3CE Haul & Review

I’ve long been a fan of Korean BB Creams because they just match my skin better and this little haul is an extension of my growing fascination with Korean skin products and cosmetics. I mean, have you seen the amazing skin on Korean women?! I want some of that!

The 3CE Counter @ Stylenanda

The 3CE Counter @ Stylenanda


For those in the know 3 Concept Eyes, known more widely as 3CE, is one of the more popular brands to emerge from Korea. It’s the cosmetics range under Stylenanda; a trendy clothing company featuring floors and floors of funky fab fashion and something of a Korean version of the Swedish H&M around Asia.

Incidentally, Stylenanda is also available in Hong Kong. There are actually five standalone stores across the territory so you don’t really have to go as far as Korea for a fix. Hong Kong’s only four hours away from us here.

3CE @ Stylenanda

3CE @ Stylenanda



I’m going through a period of skin envy at the moment and have been gawking at pictures of dewy Korean celebrities so when Luxola announced that they were now stocking the 3CE brand, I took it as a sign that it was time to get me some of this precious Korean war paint.

I purchased my 3CE items during a Luxola flash sale of 25% Off. I honestly can’t remember which sale – all my Luxola hauls (yes, sadly there have been that many!) have caused me to lose track of time and reason but I did get a discount. And with Luxola, waiting for any sort of discount really is worth the wait because they are on sale every other day so you’ll kick yourself if you pay the full price at Luxola. You’ll be really sad to know that almost nobody does and if you have then you’ll feel rather foolish.

Trust me, just wait for at least 20% Off or better yet, hang out for an amazing 35% off deal if patience is your virtue. I personally settle at the 25% mark but have been, on occasion, patiently zen enough to score a full 30% off.

3CE Foundation

This is the foundation I picked up during the sale.


The Glossing Waterful Foundation


Shade: #Natural Ivory

Asian cosmetics have the most unusual names for their products comprising of a uniquely Asian twist on common English terms to convey function. Korean cosmetics are no exception.

This is 3CE’s Glossing Waterful Foundation which seems to suggest that it is a moisturising foundation.


The Glossing Waterful Foundation

The Glossing Waterful Foundation is something of a cult product for this brand and comes in a heavyweight, frosted glass bottle with a dropper cap. The dropper is a hygienic way to dispense the foundation. It’s also the first foundation I’ve come across that deploys the pipette which I think is amazingly handy and easy to control.

Pipette-Style dispenser keeps things clean and precise.

The pipette dispenser is unique and keeps things clean and precise

Now, the celebrity promo shots for this product promise a very natural, dewy-skinned look.

Shade-wise, #NaturalIvory blended perfectly into my skin. Perhaps all too perfectly and coverage is really, really light on my wrist. It blends to almost nothing.

On my face, however, it hides nothing. In fact, the result is so lightweight I can’t even call it coverage. There’s also absolutely no oil control, has no effect on neutralising redness and has a zero brightening effect on me.

In all honestly, think it actually dulls my skin and makes my complexion look sandy instead of dewy. At its best, it’s really more of a moisturising tint but I struggle to even call it that. I’m coming away disappointed from this one.

I’m completely astonished at all the positive blog press that this has been getting because it doesn’t do anything for me. Have you tried this? What did you think? I need to be convinced otherwise because this may be the most under-performing base product in my whole stash 😦

The 3CE Waterful Glossing Foundation is RM108 from Luxola. I got this with the rest of this haul at 25% off this full price.

Swatches of the Waterful Glossing Foundation

Swatches of the Waterful Glossing Foundation

For your reference, this product comes in four shades but I can’t say how any of the other three shades might perform on my skin but I’m just not a fan of my bottle of #NaturalIvory. The resulting texture is all wrong for me.

It comes in four shades

It comes in four shades

3CE Lip Pigment

The other product in the range that everyone seems to be talking about is the 3CE Lip Pigment. I was really excited about this product but since it was my first time with 3CE, I held back and only picked up one shade – I chose #MellowPink because it was a safe bet for a first go.

3CE Lip Pigment

3CE Lip Pigment

For my next purchase I might pick up the trendier #ElectroPink or #Issue.

LIp Pigment Core Shades

Lip Pigment Core Shades


A runaway best selling item that comes in some creative shades like #ElectroPink and #MinkWhite, these Lip Pigments are designed to be mixed around as you wish to produce another batch of shades.

Lip Pigment Mix Chart

Lip Pigment Mix Chart and some suggested mixes


The impressive thing about these lip pigments is that they are very multi-functional and not restricted to use on the lips.

