Markets @ Jaya One: 13th Edition ~ The Merdeka Market

After a brief hiatus from this blog, I’m pleased to be back and get the ball rolling with a post for you all on one of my favourite flea markets in the Klang Valley bazaar circuit.

The Merdeka (National Day) Edition of Markets@  JayaOne

The Merdeka (National Day) Edition of Markets@ JayaOne

Having sat out the 12th Easter/April Edition of Markets@ Jaya One due to other commitments, I did pin my hopes on making it to Markets’ 13th Edition.

Luckily for me, the stars aligned and I made it to Day 2 of the two-day event but a word of warning, this is a pic-heavy post and betrays a personal bias toward food vendors because I find it as difficult to walk past a tray of cakes as I do a row of lipsticks.

I’m going to stall-hop through the eclectic buzz of Markets 13 in no particular order except perhaps, alphabetical…so you’re in for a haphazard tour. Hope you don’t mind.

 The Accidental Bakers

The Accidental Bakers Facebook

The Accidental Bakers had me at chocolate and chocolate is always a good idea.

Nothing stops traffic quite like the sight of a moreish chocolate cake oozing with chocolate icing. If more people baked like this for their neighbours, there might actually be world peace.

Accidental Bakers

The Accidental Bakers speak my language – chocolate!

The Mod Cupcake Tower by The Accidental Bakers

This cool and modern cupcake tower by The Accidental Bakers would make a nice dessert table centerpiece

Ai Yogurt

Ai Yogurt Facebook

Ai Yogurt Website

After a free sample from the kind couple at Ai Yogurt, I made a point to come back to this booth at the end of my day at Markets to buy a full-sized serving.

Incidentally, ‘Ai’ means LOVE in Chinese and it really tastes like it is made with lashings of love because this was the thickest, creamiest (plain) yogurt I’ve ever come across.

It was good and satisfying enough to eat straight-up and this is something I never do with plain old boring white yogurt because most varieties of this said yogurt is, at best, underwhelming so I only use it in baking and cooking.

The Ai Yogurt , however, is lip-smacking on its own and is so thick it is almost a fromage frais.

Ai Yogurt

Ai Yogurt

This artisan yogurt doesn’t contain any artificial colourings or preservatives so it is healthier and much lower in sugar too.

I don’t think I’ll ever get the same level of satisfaction from a regular tub of supermarket yogurt again. More love Ai, please!

Ai Yoghurt

Ai Yoghurt also offers a range of fresh and delicious toppings you can opt to add to your tub too.

Barkery Oven

Barkery Oven Facebook

The crazy thing about Markets@ Jaya One is that I never quite know what gems lie around the next corner and I was happy to find this next vendor for the benefit of the doggy duo I have waiting for me at home. It’s nice to see that even our four-legged friends have something to look forward to from Markets.

The Barkery Oven is a pet bakery that prides itself on its natural range of homebaked dog treats that are not just tasty but also healthier for the beloved dogs in our life.

In fact, these treats are so carefully created that they are actually safe (but probably not so tasty) for human consumption. In fact, almost all of this company’s doggy treats have been personally eaten by the company’s founder and head pet baker herself, Miss Chan, to ensure they are kind!

Tested & loved!

Tested & loved!

I have a couple of bags of these treats from Markets for my own furry pals and I guess that these are the doggy equivalent of the gourmet potato chip.

Natural doggie treats

Natural doggie treats

This is Barkery Oven‘s Wheat-Free biscuit range and apparently dogs do benefit from going wheat-free to avoid allergies.

Like a gourmet biscuit aisle for pets

Barkery Oven’s impressive gourmet biscuit aisle for dogs

Chic Doll Closet

Chic Doll Closet Website

Now, no Markets@Jaya One wander is ever absent of a blinding show of bling because there are always plenty of accessories vendors at an event like this.

So, it does take that extra something to catch the jaded market punter’s eye and I found the chunky wrist display at this stall fun, funky and worthy of more camera-love.

Bangles by Chic Doll Closet

A pool of bangles by Chic Doll Closet


Cuff heaven

Edgy but fun

Chic Doll Closet also had these edgy but fun spiked and studded bracelets

Dream Collections

Dream Collections Webshop

Some of you might never outgrow your building blocks and Lego, so for those of you who will always have a place in your heart for these wholesome bricks, you can incorporate some of that love into your daily sartorial statement with one of these eye-catching belts.

