My Personalised SILKPEEL DermalInfusion Treatment at the Renée Clinic

Recently, I was invited to the pristine premises of the Renée Clinic to experience one of their popular aesthetic treatments for myself.

Truth be known, I’m very particular about in-salon treatments so it’s not every day that I am willing to undergo an aesthetic treatment from just any old company. It’s one thing to try a product at home but a completely different thing to put your whole face, body and faith into the hands of a random beautician.

What gave me complete peace of mind in this instance and, made the Renée Clinic very different from the multitude of beauty salons across the country is this fact – the Renée Clinic is not a beauty salon per se but a fully-fledged medical aesthetic clinic run by actual medical doctors.

A Renée Reception

A Renée Reception

I made sure I double-checked this very important detail with the Renée Clinic’s Administrator and even wrote a formal note to the clinic requesting that I would only be willing to participate in a session if it were a verifiable fact.

As it turns out, I had nothing to be concerned about. The Renée Clinic is a true-blue medical clinic that comes with all the necessary credentials and resident doctors too.

 My SilkPeeL Dermal Infusion Treatment

After a private consultation with Dr. Renee and Dr. Cheok, it was suggested that I benefit from a SilkPeel DermalInfusion procedure for my face.

Now, I had not personally heard of this treatment before but the doctors explained to me that the SilkPeel is in fact a patented and popular medical facial procedure designed to improve the skin condition on the face and body.

As a topical procedure, it is proven that the SilkPeel is not only more effective than many other topical facial treatments in delivering good skin results but is a much safer, cleaner and more controlled way to improve skin condition without any post-procedural downtime…or pain.

About SilkPeel

I was also told that I would feel a real difference to my skin’s texture almost as soon as the procedure is completed because problems areas are targeted and safely resurfaced in detail via a special mechanism designed to rid the skin of surface imperfections and trigger the skin’s own ability to renew.

The best part is that the actual SilkPeel treatment itself takes no more than 30minutes and it is something that I was able to fit in during a lunch break.

Dr. Cheok carefully explains what is involved in a SILKPEEL

Dr. Cheok carefully explains to me what is involved in a SILKPEEL Treatment so that I knew what to expect and gain from the procedure.

Now, the SilkPeel Dermal Infusion Treatment is sometimes mistaken for being just a traditional microdermabrasion procedure but while it’s similar in principal, the actual process is very cutting-edge and can be targeted toward your skin concern with its benefits.


Well, the SilkPeel involves a measured technology that controls the pressure of application so it is therefore safe from human error issues that often plague traditional microdermabrasion treatments.

So, instead of having any abrasive action applied directly to the skin at the skill and mercy of an aesthetician, the SilkPeel draws very small areas of the skin gently into a hygienic shaft at just the right distance to be effective at surface removal without risking critical damage to any of the skin’s deeper layers.

The resurfacing action of the SilkPeel is also buffered against the skin with the system’s accompanying wet-vacuum process that is much more gentle than any traditional dry-abrasive procedure and combined, the SilkPeel technology effectively eliminates the risk of the practitioner over-treating and hence, injuring areas of your skin.

In addition to this, the SilkPeel is a truly state-of-the-art system because the built-in wet serum infusion system does not use water as the wet vacuum fluid but is in fact dispensing a targeted skin serum to the dermis each time the headpiece comes in contact with the skin.

Cleverly, the SilkPeel infuses the treatment area with a rich cocktail of active skin ingredients precisely at the moment when the skin is most receptive to the absorption of a beneficial serum. It’s quite brilliant, really!

The technology is truly impressive because it does all this while being completely painless and all you will feel is a cute little sucking action against the skin – like miniature kisses, actually!

Further to this, there is a variety of tailored skin serums available with the SilkPeel DermalInfusion process and these serums come in single-use vials so that treatment may not only prescribed individually to each person’s skin concern but is also hygienic when applied too.

At the Renée Clinic, only a doctor is responsible for assessing your skin and determining which serum cocktail suits your skin best.

