Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review and an Unexpected Dilemma!

I was recently gifted a tub of this popular aloe vera gel by Nature Republic and thought I’d review it on my blog to understand why it’s such a hot-selling item from the labs of this Korean brand.

Nature's Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

This product appears to have a massive following. It’s a bestseller on online beauty sites around the world and seems to sell out as soon as it is restocked. Apparently, it’s one of Nature Republic’s signature products and to date, millions of units of these have been sold globally.

According to the friend who lugged this back for me all the way from Korea, this is no joke. She saw first hand how women were hauling this by the dozens with some even resorting to shipping it back in cartons ahead of their own flights home .

In Korea, the beauty shops can do this for you if you bulk buy beauty products and by bulk buy I really mean to say that there are women out there who buy several crates of body gels and hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of face masks in one go.

Wow. I can’t wait to see this phenomenon with my own eyes. A trip to Korea is now on my beauty bucket list!

The Publicity

The Nature Republic Publicity Wrap ~ Oops, I spot a typo!

Before I go straight to the ins and outs of the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel itself, here’s some brief background on natural aloe vera which I found interesting. Bear with me, I’m a bit of a background/ history buff when it comes to beauty ingredients.

The particular strain of aloe vera used in beauty and for oral consumption is a cultivated plant with thick and juicy leaves. The juicy gel-like interior of the stalk-like leaves of aloe vera has for centuries been hailed a botanical miracle and has been used not only topically on skin but ingested as well and is often added raw to drinks for its inherent detoxifying qualities. It is pretty amazing stuff!

It’s also known to the ancient Egyptians as the ‘Plant of Immortality’ simply because of how many amazing uses it has and apparently Cleopatra used it to moisturize her royal skin long before there was the convenience of beauty counters and if it’s good enough for a Queen…well, it’s good enough for the rest of us, right?

Even the Native Americans referred to the aloe vera as the ‘Wand of Heaven’ so there you go, it’s as old as civilisation itself and lauded by many for its lovely natural benefits but mind you, we’re talking about aloe vera straight-up in its pure and natural form.

I loved this article here at How Stuff Works about some more uses for natural aloe vera so that even if you can’t get your hands on the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, you can still grab some actual aloe vera stalks and do some amazing things with it.

Natural Aloe Vera Plant

The Aloe Vera plant is a juicy succulent and famed for its many health benefits.


Anyway, back to what was the original purpose of this post and that is to look at the Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel.

The insightful folk at Nature Republic were obviously also aware of how wonderful aloe vera is and were confident enough to make it a 92% ingredient component in their popular beauty gel which makes it almost pure aloe vera but for the remaining 8%.

Which leads me to ask why should I use this instead of pure aloe vera gel extracted from the plant itself?

I have several aloe vera plants growing abundant in my garden after all. It’s easy enough to pluck, peel and slather.

The only reason I can think of is convenience.

Not everyone has access to fresh aloe vera and while it’s surprisingly a very easy to grow plant, I can’t imagine all people having a garden or plot and the right climate for growing aloe vera in every corner of the world.

Incidentally, it grows well in warmer climes likes ours, is hardy against wind and pests but doesn’t do well at all when temperatures fall to freezing levels. It basically dies at around 28F/ -2 degrees Celsius mark but there’s no fear of that in this country.We’re always so hot, hot, hot here in the tropics!

Discounting Genting, we rarely hit anything below 20 degrees Celsius in our part of the universe. Ever. It’s always that hot here. Really! (Come on over if you want to enjoy Summer all year round!). We sound like a perfect environment for aloe vera growing.

I do believe the Nature Republic product takes out the mess of having to peel your own fresh aloe gel from the stalk which, when raw and unprocessed, tends to be tackier and less handy to keep than the commercial gel.

This is essentially like buying orange juice from the store instead of squeezing your own from the fruit. It’s so much easier even if it is lazier but I do love me a tidy short cut and will gladly pay premium for less mess so I understand the convenience of this packaged gel. It’s also fancier to gift a tub of this Nature Republic gel than hand someone a leaf of aloe vera which might be awkward and hard to gift wrap.

Anyway, the aloe vera content in the Nature Republic formula is certified as being from organic sources by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and Nature Republic also proclaim this formula to be free of parabens, mineral oils and artificial colouring so it isn’t really bad as you think to go commercial in this instance.