Unisex belts for the Lego Fanboy/ Girl

Unisex belts for the Lego Fan Boy or Girl

Fraiche Designer Delectables

Fraiche Designer Delectables Facebook

Not that I need a sign to tell me to eat something that looks this good but I do respect food that shouts ‘Eat Me‘ unashamedly so this cake has my vote and it does a double duty of pleasing me by tapping into the Alice in Wonderland fangirl in me. Yes, let’s Eat You.

I don't mind if I do!

Eat me? I don’t mind if I do!

Oh my, a pie I spy! A pecan caramel one too. The best kind.

Tarts after my heart

Tarts…after my heart!

Fraiche interprets the classic S’mores as a handy brownie for those of us who can’t conjure up a campfire in a pinch. Read: me. Sadly, I’m no Girl Scout.

A S'more world

A S’more world of brownies

 Glossy Addiction

Glossy Addiction Facebook

This company was well-named – Glossy Addiction – because it’s true, a girl can never have enough bags and don’t we know it.

Clutch crazy

Clutch crazy

Don’t fight it, feed the addiction, girls. *cackles wickedly*

Bags of love

One for every dress, perhaps?


Habitatt Facebook

There was a crowd milling about this stall for most of the day and you know what happens when that happens. Yup, more people magnetically rock up to join the party – including me of the very kiasu variety.

Any idea what these are?

Any idea what these are?

Turns out that everybody wanted a tattoo and who knew but let me tell you a little secret, I’ve always wanted a real tattoo too but the only issue I have with getting a real inking is not about the pain ( I have a pretty decent threshold for that, I even surprise myself!) but the fact that many tattoo parlours look a bit too grungy and gross for my liking.

Yes, I’m finicky about the necessity of having a tattooist with an actual medical degree do it for me because it is a pretty d*mn invasive procedure but finding an artistic tattooist/ doctor is proving to be rarer than hen’s teeth.

Anyway, I’ll settle for temporary tatts until such a situation comes about so I got myself three for RM10 that day and managed to pick up a free one in my free Markets Goodie Bag. I was also generously given an extra tattoo by one of the guys at the booth for promising to follow Habitatt on Instagram. A promise kept too, by the way.

Tattoos without the pain or commitment

Tattoos without the pain but all the gain…

Pain-free statements

…and without the need for that level of commitment!

I also love checking out the hashtag #habitatt to see how everyone else is wearing their temporary tatts because I’m nosy like that.

I Heart Badges

I Heart Badges Facebook

I’m a long time fan of their buttons and often make a beeline for their booth when they show at a bazaar because they really help me say things in a way that I usually can’t – short and sweet…and sometimes, naughty.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that brevity truly ain’t my strong point (cue the average five-thousand-word ShopGirl post) but that doesn’t keep me from admiring those who can hit the nail right on the head. Bravo, I heart you, I Heart Badges!

The usual three sentiments for a tenner. A decent deal, I think.

I Heart Badges

I can think of more than a few people to gift that #selfie badge to, can you?

Always in tune with the times!

The only problem is trying to choose just three from so many!

Jenny’s Wa Wa

Jenny’s Wa Wa Facebook

These handmade sock dolls by Jenny are really, really cute! By the way, Wa Wa means doll in Chinese.

Wa Wa

Wa Wa…awww

They’re like Cabbage Patch Kids, only they’re pocket-sized and infinitesimally more adorable.

Each one is handmade from a variety of socks and stockings and no two are ever quite the same. Regretfully, I was too busy taking pictures and forgot to buy one for myself that day. Must get one the next time I come across Jenny and her babes.

I believe I was speaking to the friendly Jenny herself when the lady manning the booth suggested that I take a closeup shot of just a single Wa Wa. She does know her poppets and wasn’t wrong; a single one captured in macro is even cuter than a sea of them.

Cute just got cuter

Awww…Jenny’s Wa Wa is the place where cute just got cuter!

I need this

Take me home!

La Musa

La Musa Boutique Facebook

I wear a lot of black and I mean A LOT! In fact, I can safely say that 85% of my closet contains more than 50 shades of black. Maybe I should update to grey now that it’s all the rage.

Anyway, a statement necklace is a good way to dress up all that black, don’t you think? La Musa has plenty.

Statement Necklaces by La Musa

Statement Necklaces by La Musa

My Lil Kitchen

 My Lil Kitchen Shop

The treats baked by My Lil Kitchen are classic and delicious. Not only is the owner of this stall, Liyana beautiful in person, her baked goods are equally gorgeous and leave you wanting more, more and more. By the way, she’s a fully-fledged Butterfly Project Blogger too and you can read her beauty and lifestyle blog here.

