Yogurugen Colon D’Tox – A Gutsy Approach to Health & Beauty

When it comes to beauty, most people won’t hesitate to spend time and money on lavish skincare and fancy cosmetics.

Commonly enough though, many of us give little or no thought to how our body’s internal health has a significant affect on both our appearance and, more critically, our overall state of well-being.

Colon D'Tox

Colon D’Tox

I’m guilty of this mentality myself so when I was offered an opportunity to trial the Yogurugen Colon D’Tox product, I really did not know what to expect or what was involved with taking this internal cleansing product.

Being completely new to this type of oral supplement, I will admit that I was both surprised and curious as to what this program would entail but as it turns out, there was little more I needed to do than add water, drink and let the formula do all the hard work within my body.

And, unlike many other oral supplements, this product actually returns some positive results to you quickly. I felt a good physical difference to my body after only one sachet.


Ever feel sluggish, tired, cramped or bloated? Do you suffer from dull and sallow skin? Breakouts? Grumpiness? Some of what you’re feeling could likely be the effect of what’s happening within your body than externally.

Certainly, good colon health is not ever going to be a glamorous concept but not enough people are aware that their internal health does have a very critical impact on how they feel and look.

As I admitted before, this was just not something that I have thought much about – I mean, it’s natural but a nature that we’ve all generally kept locked behind closed doors and, at the back of our minds, if at all.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in my thinking because a quick survey of most beauty blogs will reveal plenty of odes to Chanel, Dior and even Revlons but internal healthcare?! When it comes to internal cleansing of the gut area, well, it’s still slim pickings among beauty blogs because I admit, bowel health is not exactly a glamorous topic.

This is the very reason I want to review this product today – there’s little information available in the popular or social media and, being the beauty blogging maverick lab rat that I am, I want to tread where angels fear 😉

As a blogger, I am intrigued by the challenge and opportunity to look at beauty (and health) care from another perspective.

Colon D'Tox

Colon D’Tox

During the course of trialling this product, I came across an astonishing piece of information that had me worried – according to a staggering 22,000 documented autopsies carried out by US medical experts around the world, a most startling amount of these people did not have good colon health upon death.

Can you guess how many? The answer is 22,000. That’s right, not a single one of these people passed the test of a having healthy colon at time of death!

Yes, all 100% of all test subjects failed when it came to a completely clean bill of internal health. For all we know, a poor status of inner health could very likely have been one of issues causing of death for some of these people. We’ll never know.

Now, most of us know the benefits, both immediate and in the long run of proper cleansing of our external body and we’re quite happy to scrub, rinse and bathe our skin but when it comes to our internal body – we can all be a bit laid back.

Short of eating healthy food and taking an occasional vitamin or two, most of us can’t even grasp the concept of internal cleansing. I know this because I didn’t.

However, if the stats mentioned before have any credence, they really do indicate that there is barely enough, if any, emphasis on the cleansing of the mechanics within our bodies.

According to Yogurugen, these are the benefits of a clean and healthy colon-:

Benefits of A Clean Colon

Benefits of A Clean Colon (Photo credit: Yogurugen via Tokyoninki)

I’ve never personally tried an internal cleansing system before and to be honest, many beauty bloggers shy away from this topic because it tends to be viewed as something that most be people do not want to openly discuss. I don’t blame them, it’s a sensitive and awkwardly personal topic that we tend to bury in the sand.

But, be that as it may, every house has a bathroom so if you’re alive and reading this, looking after and maintaining your inner health by regular detoxification is something that you should consider as part of an overall health and beauty regime.


RM68 – Pack of 5 Sachets

The Yogurugen Colon D’Tox system is a best selling product sold in all leading pharmacies nationwide and also available at SASA outlets across the country too.

Now in a five sachet pack

Dosage administration is simple and the product is taken orally as a drink.

It’s just a sachet a day for an adult or 1/3 of a sachet for children or pregnant women. Yes, you read right, Yogurugen says that this product is safe for expectant mothers too!

This will be a good bit of news for pregnant women because they often suffer from a lot of internal discomfort from disturbed bowels that is symptomatic to many pregnancies.

The product formula has undergone a relatively recent revamp with an improved formula. And, where the old packaging contained a program of only 3 sachets, the new formula now includes an extra two sachets as follow-up doses for good measure and to get you started on a more regular program of cleansing.

A sachet is a single dose for an average adult.

A sachet is a single dose for an average adult.

In terms of use, all you have to do is consume the required dosage as per your category – once a day for three consecutive days.

Follow-up doses can then be taken one week after the third dose and each week thereafter as part of an ongoing program of internal health.

This is what it looks like straight from the sachet and obviously, before water is added…

Powder with a hint of orange

A white powder with the slightest hint of orange among the white

Adding 200ml of lukewarm water and stirring produces an orange liquid that actually smells like orange juice but tastes like an orange and mango juice combo.


Add water…Voila!


