An Ode to Kiehl’s – For Days of Fun in the Sun with No-Shine & Full Hydration!

In Malaysia, where it’s always hot, it comes as some frustration,
To greasy types, like I am here, the sun brings such vexation.

By midday when the rays are high, and with temperatures equally warm,
My shiny face is such a mess; a state that’s quite the norm.


Now enter KIEHL’S – a skincare brand that’s more than a century old.
They’re experts there at oil-control, it’s quite a fact, I’m told.

For faces prone to oily shine – their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream – is best.
Since that’s the case, I can barely wait – to put it to the test!


Apparently, my oily skin is a symptom of low hydration.
So, perhaps I could fix my shiny face with KIEHL’S patent formulation.

This gel cream is a lightweight paste and restores the balance of nature.
It has some added quality – to prevent face shine with moisture.


Now let me say it once again, I’m sick of all this shine,
And, this is why I need this gel to make my skin divine!

This gel cream may just be the cure that saves this greasy dame,
So, I’d like the chance to try this gel of KIEHL’S great skincare fame.

I dream of a face that’s oil-free for a natural matte day look,
A shine-free skin to face the world like what I’ve seen in books.

Each KIEHL’S store is a one-stop shop of lovely skincare potions.
It’s a modern day apothecary for skin cures of devotion.

At KIEHL’S, I love the science vibe that fills each nook and cranny.
There’s something there for young or old, and everyone in the family.

The other love I have for KIEHL’S may come as some surprise.
It’s resident skeleton – he’s so darn cute – Dr. Bones, he’s quite the guy.

So, here I end my ode and plea to KIEHL’S and The Butterfly Project,
I’m hoping you might declare this poem, a win and not a reject.





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