MAKE UP FOR EVER: I Love AQUA – Summer 2014 New Arrivals

Every year, without fail, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches a new batch of products and adds new shades to the brand’s I LOVE AQUA Collection – a unique water-resistant makeup range – in time for the Summer ahead.

Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever AQUA~ a water-resistant make up range par excellence

Now, with Summer just around the corner, this year was no exception and a few weeks ahead of the global release for Summer 2014, I was invited to attend a special media preview and workshop demonstrating MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new I LOVE AQUA star products for the warm months ahead.

  I have to admit, after the preview workshop, I came away impressed and with a fresh new regard for just how splash-proof and gorgeously-hued the AQUA make up products really are.




As equally water-resistant and as high in quality as their predecessors, this Summer’s new products complement the existing range of AQUA favourites perfectly.

Exciting new members of the AQUA family

Some of the new members of the MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA family this Summer.

Up until now, I have always been a bit apprehensive about wearing makeup to the beach or at the pool because what I find worse than a naked face is that horrifying visage of dissolving makeup as you come out of the pool or sea.

With the exception of waterproof mascara and liner, I’ve honestly never really thought about wearing waterproof makeup on my whole face.

Initially, I was also thinking that these AQUA products were at best only somewhat smudge-proof but the MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA collection turns out to be more sophisticated than that.

A Waterproof Collection

A Waterproof Collection

According to MAKE UP FOR EVER, this is the type of make up you can wear into the pool or at the beach with confidence and without so much as the need for a touch-up or worse, unsightly rivers of running colour streaming down the face – it simply just stays exactly where you put it until you want to take it off with a cleanser. Hooray!

The products in the AQUA range are borne of some cutting-edge formulas that give and hold vibrant colour even in some of the most challenging dry and wet wear conditions.

And, since they’re tough enough to wear into the water, I’m also confident that these MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA cosmetics will hold up in the rain and this is one handy fact for Malaysian women who are intending to navigate the frequently torrential rain in this country with a full face of make up – consider AQUA!

The MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA range is not new but it is very possibly the world’s largest range of water-resistant makeup available that offers a complete range of watertight products for eyes, lip, face and body. Not one to shy away from bright pops of pigment, I can see why MAKE UP FOR EVER’s AQUA Collection could be a perennial Summer staple for all cosmetic-loving water babies worldwide.

It really does take away the stress of worrying about your makeup washing off or melting off your face.

Now, before we have a look at the new Summer 2014 releases individually, many of you may already be aware that one of the best and most popular products to come out of the MAKE UP FOR EVER labs are the AQUA CREAMS. Although there are no new shades of the AQUA CREAM available this Summer, it’s impossible not to at least make mention of this fantastic cult product that leads the brand’s AQUA line of products.

Aqua Creams - bright pots of creamy pigment

Aqua Creams – these multi-usage pots of creamy pigment come in a rainbow of vibrant shades and are popular the world over.

 Perfect as an eye shadow, these AQUA Creams may also be used as a face and body paint because they are ultra-pigmented and long-lasting on the skin.

As you can see here, they also come in some of the most amazingly rich colours.

Not shy - weatherproof makeup in hundreds of colours.

Not shy – weatherproof makeup in brilliant pops of colours.


Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the new AQUA stars for Summer 2014…



RM100/ 7ml ~ Made in FRANCE

A MAKE UP FOR EVER favourite, the  SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT MASCARA, has been translated by popular demand into a new waterproof version for the brand’s AQUA Collection this Summer. The new waterproof formula is distinguishable from the original by the cool blue ring around the lid.


The AQUA SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT MASCARA with a signature blue ring around the lid to indicate that it is the AQUA waterproof version of the SMOKY EXTRAVAGANT mascara.

Same voluminous impact in a new water-safe formula

Same dramatic impact in a new water-safe formula!

The Mascara retains the conical & tapered shape of its non-waterproof sister, the Smoky Extravagant, so that you get the same great benefits of detail and volume as its predecessor but now there’s the extra feature of it being water-resistant…so running mascara won’t ever rain on your parade again!




RM95/ 1.7ml ~ Made in GERMANY

This SUMMER also welcomes some new and bold shades of crowd-favourite, the AQUA LINER.

