[CLOSED] Blog Giveaway…Win Beauty, Books & Brushes!


The draw will take place shortly and the winner announced in a separate blog post soon.

Good luck!

*** International Giveaway ***

Hello, my pretties!

As a thank you for following me on my blogging journey, I am thrilled to announce a first blog giveaway!

One lucky winner will take home a prize bundle featuring…

* Beauty * Books * Brushes *

To start with, I have something gorgeous from Lolita Lempicka…

Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set

Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set

This set is worth having for the bottles alone. French and adorable.

(Note: Due to Hazmat restrictions, this item shall not be sent to a non-Malaysian address. See T&C at end of post)

Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set

Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set – a closer look at the gorgeous bottles that I think are even better in miniature.

I’m also going to help you banish those pesky blackheads with this fun kit that smells well, like strawberries so you’ll think you’re picking strawberries instead of blackheads.

Cool, right?!

Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set

Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set

Well, by now you may know how much I love this BB Cream.

If you don’t know and want to be privy to my sincere ravings on this product, you can read my review here.

I want you to discover it too! It’s seriously good.

Dr. G. Brightening Balm

Dr. G. Brightening Balm

This lip and cheek palette by theBalm is FANTASTIC!

The shades are beautiful, buttery-smooth and multifunctional and can be mixed around in any which way you desire.

My favorite use for it is as a cheek palette. You will love it. I use it almost every day.

I’ve reviewed it here – if you fancy a closer look inside at the shades and textures.

Fun Packaging

theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette

This Lang Leav set will tug and tug at your heart. Be inspired whether you’re in love or out of it.

Unlike me, she doesn’t write bad poetry and prose and is at the top of the bestsellers charts worldwide.

You will get her first book as well as a fresh copy of her new book, Lullabies, that has only been released this month!

Lang Leav Book Set

Lang Leav Book Set

Finally, I did say I’m sharing some brush love, so brushes you shall have!

A Zoeva Brush Set

A ZOEVA Brush Set

This brush set is a great starter kit that comes with some very fine face brushes from German brand, ZOEVA-:

  • 106: Powder Brush
  • 124: Grand Stippling
  • 122: Petit Stippling
  • 102: Silk Finish
  • 105: Luxe Highlight
  • 127: Cheek Highlight
The Face Set

The ZOEVA Classic Face Set

Good luck!

And, don’t forget to make sure you have read all the rules and completed all the required steps so that your entry qualifies.


~ How To Enter ~

(Must Complete all Steps 1-3 to Qualify)

1. LIKE my Facebook page, if you haven’t already.

2.SHARE the original FACEBOOK giveaway post from my FB page. Make sure you make the share PUBLIC so I can see it or you won’t qualify.

3. COMMENT in this post that you have LIKED my FB page & SHARED this giveaway on Facebook and tell me which is your favourite item in the prize pool and let me know why you want to win it most of all.


~ Terms & Conditions ~

(The Boring Part)

1) Strictly one entry per person. Entrants with more than one entry shall be disqualified from the draw.

2) One (1) winner takes all.

3) The winner shall be drawn randomly according to my own old-fashioned method of a physical Lucky Dip because I can’t be bothered with running high-tech stuff like Rafflecopter.

4) This giveaway is open internationally but a winner with a non-Malaysian mailing address is subject to the following terms-:

–  That Pos Malaysia is willing to deliver to your address

–  That you agree that you will not receive the Lolita Lempicka item in the prize pack as it is a fragrance and deemed HazMat and that you shall receive no substitute or compensation for this part of the prize.

5) The winner should ensure that he/ she is available to accept the parcel at his/ her delivery address – I will ship only FREE the first time. If the parcel is returned to me due to non-delivery for any reason, the winner shall be responsible for all subsequent shipping costs or forfeit the prize package to a new winner.

6) Postage receipt indicating that the parcel has been transacted to Pos Malaysia shall be adequate evidence of the prize parcel being sent out to the winner. No further correspondence shall be entertained. I shall not be responsible in any way for any loss or damage incurred during delivery of the parcel. A replacement or compensation for the prize package shall not be supplied should such an incident occur.