Dr. Cheok selected the the following for me-:

SilkPeel DermalInfusion - Vitamin C Antioxidant Treatment

SilkPeel DermalInfusion – Vitamin C Antioxidant Treatment

At present, there are three other DermalInfusions are available in the SilkPeel system-:

SilkPeel DermalInfusion - Brightening Solution

SilkPeel DermalInfusion – Brightening Treatment

SilkPeel DermalInfusion - Hydrating Solution

SilkPeel DermalInfusion – Hydrating Treatment

SilkPeel DermalInfusion - Clarifying Solution

SilkPeel DermalInfusion – Clarifying Treatment

Below, I’ve included an image of the SilkPeel machine.

There is a cord device that is attached to a head-piece and it is this that makes contact with the skin’s surface to exfoliate the skin with a unique diamond-head under the guidance of a digitally-controlled vacuum pressure.

The Patented SILKPEEL Machine

The Patented SILKPEEL Machine [Image credit SilkPeel by Envy]

In personal terms, the SilkPeel procedure is really pleasant and invigorating and not at all like any aggressive manual facial.

In fact, it is easy to just lie back and enjoy the pampering process at the Renée Clinic and just let the SilkPeel work its exfoliating magic.

The only area that I experienced a slightly more pressurized sensation was around my bumpy nose area where the surface is much less even that elsewhere on my face and where I have more congested pores.

The SilkPeel process is gentle and painless enough that it is safe and recommended even for sensitive acne-ridden skin so you can imagine how unique this procedure really is.

Personally, I suffer from bouts of eczema and mentioned this to the doctors but was reassured that this would not be a problem under the SilkPeel treatment.

The following illustration accurately represents the technical mechanics of the SilkPeel on the skin surface.

The Mechanics of The SILKPEEL

The Mechanics of The SILKPEEL against the skin

The actual SILKPEEL unit

The SilkPeel unit at Renée Clinic. The Renée Clinic uses only originally branded SilkPeel machinery and serum infusions.

You will notice that at the left side of SilkPeel machine is a glass jar attached to the unit.

This is the container that houses all the post-treatment serum fluid and extracted debris after they have been suctioned from the skin.

And this is what was in left in the jar after my SilkPeel treatment…*shocked*

Pardon my gunk

Pardon my green gunk!

I was lost for words. I’m not going to lie. I am completely distressed that my single SilkPeel Treatment extracted all this gunk… from me!

Mind you, the original serum fluids involved in the procedure are actually all clear so any colour you see here in the jar along with any floating debris is a result of the waste that has come from my own face. Oh. My. G*d.

I was surprised that despite my love of skin cleansing, my face was still capable of producing such a colourful collection of waste product. My only consolation, and to borrow the words of Shrek, was that it was all ‘better out than in‘.

Anyway, because this jar contained my own filthy cocktail of dead skin debris, black and whiteheads and any other unmentionable skin gunk, I must have truly looked horrified because the staff at Renée were quick to comfort me and tell me that this was normal and that they had seen worse. Er, thank you…*still feeling horrified but making a personal vow to undergo more future SilkPeels to get more gunk out*

I cannot stress enough how very pleasant the SilkPeel facial procedure feels on the skin and, in my opinion, compares more favourably, in my opinion, to any manual beauty treatments because it is much less aggressive than abrasive extraction tools and is a completely controlled process that is much more consistent and hygienic than a beautician’s fingers.

Pre & Post-Treatment

Pre & Post-Treatment. My SilkPeel was a timely procedure for me as it came at what was considered a bad skin week for me.

I found that my skin was all of the following after this first treatment-:

  • Skin feels instantly smoother to the touch
  • Softer skin but a very slight pinking of the skin post-procedure which is normal with any sort of facial procedure anyway
  • Brighter complexion
  • Makeup applies more easily and evenly now that the face area is smoother. I was able to wear makeup as soon as it was over with no issue.
  • No other side effects
  • No pain
  • Any pre-procedure blemishes appeared to be less inflamed and were on their way to subsiding more quickly than usual

It in indeed a treatment that leaves you with much smoother and brighter skin that you began with and may be undertaken as a regular skin cleansing and purifying treatment in place of your usual monthly beauty facials with much better and safer results.