To keep things defined at the poolside or wherever you might chance upon a watery eye line, Summer 2014 brings 4 new frosty AQUA LINER colours into the collection.

New to Malaysia: latest AQUA LINER shades

New to Malaysia: latest AQUA LINER shades

They’re shimmery but the sparkle is silky and fine. There is zero grit and no glittery fallout despite the obvious glimmers in these liners.

4 New AQUA LINER Shades for Summer 2014

4 New AQUA LINER Shades for Summer 2014

The addition of these colours to the range brings the AQUA LINER palette to 19 shades.



Aside from being a waterproof, it is interesting to note that instead of the more traditional brush-type applicator, the AQUA LINER relies on a unique solid and tapered foam tip to facilitate clean and precise application.

The Precise Sponge Tip

The Precise Foam Tip Applicator of the AQUA LINER

The advantage of this firm yet springy solid foam tip means that application can be more measured and defined than with a brush. There is also no possibility of the splitting of the hairs with this single-piece applicator so it’s truly easy to get a clean line without having to worry about feathering bristles.

The tapered head also makes it possible to draw in a thick or thin line as you require.

I swatched these at the AQUA workshop and am pleased to say that you can expect the same bold and even-toned intensity and long-wear of previous AQUA LINERS.

And without hard rubbing, these liners are almost impossible to take off without a cleanser designed for waterproof makeup and will even hold up well for those of us with oily eye lids.




RM80/ 1.2g ~ Made in Germany

As with all of the product lines in the AQUA range, these are made of an extremely long-wear and non-transferable formula that is necessarily water and saliva-resistant.

The AQUA LIP welcomes five new shades into the fold this Summer.

Vibrant corals and pinks dominate the line up for the new AQUA LIP shades

Vibrant corals and pinks dominate the line up for the new AQUA LIP shades

 In a nod to pinks and corals, these five warm-weather hues will be available as from now.

Five bright new AQUA LIP shades for Summer 2014

Forget the cold weather with these five new warm-toned AQUA LIP shades for Summer 2014

The AQUA LIP are currently all matte shades that may be worn on the whole lip or just as a liner.

Name that AQUA LIP shade!

Name that AQUA LIP shade!




RM100/ 2 x 2.5ml ~ Made in ITALY

The AQUA ROUGE is a waterproof dual-tipped lip product that allows you to choose the lip finish you prefer so whether it’s a matte or glossy pout you want – the choice is yours in this two-effect lip product.

Light Rosewood

#3 Light Rosewood

One side of the AQUA ROUGE allows you to add a highly-pigmented opaque colour to your lips while the other end gives you the option to seal in that colour with a transparent long-lasting, lacquer-effect top coat.

The formula contains a sophisticated combination of volatile oils and elastomer polymers that make it a long-lasting lip product that’s non-transferable yet stays velvety and comfortable.

This Summer sees the addition of #3: Light Rosewood to our market and happens to be a very wearable and universally-flattering dusty pink.




RM115/ 125ml ~ Made in FRANCE

To cap off the new additions to the AQUA range this Summer, an innovative product called the MIST & FIX Makeup Setting Spray with O2 Skin Complex is available to seal the deal.

Mist & Fix also comes in a 30ml travel size

Mist & Fix Makeup Setting Spray 125ml also comes in a deluxe 30ml travel size

Long-adopted by professional makeup artists, makeup setting sprays are an industry staple for holding a makeup look and this is another professional-quality item that MAKE UP FOR EVER is bringing from the pro-industry to cater for everyone.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER MIST & FIX Makeup Setting Spray is a lightweight, oxygenated setting agent to seal in all the hard work of a makeup session and ensure your cosmetics stand more resistant to the toils of a day’s wear.

This is an alcohol-free hydrating formula that coats the skin with a weightless and invisible yet comfortable barrier of protection that is not just meant to seal the makeup to your skin – it’s also designed to go one step further and protect the skin from any damaging external conditions like temperature changes and pollution.

Do note that there is an ever-so-light, fresh toilette-type scent from the solution in the bottle but it’s mild and pleasant and seems to dissipate on contact with the skin and air.