Now, given that the Nature Republic formulation doesn’t contain any preservative paraben, I have been keeping my tub of gel in the fridge.

One of my favourite

It’s chronically warm in my part of the world so one of my favourite storage spots for beauty products is in the fridge!

[via Pinterest]

I might be misguided but this is something I like to do with certain beauty products like perfumes, lipsticks and skin creams in particular paraben-free products. I find these tend to deteriorate more quickly in our consistent heat here at the Equator and I believe this helps keep my beauty goodies in top shape and extend their shelf-life in this land of eternal Summers. Correct me if I’m doing it wrong. I’m open to debate or guidance.

For this product, cooling is a particularly nice touch as the gel takes to refrigeration really well and feels even more refreshing and amazingly cool on the skin when applied. You really have to try it for yourself to feel how invigorating this can be on a hot day.

A generous tub

The curious wobbly jelly-like substance looks somewhat like hair gel.

In terms of weight, this has to be by far, one of the heaviest skincare products I own. It’s really solid and bigger than the palm of my hand.

The tub is filled to the brim with the thick jelly-like formula and it’s a generous amount for sure and much bigger and heavier than The Body Shop’s Body Butters. There’s plenty for all over application for a good while.

Unlike the body butters, the gel is not at all greasy. It’s lightweight, spreads on light and easy and leaves no apparent residue or tackiness. It also has a fresh, zesty and pleasing scent that lingers on your skin even after it’s dry and absorbed.

If anything, Nature Republic cannot be accused of skimping on product because this is indeed one massive mother load of product and packs in at a hefty 300ml of gel; the standard and only size that is available in.

Thick and gelationous

Thick and gelatinous, it looks so refreshing!

Now, just when you least suspect it, I’m going to have to throw this curve ball into my critique…it is indeed the elephant in the room as far as reviews of this product are concerned.

Reviews online have been largely of a fan-girl quality and waxing lyrical of this product with all mostly coming short of mentioning the obvious le éléphant!

So, for whatever reason, I’m compelled to go against the grain, get all rebellious and talk elephant because it matters to me personally.

When using this gel, I detected an obvious acerbic note to the formula and what do you know, a quick look at the ingredients confirms the presence of  *gasp* ALCOHOL!

I’m going to leave it to you on whether this bit of ingredient information sits well with you or not but I guess it means that it is obviously not an alcohol-free skin care item and herein lies my own personal dilemma with using this product as a soothing moisturiser.

Is alcohol ever alright in a skincare product particularly one intended to soothe the skin? I’ve always felt that alcohol was a no-no in skincare formulas because it ultimately corrodes the skin of its natural protective barriers. Hmm…

(Psst! For those to whom it will matter, does this essentially mean that it’s not halal?! Please look into this status if this will concern you.)

The Ingredient List

The Ingredient List

Let’s take a closer look…

Oh no! Alcohol!


I bet you didn’t expect to end up here with this review. Nor did I when I first began using this product. I’m afraid I routinely forget to look at the ingredients before I proceed to slather beauty creams all over me. I’m a little hasty like that in that I tend to dig in head first – forgive the lab rat in me.

Honestly, I’m grateful that writing this blog has made me slow down a little in that respect and has forced me to look at beauty products more critically. It has also encouraged me to do more research and do fancy things like read the ingredients list for once even if most of it is still gibberish to me. I should also admit I do it more for your sake than mine.

I know there are already plenty of online reviews of this product herehere and here, for example, telling you how many wonderful ways to use the Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. I’m sure they are all valid and creative but this review won’t do that.

I’m happy to link you to a few of the more popular reviews for all the other stuff but I will be using my review to pose you my little dilemma. A different take if you will. Shall I just use it on my feet instead of my face?

It would be an awful shame to cast this generous gift aside. Especially since it was carried all the way from Korea just for me. Please tell me what I should do?

Paula Begoun, an internationally-regarded examiner of cosmetic ingredients and self-proclaimed Cosmetics Cop had this article, Alcohol in Skin Care, on her website, and it has started to make me think twice about using skincare products containing alcohol. I can’t help but be a little fixated on this issue now that I’ve read her article.

On the other hand, I really do love the way this product feels instantly soothing on my skin, its myriad of amazing multi-functions and dare I say, even the scent; alcohol and all!

