Bag of Love ~ Special Edition Bag II

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A gift of Love!

I really want to share with you how surprised I am that a friend of mine recently picked up the vibes of my beauty product obsession and very unexpectedly but generously gifted the second Bag of Love Special Edition to me.

If you’ve been following my little blogging adventures regularly enough, you will know exactly how much I love my Bag of Love subscription. In fact, I have purchased every single monthly bag since I first discovered Bag of Love in June of last year.

I’ve even bought multiples of the Bag of Love as gifts for friends and family because I really think they make great gifts for people who love and use beauty products, would appreciate an element of surprise in a gift and are willing to try something new. To get all this for little more than the price of a mid-priced lipstick makes Bag of Love eminently ‘giftable’.

There was even a Men’s Edition of the Bag of Love that I gave to The Caveman and once I manage to pry that out of his hands, I’ll unbag that here too. Yes, even the he who doesn’t do beauty is having a change of heart!

Anyway, I really want to thank the friend who gave me this. I know you’d rather stay anonymous but you know who you are! Thank you doesn’t quite cut it either. It’s more like I am completely overwhelmed by your kindness, generosity and love. As well as your amazing sense of knowing what makes me happy. THANK YOU.

The design for all future Bag of Love special editions

The signature bag design to house all  future Bag of Love special editions!

This special edition bag has done a pretty impressive job of leaving all the others before it in the dust. It might also be the edition that redefines the entire beauty subscription genre and seems to set the bar so high that I don’t think there’s an easy way for the competition to catch up anytime soon. How would you follow up such a class act?!

So, for your viewing pleasure, I want to ‘unbag’ it here today so you can feel the L-O-V-E too. If love came in a bag – this would be a close approximation, don’t you think?

The one thing you’ll notice immediately about the contents of this bag is that almost all the items are full-sized and pretty fantastic. And where the items were not full-sized, there were multiples from that brand and they came along as a fully-sequenced skincare trial.

In other words, I’m just letting you know that Bag of Love never skimps. After paying for almost ten editions with Bag of Love, I am comfortable in saying this – you will always get much, much more than what you pay for with this subscription.

Anyway, this special bag I received turned out to be a very international edition with the generous bounty sourced from brands all over the world. It really made my whole unboxing unbagging experience something of an epic beauty voyage and akin to a beauty addict’s version of armchair travel. Come fly with me, won’t you?

First stop, from Japan with Love.

The Elujuda Fluent Oil Hair Treatment by Milbon

The Elujuda Fluent Oil Hair Treatment by Milbon

Made in Japan by Milbon, this Elujuda Hair Treatment not only looks beautifully sun-kissed but smells warm and very gently of something like citrus. If you could bottle a Summer’s day, this would be it.

It’s hard to choose only one item but I think this might be my favourite beauty product from this bag. I really, really like this hair treatment and I think it’s one of those items deserving of a full review too. I hope to get onto it soon.

The Elujuda Treatment actually comes in two varieties – Fluent Oil and Mellow Oil. The Fluent Oil version was in this bag and I’m glad because it suits me more because I happen to have a painfully thin head of hair. Really, when I was younger I had three times as much hair but it’s all but gone now. Could this be my salvation?

This hair treatment is meant to thicken and promote hair elasticity but unlike heavy hair oils, this will still leave the tresses with healthy and natural movement. Notably, this smells really nice and feels so silky and luxurious! I’ve been rubbing it into my hands and not just my hair because the scent is that good.

The Elujuda Hair Treatment is available locally through Nekderx.


Sunshine in a bottle – the Elujuda Hair Treatment 120ml RRP RM99

Moving on from the hair was an item from another tried & true Japanese lovely – Kanebo.

It’s actually a voucher for a full 75 minute facial at any one of Kanebo’s professional salons (Bangsar/ Starhill/ Gurney Plaza/ The Spring).

Kanebo Intensive Impress Facial 75 Minutes worth RM178

Kanebo Intensive Impress Facial 75 Minutes worth RM198

A little more TLC for hair was found in the bag but this time it was an intensive hair masque from Nioxin.

Now, if you know anything about Nioxin, it’s not a brand that is sold in supermarkets or drugstores and is only available through specialist salons and professional hair product suppliers. The unique specialty of the Nioxin brand lies in their hair products that target problem scalps and specifically, issues of thinning hair.

The product in this bag was a deep repair mask aimed at strengthening the hair at the roots and the shaft. I’ve used Nioxin products before and they’re particularly fantastic for the thin of hair or chemically-treated locks.

Nioxin is from the UK labs of Proctor & Gamble but this was made in Mexico.

Nioxin Deep Repair Mask

Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Mask 150ml RRP RM79

The next product in the special edition bag lead us across the Channel for some French pampering…


A Melvita Pouch!

Would you believe that some deluxe Melvita samples were presented in a bag within the Special Edition bag?!

The Melvita pouch is an eco chic design from this esteemed organic beauty brand and I am a girl who loves bags so I won’t ever complain about having too many bags. After all, at the heart of the Bag of Love’s subscription service is THE BAG and it really is one of the main reasons why I love Bag of Love. Since I discovered Bag of Love, I’ve never been short of bags/ pouches/ purses!


The Nectar Bright set from Melvita RRP RM189

Melvita indulged me here with a four-product brightening set from their Nectar Bright range that is targeted at restoring luster to dull skin. I’m really excited about the chance to try these skincare products from this pioneering French brand. The local beauty scene has been buzzing about Melvita lately and I’m eager to see if it works for me.

There is some further representation from the Gallic quarters with the following eye gel by Lierac.


