XES Shoes Signature Label Launch – The Zodiac Collection

XES Shoes recently launched their new XES Signature label at the 5th Malaysian International Shoe Festival (MISF) to much fanfare and I was fortunate enough to be invited to preview the first shoe designs heralding this new chapter for the XES brand.

XES Signature Launch - Invites Only

XES Signature Launch – An Invites Only Event

The highlight of the launch was the official unveiling of the very first collection emerging from the new XES Signature stable – The Zodiac Collection.

A Zodiac Personality Inspired Collection

XES Signature launches an inspired Zodiac-themed Shoe Collection

Aptly titled, this astrologically-themed edition features a star sign-inspired series of shoe designs created with the traits of the 12 zodiac personalities in mind.

Now, shoes of any incarnation are about as old as mankind itself because even the earliest people realised soon enough that there were clear benefits to having some practical albeit crude version of footwear to keep their feet from being shredded to ribbons by the terrain.

Nowadays, evolution and culture has obviously moved us all along some way from those early primitive days and we are no longer just tying together bits of leather and bark to our soles for the purpose of foot protection.

Shoes are now not only functional but have also evolved to become a serious aesthetic statement in themselves and is probably one of the single most important ways to accessorise an outfit.

The Shoe Maestro speaks!

The Shoe Maestro himself speaks!

You may forget the bangles, the hairclips, the necklace and even the watch but for practical reasons most of us can’t walk out of the door without our shoes. Barefoot may be the done thing for the beach and a quick jaunt on soft, clean grass but nothing truly beats the feeling of having feet lifted above the perils on the ground.

Yes, while shoes are a must-have for pavement pounding, they also have the potential to take your outfit from drab to fab and vice versa.

There are now shoes for all activities and shoes for all occasions and what’s more, shoes can speak before you speak – whether you like it or not, shoes can immediately convey to others a message about your own personal style as soon as you walk into a room.

In other words, they’re a sartorial voice unto themselves and make an unavoidable statement about our fashion personality (and, perhaps, even bemoan the lack of one when we sport a dull pair).

The Zodiac Collection by XES Signature marries shoe fashion to personality and every pair of shoes in this launch collection has been deliberately created with the special character traits of one of the 12 astrological signs in mind.

Style-wise, this pioneering Zodiac edition of the new XES Signature Label is a dressy collection of 24 towering heels and platform designs.

The XES Signature label is the XES brand’s maiden foray into designs with a decidedly more upscale vibe, themed showcases and footwear for special occasions. It is intended to be an exciting and glamorous extension of the original XES range which was always more about daily wear and comfort.

For your viewing pleasure, I present to you The Zodiac Collection in its entirety. As you will see, these 24 pairs of shoes are all about bold colours, exotic prints, ambitious strapping and diamante details.

Puns intended, you can decide for yourself if the shoe fits and whether this first XES Signature line is up your alley. Let’s take a walk down the runway…