I feel so divided about using this product now. I didn’t expect my review to end up so personally contentious for me. Perhaps I should just do what Cleopatra did and that’s to go back to the plant itself. After all, that was fit enough for a queen.

Any ideas, comments, suggestions on this subject are welcome.

POST UPDATE @ September 2014: I wanted to add a link to an article that I think offers the other side of the coin to the alcohol in skincare issue and I think it gives us some additional food for thought in this wholly confusing, ‘Alcohol in Skincare’ debate. Hope it helps!

Why Alcohol in Skin Care is Safe, Despite What Paula Begoun Says by Nicki Zevola

[Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me by a friend. All opinions expressed are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk.]



  1. Oooo I haven’t read about the alcohol issue before! Thank you for pointing it out! Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to steer clear of skincare with alcohol in it, but I’m also beginning to realise that a bit of alcohol works well for my skin because it works as an antiseptic product. The alcohol is pretty close to the top of the ingredients’ list though, so that’s worrying, but if there’s 92% aloe in there, the drying/damaging effects should definitely be tempered a little. I’m not at all against a bit of alcohol in my skincare (or cake) anymore. I was deadly against Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir for that very reason, Alcohol is the second ingredient I think, but I’ve had to eat my words because it’s one of the few things that helps with my recent bout of acne.

  2. I’ve never tried this before, but I have read and heard so many raves about it. I’m actually surprised most people never mention the alcohol content, as it’s plainly written 92% aloe so the remaining 8% ISN’T aloe and most probably chemicals/preservatives. But then again, if it works to soothe the skin, I think that it should be safe enough for use. 😀 Love your review btw, very honest and direct! XD

  3. If I’m not mistaken, there is a clarification about the presence of alcohol in substances that can be used by Muslims. It was mentioned that a certain percent of alcohol in these substances (perfume, makeup) is allowed, which means that it does not affect us Muslims if we wear such substances on our body and then we perform prayers.

  4. @ Arpita, you might be right. Given that there is supposed to be 92% natural aloe gel in this, the alcohol then is only a minor ingredient but I have to say that the scent of this product is quite astringent. I might continue using on other areas of the body/ hair but keep it away from the sensitive skin of my face. Sometimes I overreact lol
    It’s interesting to hear you say that a little bit of alcohol is doing your skin favours but the words of Paula Begoun are haunting me!

  5. @ Laura, thanks for the compliment! I have to admit that I can get myself worked up sometimes over the details but I have to say that I am having trouble understanding the concept of soothing the skin with alcohol. But as you say, it has to be only less than 8% if the claims about the aloe content are accurate.

    Curiously though, the moisturising/ soothing qualities of this product for me seems to be only been temporary and superficial. The gel really does feel refreshing and great on immediate application but the sensation soon dissipates once it is dry. I find I still need to follow up with another product that’s more emollient. Again, this might just be an issue I have with my own skin.

  6. @ Mieza, I’m so glad you left this comment! There’s really so little I understand about this area but I’m happy to know that a happy medium exists regarding this matter so that muslims can use the plethora of beauty products available on the market. Thanks for shedding some light on this for me.

  7. omg i didn’t realize this until you pointed it out..but im a big fan and it does soothes my skin and now when i sit down and think thoroughly yes it only soothes your skin when u first apply it but when you wait for a while it actually evaporate mayb bcos of the alcohol content but I can’t be sure on this…but it does bother me bcos i hate cream n greasy product…but now knowing it contain alcohol i might rethink whether I shud use it again!!

    I am not so particular in my skin care ingredient honestly..but now slowly i look into the ingredient before I start buying them and had rejected many product becos of some ingredient…but sometime i wonder how far these ingredient can harm us as so many people has been using it over the years….doubting…

  8. @ Cindy, I know exactly what you mean. It can get crazy when you start to analyse all the ingredient details of a product and I’m also wondering if I’m overthinking this. The Paula Begoun article got me started in wondering how bad alcohol really is on my skin hence my dilemma with this product that is meant to be soothing and derived from aloe but also contains alcohol. So confusing!

