Bag Of Love ~ Happy Bags – The Beauty Version of a Happy Meal But Oh-So-Much Better!

Just when I thought Bag of Love had exhausted all possible subscription surprises, a little notification popped up in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago alerting me to a mammoth release of Bag of Love surprise editions; aptly named Happy Bags!

I think SURPRISE is Bag of Love Founder, Mi Mi Teh’s middle name.

Mi Mi ‘SURPRISE’ Teh. No kidding!

The lovely founder of Bag of Love single-handedly keeps me on my toes and has me committed to a life of hard labour. Yes, I’m staying employed because I can’t leave my job when I need more money to buy more bags.

I feel like the Bag Lady version of Gollum – come to me, my preciousssss!

I'll swap you a squirrel for a Happy Bag

“I’ll swap you a squirrel for a Happy Bag”


Anyway, the Happy Bags were the sort of beauty news that causes beauty fan girls around The Valley to either faint from over excitement or scramble for their online cash in panic. I effectively managed both but I am proud to say that I have fine tuned online shopping to an art and can do it with my eyes closed and this release was (excuse the pun) in the bag!

Anyway, what these Happy Bags did was put the special back into Special Edition.

The Special Edition Signature Tote

The Bag of Love Special Edition carrier that will now house all of Bag of Love’s special editions hereafter. (Photo Credit: CHlei Photography)

As of publishing this, most if not all of these bags are now completely SOLD OUT so if you didn’t manage to grab one then that’s that until Bag of Love manages to hatch up another batch of covet-frenzy lovelies.

What do you mean they're sold out?!!!

What do you mean they’re all sold out?


Picking just one of these bags to buy was an exercise in tremendous self-restraint as I could have easily lived happily ever after with all of them but because budget prevailed, I rather grudgingly limited myself to buying only one.

This post is just me re-living the lovely experience of Bag of Love’s very impressive Happy Bag release and wishing that I could have done the Pokemon thing and grabbed them all.

Can you guess which Happy Bag caught my eye when it came to the crunch?


Yes, The VAMP Bag with Guerlain!

La Base

Base Coat

La Lacque Coleur

Nail Lacquer in Madame Batifole

Le Top

Top Coat – Gel


Guerlain Stylo Eye Pencil

Guerlain Lip

Guerlain Lip Gloss

Honestly, with Mi Mi running wild in this town with her Bag of Love beauty subscription, my purse is never going to get fat or take a holiday.

I find that I am hopelessly on auto-alert for her next amazing Bag of Love announcement and this time she did not disappoint. I only wish I had more notice so I could have readied my coffers to buy up more but I’m still extremely pleased with my lone purchase.

For RM169.90, a girl doesn’t get very far at the Guerlain counters around the world so this bag is pure steal!

I tested the eye pencil and it’s so smooth and sexy and a completely indulgent colour from my usual black.

Really, these moneyed brands do produce formulas of a quality that brings a grown woman to her knees because this lovely gossamer shade slides on like room temperature butter and just feels well, expensive!

Now, before I go and frolic with my new Guerlain kit, I really wished you could have seen all the other Happy Bags and I don’t want the fact that I couldn’t afford them all stop you from finding out the contents of the other bags.

So, for yours and posterity’s sake, I hope that Bag of Love is alright with me re-posting the official images of all the wonderful choices available that day.

The photo credits of all the images below go entirely to the pros at CHLei Photography and Bag of Love.

The Essential Bag (Photo Credits to CHlei Photography)

The Essential Bag RM319.90 (Worth RM612) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Everyday Bag (Photo Credit - CHlei Photography)

The Everyday Bag RM239.90 (Worth RM490) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography)

The Philosophy Bag (Photo Credit - CHlei Photography)

The Philosophy Bag RM229.90 (Worth RM520) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Brit Bag

The Brit Bag RM299.90 (Worth RM625) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Vamp Bag

The Vamp Bag RM169.90 (Worth RM400) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Date Night Bag

The Date Night Bag – RM259.90 (Worth RM492) : Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Back to Basics Bag

The Back to Basics Bag RM139.90 (Worth RM330) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Hair Bag

The Hair Bag RM129.90 (Worth RM22) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

The Overall Bag

The Overall Bag RM119.90 (Worth RM350) :Photo Credit – CHlei Photography

 Did you manage to snap up one of Bag of Love’s limited edition Happy Bags? I’d love to hear all about it.

If you didn’t get one but would have liked one, which bag would have been your Muse?

Click Here to go to Bag of LoveBag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 regular bags are now only available bi-monthly to Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

Special Edition bags vary. Check regularly/ sign up for notifications to the Bag of Love Facebook page for announcement of release dates and pricing.

[Disclaimer: The BOL ‘The Vamp’ Guerlain Happy Bag was purchased by me. All opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk. This post contains non-affiliate links for informational purposes.]






  1. Only if I have a few bags of $$$ laying around, I really would love to get The Philosophy bag, The Brit Bag and The Back To Basic Bag. Never owned any of the items in these bags and really love to have them 🙂

  2. @ Mieza, I agree, don’t we want them all! In addition to my Guerlain bag, the other bags I would have seriously liked to pick up were the Philosophy and Burberry Brit bags too.
    The prices were very reasonable for the selection of products from these brands.

  3. I cant agree more with you, MiMi does always bring surprises to Bag of Love and their contents are pretty consistent unlike some other beauty boxes that hype up the whole box and the box turns out to be a disappointment.

  4. omg every bag look so amazing..i so wish i can get a hand on the guerlain (but I dont want nail laquer) or the brit bag or the philosophy..i wanted to try their shower gel…oh gosh..but my wallet is getting thinner i cant afford any of these bag…..well i can only put in my wish list!

  5. @ Cindy, I possibly could have wrangled myself another bag if Bag of Love had spaced these special edition bags out a bit but I agree, the lack of cash kept my hauling in check this time.

  6. @ Sarah, ‘consistent’ is a great word to describe Bag of Love. I’ve been in love with all of Mi Mi’s bags and can’t wait for the next one.

  7. I’m so sad I had to pass on these for lack of funds! I was particularly enamoured with the Guerlain and Burberry bags. One can only hope there’s more to come. And I’ve finally learned what saving for a rainy day means hehehe

  8. @ Arpita, it was such an unexpected release that we were all caught out of pocket! I seriously have dreams about that Burberry and Philosophy bag to this day lol
    No worries, BOL is going to make us some more awesome deals but I have learned my lesson – I need to hold back on my regular hauling and save for special days like these.

  9. I was abroad but had I been around the Philosophy Bag would have made me Oh,So Happy … i guess my wallet thanks my restraint from ordering from an abroad – after Arpita’s thesis questionnaire, I’m going to be a lot more cautious (winks at Arpita) but i wish I could have at least scored on bag and be as ‘happy’ as you ShopGirl. The Guerlain bag looks nothing short of perfect, will look forward to seeing the eyeliner do it’s magic the next time I see you about town.

  10. @ Sharon, hope you enjoyed your trip! Well, being out of the country sure saved you from this round of special editions. I’m sure Bag of Love will have more coming though so I’m already saving up for that 😉

  11. @ Aggie, I’m so honoured to see you here! Thank you for stopping by. I agree, the Guerlain, Burberry and Philosophy – hands down. But one had to be quick!

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