7)  Judge’s decision is final and no further correspondence shall be entertained.

8) Giveaway ends Midnight (Malaysian time), October 12. Winner shall be announced on this blog shortly thereafter.

*** Failure to agree to any of the above terms shall result in forfeiture of the whole prize pack and a new winner shall be selected***


[Disclaimer: This giveaway is sponsored by ME. I am not affiliated with any of the brands featured here in this giveaway. All images unless where indicated, belong to me and this blog. Please do not use without permission or a credit link back to this blog.]



  1. I have LIKED your FB page & SHARED this giveaway on Facebook. My favourite item that I love the most are the books. I love the how beautiful the illustrations are. Not only that I think it’ll be something lovely to read during my free time.

  2. Hey Shop Girl. Congratulation on your first blog giveaway!
    Already Share the post just now and Like your fan page before this <3.
    The prizes for this giveaway is too speechless. My favourite item from this prize pool is opps unable to choose .. Oh my from Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set until ZOEVA Brush Set I love everything please….

    Why you want to win it most of all?

    First, Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set the bottle is too gorgeous, worth to make a collection and the scent for will sure make me fall in love.

    Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set I need to resolve my blackhead problem. The packaging is too cute in Pink! ❤

    Dr. G. Brightening Balm. Is G stand for Gorgeous?Hopefully yes! Let's the BB Cream make my skin gorgeous please…

    theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette. "An apples palette can make you feel sexy and pretty". Let's me feel it awww.

    Lang Leav Book Set. I want to read this book when I have free time. I could improve my English vocabulary and learn new words too.

    A ZOEVA Brush Set. It's the time to change my brush! My current brush is too old… Hopefully ZOEVA Brush will be happy to serve me.

  3. *internal squealing* All those lovely things!
    *cough* I’ve liked your FB page and shared the giveaway on Facebook. 😀 I love all the items in your giveaway, but if I reeeeeeally had to choose just one (okay, this is very very hard to do), I think I’d pick the Zoeva brush set. Why? Because a makeup junkie like me needs a good set of brushes to brush up my makeup skills (pun intended) and let me explore new techniques. Also, a good brush set can last practically forever with proper usage and care, so they will be my companions for a very long time. 😀

  4. I already shared and liked at facebook. My favourite are Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set, Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set and theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette. I really love it because I having problem with blackhead at my face, i really love it the lolita lempicka miniatures set because the bottle so unique and i really want theBalm how ‘Bout Them Apple Palette. But, if have to choose three item of its, maybe I have to thinks because the items so good and cool. Love its so much 🙂

  5. Done shared and Liked. My favourite item that I like are Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set because the bottle are super cute and i really like the perfumes. Beside that, I like so much the Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set because I want to clear my blackhead.

    Thank you ^_^

  6. Hello ! Wow – this looks like a fantastic and awfully generous giveaway that’s too good to be true ! Everything looks too gorgeous ! If I have to choose, eerm, a bit difficult to choose one, so I am just going to choose a few :
    1. I am definitely very curious about the BB cream since you have been so loyal to it for more than 10 years which is an impossible kind of royalty for cosmetic / skincare products considering that there are so many choices and women just want to try new things all the time. The anti aging part is a big plus point.
    2. The Balm “How Bout Them Apple Palettes” – I thought it was from Benefit when I saw it. The shades and the abs look good with its dual function as a mirror, and another dual function that the shades can be used for both cheeks and lips !
    3. Lang Leav Books – I have not picked up any of her books but this would be a good chance to read her acclaimed works !

    PS: liked and shared your page 🙂

  7. omggg u got me drooling on saturday morning….. can you give me all of this to me?? Because it’s my birthday in October!!don’t mind some extra gift!!! I love to try the balm, have not try them out ler….. and that cute perfume is so french and so so lovely!!hat DR G BB cream indeed a treasure!!I love it so so much thank u for introducing it to me my dear!! that zoeva brush need not to say!! it’s way too good la!! I love it so much that I bought it too!! and im not a big fan of book but recently had dwell over it and i love to have this book as i think this must be a good book to read!! you such a lovely girl!im so glad we met!! and liked your FB for ages and shared this giveaway too!!! muahhhhh!!!

