THE POINT Bar & Dining Room, KL

This city is blessed with plenty of modern dining options but when it comes to finding a menu starring genuine pork bacon, the field becomes considerably narrowed to only a few select joints scattered around the Valley.

Harder still is finding a restaurant that serves it with the kind of gusto, generosity and gourmet flair that matches the bacon-lover’s passion for this inspired food group. And yes, to the bacon-aficionado, the humble rasher does take on the reverence of being a food group all unto itself.

Now, bacon is that rare food where just one rasher will never do and you can imagine my joy when I was presented with a brunch and mains menu that features more bacon-laced options than I might usually consume in a year.

The Big Breakfast

The Point Big Breakfast Rm26

The Point‘s Big Breakfast is a platter made for champions. It doesn’t get more classic than this – Eggs Benedict, a fat pair of grilled pork bangers, and a tribute of garden salad laid snugly against a grand sandcastle of real porcine bacon; fat left on.

From what I understand, an Eggs Benedict by any other name is still a variation on the ‘eggs Benedict’ but The Point makes a point to get to the point and call this a Citrus-Cured Salmon with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce. Fan-cee!

On a side note, here’s a tidbit of food trivia for you-:

Technically, the inclusion of the smoky salmon renders this an Eggs Atlantic but to confuse the issue even more, this salmon variation also has a bunch of monikers depending on the region of the cooking of this dish and so we have eggs Hemingway, eggs Copenhagen, eggs Royale, eggs Montreal, eggs Benjamin…

Now, if you love to eat eggs, you will be aware that not all eggs are cooked equally and for the most part, cooking an egg is a skill that many can pass but few ever master. It’s simply one of those ingredients that is all too easy to overdo.

I do not doubt our third poached egg of the meal belonged in the Master category and although it came paired with an unlikely friend in the form of that unexciting Lobster and Egg Roll, it was the egg portion of this dish that completely stole the limelight (and our hearts) from the plate with some simple but skillful majesty.

Lobster & Egg Roll and Citrus-cured Salmon with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce on English Muffins Rm28

Citrus-cured Salmon with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin in a duet with a Lobster & Egg Roll Rm28

The overall plating of this dish was in truth anti-climactic to the eyes but don’t judge this book too quickly by its cover – The Point’s salmon spin on the Eggs Benedict lifts the plate entirely and is such a stellar interpretation of this breakfast classic that it deserves to be plated all on its own.

At first, I poked at the dull lobster roll and took a nibble. It was decent but didn’t blow my mind so I left the Caveman to gobble it down without much fanfare. He’s good like that and will help me polish off almost anything; leaving me to enjoy the better parts of a meal. Bless him.

What we both weren’t prepared for was the textural triumph next door to it and quite honestly, it was the Benedict Atlantic that single-handedly saves the plate from mediocrity.

In fact, The Point’s poached egg portion of this plate is such an exemplary show of ingredient quality and culinary skill that I’ve deemed it worthy of my solo food closeup shot for the day. Here you go…

The runny egg is poetry in motion

The perfectly runny egg…is poetry in motion

A gentle nudging with fork and knife unleashes a perfectly runny yolk that marries the smoky salmon, toasty muffin and egg whites in a silken wash of creamy, golden protein.

This breaking of that yolk is so wonderful that it is like watching the moment the sun sets or rises. And it’s a beautiful vision that plays as lusciously on the taste buds as it does on the eyes. I may have felt my heart sing with this one.

Please, The Point, never fire the kitchen deity who cooks your eggs. They are perfection!

So, dare I say it, perhaps a more perfect Eggs Benedict Atlantic has never been seen in these parts but by all means, make a point to test my point with your own poached egg experience at The Point, if you don’t believe me. And, come back here and let me know!

I want to hear all about it. I’m curious to determine as to what I’ve experienced here was a one-shot wonder or a consistent display of egg poaching athleticism by The Point too.

I can’t say I felt the same ethereal excitement for the Lobster & Egg Roll. Precious lobster shreds may have been invested but for all I know, the lobster could have been replaced by the garden variety crab stick and we would not have noticed because it was obviously the plate’s wallflower and paled dramatically in comparison against The Point’s moreish turn on ‘le Benedict‘. If only they had the option of a plate with two portions of the ‘Benedict Atlantic’ *sighs*

The Brunch Menu

The Brunch Menu

A snapshot of The Point’s Brunch and Mains menus reveals a small but refined arrangement of chef-guided fare. In addition to these two menus is a fusion tapas selection (Rm10-Rm16) of bite-sized menu items available for bar snacking.

Mains @ The Point

Mains @ The Point

Venturing beyond the Brunch menu brings us to this next dish and it’s not exactly what we might expect of a carbonara but, what The Point’s Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara Pasta lacks in the traditional creaminess of a carbonara, it makes up for spectacularly with a deliciously generous medley of fresh mushroom pieces (not canned!) and extra-large bacon bits that are peppered through a bed of al dente pasta.