  9. I haven’t used this before but my brother (yes brother) bought back from Taiwan during his recent trip. I know he doesn’t use this on his face, but on body which is dry, with cuts or any insect bites. 🙂

  10. I have been using this product for a year now…It is very hydrating.. i burnt my hand once when i was cooking and i applied this gel on my stopped the was cooling..and it stopped my hand from swelling up..its the next best thing to the actual plant

  11. @ Windchimes83, treating minor burns is another interesting use for this gel. Thanks for sharing and you know what, if you’ve been using it for a year with no obvious issues then that’s great user feedback. I have decided to keep using it – but on the body and not on my face. Seems such a shame to waste a product that everyone seems to wax lyrical about.

  12. @ Irene, hello!
    To be honest, I have decided to avoid using this product on my face at all because I am finding it is a bit more astringent and drying than what I like from my face products. I also find that while it goes on instantly refreshing it does smell a little harsh (like alcohol actually) and after it dries, feels somewhat drying on my skin – I have sensitive combination skin with an oily t-zone and random dry patches *sobs*.

    If you’re not sure about whether this product is suitable for your skin, I would suggest you consult a dermatologist for case-specific advice regarding this product and the ingredients it is made of.

    Sincere apologies for not being of more help but I can only speak from my own personal experience of this product.

  13. hye. thank you for uploading picture of NR aloevera gel’s main ingredients. i’ve been looking allover the place for it. i see, it contains TEA.. ive heard it has moderate concern on overall hazard n cancer. btw, theres a product of Fruit of The earth, aoevera 100% gel, and it has lesser ingredients than NR; plus it contains no alcohol and paraben-free too ^_^

  14. @ Niz, you’re welcome! Glad to be of help. Thanks for your ‘Fruit of the Earth’ recommendation. I haven’t heard of this brand but I’ll look into it now.

  15. Hi 🙂 i just bought 2 tubs of NR aloevera gel today and then i come across this article of yours. Feeling kind of regret now as i didn’t do enough research of it before i purchase.. Seems like you’re very careful when it comes to choosing beauty products. Is there any products that impressed you that you can introduce to us?

  16. @ Ivy, hello! Aw, don’t feel too bad about your purchase. This product actually does have a tonne of fans worldwide and a great many uses but it’s just not something I would personally apply to the skin on my face because I am ultra sensitive and prone to breakouts and peeling. I’m not going to waste my tub and am keeping my tub for my knees and elbows 🙂
    You are right though, I am a bit obsessed with doing research before I buy but that’s only because my skin is so sensitive. The irony is that a lot of people think drugstore products aren’t great but I’ve found many wonderful products that have been good for my skin there. One of my current pharmacy faves is the brand Cetaphil. It’s really gentle and I’ve been using their cleanser and moisturiser regularly. Just goes to show, one doesn’t have to look very far for good skincare.

  17. I daringly applied a thin layer of it all over my face and left it overnight yesterday, well it doesn’t cause negative effects, but also i didn’t feel refreshed or moisturized like what others claims to be. Maybe i need to give it time but i’ve decided not to use it on my face anymore~
    I applied it on my elbows and knees too as well as my foot soles because the condition of my soles are really bad, cracking dead skin and all, and it seems to have immediate effects on this area. I used it on my feet for one whole day and their condition improves. I feel so happy to discover this use of it although it’s a bit weird to use it on feet when other people use it as face masks.. Also, rumor has it that it can fade scars, so i’m testing it on my scars too. 😛
    Alright i’ve decided to give my nearest pharmacy a visit tomorrow 🙂 And also i’ll definitely look into Cetaphil. Thank you for your suggestions. They’re very helpful. 🙂

  18. @ Ivy, you’re welcome and thanks for sharing your own experience of the NR Aloe Vera Gel!
    Surely, there’s nothing wrong with taking products and re-purposing them for other uses. Of course, it’s only common sense to proceed with caution if you’re planning on putting something in the eyes or mouth.
    Some of my very tried and true products were never meant to be used as I have been using them.
    As for the Cetaphil cleanser, I did look at the ingredients list for you and unfortunately it does contain ‘Cetyl Alcohol’…but it is a really, really mild cleanser with no perceptible astringent scent or effect. The best part is that I’ve had no problems with it on the very sensitive skin on my face at all and it has actually helped control my often flaking and inflamed areas. This product was actually prescribed to me by a dermatologist who I saw when I was going through a particularly rough episode with the skin on my face but it’s available at most drugstores. It’s not fancy at all and is quite modest and clinical but it’s quite affordable as far as skin care goes and has become one of the core products in my skin care regime now. The only downside is that while it is very emollient (but non-greasy) for the dry areas of my skin it does nothing to remove or control oil as the cetyl alcohol component means that this cleanser has more of a lubricating/ moisturising/ softening effect on the skin.