The best news is that SilkPeel treatment can be used on almost every skin type and is particularly effective for treating these skin conditions -:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Ageing Skin

SilkPeel offers a safe solution for complex skin conditions such as these

My SilkPeel DermalInfusion experience at the Renée Clinic was very comfortable and satisfying and I can see myself incorporating this procedure into my regular skincare regime because there’s only so much I can remove and maintain with my potions and lotions at home.

I’m glad to have discovered the SilkPeel as a feasible and effective alternative to the standard beauty salon facial and am happy to find that this aesthetic treatment is now available to me under the watchful supervision of licensed medical doctors instead of beauticians.

As the SilkPeel is not actually an invasive procedure, regular and ongoing sessions are recommended for best effect just as you would expect of any skincare system.

In fairness, the SilkPeel should also not be compared with or expected to deliver the dramatic results of more invasive treatments like lasering or IPL treatments, for example.

It is intended as a system of skin cleansing, maintenance of the skin’s condition and aims to invigorate tired skin cells and restore skin health but it is not a a cosmetic surgery procedure.

The Renée Clinic’s SilkPeel DermalInfusion Treatment is RM350 per session and incorporates a soothing facial massage into the procedure.


Alternatively, you may wish to speak to a doctor at the Renée Clinic if you would prefer to consider an alternative treatment method that delivers more dramatic results.

In any case, the Renée Clinic is a fully comprehensive center of aesthetic services and provides a wide range of treatments to target different concerns and you will be spoiled for choice with the many treatment options available here. A free consultation service is available to determine the best treatment you will need for your own personalised situation.

For your convenience, I leave you with some background information about the Renée Clinic itself to help you understand the many other services that are available at this professional skin and body clinic.


– The Renée Clinic –

A Qualified Medical Aesthetic Clinic

My SilkPeel Treatment was carried out at the premises of the Renée Clinic under the supervision of doctors and trained clinical staff.

This medical aesthetic clinic is tucked discreetly away in the retail and banking enclave of Rivercity along Jalan Ipoh, KL and has been making waves locally for their professional face and body treatments that are performed by the clinic’s resident doctors.

These are some of the other specialised beauty services that are available at the Renée Clinic-:

Aesthetic Services

Renée Clinic’s Aesthetic Services

Renee Clinic Services

The Renée Clinic offers solutions for a huge variety of skin and body concerns. [Image Credit: Renée Clinic]

The aesthetic procedures at the clinic are performed by Dr. Renée and Dr. Cheok – and both are practicing medical doctors with the extensive training and certification to carry out complex medical-grade beauty procedures such BOTOX, lasering and carry out face and body augmentation services which should technically (and legally) never be performed by non-medical personnel.

Dr. Renée & Dr. Cheok

(Left to right) Dr. Cheok & Dr. Renée

Wall of Credentials

An impressive wall of credentials

The Renée Clinic is especially proud of its many medical-grade aesthetic solutions and every procedure available at the clinic is undertaken with the necessary level of certified training to ensure every patient’s safety and peace of mind.

In addition to the Renee Clinic’s mainstay of specialised face and body medical-grade aesthetic treatments, you’ll be impressed to know that the clinic offers a complete portfolio of GP medical services for clients too.

GP Services

The Renee Reception Area

The immaculate Renée Clinic reception area

The clinic itself has a contemporary spa vibe and is immaculately maintained for the comfort of all patients.

Client Lounge Area

Lounge Area

The Renée Clinic is sensitive to their patient’s needs in and outside of the consultation rooms and strives for a level of comfort above the standard medical center.

A special lounge area serving light refreshments and an assortment of magazines and media is available to ensure a more pleasant in-house experience.