3CE encourages us to use them all over the face in these additional ways-:

  • On the eyes as a glossy colour
  • Mixed with face powder and used as a creamy eyeshadow or
  • Blended out gently on the cheeks as a cream blusher.

3CE in #Mellow Pink

3CE in Mellow Pink

For the lips…

...or the cheeks!

…or the cheeks and eyes!

Out of the tube, it initially looks like the emulsion is split because the first swatch (far right) is just a very watery fluid with a hint of pink and none of the promised pigmentation but the texture improves with a few more squeezes of the tube and what I get on the third squeeze is a fully opaque cream product. Whew, it had me worried a bit there!



...and blended.

…and blended.

The Lip Pigment blends out easily and seamlessly. It’s completely weightless, non-greasy, comfortable and long-lasting. Without a cleanser, this swatch lasted on my wrist all day.

3CE Eyebrow Shaper

For some reason, I wasn’t able to select a colour for this 3CE Brow Shaper when purchasing this through Luxola and  foolishly thought that I’d wing this given the lack of choice.

That was a mistake. Turns out I’m not a fan of the shade #NaturalBrown – it’s not dark enough for me as a brow colour. Since I’m not going to use it, I’ll be passing this onto a sister or friend so I won’t be swatching it here but I leave you with some images of the packaging.

3CE Brow

The 3CE Eye Brow Shaper


It’s all Korean to me!


3CE Eye Brow Shaper in #NaturalBrown


So, here ends my first 3CE haul which turned out to be quite a mixed bag. Unfortunately, I actually only like 1 out of the 3 products that I purchased this time.

  • I’m savagely disappointed with the Waterful Glossing Foundation on me and have no idea what I should do with the remainder of it.
  • I like the Lip Pigment enough to pick up some more shades in a future haul.
  • I would consider the eyebrow pencil if I had the option of buying it in another shade. There’s a #GreyBrown that might be a better match for me.

Are you a fan of this popular Korean brand? What products have you tried, if any?

Are there any other products you’re interested in trying from 3CE?

I’d love to hear your experience or recommendations regarding this brand.


3CE Cosmetics is available throughout Asia at Stylenanda and select independent boutiques across the region.

You may also want to try these online links…



Stylenanda Website

[Disclaimer: Products were all purchased by me. All images except where indicated by a credit link belong to the ShopGirl blog and may not be used without credit or a link to this blog. Commentary is my personal opinion. Consider at your own risk.]




  1. Gosh…when I saw my inbox written 3CE haul I just needed to read your post immediately & see what are your thoughts about this brand.
    Sorry to see that the foundation did not work well for you. I thought that the texture and colour payout looks ok upon swatching on your wrist.
    I’m on the other hand am forever longing to own the Lip pigment & Lip color. I’m still hesitating whether to buy it or not. I’ve got too many lip products & I’m suppose to ban myself from shopping as the hole in my wallet is getting bigger without me knowing it. XD

  2. So glad I’ve read your review because my Dior foundation has (finally) finished and I’m hunting for a more economical one for daily wear to work. No coverage = no point, really.

    (The Marc Jacobs one is too pretty to be used daily :P)

  3. @ Nadia, I know, I had such high hopes for the foundation but it oddly does nothing for me. I think it is too watery for my oily skin and just makes my skin look both dull and greasy at the same time. I can’t understand it *shrugs* and would really love to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue.
    As for holes in wallets and shopping bans – I totally empathise.

  4. @ Aggie, the search for a good base continues *sighs*. I do love my existing daily BB Cream but there’s always the desire to find a back-up base in case it gets discontinued.

  5. First of all, I love your pictures babe! Stunning! Secondly, never heard of this brand and now I am super curious to try it out. Thank you for introducing me to this. I am more keen towards trying the Lip Pigment and the Eye brow shaper. Let’s see how they work on me!
    Lots of love!

  6. @ shadesofsplendour: Thank you for the compliment! 3CE is a cult cosmetic brand here in Asia and it does have its fans. I agree, I think you might like the Lip Pigment. The colours are fun.

  7. Aaaah you got them 3CE products! 😀 I’ve heard about them and been lemming for some (the lip crayons and pigments) but held back because of the price. >_< The pigment seems like a safe bet, but it's too bad that the foundation didn't work for you. I guess maybe Koreans already have really nice skin so they don't need that much coverage? XD

  8. @ Evan: I feel the same way about 101 different things lol
    My wishlist is THAT long – I totally relate *high fives*

  9. @ Laura: Yes, I’ve been wanting to get this brand for years. I mean, that amazing Korean skin! Too bad the foundation didn’t turn up some flawless skin for me. I’m still curious about the 3CE BB Cream though but those 3CE lip products are definitely worth a look at because the colours are fun and vibrant. As for the price, I agree – quite high!

