XES Premium Boutique Opens at the Quill City Mall, KL

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to kill two birds with one stone when I went to check out the new Quill City Mall as well as attend the grand opening of the latest addition to the XES shoe empire.

XES Premium adds another feather to its cap...this time, at Quill City Mall

The XES Premium Boutique at Quill City Mall joins an empire of more than 80 XES stores across Malaysia

XES Premium Boutique adds another feather to its cap with this new outlet at Level 4 of the Quill City Mall at Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL.

I’m equally excited about the opening of the Quill City Mall because it is so close to home, houses a sparkly new double-storey H&M as well as a complete AEON Department Store and has enough shopping options to bankrupt me.

I confess a soft spot for polka dots

Too cute! I confess a soft spot for polka dots

XES Models with the freshly-crowned Miss XES Elegant, Mico Pun Chiew Yoek

XES Models with the freshly-crowned Miss XES Elegant 2014-15, Mico Pun (second from left)

The Official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with Group Managing Director, Mr. Simpson Wong & fellow VIPs

The Official Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with Group Managing Director, Mr. Simpson Wong & fellow VIPs

The shoes that caught my eye that day were these pretty ballet flats that are available in a trio of ice cream shades – dusty pink, mint green and vanilla beige.

A graceful ballet flat

A graceful ballet flat…

...that does this too!

…that does this too!

During the launch, I was given this style in the beige and they are so comfortable and soft they feel more like socks on my feet than actual shoes.

I rarely have much luck finding comfortable shoes but I’m completely in love with these ballet flats by XES and feel that I have to purchase this shoe in both the pink and mint green now.

This, girls, is the perfect shoe for travel.

In the past, I’ve hesitated to buy ballet flats because this style seems to pinch my feet but this pair feels perfect. They hug my feet without any discomfort at all and are cute to boot.

In fact, my new XES ballet flats wear like a second skin and are so flexible and comfortable I was able to to wear them to the park for some intense bike-riding and they did not once catch on the pedals or drop off my feet. These are common problems I have when riding with any shoes but sneakers but these are so much prettier than sports shoes, don’t you think?

The fact that they fold neatly in half makes them really impressive and because of this, it’s possible pop them into a plastic bag and toss them into a regular-sized handbag as a pair back-up shoes.

My new ballet flats

My new ballet flats are ultra soft and flexible

The padded inner soles maximise comfort

It’s not just about looks at XES, the strategically padded inner soles maximise comfort in a real sense.

Casual & Chic

XES models showcase some casual & chic looks from the collection

XES produce all their shoes in-house and their full collection includes a wide gamut of styles ranging from the casual to a broad selection of work and dress shoes but at XES it is never only about just women’s shoes.

The XES range caters to the whole family so there are plenty of options for men and children too. In fact, almost half the store is dedicated to men and children’s shoe fashions.

Plenty off choices for men too

Plenty of choices for men at XES

Forget boring black and browns, why not try a blue shoe for your man?

Instead of traditional black and browns, why not try a blue shoe for your man?

As the case with all XES stores, shoes reign supreme but there is also a dedicated range of the brand’s bags too because shoes and bags are like best friends, right?. Most of us can’t think of great shoes without thinking of a nice bag too.

XES caters to the whole family

The Quill City Mall outlet sports a vintage-inspired Zakka vibe

An XES Shoes Fashion Show

The XES Shoes Fashion Show

XES Casuals

More XES Casuals

Ms. Sabrina, the powerhouse PR & Marketing hosts the Media Launch

The gorgeous Sabrina, PR & Marketing powerhouse for XES was the loveliest host at this Media Launch

Grand Opening Day

– Grand Opening Day –

You can find this latest addition to the XES family at Quill City Mall

Quill City Mall
F4-3A, 4th Floor,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 KL

(Opposite The Sheraton Hotel, KL)

Opens Daily 10am – 10pm

Quill City Mall Website

Quill City Mall

Quill City Mall Map

Alternatively, if you’re out of town, there are more than 80 XES outlets across Malaysia and you can check their official website for exact locations.

XES Shoes Website

XES Facebook


 [Notes: Links in this post are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only. Event photography in this post is all by me. Please do not reuse without permission and a credit link back to this blog. Thank you.]



  1. Those ballet shoes are so cute and totally me ! And Quill Mall is not too far away from me either 🙂

    I went to try the silk peel the other day, it was really good ! My nose is quite clean now as the blackheads had been quite powerfully sucked out and skin is smoother, but I didn’t see other effects though. It was longer than I expected, about 1 hour 45 mins including the massage and mask. I was telling my husband about this, and he said that Bella Skincare has the same thing as well…

  2. @ KJ: They are cute, aren’t they? I really do need them in the pink and mint green now and can’t stop thinking about this. If you do end up getting them consider buying one size bigger than your regular shoe size as these are really ‘huggy’ and wear like socks.

    Ooh, the SilkPeel! Super indulgent. You can opt to forgo the included massage and mask treatment but since it’s included in the ticket price, why not? I have not tried any treatments at Bella Skincare before but I have to say I feel safe knowing that Renee Clinic is run by genuine medical doctors. I’m quite nervous and particular when it comes to this sort of thing.
    Thank you for your feedback on your own SilkPeel experience. It’s always interesting to hear how others feel about a beauty treatment. I think we gain more from sharing our experiences, don’t you think?

  3. Did you end up getting a pair?

    Yeah.. since the massage and mask are already inclusive so might as well 🙂 The massage is not as nice as the facial saloon I go to but good enough.
    It’s good to know about other’s experience, if it’s good then I won’t be too concerned about trying a procedure that I have never tried before; if it’s not that great, it’s also good to know so I can avoid it in the future 🙂

  4. @ KJ: I have the ballet flats in the beige and yes, I’m going to get it in the other colours too. I recall seeing a black pair in a similar concept but slightly different design.
    A reader left a message on my FB page calling them ‘sotong’ (squid in Malay) shoes and I think that is a cute and appropriate local nickname for this style given that they are so soft and curl up.
    About beauty products and services, I like to do my research before I try or buy anything so I will always google for real world blog reviews before I dive in.
    I read several reviews too and weight it all up.
    I don’t really trust the opinions of sales personnel whose job it is to sell a product or service.
    So sorry the massage didn’t come out tops for you but that’s probably because you’re lucky enough to have an excellent masseuse at your regular salon.

    I do like the actual SilkPeel machine experience at Renee though. That pneumatic suction sensation is something, isn’t it! The idea of all that nasty skin debris being taken away is tremendously satisfying.

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