Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Raven Review

Despite the fact that there is probably a global majority of dark-haired women worldwide, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it has been for me to find a realistic brow shade to suit something as basic as naturally black hair.

That’s why I feel extremely lucky to have found this brow powder by Joey Healy during one of my Luxola hauls. It’s the stuff of dreams!

The Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Raven delivers a dark but softy natural-looking pigment that allows me to sculpt brows to suit my dark, undyed hair.


Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder

Created by celebrity ‘Brow Architect’ and MUA, Joey Healy, this luxury brow powder is a true blessing for us naturally raven-haired gals who have been hankering for a dark but realistic brow shade that contains none of the undesirable auburn, ashy blonde or worse, plum nuances that seem to invade so many of the other brow powders on the market.

Nor is Raven made so harsh and inky that I look like I am sporting a dreaded black-caterpillars-above-the-eyes look. In so far as brow powders go, I really do think this is my new favourite and might possibly the next best thing to growing my own arched queue of perfect brow hairs (which in my life is about as likely as never hence the absolute necessity of brow powder).

Let me tell you that at one point in my life, I was desperate enough to resort to using matte eye shadows in various smoky shades for my brow filling needs because I simply did not feel there was anything adequate in the stores for dark brows.

And surprisingly, even here in Asia where black-haired women are the natural majority, the odds of finding a truly natural brow colour completely absent of unwanted undertones is strangely not that much better.

For example, while the Japanese make fabulously cutting-edge eyeliner formulas of HG quality, I have found that many of their brow shades are a no-go zone for me because Japanese women all seem to dye their hair so their brow products happily reflect their blonde and auburn preferences. Even when dark, their brow colours often contain nods to blonde, red or are simply too warm-toned to match my flat black hair.


Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Raven – a wonderful light but ashy shade with no reds.

Now, sitting at a cold RM100 (above USD30) for a single pan of product, there’s no denying that this Joey Healy brow powder leans toward the pricier end of the spectrum but if you can hold out long enough for one‘s frequent flash sales then you will be kindly rewarded.

Luxola often holds sales throughout the year and there is a very high chance of catching this product at anywhere from 25-35% Off the RRP.

Don’t settle for the standard 15% and 20% Off offers via affiliate links – trust me on this – wait for Luxola’s 25% Off and more promotions and it will be worth your while. You can join their facebook page to be updated on news of any sales.

Notably, even if you have friends in the States and are able to get this directly from the Joey Healy website it will still set you back a cool USD28 a compact (before adding domestic shipping) so Luxola is still my best bet for getting a good local deal on this item.

Recently, in what was a blink-and-miss-it moment, I even spotted this beloved Raven on Luxola last week for a rare and phenomenal 50% Off as part of a Luxola London Fashion Week promotion so yes, it’s absolutely well worth stalking this item on Luxola until the price is right.

At the expense of having barely there brows for just about forever, I personally caved in to Luxola at the 25% Off point and paid RM75 for mine rather than risk it being Sold Out which often happens with their best stock.

Raven is an ashy charcoal perfect for Asians wanting a natural brow to go with their undyed hair

Raven is a non-red, ashy charcoal perfect for Asians wanting a realistically natural brow filler to go with our naturally dark hair colour.

In terms of packaging, each Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder is housed in a clear windowed compact and is a single circular cake of matte powder that’s a generous 1.5 inches in diameter. As a nice touch, each compact also comes with its own chic but tiny black faux leather drawstring pouch.

The pouch adds a little luxury to the whole package but that probably should be expected considering that there are plenty of cheaper brow powders around.

Shade-wise, however, nothing has come as close to satisfying my ashy needs as well as this Joey Healy in Raven so until I find a rare other that is significantly better, this will be my new brow pal. That said, I have yet to try out a brow powder by my beloved Becca that I picked up in Australia and am eager to see how that compares with this. Review out soon.