– Usage Notes –
There is not more to it than emptying the suggested dosage into a glass, adding water and stirring. It’s the simplest system to administer and more convenient than brewing up a mug of coffee, if not easier.
It’s worth noting that the drink has a slightly narrow window of opportunity for consumption in your day – you will need to consume it on an empty stomach and avoid taking solid food for two hours after the dose. I found that the best time to drink this was in the early morning and to allow a couple of hours before breakfast.
The only issue that you need to be aware of is that while this product does not contain a herbal or chemical laxative it can have a naturally laxative effect on some people and if you need to be somewhere or be doing something where it’s not convenient to access bathroom amenities, I would suggest you avoid starting your course that day. Just to be better safe than sorry 😉
– Taste –

I’ve never been a fan of sweetened mixed drinks being more of a tea loyalist and didn’t expect much by the way of taste for this but to my great relief, this Colon D’Tox product truly exceeded my expectations in terms of taste. It tastes very good!

The packaging says that it is orange-flavoured but I felt that it tasted more like an orange & mango combination and was actually delicious! It is a sweet drink but not overly at all and just enough to make it taste like a lighter but more pleasant and less sweetened version of the popular Tangs orange cordial mix.

It’s too bad that this is medicinal because I could easily have tossed in a few ice cubes and gone back for a second glass. And yes, there is a note on the product’s packaging that you should not take more than the necessary dose for your condition so don’t be tempted despite its good taste.

– Suggested Indications –
The Colon D’Tox arrives in a box with some cartoon illustrations showing the various bodily discomforts that this product deals with.
Certainly, the issues this product is meant to deal with aren’t pretty but they’re real and common to many of us, even if we are want to talk about them publicly.

This product targets a plethora of problems including stress!

Basically, the Yogurugen Colon D’Tox product is perfect for people who suffer from the following-:
  • Bowel Irregularity
  • Stress
  • Bloatiness
  • Skin Issues
  • Weight Control Problems
  • Constipation

In essence, this product claims to be effective at helping our body flush out toxins and bad bacteria while at the same time, its innate pre-biotic function helps the body develop good stomach bacteria that’s beneficial to your long term health and immunity.

– A Personal Review –
  • After a first dose, I didn’t notice much difference to my body until the evening of the same day where I just felt more at ease in the tummy area. I am one of those unfortunate people who commonly feels heavy and bloated after my meals due to a persistently low metabolism. I would say that this feeling felt reduced by about 30-50%. I was happy about this and looking forward to Dose 2.
  • By the second dose, it seemed that more things were happening in my body and I did feel a slight churning feeling in this area and a little more stomach noise than I noticed after Dose 1. For the first time since I remember, I actually felt comfortable in my tummy region and it just felt like it hasn’t been so relaxed in such a long time.Not glam, I know, but the truth!
  • By Dose 3 and Day 3, my tummy region did not feel tight at all. Any feelings of ‘bloatiness’ had significantly reduced. I even felt a little slimmer as a result. You know that feeling of tightness like having knots in the tummy? I’m going to be quite candid and say that think I haven’t felt this relaxed in along time.
Fortunately, despite some reservations, I did not suffer any laxative effects during my three doses. All systems were as usual… if you get my drift. I imagine this varies across individuals and my experience could differ from yours so take note accordingly. It is actually quite normal to experience a more frequent urge to go to the bathroom so if you do, don’t fret, it’s perfectly expected. It says so in the attached notes that are inside the box.
Of course, it might be that I have guts of steel given all the training I get from this dreadful street food diet of mine and it would probably take more than 3 doses to make me heel.

The Yogurugen Colon D’Tox product does appear to be one of the simplest ways to want to do something about your internal health. The cleansing system is as simple as drinking a pleasant beverage and takes care of the messy work of internal cleansing without too much inconvenience to your daily life, if at all.

If it were between this and the much more invasive Colonic Irrigation Treatment, I would say this is preferable as it is not uncomfortable, as involved or embarrassing and just so easy to do on your own and in your own time.

For me, the positive feelings after taking my three doses were obvious within three days and I’m actually looking forward to a follow-up dose in a week. I’m kind of surprised at how easy to use this was and how this has solved much of the bloating sensation that has often plagued me. I always thought it was a result of just eating too much at meal times.

Going ahead, I imagine that this system is not a one-off thing and regular follow-ups might me necessary to tackle ongoing health issues in the gut. Apparently, many of Yogurugen’s Japanese customers do take this as supplement for decades as a part of a long term program aimed at overall inner health.

It is not a laxative and certainly wasn’t a scary or horrible experience for me and I’m pleasantly surprised that it didn’t take much effort at all. I did not realise I was just a drink or three away from feeling better on the inside so I’m glad I took this leap of faith and had a chance to try this. I feel a lot less sluggish around the waist as a result.

Obviously, as with all oral supplements, I would say that this product would probably be more effective if consumed in conjunction with a balanced dietary plan and active lifestyle. Do consult a qualified medical doctor for more comprehensive medical advice if you are unsure about its suitability for you. This is particularly relevant if you have a personal or family history of bowel and colon problems.

Simple and non-invasive

Simple and non-invasive

This product does come with instructions and precautionary notes outlined on the packaging and in the notes contained within.

Available at leading pharmacies and SASA outlets nationwide.

Distributed in Malaysia through…

Tokyoninki Website

Tokyoninki Facebook





  1. @ fionastreetlove: Thank god, not worse than normal lol but I imagine it would vary according to each person and my advice is to take this in a week when you have some good personal downtime such as when you are on leave from work, for example.
    Definitely not before a job interview, presentation or a date as yes, this product can have a ‘laxative effect’.

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