Aquarius ~ Jan 20-Feb 18

Forward, Inventive, Clever, Original, Humanitarian

Aquarius RM139.90

Aquarius RM139.90

Pisces ~ Feb 19-Mar 20

Likeable, Energetic, Compassionate, Devoted, Imaginative

Pisces RM149.90

Pisces RM149.90

Aries ~ Mar 21-Apr 19

Independent, Courageous, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic

Aries RM149.90

Aries RM149.90

Taurus ~ Apr 21-May 20

Well-Organised, Dependable, Persistent, Loyal, Patient

Taurus RM149.90

Taurus RM149.90

Gemini ~ May 21-June 20

Attention-Seeking, Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty

Gemini Rm 139.90

Gemini Rm 139.90

Cancer ~ June 21-July 23

Gentle, Caring, Loyal, Adaptable, Responsive

Cancer Rm139.90

Cancer Rm139.90

Leo ~ July 24-Aug 23

Relaxed, Ambitious, Confident, Loyal, Encouraging

Leo RM149.90

Leo RM149.90

Virgo ~ Aug 24-Sept 23

Practical, Precise, Analytical, Helpful, Reliable

Virgo RM 139.90

Virgo RM 139.90

Libra ~ Sept 24-Oct 23

Balanced, Graceful, Diplomatic, Idealistic, Hospitable

Libra RM149.90

Libra RM149.90

Scorpio ~ Oct 24-Nov 22

Disciplined, Reflective, Passionate, Resourceful, Dynamic

Scorpio RM 139.90

Scorpio RM 139.90

Sagittarius ~ Nov 23-Dec 21

Creative, Adventurous, Highly Intelligent, Thoughtful, Humourous

Sagittarius RM149.90

Sagittarius RM149.90

Capricorn ~ Dec 22-Jan 19

Timeless, Realistic, Efficient, Ambitious, Mature

Capricorn RM139.90

Capricorn RM139.90

Now, I am really only a breath past 5 feet tall so being on a the shorter side of life means that I could do with some heel height, however, when I first saw these XES designs I have to admit that I was terrified of how skyscraper-tall they all were.

They’re really, really much higher than my usual footwear with all heels above 4 inches tall!

I admit I hesitated for a moment before deciding to take a pair for a test drive walk but once I slipped these shoes on, I found that I really had nothing to worry about. These shoes give fantastic height but still manage to leave my feet feeling anchored and well-balanced.

XES is a homegrown shoemaker whose brand emphasis has always been targeted to “Superior Comfort for Happy Feet“. They have been making shoes by hand for more than a decade and ensuring their designs are non-slip, durable and fit comfortably to the human foot.

Essentially, the XES Signature Label lines will be cut from the same proverbial cloth but this time a greater emphasis has been placed on  more ‘glamour’ and ‘fun’ than we all might expect from the original XES series.

Despite their height, the shoes in this Zodiac Collection were not in the least bit precarious or tottering and were actually very comfortable to stand upon, solid on the heel and were, most importantly, slip-free because falling flat on my face is never a good look however pretty the shoe!

I don’t know about you but I’ve lost count of how many times I have had to slash at the bottoms of new heels with a pair of scissors just to cut in some traction between the shoes and the ground. These XES shoes seem to hold the ground well enough without my usual DIY tampering so I don’t think I’ll need to resort to any slasher-style action with any of these heels.

I honestly know next to nothing about shoe-making but I do believe there is some clever feat of engineering built into these shoes that despite their lofty height, makes these shoes surprisingly easy to walk in.

Homegrown Shoe Brand

Proudly homegrown, XES is a local brand producing handmade shoes that are meant to be comfortable, non-slip and durable


XES’s celebrity VIPs flanked by the XES Angels

At the XES Booth @ the Malaysian International Shoe Festival

More XES creations at the XES Booth of the 5th Malaysian International Shoe Festival

Shoes for all occasions

XES has shoes for all occasions. Here are some heels from the XES core label with less ambitious heights

Proving that there were indeed shoemakers about, the event was also graced by a range of curious totem sculptures made from bits and pieces of shoes…I couldn’t resist sharing these with you. They’re a bit out there but really interesting, don’t you think?

A creative way with shoes

Totem Tributes – an interesting way for shoemakers to move beyond shoes and into art.

An XES Angel

An XES Signature Angel leaves us with a message 😉

If you’re interested in discovering the XES labels for yourself, these are the links…

XES Shoes Malaysia

XES Facebook

XESlogo[Disclaimer: Links in this post are non-affiliate and for informational purposes only. The opinions and commentary are entirely personal. Consider at your own risk. Non-event product images, zodiac information & pricing details are courtesy of XES (Shelley’s Marketing S/B). Event photography all by the owner of this blog.]




  1. @ Sarah, I know, there’s a lot of a choice here. Like you, I’m enamoured with a pair that’s not under my own star sign. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. wow thats a lot of wedges….mmmm kinda love the sagitaurus ones…look casual and pretty!!im a libra though but i dont like animal print!hahaha

  3. @ Cindy, I’m a Libran too but I’m not a fan of the snakeskin print either. I prefer the diamante ones 🙂

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