The Luxe Brow Powder can be used dry and with a light hand for a soft and natural result or applied with a wet brush to produce stronger statement brows. Like all good cosmetic products, the colour is eminently buildable so you can easily go from a soft smoke to a stronger charcoal depending on your desired look. I like to use it dry and sparingly so that the resulting brow is softly ashy and understated.

Raven Swatches:

Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder in Raven: Dry swatches from light to heavy – the matte & buildable colour formula enables you to create the natural-look brow you desire.

Colour-aside, the Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder is a quality formula of finely milled pigments that are long wearing and smudge-proof. Personally, I’ve managed to achieve a full day’s wear without needing to touch-up.

Be aware, however, that used dry this has tended to produce more fallout than some of the other brow powders I’ve used before. The looseness of the pigment is obvious when swiping the pan with your brush but I actually think this might be intentional and is perhaps key to the very natural and feathery final look of this product on your brows. According to the brand tag that came with this product , Joey Healy created this Luxe Brow Powder collection to flawlessly mimic the look of real hair and I really think he managed to achieve it with this formula.

To minimise fallout to the skin outside of the brow area, I find that a light tapping of my brush against the side of the pan helps remove any excess product on the brush’s bristles. This seems to do the job of eliminating the problem of the excess powder getting to places on the face where it shouldn’t be. Easy.

To create a natural look, I would suggest starting with a light hand to the pan with your brush tip and working gradually to build colour on the brow. Thankfully, this is a largely foolproof product and, combined with a brow brush of decent quality and some basic fine-motor skills, there isn’t any reason not to make this product work for you.

In terms of economics, a little does go a long way and given the generous pan size this single cake of brow powder should last me a good while.

And, if the Raven shade doesn’t do it for you, the good news is that the Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder also comes in the following equally natural and versatile shades for anyone with blonde to deep brunette locks-:

  • Corduroy – a rare taupe absent of red nuances designed to produce a natural brow finish on women with blonde to lightly brunette locks.
  • Tobacco – is a rich but natural deep chocolate colour for true brunettes that is again absent of that dastardly red pigment that seems to haunt most chocolately brow products the world over.
  • Equestrian – is a rustic earthy alternative for redheads and strawberry blondes that is also absent of any brash and brassy red.
Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder comes in 4 flattering shades

Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder comes in 4 flattering shades. Clockwise from top left; Corduroy, Tobacco, Equestrian and Raven.


The brow maestro himself, celebrity brow architect, Joey Healy.

The brow maestro himself, Celebrity Brow Architect, Joey Healy.


Finally, since we’re all about brows today, I found these tips from the Brow Maestro himself and wanted to share them with you here-:

How To Shape Your Eyebrows: Expert Tips From Joey Healy

Beauty Beat: Joey Healy + the Brow Lab = Fabulous Brows

The Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder is available regionally through Luxola.

(Luxola ships to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, United Arab Emirates and Brunei – Free Shipping is available but terms and conditions vary between countries. Check with Luxola for offers related to your country.)

Luxola Facebook Malaysia


check with Joey Healy’s official web shop for other stockists near you…


Joey Healy Website

Joey Healy Facebook

[Disclaimer: The Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder was purchased by me for personal use. All links contained herein are informational and non-affiliate. All opinions expressed are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk]



  1. Brow Powders seem to be all the rage now, I’ve been tempted to outline my brows occasionally but they seem to come out all wrong and way too severe .. so nowadays i just thread them and leave them be….. cant wait to see how Joey Healy’s little pan of magic works on you ShopGirl 🙂

  2. @ Hey Sharon! How are you? I’m so envious, you’re lucky that you can work with your own natural brow hairs but my own thin and sparse arches make fillers an absolute necessity.
    The Joey Healy Luxe Brow Powder is the most natural product I’ve found for my hair colour yet so yes, it’s my current love. It really can produce a brow that is a lot less severe or oddly toned than a lot of other brow products I’ve tried.
    Now, the only thing I need to work on is my own brow sculpting skills which still leave a lot to be desired.