  8. Done step 1 & 2. My favourite items in the prize pool are Dr.G Brightening Balm & ZOEVA Classic Face Set. Why do I want to win these two items is because, I am a BB cream lover. I can’t leave home without it. I know that Dr. G Brightening Balm could give wonders to my skin and make it looks flawless & glowing just like you. I really admire your gorgeous skin since I met you at The School event! Haha
    I always failed to have a good quality makeup brushes after buying it! That’s why I never satisfied with my makeup done 😦 I believe by using ZOEVA brushes my makeup will be perfect, because of you. I love your blog & I love everything about it especially about the product reviews. A sincere bloggers are hardly find! 🙂

  9. Finally, my longest awaited giveaway has commenced!! Do you have any idea the torture you gave me when you hinted this GA in the email? hehehe XD congratulations for the first blog giveaway dear, hope this new milestone makes your blogging passion bigger and better day by day, and keep on being the most awesome beauty blogger/writer in my list ^_^ *hugs*

  10. Hi ShopGirl!! Congratulation on your first blog giveaway. I already liked your FB page and shared the post of giveaway prize for my friends to join this amazing contest! Sincerely, I just knew about your blog from my friend’s FB. She just shared your post from this blog and I got interested as I just started want to deep-learned about the makeup world.

    So all of the items above, my most fav thing is theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette. I would like to learn more and practice the make up technique and the colour of the palette are suitable with my skin tone. This palette would might fully help me!!

    Will follow your new makeup reviews!!!

  11. This is sheer madness and a testament to the fact that you are the most generous person ever! I’m going to enter because I simply can’t resist, and I adore the fact that you’ve included books! What’s beauty without brains right? Liked and shared! ❤ ❤ ❤ I still haven't gotten my hands on the palette by The Balm, and another set of Zoeva's lovely brushes won't sit badly with me, so it's a bit of a tie!

  12. Hi ShopGirl,

    Thank you for having this generous giveaway with so many amazing things!

    I have already liked your Facebook Page as well as shared the giveaway on Facebook. I would love to have Lang Leav’s book mostly because I feel like I can connect to her books on a whole other level and she really speaks words from my heart that I am unable to express in words.

    Also, Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set sounds AMAZING. I have blackhead problems all around my T-Zone area so I would be super happy to try this out hehe.

    Thanks once again beautiful xoxox

  13. Hello!! I’ve liked and shared your post!

    Your giveaway is really something that i ‘ve been looking for so long!
    I’m an athlete, and i sweat a lot! I try many way to make sure that i do not have smell, at least make people comfortable when standing near to me!

    been using a lot of perfume and deodorant. but all these product are getting pricey. I really hope to win Lolita Lempicka Miniatures Set from you. So that i can be more feminine, smell good and more presentable!

    thank you and hope i’m one of the lucky winner!

  14. What a lovely & amazing giveaway ShopGirl!
    I have LIKED your FB page & SHARED this giveaway on Facebook. I can’t decide for the prizes are just too awesome! The book is quite interesting. I’ve never knew about Lang Leav books. I was lusting over The Balm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette since I read your review and the ZOEVA brushes are OMG!!! I need a new brush set and this would be handy. 🙂
    If I were to decide I think it would be the ZOEVA brushes. I’ve read many great reviews about them and I like the fact their soft bristles won’t harm my face and they are easy to blend and work with! Lastly the packaging is so lovely! I love the bag too!!! 🙂
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I will “WIN” it all!!! 😀
    Thanks for the giveaway ShopGirl! ❤ ❤ ❤

  15. Hi dear congratulations on your first giveaway. Anyway I’ve shared the giveaway and also like your page. Your giveaway are just so awesome that it’s hard to choose. I would like to try the Sophie Monk Strawberry black head Bye Bye Pore set, as I’ve been having problems with blackhead since puberty. There’s no way of getting rid of it unless I go for Facial which is so costly this days. So I hope I could win the set thanks.

  16. Hello from Lil’ Missy!!

    Amazing giveaway, and all items sponsored by you to boot! Kudos, ShopGirl! Needless to say, I’ve liked your Facebook page and shared the FB post.