An additional benefit of the MAKE UP FOR EVER MIST & FIX Setting Spray is that skin hydration is enhanced and so is skin radiance thanks to a state-of-the-art oxygen (O2) component embedded in the formula.


Well, that concludes the preview of the Summer line-up in the AQUA range by MAKE UP FOR EVER but before I end this post, I’ll leave you with some scenes from the I LOVE AQUA SUMMER 2014 Workshop.

For your viewing pleasure…

Mr Stanley Wong,

MAKE UP FOR EVER Malaysia’s, Brand Manager – Mr Stanley Wong, opens the workshop with a brief introduction to the AQUA Collection.

Education & Artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER, MALAYSIA, Jason Ooi, gave a lively and interesting demonstration at the I LOVE AQUA workshop to prove just how effective the AQUA range is against water and rubbing.

Jason Ooi, Education & Artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER MALAYSIA

Jason Ooi, Education & Artistry Executive for MAKE UP FOR EVER MALAYSIA

Here, he points out the significant but hard-to-spot fact that the model on the screen is not wearing a swimsuit at all – she is, in fact, wearing a suit of MAKE UP FOR EVER waterproof body paint as she steps out of the pool!

This being the case, here’s a bit of trivia about the MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA Collection – it’s apparently such an innovative and comprehensive line of waterproof makeup that it is also the cosmetic of choice for the French Synchronised Swimming Olympic Team!

Given the products extreme durability in wet conditions, I have no doubt that any water-based athletes and models, whether professional or amateur, can benefit from the amazing water-safe qualities of the AQUA collection.



Jason demonstrates the longevity of the AQUA makeup products on a live model by spritzing her fully made-up face with plenty of water.



As you can see, the difference between the MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA makeup and BRAND X ( a random non-waterproof brand of makeup) is immediately obvious!

The non-waterproof Brand X side is running rivers of liner, foundation, eyeshadow and mascara down the model’s face 😦

The side on which the AQUA makeup is applied, however, remains completely intact and surprisingly, still vibrant.

A Quick Wipe

A Quick Wipe

Jason had a cloth on hand and a quick wipe of the side applied with BRAND X makeup revealed a fresh batch of woes as almost all of the makeup is transferred to the surface of the cloth.

Now, forgetting the face for a moment, consider the condition of your clothes if you’re caught in the rain with this makeup! I foresee some mega staining dramas!

In light of the fact that it’s always raining around our part of the world, doesn’t this demo make you want to consider wearing waterproof makeup every day now?


MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA stayed intact even after a wipe down.

Jason then reaches for a new towel and proceeds to wipe down the side with MUFE AQUA makeup applied.

The waterproof makeup holds and the cloth remains impressively spotless. Zero transferability! I was gobsmacked.

Even the model looks pleased with the outcome 🙂

That said, even though the AQUA products are waterproof and rub-proof, they are NOT as permanent as tattoos so if you really insisted, you may be able to scratch or smudge away AQUA makeup vigorously if you wanted to but the point is that you would be doing more damage to your skin by doing so. Just don’t do this! There are easier ways to take off makeup.

Like using a good quality remover, for example. Choose a type designed to clean away water-resistant makeup products and choose one that is effective but gentle.

Speaking of makeup removers, I actually found this SENS’EYES Sensitive Eye Cleanser on the table in front of me at the workshop and discovered that it’s a really effective but gentle makeup remover that’s suitable for waterproof makeup and sensitive skin.

This isn’t part of the Summer 2014 launch but I just want to let you know that this was fantastic for removing the numerous makeup swatches building up on my wrist during the workshop. Notably, there’s none of that greasy after-effect that’s common to some makeup removers.

This remover was gel-like and a little goes a long way. It was also scent, oil and alcohol-free which makes it perfect for the sensitive eye area.


Sens’Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser

The nuts & bolts of the AQUA products amazing ability to resist water

The chemical nuts & bolts of the AQUA products’ amazing ability to resist water and smearing.

Here, Jason explains the chemistry behind the water-resistant qualities of the AQUA Collection.

