MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Boutique Official Launch – Sephora @ Starhill Gallery, KL

Founded in Paris, France

Founded in Paris, France

Nestled quietly above the maddening crowd of one of KL’s busiest commercial districts and very discreetly tucked away in the eaves of Sephora@ Starhill lies a new kind of wonderful for the makeup-obsessed in this town.

I’ve always wondered why Sephora @ Starhill was like The Tardis in reverse – always looking confoundedly bigger on the outside than she is from the interior.

Sephora is an interesting but unapologetically looming architectural beauty who not only owns the patch of sidewalk she lives on but immediately catches the eye and the imagination of all who walk and drive by. If Sephora was a girl – she would be a stunner.

The Place of Dreams

Sephora@ Starhill: certainly one of the more exciting make up destinations in town.


Turns out there is more to this place of cosmetic dreams than just the ground floor! Contrary to what some might think, this Sephora building is not hollow upstairs at all!

And on a sunny afternoon in March, I was given an opportunity to discover that the Sephora building at Starhill Gallery is actually so much more than just her ground floor playground.

This is because French brand, Make Up For Ever (MUFE), has officially opened its inaugural Pro Makeup Boutique in the upper wing of the Sephora building!

(Be prepared, this will be a photo-heavy post!)

The Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique in KL will be a lock, stock and barrel home to the brand’s best cosmetics and tools, making it possible to create Hollywood-grade makeup looks that can take anyone from sexy to freaky…and for all areas in between and beyond too!

A tester's playground

A tester’s playground

This loft space will stock all of the professional ranges from the MUFE brand and hopefully play a part in unleashing a greater level of special effects makeup creativity among local and visiting makeup artists.

With options for latex effects, 3D accents, glitters, opaque and shimmery face paints, luscious lashes and more, Make Up For Ever intends their Pro Boutique to be a one-stop shop for some serious makeup magic.

To give you an idea of what can be done, here are some of the special looks created by in-house MUFE artists that were showcased at this MUFE launch party…

Liquid metal and latex accents

The Midas Touch – glitter and latex accents transform a basic evening look into something otherworldly.

A tribute to Morticia Addams' look of the day.

A striking tribute to Morticia Addams’ and her acclaimed Look of the Day.


An ethereal, masked beauty

Glass-shattering beautifully - Miss Zombie.

Glass-shatteringly well made-up – Miss Zombie

Thriller MUFE-style

Dancing Queens – MUFE-style

The move to make professional-grade cosmetic materials available to local make up artists is a positioning that brings the local identity of Make Up For Ever up to speed with the brand’s global identity as a serious choice of cosmetic for PROFESSIONAL make up artists around the world.

This legacy is part of an innovative industry positioning that began more than 30 years ago with professional make up artist and educator, Dany Sanz, when she first created MUFE in Paris as a passionate cosmetic brand that make up professionals turn to for every kind of creative look.

Make Up For Ever Founder & Director, Dany Sanz

Make Up For Ever Founder & Creative Director, Dany Sanz


The MUFE Pro Boutique in Malaysia is indeed a nod to the French magic that began in the basement of what is now one of the leading meeting places for some of the world’s best makeup artists – 5 rue La Boétie in the 8th district of Paris.

While this boutique is the first of its kind in Malaysia by Make Up For Ever, it actually joins the family of MUFE Pro Boutiques worldwide and will be a place that is meant to open up a completely amazing world of cosmetic opportunity for the professional and creative special effects makeup wizards among us.

Mr. Stanley Wong

Mr. Stanley Wong – Brand Manager, MUFE Maestro for Malaysia

Malaysia's very own supermodel, Amber Chia, also graced the festivities

Malaysia’s favourite supermodel, Amber Chia, also graced the festivities

Mr. Stanley Wong and fellow VIP Guests

Mr. Stanley Wong and fellow VIP Guests

But fret not, even if you’re not a professional makeup artist, MUFE has just as many amazing products and services for the novice and casual makeup wearer.

Make Up for Everyone

Make Up for Everyone

Whether you require a special occasion look or are after something a little more basic for daily wear, MUFE has all your bases covered (pun intended) because the Pro Boutique will stock all the cult favourites of the brand and the best part is that all of MUFE’s consumer formulations are made in the same vein of superior quality as their stage and pro-grade makeup counterparts.

Flattering Formulas

Flattering base formulas for any skin type and tone.

A base for every need

A base for every need and occasion.

From the brand’s flattering foundations to row upon row of blush, lip & eye colours and the company’s many vials of glossy elixirs, the Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique will spoil you for choice with the colour equipment to take anyone from a simple and natural face to just about any look you can dream up. The possibilities are bound only by imagination.