  19. I have bought this gel from mydeal and started applying on my face, neck and body…feeling so refreshing as I store them in the fridge. No negative effect so I guessed it works well on me. Thank you for sharing this product SG as I did viewed the reviews before purchasing them.

  20. @Ean, you’re welcome! I really do believe that beauty products work differently for different skin types so I strive to recognise that when I review a product. Thank you for adding your feedback to the discussion. I value everyone’s experiences because it helps us all understand a product more.

  21. Thanks for sharing. Indeed, I try to use products that do not have alcohol. I almost jumped into the wagon to get this product as well but with alcohol, no matter with or no paraben, I will try not to use it. The alcohol generally gives you the ‘cooling/soothing’ effect so its a little bit fake to me. Also, not to be a super critique, but it seems quite the same as those aloe vera gel I used to relieve sun burnt, nothing much new here I felt.

  22. @ freakzspeaks, you’re welcome!
    I’m personally still divided by the alcohol issue in beauty products and strive to use products that are free of it but I’ve realised that there are many products that do contain alcohol that seem to be doing alright for my skin – my Cetaphil cleanser being one of them.
    I then get into a panic when I re-read that Paula’s Choice article I linked in the post.
    I agree, this NR gel does seem to be nothing more than your standard aloe gel which then makes me think that I should probably get the aloe straight from the natural source being that it grows so well here at the Equator anyway.
    It’s interesting that this gel has such a cult following though.

  23. @ Jacqueline: You’re welcome! Do try this and let me know how it fares for you if you have the time.

  24. @ Michelle: Personally, I find this a bit astringent for my sensitive skin and am not using this product on my face – only the body. To be honest, I’m not sure about its suitability for children under two. I would recommend products specifically stating that they are suitable for anyone under two because of the sensitive nature of baby’s skin.
    It’s worth noting that it doesn’t specifically say that this product is safe for children on the packaging for this Nature Republic aloe vera gel but you may want to consider getting some advice from a pharmacist or doctor regarding this gel’s ingredients, just in case. Apologies for not being of much help.

  25. @ XP: Based on the properties of natural aloe vera, I do feel that this product is marketed as a rehydration/ moisturising product but I think there are many better moisturising products out there and personally, I feel thid doesn’t quite deliver the qualities that I am looking for in a moisturiser. \
    In addition to that, I also don’t feel it is in any way emollient at all to prevent skin from becoming dry so no, I don’t think it acts a moisture retention product either.

    Granted, there is an instant soothing and cooling effect on application but the sensations are quite short-lived as the product seems to evaporate away too soon to provide any long term relief to dry skin.

    Really, beyond the initial comfort on contact, this product hasn’t really improved the hydration of my skin for the long term but provides some decent momentary comfort. Of course, this is just my personal opinion and this product has many, many fans around the world who do love to use it as a moisturiser. By the way, my tub is an original unit that was purchased for me at a Nature Republic store in Seoul, Korea. I understand there are also fake units in circulation around Asia so be careful.

  26. hi, so i’m finding some products that contains no parabens or at least, less chemical contains and i’ve found NR. but then i’m found this topic and i’m scared to use it..could u please suggest me any product that contain less chemical ing?

  27. @ Naina lela: I think whether your comfortable with a product containing alcohol is a personal choice and I regularly use a Cetaphil cleanser which also contains a lubricating alcohol. It’s just that I’m not personally a fan of this NR Aloe Vera Gel myself because I prefer a more emollient product.
    Here’s a link to a webshop that specialises in many organic brands of skincare and it might be helpful for you if you want products that are more natural. Apparently, they also ship worldwide. Hope this helps.

  28. @ Chen: While I personally do enjoy using many Korean skincare and beauty products, I might have to agree with you on your point – it does seem that nothing does beat the goodness of the fresh aloe vera plant itself. In its natural state, it’s even good enough to eat!
    That said, while the plant grows like grass in my part of the world, I imagine products like these are more convenient where aloe doesn’t naturally grow.