I bought a square of these Victoria Sponges and a couple of Mushroom & Chicken Pies from Liyana for afternoon tea and lived to regret not doubling up my order. You have to try them – I hope she shows again at the next Markets@Jaya One!

Victoria Sponges

The classic Victoria Sponge Squares by Butterfly Blogger, Liyana, had the perfect crumb and were moist and not too sweet

Chicken & Mushroom Pies

Chicken & Mushroom Pies. I bought myself two of these good pies

Ling’s Kitchen

Ling’s Kitchen

As you can see, I spent much of the day strolling grazing around the food stalls at Markets because while some people eat to live, living to eat sums me up more adequately but can you blame me with all those treat-laden tables beckoning for me at every turn.

This next foodie vendor, Ling’s, specialises in the kind of baked goods that look stylish and understated. You know, the type of cookies that one usually only finds in cool cafes playing jazz and serving barista-pulled coffees.

Ling’s bakes smart, upmarket fare that doesn’t rely on fondant or coloured icing to entice. Everything at this stall looks natural, tasty and well-made.

Homemade cookies by Ling

Homemade cookies by Ling

The tarts by Ling’s looked smart and neat and were popular that day. This batch was gone not long after I shot this snap.


Mmmm…there’s no shame in being a tart when you like one of these

Lucky Clovers

Lucky Clovers Facebook

Fancy some Dream Catchers for luck? Lucky Clovers will have you covered. They also carry pretty mother-of-pearl necklaces and other eye candy for fans of bijoux.

Dream Catchers

Sweet dreams await those who are willing to catch them

Malaysia Clay Art

Malaysia Clay Art Shop

Malaysia Clay Art Facebook

Just when I least expected, I found this booth of clay art supplies by Malaysia Clay Art at the bazaar. Honestly, Markets@Jaya One has everything you could want and more!

Markets is the market with just about everything...even clay art supplies!

Markets is the market with just about everything…even clay art supplies!

Take a look at those mini dim sum baskets and tiny plates in the front row. I love little things!

Taps into my obsession with tools of all sorts

Itching to dig in!

Oh boy, this stall tugs at my secret obsession with tools of all sorts. Little do you all know but I collect tools in addition to cosmetics and books. Yes, #hoarder here and not afraid to admit it.

Miss Creative Homebake

Miss Creative Cakes Blog

Could it be possible that nothing is more spectacular than a towering berry-encrusted layer cake? This was a thing of beauty even if it was already dug into.

By the slice

Layer cakes are my Kryptonite…and the great enemy of my waistline.

Caveman behaved that day so I let him choose a cake slice from Miss Creative‘s stall but I was surprised he opted for something as common as a slice of carrot cake instead of this beauty but credit to the Miss Creative carrot cake which was decent and salted caramel-dribbled. This made up for me having to sacrifice our one layer cake choice to the Caveman.

Note to self: Don’t let Caveman choose cake… even if he is well-behaved.

This tray makes me want to cry, Feed Me!

This tray of brownies makes me want to cry…but in a good way, of course. Feed Me!


m’lune Facebook

So, I’ve had macs by Laduree, macs by Harrods KL, macs by Adriano Zumbo and plenty of macarons from random patisseries and cafes but these m’lune macarons take the cake.

They look deceptively like every other macaron in the world and my box had macs that weren’t actually equally sized but who cares about having matching rounds when one is about to behold the best tasting macaron she’s ever had. I kid you not, these were very, very good. Awesome, in fact. I can’t stop thinking about them now. I’m obsessed with m’lune.

Best. Macs. Ever

Best. Macs. Ever.

The fillings in these m’lune macarons fuse so perfectly with their shells and result in a soft, fragrant, melting interior that makes biting into these macs otherworldly. In fact, no other macs have ever made me feel this way. This might be love!

At the same time, the outer side of the shells of these macarons remain crisp but still give gently away at each bite and were not at all too sweet like some inferior macs can be. Good stuff!

My personal favourite was the humble little green mac you see in my pictures but whose appearance did no justice to its magical Salted Caramel insides. I’m not sure that I’m not a fan of the Shrek shade here by m’lune because I would have saved ogre-green for mint macarons or green tea macs but taste-wise, this caramel macaron has redefined this elegant french cookie for me and set the taste bar a lot higher than I would ever expected from a macaron.