Luscious lippies

Luscious lipsticks

A Brush & Lash Bar

The Brush & Lash Bar

Like the Sephora below, the MUFE Pro Boutique is a hands-on centre of make up with many testers on hand.

You’re welcome to try before you buy so keeping your fingers still will be an exercise in restraint because this tester’s paradise will have you dipping into pots and pans of colour as a bee to a field of fresh blooms.


Get excited with Aqualiners in all shades!

More Lip Products

Everything is ready for swatching

Another feature of the MUFE Pro Boutique will be that it is meant to be a working space for makeovers and has been designed with this in mind because it has a decidedly trendy backstage vibe.

Rows of professional makeup dressers are lined up and ready for you to book an appointment for a look of the day or for an evening style that is more sophisticated. The choice is yours because all looks are catered for.

Ready for makeovers

Makeover Ready

An exciting piece of news at this launch was that MUFE simultaneously unveiled its new Pro Boutique membership program – the My TRIBE Friends Card; a rare privilege initiative that will now be available to the beauty industry people in this country.

my TRIBE Friends - The new membership program for beauty industry professionals

my TRIBE Friends – The new membership program for make up artists and other beauty industry professionals here in Malaysia.

The My TRIBE Friends concept is a professional membership program for qualifying MUA and industry pundits and simply flashing one of these at the Make Up Forever Pro Boutique will gain the bearer a generous 20% off all MUFE products at the Pro Boutique store.

Ms Chung Tze May & Mr. Stanley Wong does the honours at the MUFE Launch

Luxasia Director, Ms Chung Tze May & Brand Manager, Mr. Stanley Wong (center & flanked by models) do the honours at the MUFE Pro Boutique & myTRIBE card Launch

If you think you’re interested in the myTRIBE Friends membership program, do make a point to inquire about this generous industry perk at the boutique. Cardholders will also be entitled to news of industry-related events and workshops run for members. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Finally, this launch party was also an opportunity for Make Up For Ever Malaysia to formally introduce some of the brand’s latest High Definition makeup products coming into the market this year.

Make Up Forever HD Products

Make Up Forever HD Products

If you’re not already familiar with the Make Up For Ever brand of products then you’ll need to know that MUFE is in fact the world pioneer of that next generation of makeup technology called High Definition (HD) Make Up.

But What is Meant by High Definition (HD)?

Today’s ultra-sophisticated imaging technology is a gamechanger and redefining the way we now live our lives. But as the world embraces the convenience and affordability of smart device technology and DLSR-grade imaging, it also means we all have some truly refined photo and video technology at our fingertips.

The downside to having all this amazing imaging technology at hand is that while we set about capturing every precious or mundane moment of our lives on microchip, the astonishingly High Definitition (HD) properties of our devices are equally capable of capturing every godforsaken flaw, line and blemish for posterity.


I don’t know about you but unless you’re made of porcelain, the thought of having every wrinkle and flaw frozen in time (and worse, on social media!) is pretty distressing stuff.

Enter HD Makeup.

This is a high-technology breed of cosmetics formulated with sophisticated light-diffusing and soft-focusing properties that automatically reconciles the lighting and digital resolution woes faced by human skin.

In other words, HD cosmetics has a way of forming a special optical veil on the skin’s surface that maximises all the best photo angles of light so that it’s advanced enough to conceal flaws and pores while at the same time enhancing our best features.

With HD makeup, it counter-balances the intense fineness of HD imaging and this means that your next closeup frame will be much, much less daunting.

In fact, each high definition makeup product is designed to blend seamlessly into human skin to create a brilliantly soft-focus camera-ready skin that is not only beautiful to the naked eye but perfectly translated to any screen or photo even if the subject is exposed to harsh spot lighting or the scrutiny of ultra-fine closeups and cropping. It is effective even up to a super-magnification level of 6X!

Mark my words, this really is a godsend for any one who has to face both people and cameras and the entertainment industry has long enjoyed the benefits of HD cosmetics since the earliest days of its creation. The great thing now is that HD cosmetics is affordably available to us all!

MUFE HD Blush & HD Microfinish Pressed Powder ( RM125 & RM148 respectively)

MUFE HD Blush & MUFE HD Microfinish Pressed Powder ( RM125 & RM148 respectively)

It has been a great many years since MUFE first developed their pioneering batch of HD-grade make up and the term HD makeup is now being bandied about by many other makeup houses but let’s set the record straight – MUFE did it first and and is the true global pioneer of HD products so it’s worth going back to this experienced source for some of the highest quality HD cosmetics.

Without doubt, Make Up For Ever has some of the best HD priming products, bases and colour cosmetics ever developed and these are all capable of helping us come up photo-ready every time despite this brave new age of high definition digital technology.

Like silk!