  29. my friend also love to use this product. btw,alcohol is widely use in cosmetic products because it evaporates faster and give off cooling effect. maybe it’s one of the reason the gel cools ours skin. however idk if it is permitted in Islam.

    and i love your review!

  30. @ chopper: Thank you for your compliment and visiting my blog!
    Your point about alcohol in many beauty products is absolutely true and yes, the presence of it does impart a nice (albeit temporarily) cooling sensation too the skin.
    Curiously, it has been a while since I wrote this blog post and on a personal front, I find that I now have a greater ideological tolerance to the presence of alcohol in beauty products because I have come to appreciate how it works in some of my favourite skincare products (e.g. my Alpha Liquid Gold chemical exfoliate – love, love it!).
    Exfoliates and alcohol aside, I’d still prefer to use a moisturiser that is less astringent than this one. I find this product a little bit too zesty on the skin for my liking.
    As for your comment about whether alcohol is permitted for use by Muslims, I honestly can’t say but one of my readers did comment here that there was a guideline permitting the minimal presence of alcohol in beauty or medical products.
    I would say that your best bet would be to check with a relevant religious authority to clarify the matter.

  31. Hey there, I have extremely dry skin and my skin had been improving thanks to products such as these. Previously I used a malaysian brand aloe vera gel and it opened up the door for my aloe vera craze for me personally. I went on to buy this because it was so raved and talked about everywhere. The price point is also one of the things I love about it, it’s so dang affordable and with that amount, I have been using it since I think March this year and I am only halfway through and I use this weekly as a hydrating mask as well mind you. In my own humble experience with this product, I absolutely love it. I put this on after my serum and toner. It’s so refreshing to use. Perhaps this is because i’ve never tried the pure aloe vera and since I love this stuff maybe it’s time I plant one of these things myself. But for now, this is great as it is convenient. Also I don’t experience any dryness at all after my application of this product. In fact to my face it feels slightly tacky. But maybe because I put so much of this product on my face. My personal experience with alcohol, I think as long as it’s very minimal I think there’s no harm in it, of course everyone’s skin is different. I’m sorry u aren’t able to use this on your face but I went through the thread and you realised that a little alcohol in your skincare is not that bad. I’m curious if you’ve tried it again on your face and if you did how did you find it, the second time around?

  32. @ Lany Zabidin: Thank you for sharing your experience of this product! I’m actually glad my review has generated such a wide berth of experiences and attitudes to alcohol in skincare and everyone has been so kind to share here.
    I wrote this review quite some time ago and have been at two minds since about alcohol in my beauty products but I think as time has worn on I am leaning towards the OKAY camp mainly because I am spotting alcohol components in at least half of my beauty stash.
    I have also been using a product that seems to be very high in alcohol content but it has really worked with my skin. I’d like to post a review about that soon so if you are interested – do look out for it.
    However, as for my feelings toward this product – the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel – I think my original feeling stands. For some reason, I’m not a fan of the scent or gel texture at all and the alcohol just seems much too obvious in it. I know this product has cult status but I’m just not very excited about it, I’m afraid. I guess I have way too many other skincare products to work through but who knows, our paths might cross again.
    I barely made a dent in my jar but good for you if you love it! We are all different and we should love what works best for our skin. By the way, I have an oily T-Zone and normal cheeks.
    Anyway, there is one Nature Republic product that I am interested in trying again and that’s the Hydrogel Snail Mask. I need to get my hands on that.

  33. I bought a NR aloe Vera 92% soothing gel because my facial extremely dry and sensitive. I used to apply body shop day cream before. But I don’t know why I start allergy to even body cream. So I tried to use baby cream. It’s not helpful.I also even applied honey on my face. I feel a bit better but still dry. Finally I think about aloe Vera that will be helpful but I am too lazy to wash and take out gel from the plant. So I decided to buy aloe Vera gel 92% from NR and directly apply on my face . After one week, I feel like my face skin became like baby skin. I can’t even count how many time I try to touch my face and smile. Now my skin is no more sensitive and I can even use any cream now. I m thinking to apply to my son , 5 months old cause he got eczema. Dermatologist prescribed steroid which leave baby skin with white patches , antihistamine oral suspension & immunosuppressant which may lead to skin cancer not recommended for under 2 years. Now I decided to apply NR to my baby which has not strong side effects like above medicine. After applying gel, he stops scratching and didn’t feel ichy at all. His skin became cold. His skin used to be hot all the time and his face is always red. So I don’t mind alcohol if it is benifical for me & my little one. I only believe on my experience not even dermatologist.

