3 Ways to Rock a Short Dress…as inspired by Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift’s music doesn’t usually agree with me (sorry, Swifties!), it’s undeniable that she has a supremely awesome fashion sense and most of us wouldn’t mind owning her wardrobe.

And, when it comes to one of her most enduring fashion staples – the short dress, there really are some things we can learn from her when it comes to rocking a shorter dress style.

Taylor Swift - is a big fan of the short dress [via silhouette trends]

Taylor Swift – is a big fan of the short dress [via silhouette trends]

Being a squat 5″2 myself, I often find that maxis can swamp me and calf-cutting midi dresses worse so, more often than not, I’m a short dress girl out of necessity but you know what, it also happens to one of the most versatile hem lengths around and really, it is a length that can work for almost all of us across a multitude of occasions.

So, whether you have short legs like me or sexy, long legs like Taylor, I’m going to take you on a mini tour of Miss Swift’s closet today to see if we can pick up some inspiration on ways to wear this flattering hem length.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Taylor Swift might be a country girl at heart but in this editorial tribute to bohemian chic below, Taylor shows us that country music isn’t all about ten-gallon hats, fringed sleeves, and pioneer skirts.

[via apnatimepass.com]

[via apnatimepass.com]

Taylor’s above-the-knee version of the bohemian dress gives this earthy style an ethereal but modern quality that keeps it young, fresh and attractive. It seems the shorter dress length really updates the sometimes quirky country look.

[via Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images]

[via Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images]

Sexy & Glam

With gorgeous pins like hers and a superstar life, Taylor hardly needs to keep her legs hidden under swathes of cloth so she’s not shy to flaunt some leg in a mini when she’s performing.

In place of her usual floral style, the onstage Taylor often sports a dazzling set of glitter and sequined numbers that are sexy, showy and matched only by the sparkle of some of her even more stunning red carpet dresses like the one pictured below.

[via Oscars 2012]

[via Vanity Fair Oscars Party 2012]

Wallflower, she ain’t.

In fact, back in 2013 when she was the superstar guest at one of the year’s most watched fashion events – The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Taylor stood her ground among those leggy VS girls and gave them all a real run for their money in her own thigh-high minis with serious dress bling.

That cannot be an easy thing to do next to equally sparkly, lingerie-clad supermodels but Taylor and her superstar style managed it all just fine.

Rockstar Glam [via Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013: Kevin Kane/FilmMagic]

[via Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013: Kevin Kane/FilmMagic]

Casual & Flirty

Now, one thing that I’ve noticed as a common theme in Taylor’s personal style is that she’s really girly and loves to wear dresses and, more often than not, she loves them short and sweet.

In addition to writing her own music, the other thing that Taylor Swift seems to do better than the average starlet is her ability to look like a million bucks in almost every photograph I’ve seen of her.

In fact, she always looks as perfectly put together on her days off the stage as she is on and paints a pretty a picture where others often fail – in those dreaded candid paparazzi street shots.

Even the most beautiful celebrities can sometimes be found looking like something the cat dragged in when away from the red carpet but Taylor never misses a fashion beat; even when she’s just walking down the street in something as simple as a little floral dress.

[via dressyournextshoes]

[via dressyournextshoes]

In a longer length, a floral dress might come across as dated and bohemian, but wearing her prints in a shorter hem literally gives Taylor a spring in her step!

Her thigh-skimming floral dresses have become a Taylor Swift signature now and because they are all short and flirty, she keeps her street style casual but still pretty.

[via Pinterest]

[via Pinterest]


So, there you have it, three ways to rock a short dress as inspired by the music world’s fashion darling, Taylor Swift.

Even though I’m not a fan of her music, I love Taylor’s effortless style, the scent of her Wonderstruck Enchanted fragrance and would steal the key to her closet in a heartbeat.

Anyway, there’s an easier way to lift Taylor Swift’s celebrity style than breaking into her wardrobe…you could hop on over to online fashion spot, ZALORA and consider picking up some frocks to rock your own Taylor-inspired short dress style without having to pay Taylor’s superstar prices.

 [Disclaimer: Guest Post. Images in this post do not belong to me and all rights go to their rightful owners where possible.]



  1. Taylor is definitely one of the fashion/best-dressed icons of this generation (along with Emma Watson). I love her style, and honestly, she can rock practically every style. My mum is a huge fan of her, haha~
    For me, the only kind of dress I can wear are dresses without the line at the waist (can’t remember what they’re called) because they just look horrible on me. 😦 So sad coz there are so many pretty dresses like that, especially skater dresses T__T

  2. @Laura: I know, Taylor Swift just looks good in everything and is never with a hair out of place – she’s better looking than most models!
    Oh, I hear you on the pinched waist issue. I can’t wear skater dresses or waisted styles either because they look bad on me. I feel so sad about this too *hugs*. I’m grateful for shifts and will leap into anything that doesn’t look like a sack hence my preference for short dresses. The lack of a defined waistline in a maxi can result in a tent-like look.

  3. Why are you encouraging me to shop further?! I love floral prints too and I’ll admit that despite my lack of enthusiasm for her music, I’ve coveted her wardrobe on multiple occasions. I like that she’s coming out of the girly closet a bit with more daring choices these days. She’ll be an interesting one to watch as her style evolves.

  4. @ arpitabread: Its funny how Taylor is definitely as famed for her clothes as her music, if perhaps, not more!
    Shes so pretty she could get away with wearing anything but her dresses make me so jealous. Ok, her hair and face and millions make me jealous too but let’s start at the dresses lol
    Call it Taylor-envy.

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