MAKE UP FOR EVER Launches NEW Artist Shadow Collection of 210 Shades in a Revolutionary Profusion of Colour

If there’s one thing that  Make Up For Ever is best known for, it is for creating the most comprehensive range of professional intensity makeup formulations in the world and making these products accessible to everyone.

For Everyone!

For Everyone!

This Fall, Make Up For Ever (MUFE) impresses again with the release of a staggering collection of shadow colours – a huge 210 shades, to be exact – leaving us all spoiled for choice with the brand’s NEW Artist Shadow range.

The launch of the Artist Shadow range brings to market what is the most extensive range of shades available to the consumer by any cosmetics company and debuts in conjunction with Make Up For Ever‘s 30 Year brand anniversary.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows

Above and beyond the rainbow – 210 shades!

It beggars belief to actually have 210 shadow shades at our disposal but it’s true and the result of a consuming passion of Make Up For Ever to bring this widest-ever selection to the market.

That said, the company is actually capable of producing any infinite amount of shades but as Brand Founder, Dany Sanz, emphasises – the mission of Make Up For Ever is all about professional-grade quality, choice and versatility and it was never a goal to outdo the next brand or confuse the market by producing ‘too much’ choice.

And so, it seems the magic number lies at a quirky but memorable 210 shades and this was decided as the best ‘profusion of color‘ options for professionals and novices alike.

Yes, that’s 210 individual pops of silky and versatile Artist Shadows; all created with care and designed in tribute to the brand’s Parisian beginnings as a center of colour for creative make up professionals and the best part is that it is now available to us all.

Profusion is an understatement when it comes the NEW Artist Shadow range

Profusion is an understatement when it comes to the NEW Artist Shadow range

The Artist Shadow Workshop @ Pro Boutique, Starhill

I had the chance recently to see, touch and play with the silky pigments from this new generation collection in person at a Make Up For Ever‘s Artist Shadow workshop and yes, the range is a mind-blowing explosion of colours in more hues than I could ever imagine.

It was difficult to decide what colour to touch first. I felt as if I did not have enough fingers to manage the sheer number of pans on hand. It’s stupendous!

For maximum versatility, each shadow in the range may be purchased as an individual unit but all are designed to be used in conjunction with the brand’s magnetic and flexible refillable pan casing system so that you can buy as few as one shade – or, if you’re keen, collect them all!

Artist Shadows

Just some of the shades from the impressive 210 pan Artist Shadows Collection

Indeed, this completely fluid option allows mixing and matching shades to your heart’s content so it’s really all up to you how you want to buy, collect and play with your Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow.

There are special MUFE casings that are available to house the Artist Shadow pans and it’s a system that encourages customisation at your own pace and in light of your own needs as an artist or an amateur.

Artist Shadow Casings

Magnetic Artist Shadow Refillable Casings – mono, duo, trio…or multi-palette; the choice is yours

Pro palette

Heavy-duty multi-pan casings are also available for heavy-duty make up people

...and inside!

A serving suggestion!

The thing you will notice about the Make Up For Ever pans is that they are generously-filled and larger than most shadow pans by other brands.

Generous Pans

Generous pans & a wide range of colours.  These shades represent barely a quarter of the full Artist Shadow range!

And, although they are the colour experts, at Make Up For Ever, it can never just be only about colour.

Colour has to be functional and glorious and so the formulation behind the colour is always equally important.

At Make Up For Ever, their cosmetic formulas are cutting-edge with a development process that is frequently arduous so it is not surprising to find that behind each Artist Shadow in this range is a formula innovation that has been three full years in the making.


The result is you can expect this New Generation* Artist Shadow to impress in all of the following aspects –

  • Ultra-pigmentation with even and luminous colour payoff
  • Supple texture with supreme ‘blendability’
  • The versatility for precise or seamlessly blendable application
  • Impressive staying power and long-wear function with very next to no fall-out
  • Versatility to let you express your creativity. These shadows all work well alone but are designed to blend seamlessly with any other shade from the collection irrespective of formula finish.

* Excludes matte shades

The sky is the limit with 210 Shades

Completely over the rainbow! The sky is the limit to your creativity with the 210 Artist Shadow shades available

You’ll be impressed to know that the Artist Shadows feature in varying visual finishes and these finishes will let you have even more flexibility to create the look you want.


