The Lilac Box 6

Beauty subscriptions have completely rocked my little beauty world – I am loving all the amazing beauty products I’ve been able to try since I first discovered them way back in May of last year. Getting regular beauty samples makes me feel so special and pampered!

For some reason, however, this latest The Lilac Box release was a controversial edition that left the pundits divided. Some loved it while others took to Facebook to express their disappointment.

The Lilac Box was pretty in pink. Love the button detail!

TLB6 – ready to unbox.

Call me easily pleased if you will but I thought TLB 6 was a fun box with lots of lovely new things to try. Personally, it was a fantastic edition of new finds and I think this gave it character.

The products included were from brands that I have not tried before so I think it really tapped into what a beauty sample box should fundamentally be – new products with the potential to become winners and perhaps find a place in my daily beauty regime.

The Lilac Box was pretty in pink this time. I love the cute button detail! This is one of the reasons I love my Lilac Boxes – the indulgent packaging always make me feel like I’m getting a special gift each time and it doesn’t even have to be my birthday.

I only wish they would release boxes more often but I think the 3 Guys at The Lilac Box try really hard to curate the very best for each edition and I guess good things take time.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my unboxing of TLB 6 edition…and it has me puzzled as to why some didn’t like it.

A little missive from The 3 Guys at The Lilac Box

The little missive from The 3 Guys at The Lilac Box.

TLB6 came with a lovely deluxe tube of whitening product by StriVectin. The anti-pigmentation and brightening formula comes in a handy pump dispenser even in this sample size. I love pump dispensers because they’re much more hygienic than little tubs or tubes of cream.

The Strivectin

The Strivectin Photo-White Booster Serum

Contrary to what people outside of Asia believe, it’s a common misunderstanding that Asians use whitening products so that we can appear more white and Western. I always laugh out loud when I hear this claim because it really isn’t true for me or my Asian friends.

For the record and as an girl of Asian extraction myself, I use whitening products to curb the spotting that comes with ageing so that my skin can appear more radiant. Whitening products help combat the skin’s natural tendency to develop unsightly pigmentation patches that can comes with ageing and sun-worn skin so for me, it’s really all about trying to stay youthful, clear and radiant and has nothing to do with wanting to be Western.

Any conclusion that I use whitening products in order to tamper with my natural born race is ridiculous. I’m happy with who I am and I completely respect my ethnic origins but I just hope to be a more radiant version of me. Is there something wrong with not wanting to be patchy and dull-skinned?!

Next up, the hair people at Kerastase had a double cameo in TLB 6 with the next two products.

Firstly, there was a soothing calming masque for the hair and scalp.

Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm 75ml

Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermo-Calm 75ml

This product is meant for all hair types and is meant to be kind enough for sensitive scalps. I’m glad it’s a scalp-friendly formulation because we all know hair health actually starts with the scalp and not the hair itself so I have to love a product that sets out to calm and cure the scalp.

It also smells really nice and fresh and is a pretty marine blue. I feel calm just looking at the lovely colour of this masque.

The sea blue

The formula’s a calm sea blue. I like it already.

The second Kerastase product was a bonus inclusion because it was Valentine’s month and the TLB boys and the lovelies at Kerastase dropped in a hair product for the men in our lives.

Kerastase Homme

Kerastase Homme Capital Force Daily Treatment Shampoo 80ml

This was a deluxe sample that smells just like a clean man ought…unfortunately for me, the only men I know come from caves and bother only to wash when I demand it.

This inclusion was really thoughtful of TLB and Kerastase but cavemen and beauty products don’t mix so I would have preferred another product for me in this instance because now I’ll have to try and convince a stubborn man why this is a much superior option to a mouldy bar of hotel soap. My work never ends!

The bottle’s a bit of a mess to uncap and recap but other than that it is a very generous sample at 80ml and should last about three or four lathers.


The TLB 6 sample ~Balmain Eau D’Ivoire 2ml

The original bottle looks like this

Balmain Eau D’Ivoire

The Balmain Eau D’Ivoire turned out to be a lovely, feminine fragrance and I’m grateful for the Lilac Box introduction. It’s a gently floral, soft and lightweight perfume. There’s a slight powdery accent to it but this isn’t offensive and I can really see myself wearing this elegant fragrance on a day when I am dressed to the nines in something pink and fluffy. I usually give away any fragrance samples but I’ll keep this one.

Kniepp Stress Free Bath

Kneipp Stress Free Bath 20ml

I suspected that much that The Lilac Box would include something from this German brand, Kneipp, as there were almost daily hints leading up to the release of TLB 6.

I’ve never heard of this brand but it is a curiosity and the logo image of an old man (the founder?) lends some heritage to the brand.

Now, a quick Google of the brand name reveals that there was a Bavarian priest by the name of Sebastian Kneipp who was a founder of naturopathic remedies involving natural and holistic water and bath therapies in Germany.

