Revlon Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamels – Lavender Soap, Wild Violets & Wintermint

When it comes to nail polish I head like a moth to a flame toward enamels that are glittery, shiny, happy, bold, vampy…and now, scented!

Fragrant & Pretty

Pretty! Note the beveled edges of each glass bottle

I picked these up on a whim during my last trip to Hong Kong.

I don’t know about the rest of you but my novelty radar is turned on extra-sensitive when I travel and I’m forever picking up things that I wouldn’t normally care for back home ( vaccuum-packed chicken feet, anyone?).

I found these polishes at SASA and purchased them on impulse because they were novel and I don’t believe they’re available in our stores here. Unfortunately, these will always be the two factors that make me want to drop some serious dough in a purchasing panic.

Another symptom of the travel bug is that I tend to mislead myself into thinking that it’s okay to spend all the money in pocket as if there was no tomorrow so here I am with a new set of nail polishes that I didn’t need but wanted to have.

Anyway, these are the Revlon Parfumeries Scented Nail Enamels that were released worldwide (but not here! Are we not of this world?!) late last year.

Lavender Soap

Lavender Soap

They were around RM30 each (HKD60) which makes them somewhat expensive as I do realise now that I can get polishes (albeit scentless ones) that are equal to or better to the quality of these for less.

The little french apothecary-style bottles these scented enamels come in are adorable though and if you want to have them around just for show on the vanity then they will do that job very well.

Wild Violets

Wild Violets

Out of the bottle, the lacquer smells just like any regular nail polish and that means chemical & noxious. It’s only after the enamel dries on the fingernail that the specifically featured scent molecules are released.

So, do these scents smell anything like they are named? Yes and No.

Yes, because I am getting a whiff of the lavender, mint, and violets but no, because they just smell heavy chemical esters rather than natural perfumed extracts. I was none too impressed by this.



Below are some sample swatches on my nails of these three colours.

Pardon the poor polish job (and my bad nails) but this was done outdoors at a local park and I had to get it right from ‘go‘ because I didn’t have any polish remover with me to save me from a varnish fail so I made an effort to stay as clear away from the cuticle area as possible.

Yes, I know, regular people go to parks for walks and jogs and to feed the ducks but a beauty blogger will go to a park to paint her nails 🙂

Such is my obsession/ devotion/ commitment to my craft lol

The Revlon Scented Enamels in natural light

The Revlon Scented Enamels in natural light

Now, while the idea of these were fun, I can’t say that I would bother buying any more.

Why? Well, because the colour comes on unevenly on a first coat and hence streaky so that it takes at least a double coat to achieve a level of opaqueness to eliminate the streaky effect and even then, I was not very satisfied with the final texture.

As for the scent factor, *scoffs* no one is going to smell them unless they press their noses against your nails and to be honest, that’s not something I really want any one to do to me! It’s weird.

Similarly, sniffing your own finger nails all day is another weird habit I don’t really want to see myself getting into. That’s also weird.

So, aside from the initial novelty factor, these aren’t really impressing me enough to grow the Revlon Scented Nail Enamels into a full blown collection in my stash. I would rather just buy the regular unscented polishes that are made by Revlon because they are already excellent in quality despite the lack of a gimmicky scent feature.

So, my conclusion is that these Revlon Parfumeries Scented Nail Enamels are nice to try but I don’t think I’ll continue to buy.

I’d rather spend more money on something that Revlon hit completely out of the ballpark last year – the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms for lips.

Now, the Matte Balms are what I would truly call collectible. They’re indeed one of the best things to come from Revlon – ever. Go get ’em!

 [Disclaimer: These products in this post were purchased by me and represent my personal experience and opinion. Consider at your own risk. Links in the post are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only]







  1. Oh dear! I’ve been drooling over these cute little bottles of polish ever since I saw them being reviewed left and right by overseas bloggers. I guess it’s really more of a gimmick/novelty thing, since the polish seems to be rather normal. Can’t deny that I’d gladly fork out the money just to have a few of them in my collection though, haha!

  2. @ Laura: Yes, the bottles are indeed pretty enough to collect but for me the polishes were just ordinary and the scent feature wasn’t nearly quite as exciting as I envisioned. You can have mine for your vanity if you don’t mind that they’ve been opened. Let me know.

  3. I’ve moved on from Revlon’s polishes after I tried OPI. Revlon is always so streaky regardless of how careful I was when applying nail polish!

    L’Oreal had scented nailpolish years ago and I picked up a lilac shade with a bubblegum scent. I loved it (streakiness aside) until the scent ruined my appetite during meals. I see the curry on my spoon but my nose (and hence my tongue) could only taste bubblegum :/

  4. @ Aggie, I feel exactly the same way about the scent feature of these enamels. I seem to catch a whiff of it at the most inappropriate times and I find it so distracting. They’re fun but not really for me.

  5. SG, you put it very nicely… it’s seems that most if not all beauty bloggers are always buying ‘ things we dont need but want to have’ … Scented Polishes sound intriguing, though RM 30 for a bottle that does not do justice sounds a bit much. However, on the positive side, the Wintermint looks gorgeous on you ❤

  6. @ Sharon, I was intrigued with the idea of a scented polish too. These tapped into my nostalgia for those days when I was a kid and I wanted everything scented – from stickers to markers and hoola hoops lol
    I guess this purchase and subsequent conclusion has meant that I may have finally outgrown my childhood fascination with scented products.
    Yes, if I had to choose one, the Wintermint was my favourite shade of the three – it had sparkly green glitter in it! You all know how much I love glitter. And no, I haven’t outgrown my penchant for glitter yet because glitter makes everything better, don’t you think?

  7. I love that we’re starting to see bits of your in posts now! Mostly the hands, but it’s a start! I heard that these were rather average so I steered clear of them as well. They are gorgeous for adorning dressing tables, but not worth the price for that purpose.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like she’s spending Monopoly money on holiday!

  8. @ Arpita, no amount of convincing was able to get the caveman to model this job so I had to make it a self-portrait 😀
    Truly, shopping on vacation is truly the best part of travelling for a shopaholic…honestly, everything else is a blur.

  9. @ Aggie, found your last comment in the spam folder. Lucky you, I rarely look in that old bag. I think the link you added must have relegated it to the twilight zone 🙂 I’ll check out the link now that I know it’s you.

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