The five special visual finishes below allow colour to be blended and developed on the skin in creative and illusory ways depending on the user’s technique.

In saying this, the finishes do not interfere with the shadows texturally at all and it is possible to combine different finishes and still produce a fine and smooth outcome.

Swatches (Left to Right) Diamond/Matte/ Metallic/ Iridescent/ Satiny

Swatches (Left to Right) Diamond/Matte/ Metallic/ Iridescent/ Satiny

  • DIAMOND: high shimmer with obvious glittery sparkle
  • MATTE: non-pearlised & non-reflective ‘flat’ shade
  • METALLIC: high sheen & reflective ‘foiled’ finish
  • IRIDESCENT: slight shimmer but with a smaller and more delicately refined sparkle than the Diamond shades
  • SATINY: smooth & subtly shiny finish without sparkle

What Make Up For Ever means is that the powder, the shimmer, the pearlised particles, the metallic oxides and the pigments cannot be felt on the skin at all. The formulas are absolutely not gritty but completely silky so…

“What you see is colored skin. Proof positive that Artist Shadow liberates physical artistry as much as creativity”

Five creative finishes allow users to create colour with dimension

The five visual finishes of the collection make it possible to create makeup looks with dimension and creativity

Make Up For Ever’s Regional Education Manager, Erica Saenz, was at the workshop to show us how well these Artist Shadow performed under a variety of application and blending techniques.

To demonstrate, she showcased two versatile yet different looks on models to demonstrate the special graphic structure of the Artist Shadow that allows them to be precisely placed yet combined easily and blended evenly to a professional result even if you are not a pro makeup artist.

Erika Saenz, Regional Education Manager

Erika Saenz, Regional Education Manager

For the first look, Erica presented a more traditional vertical graduation of shadow on the eyelid using varying hues of the same colour to create depth and interest.

Look 1 - Vertical Gradations

Look 1 – Vertical placements of varying hues when blended out resulted in seamless dark to light contrasts that created depth and interest instead of flat colour.

Look 1 demonstrates that single colour techniques needn’t be flat and boring with so many hues to play with. It also highlights the silky and seamless power of the Artist Shadow powders in creating effective light and dark contrasts on the skin.

Look 1 - the finished look

Look 1 – the finished look

The next demonstration involved a combination of bolder of shades that were not from the same colour group and had different finishes and these were applied in a horizontal placement of colour across the eye lid.

After some blending and shading, new tones emerged from the combination and the final finish on the model was an exotic graduated effect within a seamless union of the very different shades.

Look 2 - Vertical Graduations of colour when blended out develop new shades in a seamless and exotic look

Look 2 – Horizontal placements of colour across the lid when blended out developed exotic new shades in a seamless yet graduated play of colour

Look 2 - the finished look

Look 2 – the finished look

I hope you enjoyed this preview of the new Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow collection.

The range is certainly revolutionary in colour choices and formula and will no doubt herald endless cosmetic possibilities for pros and novices alike.

Of course, the shades in this collection perform fantastically as eye shadows but because Make Up For Ever emerges from the brand’s 30 year history of artistic face and body painting products – these shades apply well to other areas of the face and body too.

With so many colours to choose from, you’ll find it hard not to find at least one shade to love among all 210 pans. Go, play!

New Artist Shadow

Debuting worldwide Fall 2014


 Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique
Level 2, Sephora @ Starhill Gallery
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Make Up For Ever products are also available at all Sephora and Make Up For Ever standalone counters nationwide.

Check with the official Make Up For Ever Facebook page for details.

Make Up For Ever Facebook – Malaysia

Make Up For Ever Official Website




  1. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The shadows are quite an interesting lot, though I’m drawn to the bolder shades. Might check them out and pick up one that’s versatile enough for blush, shadow and lippie-topper. A pink maybe! You are such an enabler!

  2. @ arpitabread: Thank you, darling. You’re always encouraging when it comes to my amateur photography ambitions…which reminds me, when are we getting together to shoot some?!

    I don’t doubt that you’ll find something among these 210 choices to suit your fancy. I’m keen on the lovely sparkly shades myself. You know, glitter making everything better and all that!

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