The Kneipp brand here pays homage to that man and the company’s philosophies are still guided by the principles of Sebastian Kneipp’s work and passion for curative bath treatments hence the cameo of Kneipp himself on the logo.

There is a local Kneipp Facebook page if you’re looking for more localised information on this brand.

Now somewhat controversially, subscribers were sent varying Kniepp products and this led to dismay and bath envy for some but you know what, that’s just life. Really, as long as I’m not getting a paltry sachet while everyone else is getting a deluxe bottle then I’m not irked.

I have to say that I think I’m really going to love the Kneipp Stress Free Bath gel I found in my Lilac Box. Others were not so happy with the outcome of their Kneipp lucky dip but I think I’m pretty pleased with my draw this time.

A minor technicality is that I don’t actually have a bath tub but I’m going to innovate and use it somehow. Even if it means I’ll have to ladle this stuff out of a water/ gel mixture from a bucket in my shower because I love the bright and invigoratingly zesty scent of this orange-scented bath product.


Algotherm – an anti-ageing power duo.

As I get older, I find I’m welcoming all anti-ageing products with open arms and these Algotherm samples for plumping and reviving ageing skin are no exception. I only wish they were a little bigger but I remind myself that this is a sample box and these are sample sizes so I’m okay with this.

Perhaps we’re starting to forget what a beauty box is. We’ve been indulged and delighted by all the dizzying choices available to us from the beauty subscription world and it’s getting more and more difficult to be thrilled by the contents of a box that might have had us, in the earlier days of beauty box editions, dazzled.

There’s also a drug-like effect to beauty subscriptions – where the capacity to be thrilled requires an ever larger hit.

To be to be fair, fifty bucks really doesn’t buy a lot by way of top-notch beauty products in this day and age so we should try and be realistic as to what is fair to expect from a beauty box. Full-sizes of premium beauty goodies are fantastic but they should be considered more a bonus than a norm. I’m happy enough to find that a box delivers the promised minimum of 5-6 new and interesting deluxe samples.

And let’s not forget that for the price of what is essentially a drugstore cream or lipstick, we’re actually getting access to a whole bunch of new beauty brands and products carefully wrapped up in awesome gift packaging and sent directly to our doors. It doesn’t get better than that.

When I was away in Hong Kong, I found that the very sample sizes we were getting for a song in our beauty boxes here were being sold at pretty high prices in almost every beauty shop across the island. Hong Kong cosmetic counters tend not to be as generous with their handing out of brand samples so this has spawned a secondary beauty industry of cosmetic sample selling. Almost every beauty shop (SaSa, Bonjour, Colormix, random discount outlets…) had a wall/ bin of deluxe samples for sale.

And, as I observed, not many samples were below RM30 with most averaging at RM50-RM60 a unit and above. Note that these are only deluxe miniatures so really, the fact that we’re getting 5-6 deluxe samples in one of our local beauty boxes here for the one ticket price of Rm50 or below is an absolute bargain.

The Lilac Box has been one of the few subscriptions that I’ve been really pleased with and now only one of the two that I’m consistently subscribed to ( the other being Bag of Love). I can’t wait for the next box! Bring it on, boys!

Discover The Lilac Box for yourself…

The Lilac Box

The Lilac Box

The Lilac Box Facebook

The Lilac Box Website

{Disclosure: This is not a sponsored or brand affiliated post. The Lilac Box 6 was paid for by me and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Consider at your own risk}



  1. I have the same items like your box and I’m loving it too! Especially The Balmain Eau D’Ivoire sample really suits me I love it alot! Also the hair mask smells really really good…oh my~ 😀

  2. Wonderful review as always, and I do think you’re right to some extent about us being spoiled and thus unable to appreciate what comes our way. I did love the Kneipp oil I got, and I’m definitely going to end up buying the full size!

  3. @ Arpita, despite the fact they have more brands, wider ranges of colours and earlier releases, beauty products in Hong Kong were mostly steeply priced and I think it is wiser to shop locally or online. I think we have a good thing going here. We should embrace our lucky lot.

  4. @ Irean, yay! So glad to hear you loved your box too. This was a great box in my opinion and I think I really do love almost every item in it – even the scent of the Kerastase Homme product! I’m quite impressed by the fragrance sample. Lilac Box went pink this time and I love it more with the pink ribbon and inner wrap, don’t you?

  5. Yes! I love anything that comes with pink ^^ This is my first box actually and thanks to a friend that she helps me to get this box and re-deliver them to me as thelilacbox is not available to EM yet. I think I’m going to get Box 7 too!

  6. @ Irean, you are right, The Lilac Box don’t ship to EM yet! What a shame but good on you for being a good sport and such a dedicated ‘beautyista’ to get around that silly limitation. They really should do something about this because we don’t want to leave East Malaysians out. It’s not fair!
    You bet I’ll be in for TLB7 too. My crazy subscription addiction means I’ll be at the front of that queue 😉

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