Apparently, these MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA products contain a sophisticated combination of the following ingredients in varying representations and when combined, they preserve the magnificent staying power of the makeup in this range-:

  • Volatile Oils & Synthetic Waxes:  these seal in pigments and pearlisers as they evaporate and create a special water/ rub resistant layer on the skin’s surface
  • Pigments & Pearlisers: help maintain the intensity of the makeup’s vibrancy and colours.
  • Filmogen Polymers: creates a layer of water-resistant film on the skin surface that help fix the pigments and pearlisers in the makeup for extreme and long-lasting wear.
  • Synthetic Esters: are used to promote suppleness of the formula and ensures product silkiness to maintain ease of application

Basically, a special water and rub-resistant film is created when unique volatile oils and special waxes contained in the products formulas evaporate. High-tech polymers also inherent in the formulas then help seal and fix in the pigments and fine mother-of-pearl particles to result in vibrant and waterproof makeup products that meets the needs of people who will be in contact with water and and/ or other challenging long-wear situations.

Mr. Stanley Wong, Brand Manager for MAKE UP FOR EVER

Mr. Stanley Wong, Brand Manager for MAKE UP FOR EVER looking relaxed at the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique @ Sephora, Starhill

The MAKE UP FOR EVER, Malaysia Team

The MAKE UP FOR EVER, Malaysia Team – talented, beautiful and ultra-friendly.

MUA and Education & Artistry Executive for MUFE, Malaysia - Jason Ooi sums the workshop up perefctly.

MUA and Education & Artistry Executive for MUFE, Malaysia – Jason Ooi sums the workshop up perfectly.


So, if you’re interested in trying out these new AQUA range Summer 2014 releases or any of the other items under this pro-grade cosmetic brand, you may discover the full range of MAKE UP FOR EVER COLLECTIONS at any one of the locations below…Enjoy!

Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique
Level 2, Sephora @ Starhill Gallery
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 53200

Tel: (03) 2148-5593

Make Up For Ever products are also available at all Sephora and standalone counters nationwide.

Sunway Pyramid
Nu Sentral
Gurney Paragon

Check with the official Make Up For Ever Facebook page for details.

Make Up For Ever Facebook – Malaysia

Make Up For Ever Official Website


[Dislaimer: Products previewed in this post were supplied by MAKE UP FOR EVER (MUFE). Links in this post are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only. The opinions and commentary are entirely personal. Consider at your own risk. Some official images supplied by MUFE. Images appearing on this blog remain the property of the MUFE brand or me and may not be used without permission or credit]



  1. Babe, I am so superbly happy you posted the review on the Aqua line – have been anticipating it’s launch for ages – looks very promising 😀

    Also enjoyed how you mentioned the SENS’EYES Sensitive Eye Cleanser to help assist in cleaning the makeup off without damaging the skin – awesomeness ❤

  2. @ Shivani, you’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post. The Aqua Liner is supremely awesome with some rich and evenly-toned pigments that stay put. The sheer variety of shades is also something fun and different from the usual waterproof products available. Definitely worth a swatching when you are next at Sephora.
    And yes, the SENS’EYES is really nice to use. The texture of this is better than my usual watery cleansers because it’s a gel-emulsion formula and easier to use. It takes off the long-wear waterproof makeup without much effort or tugging and is kind to the skin and eye area. I hope you get a chance to try it at their counters too.

  3. @ Arpita, I DID! You need them. You really do! I can’t get over how lovely it is that this makeup stays on. Thanks for loving my pictures…I sweat over them sometimes but these were surprisingly easy and I owe it to the stones 😀 Get yourself some!

  4. Ahh~ So nice that you were invited to the event! Too bad I wasn’t! But it looks like you had fun and that’s all that matters!
    It was nice to meet you too at the Sasa event! Let meet up soon ok!

  5. @ Evan, thank you for stopping by! It was a treat to finally meet you too. I think I could talk to you all day about beauty and brushes! I’m sure I will see you again soon.
    The MUFE event was fantastic, I wish you could have attended. I discovered that there’s so much more to waterproof makeup than just mascara and liner. I did not think there was such a big range of water-resistant products and colours available until I discovered this brand.

  6. @ Aggie, aw thanks…it means a lot to me coming from you. I did consider a water-based setting but the logistics of that is more than I can manage at this point in my life as an amateur photographer. I hope you get that bath you need and I can’t wait to see your interpretation of the same workshop.

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