  10. Oh my stars look at that Electro Pink lip pigment! Got to love strong lip colors; they always look so good ❤ Looks like 3CE products are going to be another one to kept a look out in my book! Thanks for the awesome review babe 🙂

  11. @ Pen My Blog: I agree, strong lip colours are great and I know for a thing that they would look great on you 😉
    I also have my eye on 3CE’s range of lipsticks in some equally awesome and vibrant shades – Fuschia, Chu Chu, Kiss Woo so I’m hoping to pick some of these up next too.

  12. I think the issue with the foundation is that these Koreans already have flawless skin. They just wear makeup for the sake of it!

    The Lip Pigments have me drooling, and I think the next 37% off offer will yield some!

  13. @ Arpitabread: I know, it must be something to do with Korea itself – such good skin! I guess, foundation only needs to be sheer then if you’re already perfect. Unfortunately, I would benefit from a little more help in the coverup department. I’m still going to try the 3CE BB Cream though. I love Korean-made BB Creams!

  14. well well so many rave about this…im disappointed when i read the foundation thought it wud be good…as for the lip pigments n stuff I tried swatching on my wrist and then i realize it’s reli hard to remove it and the stain stay one long and really hard to remove even with oil remover…then i feel mm this could only means lots of colouring is in it’s ingredient and i told myself I will never purchase this as I do not want to eat too many colouring into my tummy as I tend to eat my lip product…even if i dont still wont buy it as the colour pigment gonna stay on my lip god know what effect it will cause….

  15. @ Cindy: I was let down by the way the foundation performed on me and needed to get it off my chest but I didn’t notice the same difficulties you’ve experienced with the Lip Pigment yet. I’ll go and test it again.
    As you say, it was difficult to remove, but if it’s hard to remove does this not mean that there is a lower chance of it coming off your lip and therefore less chance that there’s any pigment to consume?
    Ironically, I think I’m actually looking for a more colourfast lip product so that I won’t end up eating it away. I have a Clio Lipnicure that they say is absolutely hell to remove from the lip and I hope to review that soon.
    Thanks for your feedback though! It’s interesting and I love talking ‘shop’ about all these makeup issues with a fellow beauty addict.

  16. no it does not means hard to eat in the product because the top layer can easily removed but it will leave a red or pink stain on your skin depend on which colour u choose.. i test it on wrist…becos on your lip u will not see as u may think it’s ur original lipcolour…as for lipnicure i dont like the overly grangrance scent and i dont like the texture it’s so drying and i dont dare to smack my lip together nor lick it if u get what i mean…..

  17. @ Cindy: Oh, you have me really thinking hard about this now. I need to sit down and digest this idea. It is rather scary to think that we’re ‘eating’ cosmetics that are so…permanent?! I understand what you’re saying. I just need to figure out how I feel about this and I will be swatching the 3CE Lip Pigment with these thoughts in mind. Was that item you swatched original 3CE? I know that there is 3CE being sold on some random general merchandise sites online too. I bought mine from Luxola.
    I honestly didn’t notice it being all that bad the first time I swatched it on my wrist. Indeed, it lasted all day but removed as per normal with some regular makeup remover. I will definitely look into this now.

  18. i tested the one with the squeze tube one…i also have one lipstick from etude hse also have the same outcome….i found out when i use it to draw my face for halloween after that i throw it into dustbin!!

  19. @ Cindy: Interesting…thanks for alerting me to your personal experiences with these products. I’ll certainly keep your comments in mind now.

  20. Chanced upon this blog, but I have to say, the glossing waterful foundation did work for me! I have extremely oily skin that comes with acne scars/blemishes.
    I mix the foundation with this highly raved makeup primer from Taiwan, and tap on 3CE duo concealer on my blemishes before brushing on some loose powder. This alone, can last me for at least 8 hours before I need to touch up, which I am thankful enough for! (oily skin issues).

  21. @ kissmypoo: Oh wow, that’s interesting! This could be its salvation then and perhaps, good news for me. I hate to toss out cosmetics.
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with me. I’m grateful!
    By any chance, would you happen to have the name of that highly raved primer?
    Thanks again!

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