Lakmé Cosmetics Now at Guardian Pharmacy – A Price List For All The Local Fan Girls

Guardian Pharmacy has finally seen fit to bring in the Lakmé brand of cosmetics and it appears to have a cult following here because the announcement of the brand’s arrival on Facebook last week sparked an immediate ripple of seismic activity among the local fan girls.

Wow, that good, eh?

It’s a brand from South Asia and I’m going to be honest, I’m not ethnically Indian and know almost nothing about this brand except that almost every girl of Indian heritage I know seems to think it really is the bee’s knees.



Turns out Lakmé is something like India’s answer to France’s Bourjois or America’s Revlon so it’s a rather big deal that it’s finally available locally. Essentially , it now means that Lakmé lovers will no longer have to save for an actual sojourn to India proper or resort to begging some India-bound relative to lug products back. Great, right?!

Lakmé Absolute - the brand's premium line

Lakmé Absolute – the brand’s premium line

Now, the catch to all this good news is that Lakmé won’t be available at all Guardian outlets but just a few curiously scattered locations nationwide so it may as well just be in India if you don’t fancy traipsing across town or into another state.

Turns out that one of these rare locations just happens to be in my neck of the woods. For once, something in the beauty world is not being launched exclusively halfway across the universe in dastardly Sunway but at Bukit Bintang branch, along Jalan Bukit Bintang (opp. KFC).

Guardian Bukit Bintang is literally around the corner from all of my favourite beauty haunts so this post is just for you, Lakmé fan girls – behold a PRICE list!

Lakmé Price List

(RRP as at October 2014)

I’ve made an effort to put together this price list so that all you local Lakmé girls (many of whom are personal friends) will know what to expect in stock locally before you plan to make that pilgrimage out to that Guardian you never usually visit to restock on your favourite Lakmé cult items.

I care about you so let me save you all from swooping in but only to discover that the exact item you want from Lakmé isn’t stocked locally. Don’t you hate that?

It’s still early days for the brand here and the shelves are not fully stacked today (8th October). There are currently more testers than there is product to buy so I would either call Guardian beforehand (this might not prove helpful as the sales assistant couldn’t answer anything I asked him about the brand!) or give Lakmé a few more weeks to settle in if you’re keen on sighting the full range of items in my price list and intending to make a purchase.

One of the lip products I swatched and liked wasn’t available to buy and I noticed that this was the case for many other products too so keep this current state of affairs in mind before you make a grand effort to swing over. I also did not see any nail products bar a remover.

The silver lining to this cloud, however, is that many items are currently discounted from the RRP I’ve given here so if it is in stock, you can expect to save during this period.

The promotion is on until the 14th October, I believe, but I asked the Guardian assistant to confirm and he was of little help 😛

Face Products

Lakmé Face Products

Lakmé Face

  • ABSOLUTE Face Stylist Compact – RM68.90
  • ABSOLUTE Skin Cover – RM59.90
  • ABSOLUTE Matte Mousse – RM68.90
  • White Intense Wet & Dry Compact – RM52.90
  • Flawless Matte Complexion Compact – RM24.90
  • Face Magic Daily Wear Souffle – RM13.90
  • CC Cream – RM22.90
  • Silk Naturelle Daily Foundation – RM24.90
  • Loose Rose Powder – RM13.90
  • 9 To 5 Flawless Makeup Foundation
  • ABSOLUTE Face Stylist Blush – RM48.90

Lip Products

Lakmé Lip Products

Lakmé Lip

  • Creme Lip Color – RM39.90
  • Matte Lip Color – Rm35.90
  • 9 To 5 Matte Lip Color – RM29.90
  • ABSOLUTE Plump & Shine Lip Gloss – RM33.90
  • ABSOLUTE Aqua Shine Lip Color – RM29.90
  • ABSOLUTE Shine Lube – RM30.90
  • 9 To 5 Shimmer Liner – RM19.90
  • ABSOLUTE Forever Silk Lip Liner – RM28.90
  • 9 To 5 Lip Liner BB – RM24.90
  • Enrich Satin Lip Color RM19.90

Eye Products

Lakmé for eyes

Lakmé for eyes

  • ABSOLUTE Drama Stylist Shadow Duos – RM48.90
  • 9 To 5 Eye Quartet – Rm35.90
  • Kajal Pencil Black – RM6.90
  • Eyebrow Pencil Black – RM5.90
  • ABSOLUTE Flutter Secret Mascara – RM47.90
  • ABSOLUTE Ultimate Kohl Liner – RM53.90
  • ABSOLUTE Forever Silk Eye Liner – RM34.90
  • 9 To 5 Glide-On Eye Liner – RM21.90
  • 9 To 5 Eye Conic Kajal – Rm17.90

Other Lakmé Products

  • Dual Sharpener – RM7.90
  • Nail Color Remover – RMRM5.90
Lakmé 9To5 - the brand's daytime and workwear line

Lakmé 9To5 – the brand’s daywear/ office lady line

My first impressions of the brand’s colours is that products are quite pigmented and lean toward plenty of plums and pinks. Eye colours feature strong peacock shades of greens golds and purples and appear to my eye somewhat…er, Bollywood?

