Marc Jacobs Beauty: TWINKLE POP EYE STICKS Fall 2014 – Swatches & First Impressions

Well before the shades caught my attention, it was the slim & sexy silver pencil casing of the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks that reeled me in.

Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks from Fall 2014

Fashion supremo, Marc Jacobs knows a thing or two about presentation and left nothing to chance with the carefully designed casings for the new products in his Fall 2014 beauty collection.

If packaging is what rocks your boat – you’ll fancy the luxury metal appeal and weightiness of MJB’s latest offerings.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall 2014 Collection

Marc Jacobs Beauty Fall 2014 Collection [Image credit: Marc Jacobs]

As part of the Fall 2014 release of Marc Jacobs Beauty collection, the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks are whimsically-named but minimalist and sassy and you know what, you’ll feel like a million bucks just holding one. They are as sleek as they look!

Move over Mont Blanc...we have Marc Jacobs now!

Move over Mont Blanc…we have Marc Jacobs now! [Image credit: Marc Jacobs]


So you can know what to expect shade-wise, here are my swatches of these Twinkle Pops Eye Sticks-:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks

Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks

There are officially 9 shades of the Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks in this Fall release but at the time of writing this post, #406 Au Revoir was not available in the Malaysian market and to be honest, I’m still unsure if we will ever get it.

For reasons unexplained, cosmetics companies seem committed to holding back on the full ranges to our market. It’s a sad state of affairs and just bad marketing in my opinion because I feel snubbed, don’t you?

Unsurprisingly, a quick chat with a Sephora Beauty Assistant left me none the wiser.

First Impressions

These are essentially a shimmering cream eye shadow formula of buildable colour and almost every single one of these Twinkle Pop beauties spreads onto the skin like a fine butter ( actually, smoother than butter!) but note that it’s just ‘almost’ because #406 Au Revoir is unavailable locally for a test drive and #408 Frannie is the lone black sheep in terms of spread.

Irrespective of how many times I swiped it, the cool moonlit shade of Frannie simply did not glide on as smoothly as the others and lacks in payoff as far as the others are concerned. It’s the only truly frustrating one of the bunch and a real shame because the shade had such potential as a rare and icy pure silver.

Bar Frannie, expect a buttery-smooth formula with zero tugging.

Shades Honey Bunny/ Volver/ Three Shakes applied nicely with decent pigmentation but would benefit from perhaps a second swipe to build colour because they are all rather light neutrals against my skin.

On the other hand, I think Stardust/ On the Verge/ Shoshanna/ Leila had the best payoff of the lot and are so silky they were seriously sexy. I could have swatched these all day – so rich and smooth, they were!

One thing you’ll notice on application is the pleasant cooling sensation as the formula glides across the skin and it’s not surprising because if you’ve used a Lust for Lacquer by Marc Jacobs before you’ll know that our Marc loves to incorporate some extra-sensorial elements to his cosmetic products. He is good like that.

Where the Lust for Lacquers were a syrupy mint sensation on the lips, these Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks give off an instant cooling effect that’s really very pleasant. It’s not a minty type of cool this time but more like that slippery cool moment when your skin first touches metal. I like!

I noted some product fallout in and around the pen dispenser which might prove annoying for the particular ones among us but it’s really nothing worse than what we would find from a glittery powder shadow compact. Take care and enjoy the miracle of a piece of tissue to control that.

There is some sparkle fallout when the product is on the skin but the extent of this varies across the shades and is worse for some than others but shade Frannie remains the worst offender, in this respect. Poor Frannie, she just can’t quite get it together!

I will disclose that I don’t routinely use store Tester units anywhere near my eye area because the risk of eye infections is just too real so I can’t tell you how they wear on the eye lids…just yet.

So yes, I going to ask you to note and forgive that these first impressions are composed from what I can gather of the product…on my arm.

The shadow sets on the skin fairly quickly so blendability could be an issue for those who are prone to being slowly creative with their eye colour.

I believe that the trick will be too work fairly quickly with these and I’m sure that those who want a quick-to-apply result with minimal fuss but maximum shimmer will enjoy these Eye Sticks.

Further to that, due to the quick-setting character of this product, I think that these may be best worn in single (or at most, double shades) again, unless you are very clever and speedy with your eye makeup technique.

Staying power of these swatches was excellent and they lasted on my arm all day with mild fading observed and I was left with a still very shimmery arm by day’s end.

I loved them on my arm but I won’t and can’t say anything for how they will wear on my oily and partially hooded eye lids until I do manage to convince myself to part with some cold, hard cash for a full product review of at least one of them.

I do, however, hope that this basic ‘swatches and first impressions’ post is somewhat helpful for you in the interim. At least until you have a chance to play with them yourself.

Finally, I’m going to have to comment on the name of this product. I just can’t resist.

As much as I love the packaging, Twinkle Pop Eye Stick sounds like a ridiculous brand of cereal and this doesn’t quite gel with the product’s sleek design…or, price.

Neither does it sit comfortably with the fact that this is a product designed by someone who makes clothes that costs thousands of dollars. I can only guess that Marc Jacobs is wanting to let his hair down through his beauty collection…but it’s all a bit weird for me.

In my opinion, the product name is far too whimsical and cutesy for something that looks this smart and I can only imagine that Marc Jacobs is now guilty of that popular celebrity trend of oddly naming his baby.

And, as for the names of the shades, I do believe that Marc Jacobs intended them to be a reference to movie characters or titles. I think Volver gave that away to me and who can forget tragic and beautiful Shoshanna from Inglourious B**stards. What do you think?

RRP: RM89 each


The Twinkle Pop Eye Sticks and  Marc Jacobs Beauty range is now available exclusively at all Sephora stores in Malaysia.

For more information…

Sephora Malaysia Facebook

Sephora US

Marc Jacobs Beauty



[Disclaimer: Commentary is based on my personal experience of the product. Consider at your own risk.]
















  1. Thank you so much for such a detailed post babe! Helped a lot! I love Marc Jacobs packaging. However, when I saw these for the first time I don’t know why I thought they were Eye liners. Probably because they were shaped in a pencil form.I wasn’t too happy with them! 😦
    But I have to say I am in LOVE with the Lipsticks! I tried them out, they are amazing. Not only they are highly pigmented but they do stay on for pretty long, and they are not too overly price either for what we are getting!

  2. Omg have they been launched in Sephora already? 0.0

    But based on the swatches they don’t look as promising as I would wish them to be but nonetheless I now have such an urge to dash into Sephora and check them out.

    Thanks for the review babe – was truly helpful ❤ ❤

  3. @ Pen My Blog: Yes, the new collection has arrived at Sephora! Packaging is beautiful as expected.
    I apologise for the poor quality of my swatches. Doesn’t really do the formula justice, I think. I think they look much better in person.
    They feel pretty good on the skin though but I would stay away from Frannie.

  4. @ shadesofsplendour: No worries, glad to be of help.
    These are cream eye shadows, not eye liners actually. Strangely, I found I wasn’t enamored with the lipsticks – the formula seemed a bit drying as is with the case with most matte crayons. Packaging for everything is great, however, and worth it if you are a collector of pretty cosmetics.

  5. I love the fact that you refer to makeup as people too! And I couldn’t agree more about the name! It sounds ludicrous and I can’t imagine parting with this much money for something that’s named as such! I’m not a 12-year old girl!

    Your reviews are always so useful and I’m a little taken with Leila. Keep me out of Sephora please!

  6. @ arpitabread: I know, everything else is quite wonderful about this product except the name…which just makes it seem a little bit silly.

    I think Leila would look great on you. I’m kind of smitten with Shoshanna myself.

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