My past experience with macs reminds me that it is easy to buy macarons but not easy to buy great or even good macarons so I hope I’m not jumping the gun in saying that m’lune‘s Salted Caramel Macaron may just well be the best salted caramel mac cookie I’ve ever come across.

In a bid to ensure this is not a one-off hit, I’m going to have to buy more m’lune macs in the name of research. In fact, for the sake of accuracy, I may even have to eat them all myself. It will be a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Best. Macs. Ever

To be honest, I think ogre-green is an odd colour for a Salted Caramel Macaron and it’s sure not easy being green but that humble little green macaron is the best mac I’ve ever tasted.

Dacquoise Cookie

The m’lune Daquoise Cookie

m’lune is a classic patisserie and if their macs don’t pique your fancy, you can always try one of the other desserts as listed in their menu below which I’ve decided to include because even their menu is a work of art which they should probably consider selling as a frame-able print.

m'lune Menu

The m’lune Menu [Credit: m’lune FB]

Moon E-Store

Moon E-Store Facebook

Moon E-Store Shop

I could set up house with this next stall because Moon E-Store sells just about everything but the kitchen sink. Actually, they might even have a kitchen sink somewhere among all their treasures.

Fun Retro Magnets

Fun Retro knick knacks at only Rm5 a piece

Moon E-store’s booth is like browsing through the very cool basement of a set of very cool grandparents.

Combi Vans!

Combi Vans!

I love the (faux) vintage and Zakka vibe of their decor items and Moon E-Store also stock a whole bunch of funky accessories at bargain basement prices.

Moon E-Store also stocks accessories

Many of the pieces here can be had for under RM10

Create your own menagerie

Create your own desktop menagerie from Moon’s animal kingdom

The amazing thing is that my pictures only feature the Moon E-Store booth which was basically only a couple of tablespaces worth of  merchandise and it’s worth knowing that Moon E-Store don’t just sell at the markets and online but have a dedicated bricks & mortar premise with even more promise.

The shop is only a stone’s throw away from Sunway Pyramid Mall and nestled in a shoplot outside the mall. Apparently there, you will find a whole day or two of browsing from the full whole range.

Moon E-Store

Moon E-Store

My Crafti

My Crafti Facebook

For those not keen on sculpting their own clay art, My Crafti steps in to do it for us. Pre-made clay art keepsakes are what this company does best.

Clay Accented Keepsake

Clay Animals Keepsake Boxes

Clay Macs!

More macs…but only for decor this time.

The Oven Diary

The Oven Diary Facebook

This next food company went all out with a Nutella-based theme for their bake sale in an unabashed celebration of love for the popular product.

This novel all-Nutella stall was created just for Markets 13 by The Oven Diary folk. I think it lent their menu some cult character and helped them stand out from among the other food stalls so kudos to them for going through with this ode to the globally-loved nut jam.

Nutella or not, their baked goods were good enough to tempt even the most casual fans of this famous nutty spread.

It was Nutella Day at the Oven Diary's stall

It was Nutella Day at The Oven Diary’s stall!

Of course, The Oven Diary also bake non-Nutella items by order and for other bazaars but it was strictly Nutella-only at Markets that day.

And you could buy your Nutella cookies in these rustic jars

Cookie jars?

Poppet Charm

Poppet Charm Facebook

Next time, I’ll need to spend more time among stalls like Poppet Charm. I always get distracted by the food at Markets and never end up having a proper look at all the other great stalls at these bazaars. It’s often hard to prioritise with too much good stuff happening around me.

Poppet Charm had some charming accessories

Poppet Charm had some charming accessories which I now appreciate in retrospect

Project Swissify

Project Swissify Facebook

Project Swissify is a purveyor of vintage clothing and accessories with an elegant, understated way of displaying their wares.

I loved the stall display by Project Swissify

I loved the stall display by Project Swissify

There usually aren’t many clothing stalls at a Markets that take this level of effort with their display and many are happy just dumping their stock in bins and baskets so it clearly makes a difference when one does take that extra bit of effort with their stall’s aesthetics.

Stall set-up is crucially important for catching the eye of the average market crawler. I hope they did well that day.

Cute name too

I like the cool utilitarian-vibe of their shop name too

Tarot Readings by Soleil Trinity

Soleil Trinity Facebook

And, if things couldn’t get more unique at this market, there were booths set up for personal Tarot readings too.


Ooh! This was a surprise

If you were so inclined, then the 13th Markets@Jaya One could have made your day…or perhaps, your life with a peek into the future.

