Making His Marc – Marc Jacobs Beauty Launches @ Sephora, Malaysia

I marked the date on my calendar. Did you?

Launched here at Sephora Malaysia on the 17th April, we finally have touchdown of the eponymously-titled Marc Jacobs Beauty line.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?


Fashion Glitterati, Marc Jacobs, debuts his beauty line at Sephora, Malaysia

I was extremely lucky to score an invite to the exclusive launch party on the 18th April at Sephora@Starhill but instead of my usual blogger cameo, I was attending the event as one of the winners of the Sephora X Marc Jacobs Facebook contest.

Thank you Sephora & Marc Jacobs Beauty for sending me to cloud nine on this re-MARC -able day!

Behold the prize bounty…worth RM572 in total!

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Prize - Lust for Lacquer/ Genius Gel Foundation/ Magic Marc'er/ Eye-Plush Shadow Palette No.7 in The Starlet

My Marc Jacobs Beauty Set Prize – Lust for Lacquer/ Genius Gel Foundation/ Magic Marc’er Eyeliner/ Eye-Plush Shadow Palette No.7 in The Starlet

Marc Jacobs - The Style Eye-Con No. 7 - Plush Shadow in The Starlet

Marc Jacobs – The Style Eye-Con No. 7 – RM207

I received the Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadow in The Starlet and I think it just might be one of my favourite in the current series.

I’m glad I held back on picking up any of the Urban Decay Palettes. I had been saving myself for something a little bit different. Something perhaps a little less naked and a little more luxe. I think a free Marc Jacobs beauty set was worth holding out for, don’t you think?

The other Eye-Con Palette I have my heart set on purchasing myself is The Lolita – and I think I might want them all…eventually. They’re gorgeous!

From top: The Starlet

From top: The Starlet, The Tease, The Vamp, The Lolita RM207

One can’t fault the packaging on this palette at all. It’s a slim and sexy lineup of 7 complementing shades encased in a sleek and ultra-modern black shell that is at once streamline, ergonomic, luxurious and not to mention, instantly recognisable.

A duly impressive feature of this latitudinal Eye-Con compact is that the mirror attached to the palette is as long as the compact itself and, when held vertically, it actually reflects a full face making it savvy enough to be used as a face-length applicator mirror.

Each palette also comes housed in its own little button-sealed fabric pouch to protect it when you’re travelling and I’m grateful for this because it may just be enough to keep my OCD in check when it comes to keeping dust and fingerprints off the stunning lacquer-like finish.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Debuts @ Sephora, Malaysia

Marc Jacobs Beauty Debuts in Malaysia @ Sephora

As you can see, the same dark and sexy design is echoed throughout the range and it all comes together as a fitting brand signature for the beauty debut of this much-celebrated fashion darling.

Weighty & fabulous - the packaging feels luxurious and substantial

Weighty & Fabulous – the products feel substantial and luxurious


Lovemarc Lipsticks…

Lined up like beauty queens

…lined up like beauty queens – RM96

 If you haven’t already noticed, the shadow palettes are cheekily referred to as ‘Eye-Con’ and at every turn we are greeted with little word gems that play on the designer’s own name and credentials in the fashion world – Blacquer Magic Marc’er, Re(Marc)able Concealer, Lovemarc Lipstick, Genius Gel and so forth.

Well, all I can say about this is that after more than three decades of paying homage to women through statements in cloth, it is fitting that this iconic fashion maker now creates a beauty line that makes a little tribute to himself; even if only in name.

One gets the feeling that this beauty line is nothing less than the designer’s new baby. It’s a collection he’s had a heavy hand in creating and the result, aesthetically at least, is as impressive and no less perfect than the runway hits he is lauded for.

Now, I have yet to sit down to carefully review the pigments behind the praise but I’m already quite smitten with the packaging and the concept behind the collection. A practical review of some of the key products is on the cards so hopefully, I’ll get around to that soon for you.

To give you an idea of how passionately involved the man himself was, here are some screenshots of the developmental concepts behind Marc Jacobs’ latest opus. These whimsical scribblings by Marc Jacobs himself reveal the inspirations that live behind some of the products in his namesake beauty collection.

Eye-Con No. 7 Inspirations

The Lucky Number Seven inspires the Eye-Con No. 7 palette (RM207)

Behind the Genius Gel

The Genius Behind the Genius Gel (RM189)

The magical story behind the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er

The magical idea behind the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er (RM89)

[credits for the above three images to]

 On hand to do the honours of demonstrating the Marc Jacobs Beauty line here in Malaysia was International Education Specialist for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Melissa Laughrey-Taieb.