  3. @ Sarah, did I ever tell you I love your blog name – ‘Smallnhot Sarah’? It’s cute – just like you. Anyway, you are absolutely right, this brow powder is expensive and at first I didn’t want to spend this amount for just a pan of brow powder but the ‘natural look’ promise reeled me in eventually and I do think it delivers so no regrets.
    I believe the price is about double the price of my last brow powder but it’s so much better without the weird auburn undertones that used to bother me about my old product.
    Such a shame that it is pricey but I’d rather buy one thing I will use everyday than lots of things I won’t finish.

  4. Hi SG,

    I totally feel you. You know, I used to keep my fringe long enough to cover my eyebrows so that I can skip a step – shaping my thin, uneven shape, sparse brows. That was until Samia introduced me to ‘Too Faced Brow Envy – Brow Shaping & Defining Kit’.

    It comes with eyebrow stencils, 2 powder shades (which can be combined for a close-to-natural effect), tweezer, settling wax, pencil, highlighter and mini brushes. They are perfect for a makeup noob like me. My favourite so far but I’m definitely keeping an eye for the next Luxola’s Sale to get myself a Joey Healy too 🙂

    xX, Laura

  5. @ Hi Laura! Well, let’s drink to to thin brows and all the very best fillers from here to eternity! *clinks glasses*
    Don’t you think that one of the most frustrating things about being a woman is that hair grows in places where it never should and yet refuses to sprout where we wish for it?! Such is life.
    Thank you too for the Too Faced Kit tip – I have considered a stencil before but I always assumed it was somewhat beyond my skill set to balance a stencil and a brush on my face given my myopic vision.

  6. The one time I attempted to shape/fill my brows, I looked like a tranny, so I never tried again. I can only imagine that I would be equally ecstatic as you are with this product had that not been the case! It must have killed you a little that it went on 50% off. They’re so mean!

  7. @ Arpita, both you and I know that a little part of me died that day when I found out that Luxola was willing to go down a further 25% for this product but I refuse to let them break me over it. I will survive this! 😛
    You have lovely thick brows, you lucky thing. I am so jealous.

  8. Before, I restrict myself to use an eyebrow pencil because I will end up looking like Crayon Shin Chan. I will just use an eyeshadow to fill in my thin & sparse brows. Not sure whether it’s a make up Boo Boo but yeah who cares as long my eye brows are nicely shaped & coloured! I’ve also tried eyebrow Mascara to colour my brows but too bad the shade is a little too light to match with my hair colour.
    I always envy ladies with dark brows that don’t require much touch up. If only mine was like Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne brows that would be awesome.
    I have seen this Brow Powder on Luxola but it’s bit pricey for me. I was actually eyeing on the Modelco brow kit on Luxola instead but I’m still thinking on whether to buy it. I’m still waiting for the discount to go down further.

  9. @ Nadia: Yes, the Joey Healy is expensive but I use so little each time (the equivalent of a butterfly’s kiss!) that I think I’ll be able to wrangle a year of daily use out of this. I’ll update and let you all know how this goes.
    The other brow shadows that might give this a run for it’s money are the Becca and Inglot products. I haven’t tested these yet but I have a good feeling about the Becca which I got in Ash. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, the RRP was as pricey as the Joey Healy LBP but it has since gone on sale as part of Becca’s Last Chance Sale.
    You absolutely should wait for a decent discount discount from Luxola because they are always holding flash sales.
    The trick is to put whatever you want in your shopping cart and when the sale’s on you put it through el pronto.
    I’m not too familiar with ModelCo but I have their blush and eyeliner which I have yet to try but it’s a relatively popular brand in Australia.
    High five to you, Nadia, I’ve been doing eyeshadow on my brows for ages. Who cares about the rules!
    It’s an obvious substitute with more shades to choose from than brow colours so it makes perfect sense but it’s best to stick to matte and natural colours. I once had nothing around but some black sparkly shadow and had to use that – er, I wouldn’t do it again unless Mad Disco Drag Queen was the theme for the day. Now that’s what I would call a make up boo-boo.

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