Do you dare?

Do you dare…to be more prepared?

VanesDay Handmade Goods & Craft Supplies

VanesDay Facebook

These rainbows caught my eye instantly at this booth and I swooped on the stall but I felt like a complete dimwit when I had to ask what they were.

Turns out these are Washi Tape rolls packed ingeniously on skewers.

Better than satay!

So pretty but what are they?

In case you’re like me and need to be initiated to the joys of washi tape, it’s a popular art supply that was first developed in Japan for crafty types like scrapbookers who want to add colour and design to their DIY projects. You can tack a piece of washi tape pretty much anywhere you want for a nice colour accent.

Endless assortment of colours and designs

A candy-like assortment of colours and designs

So photogenic!

One more photo because these technicolour ‘lollipops’ are so photogenic!

These little skewers are not only a creative and pretty way of presenting the washi tape but are a really great customer-friendly idea because it means that we don’t have to buy whole rolls of the same design but can mix and match more colours and designs in manageable, budget-friendly quantities.

I was excited to find two complimentary skewers of washi tape in my Markets Goodie Bag and now I’m ready to be converted to the joys of washi too. Many thanks to VanesDay for this generous contribution to the swag bag.

YY Gift & Packaging

YY Gift & Packaging Facebook

Finally, everyone flocks to that stall at a market that seems to sell everything and the YY booth seemed to fit the bill and be that fun shop where one looks for something to buy.

I managed to pick up a couple of phone covers from here at a mere RM1 each which is basically nothing in today’s terms and they had lots of zakka and geekery items to pick at.

Zakka is alive and well

Zakka is alive and well…and I’m glad!


And so, this ends my recap of Markets@ Jaya One 13th Edition. As I wave goodbye to Markets 13, I’m looking forward to discovering new sights at the next Markets. Can’t wait for 14!

Of course, the stalls I’ve featured in this round-up of the 13th Markets@Jaya One post are only representative of a small fraction of the stalls and events at the whole bazaar.

But as much as I wanted to, it just wasn’t practical to mention all the stalls and sights of Markets 13 in this post so here’s the full vendor list for your benefit.

Full Vendor List - 13th MARKETS at Jaya One

Full Vendor List – 13th MARKETS at Jaya One [Image Credit: Markets@JayaOne FB Page]

Without a doubt, there were many more cool happenings in and around Jaya One’s Markets venue including a free hair styling event by the talent at Redken Malaysia as well as a salacious-sounding bra trading exercise that proved to be more tame and less saucy than the name had lead us to believe.

To their credit, the bra swapping event at Markets 13 was actually a chapter of an innovative charity initiative and you can read more about it at this link – The Uplift Project.

 Final Notes

Finally, the amazing thing about Markets@ Jaya One is that the vendors change frequently so that if you visit one edition to the next, you are still in for a bulk of fresh stalls and plenty of new discoveries at each new turn.

On the other hand, if you’re a loyalist to the virtues of a particular vendor, the bad is that they may not be seen at Markets or cross paths with you again.

That’s why, I can’t say enough that it’s an absolute must that you collect business cards from your fave vendors and perhaps even jot down notes on these cards about why you like (or dare I say, hate?) a vendor.

The other thing I do when bazaar browsing is bring an extra bag or two. Nothing fancy, just a basic eco tote that frees up fingers and lets you pick through more swag or so that it makes it easier for you to graze from some of the many food sellers on hand.

As for another amazing top-notch bazaar-hopping tip, I borrow this great idea from the lovely Shasha who wrote a great post on her Shashay blog about Markets@ Jaya One 12, which I unfortunately missed. Shasha advises that we all bring our own water and quite frankly, the girl is brilliant!

This does sound really basic but a humble bottle of plain water seems to take on the sanctity of a rarer tipple than the elixir of youth.

I kid you not – juice, punch, sodas seem readily available and coffee being coffee is just everywhere but oddly enough plain old water is hard to come by. Take my advice, avoid the drama – BYO…H2O!

I managed to score the free goodie bag that early bird market-goers are treated to and it was a nice gesture for regular Markets devotees. Thanks, Markets and all participating vendors!

I’m sorry I don’t have an image of the goodie swag to share because I was overly excited and ate what could be eaten, used what could be used and pretty much dove right into it. Forgive me but free stuff has a weird way of turning me into a kid on Christmas Day and I forget that I’ve taken a scared oath to take pictures for this blog all day. My bad. I plead guilt and beg you to overlook my oversight.