Lierac Dioptigel 10ml RRP RM80+

From one of my favourite skin care brands from France, the Lierac Dioptigel apparently tones and strengthens the tender skin around the eye to reduce puffiness.

I have a number of Lierac products and already admire how this brand really does create innovative skin care products that help women ‘glow forth’.

Next, Bag of Love crosses the border for a little Italian jaunt via this lovely bar of Violet Soap from Acca Kappa.

The soap even came bagged in its very own signature Acca Kappa drawstring pouch, making it look so much fancier than any ordinary boxed soap! I’ve never owned a soap with its own little pouch before so don’t laugh but can I say that it does feel a little like I’m moving up in the world with this lol.

Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa Violet Soap RRP RM40

Now, Acca Kappa is the ultimate in European toilette and home decor luxury and produce some very exclusive pamper goodies for face, hair, body and home.

Similar perhaps to the classy French Diptyque, Acca Kappa create beauty, home and lifestyle products designed to make you feel loved and luxed from top to toe. They’re also supremely famous around the world for their range of natural bristle hair brushes.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

At this point, you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed but no, it doesn’t quite end here just yet…there are still a couple of more treats coming out of this amazing bag of tricks. I did tell you it was going to be a tough act to follow.

The next product hails from the German labs of Monreo and is an H2O Gel Face Mask to nourish dry skin. I’ve never actually heard of this brand but I’m aware enough of German quality and am game to give this mask a go.


Monreo H2O Gel Mask 50g RRP RM109

And finally, just when I thought this edition could not get any better, I found this at the bottom of my bag.

The closing act is from Levi’s!

Levi's Leather Wallet

Something extraordinary from the folk at Levi’s

Pink Leather

Pink leather! Levi’s Exclusive Purse

The Levi’s wallet came in my favourite colour and it’s made of real leather that’s supple and perfect.

I love it so much I’m going to show you what it looks like on the interior…

A look inside!

A peek inside!

I hope you enjoyed my unbagging of Bag of Love’s massive Special Edition II and if you weren’t able to get this while it was still available or weren’t quite as fortunate as I was to get this bag as a gift from a friend, the good news is that this Bag of Love routinely releases a bunch of Special Edition bags throughout the year.

Speaking of special edition bags, as I was writing this…Mi Mi quite single-handedly shot herself into beauty box ROCKSTARDOM by announcing an AVALANCHE release of special edition Happy Bags featuring Burberry/ Guerlain/ Philosophy items and many more designer beauty brands!!

This was a completely left-field beauty event and might just be one of the most impressive beauty box/ bag releases in the history of subscriptions anywhere in the world. In one fell swoop, Bag of Love outdid just about everyone including itself with this epic launch of not one but SIX themed special edition bags each filled with globally-loved designer beauty products with all selling for much less than the items inside are worth.

Within minutes of the announcement on her Bag of Love facebook page (and in The Sun newspaper too), I can only imagine that this was what was happening across Malaysia…because this was what I was doing at my place…

* eyes popping, jaw dropping, heart palpitating, hands scrambling for virtual wallet *

I dropped everything I was doing right then and there to make sure I got me at least one of these Happy Bag babies. I wanted them all but budget prevailed and I could only choose one so I picked my favourite. Can you guess which? A review of the Happy Bag that won my heart will be up soon on this blog.

Check the Bag of Love Facebook page for details of each Happy Bag if you like and witness how Mi Mi outdid her own Special Edition (the one I have just reviewed here). At the time of finishing this post, I suspect most of the Special Edition Happy Bags are already sold out too.

What a game changer!

Apologies to the competition but I think Mi Mi’s Bag of Love might now be the best beauty subscription in the Universe.

Bag of Love is the ‘Rockstar’ of beauty subscriptions.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself…

Click Here to go to Bag of LoveBag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 regular bags are now only available bi-monthly to Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

Special Edition bags vary. Check regularly/ sign up for notifications to the Bag of Love Facebook page for announcement of release dates and pricing.

The Special Edition II Bag reviewed here was RM239.90.

[Disclaimer: The Bag of Love Special Edition II was gifted to me by a friend. All opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature only. Consider at your own risk. This post contains non-affiliate links for informational purposes.]



  1. omg i love the violet soap bar and the hair oil!!! something that I would love to collect!! so nice of ur fren to send u this…my bf hav try the men was awesome,,i love the scent of everything so when he used it smell so good!!

  2. @ Irean, this really was a great bag. Definitely worth way more than the subscription fee. I think you and I are are such fan girls of Bag of Love. Honestly, I think my heart literally stopped when the Happy Bags release was announced and I had so much trouble deciding which one to buy. Mi Mi keeps on us our toes, that’s for sure!

  3. @ Cindy, this is probably the best Bag of Love I have. It’s just so full of amazing things and yes, the hair oil is to die for. I like it even more than the Nuxe Oil.

  4. This is a very cool concept, too bad they don’t ship in other countries. To me at least, this seems like incredibly good quality (and quantity) for the price. The Acca Kappa soap bar looks pretty luxurious!

  5. @ Sarah, I absolutely agree with you that this is one of the coolest beauty subscriptions around and value-wise and Bag of Love never ceases to amaze me in terms of brands and product selections.
    Bags like this are really turning the beauty bag/ box game around with their generous inclusions of full-sizes and luxury inclusions. I really loved this particular bag. Who knows, Bag of Love might eventually get around to shipping to your part of the world. The alternative is to beauty swap with someone from this part of the world. I’m sure there are many who are ready and willing. Trust me, Malaysian girls love their beauty products and love beauty swapping!

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