    Tough choice to say which is my favourite, to be honest. I love perfume, skin care, all things make up, and BOOKS! Good gosh… the pressure of having to decide on just one… *bites nails*… Alright, I’d have to say the Lolita Lempicka Miniature Set. They’re simply adorable and would look great with the rest of my perfume collection!

    Why I’d like to win? I’ll give you not one, but TWO reasons:

    1. I’ve not won a giveaway before. *true story*
    2. Winning this would make an awesome birthday present from you to me! (my birthday is in early November)

  17. Hi there! I have liked and shared your Facebook page! My profile name is Carinn Tan 🙂 Anyway, thanks for hosting this giveaway! It’s honestly one of the best giveaways ever!! I’m having a hard time deciding which item I like best.. But I guess if I really have to choose, I’d choose the Lolita Lempicka Miniature Perfume Set cos i LOVE collecting perfumes, especially mini ones! It’ll be an awesome addition to beautify my vanity table 🙂 I happen to see this set in Sephora a few days ago and fell in love with it! A close fave would also be theBalm How Bout’ Them Apples, Lang Leav (!!) and Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set. Told you I had a hard time choosing! 😮 Thank you and congrats on your giveaway! ❤

  18. Ola! Okay, liked and shared. Now, the questions….

    Well, if I had to choose, I’d go for the lip and cheek palette by theBalm. I am beginning to get into make up so I’d love to have the palette to start my *ahem* make up journey!

    Why? Cuz I’d like to win for once in a giveaway & all your items are just oh so awesum!

  19. Hi dear! Just Liked and Shared! All the prizes are so amazing! It is so hard to pick a favourite one! But alas i have to pick the holy grail ZOEVA Classic Face Set as this brand is one of the highly raved makeup brushes worldwide! I have been eyeing on it for almost a year now and i was stunned when i saw it in your giveaway! Ahhh! So happy now! And excited! Hope to be lucky enough to win this beyond fabulous prize! Thank you so much for hosting such a generous giveaway dear! And thank you for always writing such good and informative blogposts! XX

  20. Hi! I’ve liked your FB page and shared your FB post.
    I really would like to win the Lang Leav book set because I had flipped through her Love and misadventure book at a friend’s place and just loved her writing!

  21. Hello~ I have liked your FB page & shared this giveaway on Facebook ^^
    My favourite item is theBalm How ‘Bout Them Apples Palette. I always want to try products from theBalm abd I hope I can be the lucky one to win the goodies!

    Thank you!

  22. I would love to win these prizes they look so amazing! I love the Zoeva brush set most of all, I’ve heard so many great things about it and I would love to own a good quality brush set. Thanks for doing this generous giveaway! ❤

  23. I love all the prizes but my favourite would have to be the ‘how bout them apples’ blush palette! I have been eyeing this for a while and I’ve loved all the balm blushes I’ve tried so far! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! Lots of love xx

  24. I followed all the steps , liked and shared the page , my facebook account is salma sofia from morocco 🙂 i like all the prizes but the brush kit is my fav one because i realy need to change my actual brushes lol

  25. liked, shared.
    i love the perfumes [but if ever i win,i’m sad i can’t have it since i’m living outside Malaysia 😥 ]
    and i love the make-up brush set and it’s pouch! they are gorgeously lovely!

  26. Liked and shared. My favourite item of the giveaway is the Zoeva brushes! They look so soft and high quality. This is an amazing giveaway thank you so much! I love your blog, keep up the great work! 🙂

  27. I have LIKED and Shared your post..I just want the brushes cause they are awesome and I don’t have anything like that, yours Freya

  28. I’ve shared the facebook post (Wendy Hatton) and would love to win a couple of great new book. A person can never have too many books! Th e perfume bottles are extremely sweet but sadly I won’t be able to win them as I live in Australia.

  29. I love the Sophie Monk Strawberry Blackhead Bye Bye Pore Set and I want to win it because I’m obsessed about face and skin care products!
    I liked and shared on FB!

  30. I have liked your Facebook page and shared the giveaway post. My favourite thing I would like to win is the brush set because I’m starting to experiment with makeup and I would like to tools to play around! Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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