Like silk!

From a personal perspective, one of the products I fell in love with during the launch was the brand’s HD Microfinish Pressed Powder. I had a chance to try this HD Pressed Powder (RRP RM148) at the event and then again a few days later when I popped back into Sephora for more swatching and I don’t care what anyone says, I’m convinced I need it.

This must be the silkiest powder I have ever laid my hands on. It feels so imperceptibly featherweight and blends so easily into the skin that it disappears completely but leaves a softly matte finish that’s also meant to be ultra photo-friendly.

Unlike most face powders that are very obviously beige, the HD Pressed Powder is pure white in the pan but buffs translucently into the skin and is suitable for every shade of skin under the sun. I’m not kidding here, I read somewhere that it even melts undetectably into deep ebony skin!

And while the HD Loose Powder was an original runaway hit for Make Up For Ever, I have a feeling that this new pressed format will be equally popular with the masses because the compact version makes this powder instantly travel-friendly.

The other product that I was very interested at this event satisfies my blush crush and is the Make Up For Ever HD Blush.

Make Up For Ever Malaysia very kindly included one of these blushes in our guest swag bag.

HD Blush

HD Blush

I received #215 Flamingo which I’m over the moon about. #215 is a very wearable rosy coral for light-medium skin tones.

Cheek Candy

Cheek Candy

To give you a feel of some of the other shades of HD Blush that are available here, I swatched a few alongside my Flamingo #215.

These blushes are a creamy but non-greasy formulation that have great colour payoff but blend easily and seamlessly with your base to create a softly flushed, second skin effect.

HD Blush Swatches

HD Blush – all single swipe swatches.

# 210 – Cool Pink

# 215 – Flamingo

# 225 – Peachy Pink

# 410 – Coral

# 320 – English Rose

Finally, thank you to the very kind team at Make Up For Ever, Malaysia & Luxasia for the very generous guest bag given to all guests and which include some of MUFE’s very best products. This is a great starter selection of products for the face and eyes. Thank you!

A selection of some of the very best MUFE products

A selection of some of the very best MUFE products in the market

Let it be known that a party is not a party without some good nosh so for the foodies out there, I’m leaving you with a little peek at the food from the event. Enjoy!

Duck Salad

Duck Salad

Mushroom Croutes

Mushroom Croutes

Salmon & Cream Cheese Canapes

Salmon & Cream Cheese Canapes

Now, finding the MUFE Pro Boutique within Sephora can be something of a game of Where’s Wally but if you enter Sephora anywhere via the main floor and set your gaze diagonally opposite from the cashier counter to a far wall, you should just spot a pair of slim doors to what might be the slimmest lift in this country.

Take the quick ride up to Level 2 in this most miniscule of lifts – it is a tight and hot squeeze and three is a crowd in here but your efforts will be well worth the moment’s denial of air-conditioning and oxygen.

Once the lift doors burst open, you’ll be greeted by the lovely and intimate attic space housing the MUFE Pro Boutique (& Benefit!) showroom. You won’t miss it. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

Entrance to Sephora

The entrance to Sephora@Starhill, Bukit Bintang

Make Up For Ever Pro Boutique
Level 2, Sephora @ Starhill Gallery
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Make Up For Ever products are also available at all Sephora and standalone counters nationwide.

Check with the official Make Up For Ever Facebook page for details.

Make Up For Ever Facebook – Malaysia

Make Up For Ever Official Website


[Disclosure: The launch party was an invitation-only event. Sponsored Products appear in this post.]



  1. wow i admire the way you write this post…so in depth and detail…I love how you describe all the make and stuff…..your pictures are so beautiful….that remind me to use my dslr more often…as my work getting more and more I dont spend so much time playing with my camera and take picture seriously like i used to do..but i have to say their HD primer n blusher are amazing!!! I love it so much and it my skin look so radiant and beautiful!!! and it was really great to meet you that day and hope to catch coffee with you real soon babe!.

  2. @ Cindy, thank you for the compliments, doll!
    I love my camera and it’s far, far superior to any phone cam but I’m still very new to it. I just need to take about a 100,000 more photos to get the hang of it. Event photography is hard – we only get one shot sometimes and there are a few I wish I could have done better but oh well…I hope you bring your DSLR out more. It’s probably very sad sitting at home. I loved your shots in your post for the Kanebo Lunasol Anniversary event.
    Yes, I loved meeting you in person for the first time at this event even though I’ve been seeing you all around the social media. The MUFE products are great, aren’t they! I love the HD Blush and I have to get myself that HD Pressed Powder – it’s all I can think about now.

  3. @ Arpita, thank you but it was the camera more than me that did the trick. If anything, I contributed the camera shake. I wish you could have stayed back with us that day!

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