration and ageing problems in this delicate eye area.


The Intelligent Dark Circles Eraser contains this trademarked ingredient that is proven to tackle dark eye circles.

How HALOXYL does this is actually quite impressive because it’s a special formulation that is apparently able to break down and clear away the degraded red blood cells around the eye area that is responsible for the discolouration.

It also helps increase skin density to improve support of all the microvascular activity that occurs in this small but active and highly-exposed area of your face.

I’m linking a couple of articles here in case you want to read more about HALOXYL independently.



ESP Complex – Environmental Stress Protector (ESP) is meant to keep environmental aggressors at bay in their effects on the skin

Polygonum Cuspidatum – maintains natural skin lightening and brightening

Green Tea & Rosemary – an antioxidant combination

Pullulan & Algae Extract – helps firm and tighten skin

The Ingredient List

The Ingredient List ~ This formula is Made in the USA


The simple but classy bottle is not too big nor too small and houses 30ml of product.

I think a fluid ounce is a decent amount for an eye product and I believe I am guaranteed many repeat applications from this but it is hard to tell how much is left in the bottle as the container itself is made of weighty plastic and opaque.

A minimalist and classy  bottle

A minimalist and classy bottle

It’s a straightforward product to use and basically involves nothing more than patting a small amount of product under and around each eye  after cleansing the face in the morning and evening. Conveniently, it may be used alone or under makeup.

The Blurb

The Blurb

As with all concentrates, it’s a relatively pricier eye product per milliliter but it is a serum and is intended to operate at a much higher efficacy than standard eye creams so a little does go a very long way and you are not required to use anywhere near to a full pump of the dispenser for each application.

In fact, the tiniest dollop is all that’s required so you’ll need to extract the serum with a lightweight finger aimed with a careful press of the dispensing pump for a frugal amount that proves more than satisfactory for both eye areas.

The formula is a transparent gel

The formula is a transparent gel concentrate

This amount of serum that I’m showing on my wrist here is already overkill for any single application to both eyes but it barely represents half a pump of the nozzle. I would suggest you use only a third of the above portion for each application.

Scent-wise, the product is mostly neutral but for a very slight barely-there whiff of ‘sterility’ and just the faintest hint of something ‘herbally’ that probably comes from the presence of green tea, rosemary and algae extracts in the formula.

As for texture, this is a lightweight gel that is transparent, non-sticky, non-greasy and absorbs easily into the skin but dries quickly to feel like there is nothing on your skin. Perfect.

This is always good where your delicate eye area is involved so it’s something that won’t affect any makeup you intend to wear over it. Suffice to say, it also means that it won’t transfer to your pillow if you’re applying the serum before bed.


(To Be Updated)

Now, because this is a preview post and it is still early days into a trial, I won’t be discussing the effects of the concentrate on my own under-eyes just yet.

I will, however, update this post after a more comprehensive trial so that I can talk more accurately about my own specific experience of this product. Do stay tuned and come back if eye products rock your boat.

Finally, speaking of Skin Peptoxyl, I also have the Vitalizing Anti-Wrinkle Eye Concentrate that I purchased recently and I plan to review that after my trial with this concentrate because I’ve really started to obsess over the fine lines under my eyes that seem more noticeable than before. Curse you, gravity!

So, you can expect lots of eye-centric product reviews coming up to the blog soon!


RRP RM178/ 30ml.

This product is available at all SASA stores nationwide.

SASA Malaysia Facebook


[Image Credit: SASA Malaysia]

[Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for trial & review. Commentary & opinions remain my own. Unless indicated, product images are taken by me and remain the property of this blog. Please do not republish without a link and credit back to this blog.]



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