Anyway, to give you an idea of what was in the goodie sack, the thing I remember most is that I snagged lots and lots of samples from Redken. Oh, and a Push Pop, and some delicious homebaked nutella cookie samples by The Oven Diary, washi tape skewers by VanesDay, a cool temporary tatt by Habitatt  and, somewhat randomly, even a tub of some assam boi condiment powder from MBO Fruits. Thanks, guys!

Finally, I just want to add one more little vendor mention before I sign off.

Technically this next stall is not a Markets@Jaya One booth because the vendor is a tenant of the Pop by Jaya One area alongside the Markets venue but it is a trader that carries stock that I think warrants a mention in this food-heavy post as a bonus inclusion.

The Red Cherry

The Red Cherry Facebook

The Red Cherry is a tenant of Pop by Jaya One, a special retail area designated within the Jaya One compound for longer-term traders, so it stays open on an alternative tenancy plan that is well and beyond the Markets event.

If you haven’t heard of them, The Red Cherry is an pop-up stall that deals in gourmet goodies…as well as clothes and toys like loom bands, of all things. A strange mix, yes, but not surprising at this innovative trading space.

An eclectic stall that deals in gourmet goodies


For the purpose of this entry, my interest lies solely in The Red Cherry‘s impressive selection of gourmet foods that are homemade, all sorts of tasty and good-for-you too.

What makes the food items stocked at The Red Cherry stand out is that they are all locally-produced, gourmet and artisan products with an emphasis on recipes that are preservative-free, naturally-coloured, fresh and small-batch and, in some cases, supporting charitable causes with each sale too. Sounds good to me!

Homemade mango chutney!

Homemade mango chutney!

This sounds like it has a lot of potential

This sounds like it has a lot of potential

Green Sambal

Green and spicy Sambal

Homemade Peanut Butter by Joe

Homemade Peanut Butter by Joey

Choose your juice

Choose your juice

Incidentally, Pop by Jaya One is a refreshing warehouse-like retail space that houses a happy assortment of vendors who peddle a good selection of wares from food to clothing and almost anything in between.

It makes for an exciting and fluid venue for shoppers who enjoy the informal buzz of a market atmosphere but appreciate the predictability of an extended-term vendor mix. I’m not completely certain but stallholders can rent space for something like a day/ week/ month or even a year.


So, there you have it, Markets @ Jaya One!

Do you love Markets as much as I do?

Would you believe, I never did go to a flea market until I was well into my late teens and as a (rather stupid) kid, I actually thought that flea markets were places where fleas were traded hahaha *face palm*…of course, I couldn’t quite work out why this trading of ticks was embraced so enthusiastically by adults but anyway….

Markets @ Jaya One is on at the Jaya One complex at Jalan University, PJ, about once every three months.

Again, timing remains rather sketchy as to exactly when the next Markets swings around but you can like their Facebook page to be notified of future bazaar dates and vendor news.

Markets @ Jaya One Facebook

Jaya One Facebook

Pop by Jaya One Facebook


[Disclaimer: This was not a sponsored review. I am not affiliated in any way with the organisers or any of the vendors mentioned herein. The opinions and experiences detailed here are entirely my own and of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk]


  1. This post was SO comprehensive, the vendors ought to give you more than love… I’m going to pen the next markets into my non-existent diary coz i sure need to go on more jaunts not only for the pleasure of your company but also for those amazing cakes from the Accidental Baker and yogurt from Ai 🙂

  2. @ Sharonsree: Hey Girl! I haven’t seen you in so long plus I have a couple of lippies that belong to you. Missed you. Let’s catch up soon!
    Hahaha I apologise for the length of this post but I just love bazaars and I live for hunting down quirky traders and new food experiences from small batch producers and that is all the love I need. Love sharing my finds with you all too.

  3. Hi!! Thanks for featuring us vendors in your post. It is indeed comprehensive!

    Hope your furkids loved our healthy and yummy wheat free dog treats! 🙂

  4. @ LeCouple Toy:
    No problems, I love supporting small-batch local producers and am a frequent prowler of Markets in the hope of discovering fresh and unique shopping gems.
    I’m assuming you’re writing from Barkery Oven so I’d love to let you know that my doggies really dug into the treats and the best part was that I felt good that I was giving them something healthy and natural. By the way, thank you for the sample and your great service.
    I’m so glad I turned around and purchased another bag of treats from you too. My dogs eat like horses!

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