Melissa Laughrey-Taieb with MC Patricia K

Melissa Laughrey-Taieb with event MC Patricia K

Makeup Demonstration

Makeup Demonstration by Melissa

Melissa gave a lively and interesting demonstration that was full of pro-MUA tips and tricks and one of the most unique tips I picked up during her showcase demo was that she actually chooses to apply and blend in the concealer after the foundation.  Apparently, this reversed technique results in a brighter base especially around the dark eye area. Can’t wait to try this out now!

She chatted happily about her boss throughout her demo and gave us some rare trivia regarding the man behind the brand including the fact that Mr. Jacobs happens to love the number 7, has a soft spot for polka dots and loves his dog with a passion. Aww…

The Marc Jacobs Beauty line really is quite a feather in the cap for one of the world’s most loved fashion designers. What began loosely as a collaborative idea with Sephora, now extends the Marc Jacobs fashion and fragrance empire into a fully fledged beauty line comprised of 147 products under the designer’s first ever beauty collection.

In continuing his living legacy of making women beautiful, I leave you with the designers own words on his latest creation…

“It felt like another wonderful opportunity to design, to allow people to be the stars of their own movie — to express themselves.”

-Marc Jacobs

 Marc Jacobs Beauty is now available at all Sephora stores in Malaysia.

Sephora Malaysia Facebook

Sephora US Marc Jacobs Beauty

Marc Jacobs Beauty







  1. Hello there..the packaging itself is a good enough reason for me to spend what little pennies I have left on Marc 🙂 I didn’t manage to secure an invite (boo!) but I’m so happy that you won and were part of the “re-Marc-able” night!

    The reverse technique originated backstage runway show many seasons ago – although I only learnt this much much later from Laura Mercier’s 4 steps to a Flawless face – and they’re definitely a ‘Runway to Real Way’ steal-worthy technique!


  2. My girlfriend started getting into makeup a while ago, she watches tutorial videos and makeup reviews all the time, so I was thinking it would be a good idea to surprise her with some sort of high-end make up set.
    Would Marc Jacobs make a good choice for a brand? Do you girls have any more specific advice for me?

    Looking forward to an answer!

  3. Hey hun! You are certainly blessed, lucky lucky girl! ❤ At the moment this is something out of my price range, but hopefully I'll get my hands on his products! Love the pictures, especially the ones with his scribblings.

    I think I may have spotted Shivani & Edazz at the event too as well right? I stalked Sephora Malaysia's photo album LOL!

    Do review the goodies and tell us if its as awesome as everyone says it is, I know I can count on you for an in depth review coming soon 😛

  4. @ Shasha, thanks! I am quite chuffed with my win – it’s Marc Jacobs after all! Indeed, the products are in the upper end of the spectrum but I hope you get a chance to try these products soon too. Hopefully, I’ll get around to reviewing these as soon as I dig in.
    Yes, you have sharp eyes! The very gorgeous duo, Shivani & Edazz were at the event too.

  5. @ Dave, as far as beauty launches go, Marc Jacobs is pretty big. I haven’t had a chance to play with the set as this was only an event review but get yourself into your nearest Sephora and I’m sure their staff will be more than willing to swatch the goods for you. As for high end makeup, you might also want to consider along with Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown…these are the sort of makeup brands that make us girls go weak at the knees lol

  6. @ Laura, thank you and yes…the packaging is as iconic and signature as we can only expect from Marc Jacobs. I love the palette designs, the polish bottles, the compacts…I could go on. They were fun to photograph too. Thank you for giving me some background to the reverse base technique. It’s amazing what happens when MUAs think outside of the square.

  7. so lucky you babe!!! i scold myself for missing the contest post on sephora FB…I want the foundation and eyeshadow…they look so pretty…I really love the cap packaging look sleek and simple but captivating…so happy to see you 2days straight this week..hope I could hv a chat over tea with you!!!!

  8. @ Cindy, so good to see you too but you’re right, we never have enough time to sit, have tea and chat 🙂
    Hope to do some real catching up soon!

  9. It was so lovely seeing you there babe! ❤ You're truly blessed – can't wait to see the review on the Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No. 7 palette. Was searching for it in Sephora just the other day and I was told it had already sold out within the first 7 days! Super crazy! Hopefully it gets back in stock quick – can't wait to try it ❤

  10. @ Shivani, it’s always a pleasure to come across you and Edazz too!
    The Eye-Con No. 7 gone in only 7 days? That was impressively quick! I plan to check out The Lolita palette myself again.

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