In Malaysia, good pork bacon leans toward the premium side of the cost scale so restaurants in this part of the world will make no apologies for the lack of bacon generosity but a huge pat on the back to The Point for challenging the status quo and giving us this darling bonanza of bacon and fresh mushrooms with spaghetti pasta.

In fact, this dish must be breaking some national or world record for the highest bacon-to-pasta ratio I have ever seen on a plate.

Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara Pasta

Bacon and Mushroom Carbonara Pasta RM36

To round off the food dishes, we requested our usual cafe staples of cappuccino for the Caveman and some tea for me.

Nothing too exciting for us at midday but if you’re up for a true tipple, drop by The Point in the evening when its bar upstairs is open for business and it is where patrons are serenaded by the regular acoustic jams and DJ spins that accompany the joint’s liquor & tapas menus.

Drinks menu

The Dining Room’s Drinks Menu

Personal quirks when it comes to beverages mean that the Caveman likes his coffee served very hot and and he almost always delays his cuppa until the end of his meal. It’s so he can seal in the meal with a requisite caffeine kick and revel in the moments of his addiction without the distractions of the meal itself.

On the other hand, I’m a drink-anything-whenever type person and like to wash down my food as I go. I usually stay away from coffee though. I enjoy the scent of the bean but not the all-day buzz it seems to give my head.


A cappuccino runs for Rm10

Prices of brunch drinks are standard cafe rates but lean somewhat toward the fairer end of the pricing spectrum and it’s always a nice feature when a restaurant goes a touch beyond to include a complimentary nibble on the side.

This gesture never fails to impress me. I wish all establishments would do it. It’s the cherry on the pie, that’s why!

Served with biscotti

It seems that the hot beverages come with a welcome sliver of almond & pistachio biscotti

Tea comes in a pot that serves a round of about two and a half tea cups and I was tempted to settle for a standard English brew but felt adventurous enough to wander off the garden path that day and place an order for The Point’s Marrekesh Mint Tea.

It was a good choice because the hot tea with touch of mint was just the refreshing edge I needed to offset the meaty richness of our brunch choices.

The Marrakesh Mint Tea RM10

The Marrakesh Mint Tea RM10

The Point’s dining room decor is dark but cosy with elegant gilt accents and bronzed knick-knacks scattered throughout and this theme is filtered right down into the restaurant’s tea cups, stirring spoons and faux-baroquian wall features.

Golden Linings

Golden Linings

Staff are courteous and attentive and remain ready to refill glasses with the house water so it’s possible to lay off menu drinks should you choose.

The Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room

We weren’t afforded entry to the second floor bar during this daytime visit because I’m assuming the space isn’t opened until after the sun sets and the turntables are warmed. So yes, in terms of entry to the bar, take this as advice not to show up before 5pm unless you are fond of a long doorstop wait for a cocktail.

Current Vibes

Current Vibes

The restaurant itself is housed in a row of shop lots adjacent to a leafy Damansara residential area and occupies the first and second level space of one of these shop lots.

The dining floor itself is arguably tight and tables fill up for the brunch session fairly quickly so a booking might be more than necessary to avoid disappointment…and hunger.

Gilt-edged yet cosy

Gilt-edged yet cosy

Although we were one of the first in that morning (with a booking), all the tables around us were already sporting RESERVED signs heralding the arrival of many more brunch time fans.

The Point isn’t easy to find but for locals and those in the know but it’s worth the hunt.

I have a feeling that this is the Klang Valley dining room to watch as the chef-run kitchen appears promising and dedicated to churning out some ambitious interpretations of well-loved dishes alongside some creatively-married ‘East Meets West’ styled plates too. Oh, and not forgetting those perfect eggs.

We are already plotting a return mission.

Making a Point

Making a point on the KL dining scene

 The Point Bar X Dining Room

~ A Non-Halal Establishment ~

The Point KL Facebook

The Point KL Website

Mon – Tue: 5:00 pm – 1:00 am
Wed – Sat: 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:00 pm – 1:00 am
*** Open for brunch only on Weds – Sat ***

No.122 Jalan Kasah

First & Second Floor

Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

(Medan Damansara)

Phone Bookings: +603-2011-8008

[Notes: This was not a sponsored review. The meal was paid for by me and my friend and the occasion was a personal visit. The Point was not made aware of my blogger status. All commentary is of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk. Images are by me and remain the property of me and this blog and may not be reused without permission and a credit link back to this post. ]



  1. OH MY GOD. YES, bacon deserves to be a food group in all its tasty, tasty glory.
    That egg. That bacon. GIMME!
    I am in awe of your deliciously eloquent descriptions of the food that I won’t even try to attempt any descriptions of my own, except for an OM NOM NOM NOM XD

  2. @ Laura: Bacon does pretty much speak for itself. I agree, when it comes to good food, sometimes ‘NOM’ is the word that nails it 😉

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