Another day, another SEPHORA Haul!

Sephora Loyalty Program - Singapore/ Malaysia

Sephora Loyalty Program – Singapore/ Malaysia

Just a quick post today to share my most recent Sephora loot with you.

The good news is that I barely dropped any big money on this haul because-:

a) Some of it was won. I won some Sephora vouchers thanks to a giveaway on the blog, StreetLove . Thanks, Fiona!

b) Some products were received FREE as part of the generous perks of being a Sephora Member.

c) Other items were heavily discounted as a result of a voucher I scanned during the Sephora Black Card launch promotions


Too Faced

The first batch of these to town sold like hotcakes. It took some months before we saw them back on the shelf again.

Melted is an innovative hybrid of the lipstick, lip cream and gloss and is a truly juicy addition to the lip product family. We didn’t get the full range of Melted shades here in Malaysia but it’s good enough just to have access to half of them.

Vibrant and delicious long-wear hues that go on like a dream. Picked up this in Fuchsia because I am so tired of red-red. The itch is there to get a couple more now.

Too Faced's bestselling Melted in Fuscia

Too Faced’s bestselling Melted.


It took me way too long to discover NYX and I wonder why! It’s so d*mn cheap and good quality for the price. Cheaper than Maybelline at some price points. I’ve always stayed clear from the NYX rack because it’s always crawling with shoppers. Now, I finally understand why!

I’m not a huge fan of the NYX eye shadows or palettes because they’re a bit hit-and-miss in pay-off and am not inspired by their packaging but these lipsticks are more than worth it.

RM19 each. Probably even cheaper if you’re US-based and a steal and a half for this level of colour payoff.

I know their lip creams are always selling out too and at RM26 each, I’m not surprised.

You’ll be seeing more of NYX in the future on this blog. Outta my way, people!

How great is NYX?!

How great is NYX?!


I only paid for one thing in this next lot and that was the loose powder. Sephora are really clever at strategic product placement and they have all these lovely little deluxe-sized beauty goodies near their registers that are ripe for the picking. I’d advise you to be careful you aren’t picking up something you don’t need as you wait. The temptation is all too real.

I’m regretting a little that I didn’t opt for the full-sized Tarte pressed compact of this instead of my impulsive loose powder buy.

The rest of this Tarte loot was all FREE and made up the gifts I received as part of the Sephora Black Card promo and for attending a Tarte Consumer Workshop at their KLCC branch. I love the perks of being a Sephora member!

Proud to be a Tarte

Proud to be a Tarte

Sephora Brand

I tried this at the store to remove my chipped polish and was converted. The one on the left is to remove regular polish and the other one is to remove glitter polish from the fingernails. I’m sure it’s possible to make your own beauty hack for this with a little jar and some dish sponges/ scrubs but what can I say, I’m lazy.

This duo was 35% Off thanks to a special voucher I scanned from a promotional wobbler on the shelves during the Black Card Sale. So worth the trouble! I’d also like to thank the lovely and gorgeous Liz at Sephora Starhill again for helping me with this because I am the only person in the free world who doesn’t know how to scan a QR Code.

Sisters but not twins

Sisters but not twins!

Reviews are forthcoming…if any of you want.

Moral to the Story

Sign up to be a Sephora Member, if you haven’t already! Best thing I ever did as a chronic beauty shopper.

It’s seriously smarter beauty shopping and will make it feel like you’re saving money instead of spending it.

Membership is FREE with any first purchase and absolutely worth your while in privileges and perks, provided you read all the emails they send you and watch their Facebook Page like a hawk.

Promotions definitely vary according to country/ store location so do look up Sephora in your country for the most relevant information to you.

Sephora Malaysia Facebook

Sephora Loyalty Program – South East Asia

Sephora USA – Beauty Insider

[Disclaimer: This post was my personal experience and opinion of the perks of being a Sephora Member. Links are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only. Images all belong to me and may not be used without permission or a credit link back to this blog.]





  1. Did you see how I tiptoed and stuck my hand into someone’s shoulder to grab something from NYX the other day? I was not kidding when I said I once stuck my hand in between two waist just to grab something from NYX shelf.

  2. @ fionastreetlove: That’s exactly why I’ve been scared of the NYX rack but at these prices and that quality…I’m ready to fight for these now!
    Just do be careful, in case your hand ends up somewhere not in-between but elsewhere by accident 😉 lol

  3. @ Carinn: Thanks, I think so too…considering it was mostly free or discounted! Don’t you just love Sephora?!

  4. @ Sarah: Aww…that’s too bad, Sarah, but maybe not so bad for your purse in the long term. I practically live at Sephora, naughty me.
    Melted is gorgeous. I’m hoping that Sephora will bring in the 4-pc pack that’s now available in the US. *fingers crossed*

  5. I agree with you about NYX, every time I came to Sephora it will either be surrounded by a huge flock or the rack is entirely empty of what I want. not a luck yet with NYX, hehe! i just wish there will be a Sephora outlet here in Melaka, I cant go to KL just for Sephora XD

  6. @ Mieza: I’ve learned my lesson and that is to follow the swarm mentality when it comes to beauty purchasing lol
    I feel for you and hope that you get a Sephora in Melaka somewhere down the line. Honestly, at the rate we’re all plugging money into the place, you’d think they would soon be on every street corner of this country.
    I’m quite lucky that I’m surrounded by Sephoras so really, if you ever need me to grab something for you during a sale or promo, you’re welcome to pm me on FB and I’ll do my best for you.

  7. Ah, I’m drooling just looking at your Sephora haul! Shopping without paying (or at least, minimal payment) is just so amazing. XD I love the NYX lip creams, but I do wish they’d sell the Black Label lipsticks in-store as well, because those are even better than the regular lipsticks. Now I just have to resist the temptation to walk into the nearest Sephora…..

  8. @ Laura: I have to make my dollar stretch further to feed the addiction, right? The lip creams are very decent but they were out of stock in most of the colours when I was there so I took the lipsticks.
    Oh, haven’t heard of the NYX Black Label and am now intrigued.

  9. @ pretty drastic moves: Thanks you for your sweet words!
    I agree, I love hearing how people get their beauty fix in other countries too.
    To be honest, the Sephora perks in the US (online and stores) are what all of us over here covet. Seriously, we are mad about Sephora US because Sephora there rules them ALL. There are Malaysians who go there, or have contacts there, buy stuff and resell it here. It’s a whole industry unto itself. That and every other brand. Right now, I’m told there are some Sephora things that are in the US that we will never have here *sobs*
    High five to ‘beauty nerdery’ ;D

  10. Love that NYX is high quality, very affordable AND cruelty-free! They are definitely one of the brands that makeup newbies and veterans cannot get enough of.

    Melted sounds very interesting so will pick one up when I’m at Sephora!

    As for the nail polish removers, I have to advise caution. I once dipped my finger in not knowing that I had a paper cut. It stung very, very badly :/

  11. @ Aggie: Yes, the NYX has really blown me away! I had no idea. I also did not know they were cruelty-free. Always a good thing to hear. Thanks for adding that.
    I like the texture and shades of Melted very much and will not be stopping at one.
    Thanks for the heads-up on the nail polish removers. It makes sense but I do this sort of thing to myself all the time. Dive in first, squeal later lol
    I am trialling a new skincare product that had me quite shocked in a similar sense too. But I lived and will tell the tale…soon 😀

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