  34. @ wai zin I’m impressed to hear that you’ve had such an amazing personal experience with this product.
    Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to add to this discussion.
    Just goes to show that product performance can differ greatly according to skin type and that it’s best to keep an open mind.

  35. SG I totally agree with u that product performance works differently according to skin type. NR products is working on my skin & my son skin according to my experience. I didn’t mention that It works on every skin type. Of course, it is the best to keep an open mind all the time without relying only website, reviews and etc. Try it and will know how product will react on the skin.

  36. SG I totally agree with u that product performance works differently according to skin type. NR products is working on my skin & my son skin according to my experience. I didn’t mention that It works on all skin type. Of course, it is the best to keep an open mind all the time without relying only website, reviews and etc. Try it and will know how product reacts on the skin. If doubt about product alcohol %,
    First Apply pure alcohol on the skin and feel it
    Second Apply Aloe Vera gel from plant on the skin and feel it
    Finally apply NR 92% Aloe Vera gel on the skin and feel it.
    So might guess roughly how many % of alcohol & aloe Vera gel contain
    I hope it will be helpful.

  37. @ wai zin: I’m grateful to you for sharing your experience here and I’m sure that any one reading this post and its comments will be interested in hearing about experiences from real people. I’m truly glad you have found something that works for you and your son. It’s a really good feeling when that happens, I agree!
    You have reminded me that I should perhaps give this product another chance so I think I will grab a tub and try again.
    I know there have been times that I’ve initially hated a product only to come back to it later and find that my skin and has changed and that it now suits me. Never say never!

  38. @Wai Zin: Thanks for the tip! I’ve finally reconciled myself with the alcohol in beauty products mainly because I found another product I really, really love and it seems to be doing wonders to my skin but it’s even more astringent and “alcoholic”. So, this is me, eating my words *embarrassed*
    I might post a review on that soon.

  39. Hai SG, its very nice for me to know your blog. Unfortunately, I just bought this NR aloe vera shooting gel from Althea yesterday before read you blog. Little bit dilemma after reading your blog hahahaa. I am a muslim and there is alcohol ingredient in this product. Make my dilemma bigger. Btw, there are so many aloe vera shooting gel and I found holika holika aloe 99% shooting gel after buying this NR product. look like convicing but I dont know the ingredients on it

  40. @ Widya: Thank you for leaving a comment! I think how much alcohol both your beliefs and your skin can tolerate really is a personal choice. I can’t say I know anything at all about how much alcohol is acceptable for a Muslim but you might have some luck googling the topic. That said, what I’ve realised in my beauty products journey is that many, many products contain some incarnation of “alcohol” and it’s very hard to avoid unless a product shouts it out that it is alcohol-free on its packaging.
    The Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel still isn’t my favourite product and I feel there are better moisturising products in the market that offer more than just a flash of relief to my combination/ senstitive skin so I can’t personally recommend it. For my face, I am currently using Laneige Sleeping Mask and the Quantum Energy Nano Drop and I like these both a lot. In fact, the latter is my new favourite. I might review that one day.
    Thanks again for stopping by, Widya!

  41. Hello! I bought 5 tubs of this because its usually out of stock after few weeks. Do you think its okay to keep all of it in the fridge or only the one that i opened. Im not sure if theres a long term negative effects if i keep it in the fridge for a long time. Thanks!

  42. @ Jeff: Wow, 5 tubs is a lot. You must really love it! Anyway, while the fridge would probably help keep some skincare products stay in better condition than at room temperature, it still doesn’t equate to indefinite preservation. Inevitably, all skincare products will eventually break down, whether they are kept in the fridge or not.
    So, while I think refrigeration will help your 5 tubs stay nice and cool for use, my recommendation is to try and use your aloe vera gels up before their Use By dates. It’s just not worth the risk to use expired products on your skin, I feel.

  43. Really depends on what kind of alcohol they used here, if it is fatty alcohols, which is usually used as emollients and thickeners in skin-care products, then this can be beneficial for dry skin.

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