I’d personally be interested in the lip and blush products and I was previously told by a friend that the foundation products may be a little too dark for me but apparently you will love Lakmé if you’ve always yearned for darker shades of base products.

I don’t personally know much about this brand but if Lakmé is as big as they say, I’m sure there are reviews aplenty existing or forthcoming in the blogosphere. Seems to be a brand to keep an eye out for.

If you have any first-hand experience of this brand, I’d love to here all about it. Do convince me how wonderful it is!

Lakmé is now at select Guardian stores

Lakmé is now at select Guardian stores nationwide!

[This post is a local beauty news piece written as a preview to the brand and non-affiliated. Prices subject to change without notice. All image credits to Lakmé India and Guardian FB. ]




  1. Wow, this is some welcome news! I’ve always read about Lakme products from (mainly) Indian bloggers, and it does seem they are the bees knees in those parts. 😀 Hoping it’ll be available in more of the major shopping malls in PJ/KL so that I can pop by and try them out, hehe XD Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I think Lakme is much sought after by the Indian crowd because more often than not, the choice of tones and colours offered by most Asian and other foreign brands dont do justice to our darker skin tone. It’s good to see that Lakme is reasonably priced here, will have to wait till it comes down to the ‘village’ outlets for the likes of me to try ;P .. thanks for satisfying our curiosity ShopGirl… now will just have to wait for Pita to confirm if the foundation she was raving about is the ABSOLUTE Matte Mousse. Do let us know when they get restocked though…. so if time permits… will have to make that trip down to your neck of the woods 😉

  3. Hye, i’m a little bit confused is lakme cosmetics and lakme hair care from the same company? Cause lakme hair care is from spain right? And lakme cosmetics is from india. So are they like owned by one or the other?

  4. Hi there, I guess we’re one of the lucky ones to be having this brand just round the corner. So happen the Guardian Pharmacy in Giant Batu Caves has their brand. And I decided to check the products out last weekend, and it’s the same as you mentioned. The testers are there but I find that most of their products are not even on the shelf, just the testers. Did some swatches, so far I like their CC Cream coz it looks promising. Not too sure on their lipsticks though, it says cream but the texture doesn’t look moist. I don’t know, maybe I need to go check it out again. But I do find it strange for their loose powder to be more of a pink base… And when I ask the SA abt the offer period she mentioned it’s until the end of the month, so not too sure which is the which.

  5. @ sharonsree: Thanks for explaining one of the reasons behind the popularity of Lakmé. That makes sense. I do hear you on the fact that the deeper complexions are often neglected by other Asian brands and I can think of a plethora of Japanese and Korean brands who release base products in only one universal shade and it’s hard to believe that the one shade might suit every one.
    I will earnestly make an effort to stop by again and let you know if the Lakmé shelf is fully stocked.

  6. @ Lany: Good question! You are right, there is a Lakmé Hair brand that is based in Spain but I think that may be a different company to the Lakmé cosmetic company in India. The Lakmé I am writing about is an Indian company with products made worldwide and you know what, there is a hair division called, Lakmé Salon and not only do they produce hair care products under this arm of the business, Lakmé also run professional hair salons across India. How’s that for confusing?!
    Anyway, if I’m wrong about this, I hope a reader may comment here and set things straight.

  7. @ Lany: You’re welcome, babe. I’d love to read some review on products by this brand. Still a mystery to me.

  8. @ Alisha Melissa Mah: You and I are definitely lucky to have such early access to this new brand. Only wish they had more stock before showing up with just Testers but I suppose that will be in good time.
    The loose powder you’re talking about was called the Loose Rose Powder, right? I wonder if the pink base is meant to appear more naturally on darker complexions than a white/ beige powder, for example.
    I’ve heard friends rave about their lipsticks and for the most part, I think the shades were quite deep and matte but I did note some sheerer options in a product that was almost like the Too Faced Melted in the way it dispensed colour but not nearly quite as pigmented.
    Interesting and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more local blog reviews up as the brand makes inroads into the local beauty scene.

  9. @ cindy tong: I wasn’t sure about the model but I thought she looked very familiar so I ran a Google search and asked a friend about her and it turns out that the model is Kareema Kapoor who happens to one of Bollywood’s top actresses.

  10. Oh my gosh! How unlucky! Lakme is only available at certain part of town which I never go to. 😦
    Their products looks quite promising & I’ve heard some raves about this brand too. I’m liking their eyeshadows & I would love to swatch their lip products. Now I wished that they were more available here in PJ too.

  11. @ Nadia: Oh that’s a shame! I hope they do well and end up all over the country then because you’re not the first person who’s bemoaning the frustrating lack of point-of-sale locations.

  12. i love lakme. any chance of gettting it, i would… but i always got them when i go to India or when someone goes. The prices are dirt cheap (in India, of course). it’s murderously expensive here. Someone’s making money… but i need my eyeliner. :p. thanks for putting up the list.

  13. @ Bavani, You’re welcome! I don’t doubt the prices are better in India because everything is expensive for us here. Sad but true.
    I suppose that having it available locally will be handing for emergency purchases but by all means, if you have some way of getting Lakme cheap, don’t give up those opportunities.
    It is kind of nice to be able to try this brand because Ive never been to India and had no one to bring these products back for me. I welcome the variety in our local market.

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