Renée Clinic @ Rivercity, Jalan Ipoh, KL

Renée Clinic @ Rivercity, Jalan Ipoh, KL

Conveniently located with ample on-site parking available, the Renée Clinic is situated at the contemporary Rivercity complex along famous Jalan Ipoh and is only a stone’s throw away from the KL City Center.


If you would like to experience the soothing benefits of this innovative medical facial experience for yourself, the Renée Clinic have extended a generous promotional offer for the SilkPeel DermalInfusion Treatment  to readers of this blog!

Promotion Price: RM250
Usual Price: RM350
Promo Code: ShopGirl’s Blog
(Limited to 10 customers only)
Promotion ends 30th November 2014

Renee Logo

No. 468-G-9, Ground Floor,
Block G, Rivercity
3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-4040 0778

Opening Hours:

Monday: 10am – 2pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: By Appointment (Procedure)
Public Holidays: Closed

[Disclaimer: Sponsored Treatment. This post was based on my personal experience of the SilkPeel DermalInfusion Treatment at the Renée Clinic within the confines of my own personal consultation and may not reflect any other person’s experience. Results/ experiences may vary from person to person and you are advised to consult a doctor for advice before proceeding with any treatment.]



  1. @ fionastreetlove: Honestly, it feels so much better to get it all out…even if it is confronting and horrible to face the fact that we have gunk in our pores. I read somewhere that 100% of people swabbed/ tested had microbial-sized bacteria/ bug-like things on their face. In any case, this makes a procedure like the SilkPeel almost necessary, don’t you think?!
    I’m not sure that you could give me a run for my money in the gunk stakes – I don’t own one of those battery-powered face brushes and I know you do!

  2. This looks awesome! The one time I went for microdermabrasion, I wanted to stab her in the face because it was horrifically painful. I’m much more intrigued by this! And I can only imagine the shade of gunk that’s going to be extracted from my skin, especially since your skin is so nice as it is!

  3. @ arpitabread: It really was amazing being that it had the dual function of being a genuinely indulgent pamper as well as being very, very adept at removing ‘face gunk’. Add to this the fact that my face was being infused with a serum and I think that it is just about the most perfect facial I have ever, ever experienced.

    It didn’t hurt at all and was something I can really get used to doing as a monthly facial procedure for ‘housekeeping’.
    Realising that I had that much gunk coming from my face was extremely unnerving and I can only tell you how relieved I am to see that it is out and not in!

  4. That’s quite good that you can see differences in before and after pictures just after one try. The redness is less and the eyes seem less puffy. I’m wondering if there’s any effect on pigmentation ? I see little ones appearing On my face.. Not good !

  5. @ KJ: I was really impressed with this treatment and how literally silky smooth my skin felt after the procedure.
    I’ve never had anything done that retexturised my skin so quickly. I’ve tried home exfoliation products but the results are slow.
    As far as facials go, this is one of the best. No pain and instant gain.
    Regarding pigmentation, I do feel that regular SilkPeels would help shed dead cells and revitalise your skin and in doing so lighten pigmentation. Keeping in mind, the SilkPeel also infuses targeted serums, one of which is actually a brightening cocktail, to the skin as it retexturises so the benefits are at least twofold.
    Now that I know about this, I’m looking forward to doing it as part of a regular facial routine. It feels so good!
    Anyway, Renee Clinic is a very comprehensive skin clinic so you might want to consider consulting them directly for some more targeted treatment advice for any of your pigmentation questions. I do believe they offer a free consultation session for new clients.

  6. The treatment sounds really good. I especially love the part about instant gain. I am a bit busy this comin week so I think I will give it a try the week .RM200 is ok to me but 300 is steep – hopefully the promotion is still on.

  7. @ KJ: I love how intensive the SilkPeel is yet it’s something that you can do in your lunch hour with no downtime. I’m keen to go back myself and would like to budget for it as part of a regular beauty treatment in place of a standard salon facial.
    If you decide to have a go, call in for an appointment but mention this ShopGirl Blog for the promotional price. I believe the code is valid until the end of November. Please let me know how it goes for you!

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