REALASH Eyelash Enhancer – So, Did My Lashes Grow? Here Are The Results After 30 Days

You might recall that a month ago in this blog post that I was very excited to receive a unit of the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and to begin a three month trial with this lash growth serum.

As promised, I’m back with an update of that trial and include some thoughts and images after 30 Days with this patented lash growth serum.

A safe and professional formula that was so easy to use

Safe & Professional Formula

Here are some of my thoughts on the product following the first 30 Days of my trial-:

  • Easy to use – the fine-tipped applicator brush makes it easy to paint the formula onto the lid precisely where I wanted to place it.
  • The formula itself is safe for use around the eye area and there was no irritation even when I accidentally got some formula little into my eye (due to my own lack of coordination).
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy formula with a slight antiseptic-like scent.
  • It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
  • A little goes a long way in terms of the amount required for each application. I originally couldn’t understand how such a small vial could contain such a lengthy period of doses (3-5 months of applications according to REALASH) but as it were, 3ml of this product is still going strong after 30 days of application. It does look like it will last at least 3 months and perhaps, beyond. I like that the product instructions actually advise not to apply the formula excessively as it is only a little is necessary for results. It’s a really frugal product.
  • I applied it only to my top lash line before going to sleep. Never on the bottom, advises REALASH. Not sure why this was advised in the usage instructions but I suppose very long lash growth, if it happens, on the lower lash line might look odd, no?
  • Coming into the trial, I admit I was little skeptical about seeing anything on me in the way of actual results in only 30 Days. I did think that I was imagining things when my lashes did seem to feel a little longer and thicker after only about seven days of use and wrote that down to a placebo effect.
Sleek & Slim - it ironically looks like a tube of mascara

The sleek & slim tube ironically looks like a unit of mascara

But applies like an eyeliner...albeit an invisible one

The fine brush applicator makes it possible to get close to the lash line just as with a liquid eyeliner

The REALASH Promise

What gave me peace of mind to begin this trial was the fact that REALASH Eyelash Enhancer is actually the only FDA-approved lash serum on the market.

Facts About REALASH [Source: REALASH website]

[Source: REALASH website]

It’s also Made in France and very popular throughout Europe where there are very tough laws and restrictions concerning carcinogenic ingredients and products that claim to be safe for human use.

Made in France

Made in France & the only FDA-approved lash serum on the market

Visible results in as quickly as 30 Days of use

Apparently visible results are possible in little as 30 Days of use

The promotional materials that come along with the REALASH serum are extremely impressive because the images, like the one below, show some very dramatic improvement in lash length.

Hmmm…since the Before & After images were basically REALASH’s own marketing material – I commenced this trial with a grain of salt and I felt that it was necessary to test the product’s efficacy on a real world subject (ME!) before I could be convinced to make a fair recommendation to you.

Before & After [Source: REALASH website]

Before & After [Source: REALASH website]

Anyway, you’re probably curious to see the visual results of my own trial after 30 Days of consistent application of the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer.

And, here they are…

My Before & After Results are in!

My Before & After Results are in!

These are actual images of my lashes without makeup and, as you can see, the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer actually did increase the length of my lashes after only 30 Days!

It’s possible to see here that some of my lashes are twice as long as they were before I began application. I love it!

I’m very impressed with these results but you know, the funny thing was I was feeling a difference in as early as a week after daily application because it felt like my eyelashes were starting to bump into the lenses of my glasse in as early as around a week after I began application but I really thought it was a placebo effect and that I was just imagining things.

I’m stoked with these results and am hoping that this might herald a future without a need for mascara or false lashes.

You see, I’m joining a small but growing movement of women who really don’t like wearing mascara daily because I think it ruins my real lashes and removal is a pain.

I also suspect the chemical and physical process of removing mascara/ false lashes adds to eye wrinkles and unsightly milia growths in this delicate area so yes, unless it’s for a very special event, I’m leaving the mascara and fake lashes behind.


Application & Usage

Application of the REALASH is a cinch and takes only a few seconds. I only had to apply the serum once daily to the upper lash line each night before sleep. It’s similar to applying eye liner without the need to be very neat at all as the formula is completely invisible.

During the trial, I missed a day and did not have to make up for it but just continue with the usual application at the usual time at the next day and this did not sabotage the improvement of my lash length at all.

The fine brush applicator

The fine-tipped brush applicator is very smart and precise.

The fine-tipped synthetic applicator brush is so much more precise and tidier than the usual fuzzy doe-foot applicators that come with other lash serums in the market. This means that there’s less product wastage as almost no product is soaked into the applicator itself.

The defined brush also makes it possible to be very accurate and paint the serum right into the inner corners of the eye and along the narrow lash line. All it takes is a little product to moisten the upper lash line each evening.

While it seems that the REALASH applicator applies very little product to the lash line, this tiny amount is actually all that is required for an adequate daily dose.

A closer look at the applicator

A closer look at the applicator

Here is a snapshot of the official REALASH usage instructions…

Usage Instructions

Usage Instructions

Overall, I’m extremely impressed that I’ve had such positive results after only a month with the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and am going to continue with my trial of this lash serum for another couple of months and will post an update of my progress for you at the 3-month mark.

One tube lasts 3-5 months

Economical: One tube lasts 3-5 months

I’m not quite sure what to expect from a further two months of application but I’d love a little more length and a dash of volume. So far, so good though!

This was a really convenient and easy way to increase lash length for me and although it wasn’t as instant as a fake lash extension procedure, it was an easy process and hasn’t hurt my real lashes or my eyes.

I’m very happy that this product has helped me improve the length of my natural lashes in a just a few short weeks.

So, what do you think? Would you use a eyelash enhancer to improve the length/ volume of your lashes? I never thought it would make a difference on me but as you can see, it really has.

REALASH Malaysia

REALASH Malaysia Facebook

REALASH Facebook

Realash Logo

[Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review. Photos belong to me so please do not republish images without permission or credit to this blog. Links are for informational purposes and non-affiliate]



  1. @ KJ: I agree about the mascara – love the effect but it does seem to be adding to my wrinkles around the eye area when it comes to removal and yes, I’m losing precious lashes in the process too 😦

    This REALASH has been such a fun serum to use and I’m so excited that my own lashes are longer than they’ve ever been before. I completely surprised myself with the results of this trial!

  2. It’s quite good that you’ve always somehow managed to find something that actually works and have visible results – like the silk peel and relash ! I’ve had my share of trying various cosmetic brands and just one of them would be my recommendation – the biolifting mask from Chantecaille – unfortunately they don’t have that in malaysia.

  3. @ KJ: I’ve been quite lucky but that’s also because I haven’t shared with you all my #beautyfails yet and there are a few scattered about the blog and I’m as passionate about the products I dislike as the ones I love but yes, if I hate something – I’d strongly advise you not to use it 😀
    I personally love writing about stuff I love using because it is one of those ‘shout it from the rooftops’ occasions. I get really excited about products that work for me. It’s a Eureka moment.

    Wow, Chantecaille – very hard to find and pricey brand!
    You’ve reminded me to blog more about stuff that didn’t work for me. Stay tuned then, KJ!

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