Bag of Love ~ January 2014 New Year, New You Edition

Bag of Love’s January Edition has set the pace for 2014 with another generous selection of beauty treats to ring in the new year and fall in love with. There was something for top to toe and even for the bits *ahem* in between!

Themed ‘New Year, New You’ the bags by Bag of Love are just getting bigger and bigger. This is easily the biggest monthly bag released by Bag of Love yet.

Here is Le Sac…

The bags are getting bigger!

To those for whom size does matter – the bags are getting bigger! January Bag of Love was a canvas tote. The design is a tad too cutesy but it is blank on the other side so you can reverse it to the world if you aren’t feeling very Strawberry Shortcakey.

In fact, it’s a whopping  30x30cm  which makes it bigger than most handbags. I won’t encourage it but this month’s bag could easily fit in a cat or a small dog if you were ever inclined to use a bag for this purpose.

Should we be expecting a suitcase soon, Bag of Love ;D ? If so, yes please! A super-sized upgrade would be most welcome in my part of town.

In the last six months since I became obsessed with beauty subscriptions I have amassed a sizeable collection of empty boxes in the wake of all my sample hoarding.

These have been piling up in my room and gobbling up square footage like nobody’s business so it is starting to make more and more sense that a subscription in a bag is a better idea.  At least, I can use it or give it away. No one seems to want an empty box. They expect me to fill it with goodies first.

Speaking of boxes, the January edition of Bag of Love came with this wonderful little sampler box from Etude House – the Wonder Pore Set.

Love them or hate them, we all need and have pores but there are days when we just want the darn potholes cleaned and out of the way.

Etude House's Wonder Pore Set

Etude House’s Wonder Pore Set

If this set delivers what it promises, then it’s a triple-action kit for solving your porous woes. The packaging is adorably cereal-box retro and the samples are all deluxe.

The generous thing about Bag of Love is that they count this as one sample and not three. I can’t say this is the case for all beauty subscriptions. You know who you are.

Pore Spa

Etude House’s mini pore spa to clean, soothe and refine those pores.

I’m just incredibly happy that the shampoo set that came with this set was not the L’Oreal Liss Ultime again. I know the L’Oreal was a great set but we’ve been getting that with every beauty sub in town and some of us have five sets and counting. L’Oreal’s generosity knows no bounds and bless them for that but I really crave some new samples in my shampoo sampling life.

I actually have slicky roots but will keep this Wella set for my hair ends.

Wella Enrich Duo for Dry & Damaged Hair

Wella Enrich Duo for Dry & Damaged Hair. Shampoo 50ml & Treatment 25ml.

A trio of Alqvimia body oils was this month’s luxury inclusion and although I picked up a set like this in last year’s final Lilac Box, I won’t say no to another – in fact, with regard to the personal surface area I’m having to deal with, I would happily welcome super-sized bottles of these Spanish elixirs for slimming so all extras are appreciated.


Alqvimia Body Oils

Made in Spain, these are highly concentrated body oils targeting cellulite and other nasties bent on keeping us out of shape. I always assumed good diet and exercise were the arch enemies of cellulite and shapelessness but apparently now, thanks to the marriage of ancient and modern science, there is now a solution in a bottle.


From left to right: Body Sculptor, Reductor & Anti-Cellulite Body Oils – 6ml Deluxe Samples

I’ve been a bit apprehensive about approaching the collagen mask by King of Masks in this month’s bag because I still haven’t been able to officially confirm whether I am truly allergic to animal/ marine collagen or not but this was one of the two full-sized products in this month’s bag. Collagen-allergy or not, Bag of Love is generous like that with their full-sized inclusions.

The lab rat inside me is so tempted to just slap it on and report back here. We’ll see…


King of Masks – Full-sized (duh!)


This collagen mask is formulated from natural ingredients and paraben and alcohol-free and looks harmless enough.

Just when you thought Bag of Love was only for girls, it tosses that notion out the window and includes something for your boyfriend/ hubby/ brother/ father/ male boss or any other man in your life that might need a good scrub.


Uber Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner 100ml/

Conveniently, this Uber-Men product is a multi-functioning cleanser so that your man can whiten, renew his cells, clean without drying and tone all in just one neat step. I already know quite a few men who will appreciate that this does it all in one formula so they can get back to the busy business of being men.

It also smells musky and masculine enough to convince him that he won’t lose his manhood in the process of beautification which seems to be a concern for some of the cavemen I know.

Now, the next item was a voucher that warranted an immediate online browse. MrLens is a local company in the business of selling contacts and spectacles online.


MrLens Voucher

I absolutely love contact lenses because they are pretty much the only thing that allows this myopic ShopGirl to slap on her war paint. Without contacts, I can’t/ hate to/ won’t put on makeup. I don’t know how other bespectacled lasses do it but I don’t do makeup with glasses on well. It is like driving in the dark without the blinkers on. Dangerous!

I was able to find my usual brand on the MrLens site and am even willing to have a go with another brand given that MrLens stocks only genuine branded lenses from established names like Acuvue and CibaVision and not weird and risky knock-offs from the night markets. No joke, you simply cannot play-play with your eyesight, girls!

The voucher is for RM20 off an order.

RM20 Off

RM20 Off

I’ve spoken before of how intuitive Bag of Love is to life’s needs and the next and final item in this month’s bag illustrates that perfectly.

Strip Discount Voucher

Strip Discount Voucher – RM30 Off!

This comes at a perfect time for some deforestation I was planning but I’m still trying to decide what needs logging most. Thankfully, I have until the 31st March to save Rm30 on any Strip a la carte waxing service and before you think too much upon this – my priority is on some brow work lol.

As you can see, the January Bag of Love was indeed a bag filled with promise.

This ‘New Year, New You’ Edition had something for our hair, face, body, even eyeballs, as well as a chance for some defuzzing of those bits in between…and notably even a thoughtful gesture for the HIM in your life.

I would say that this was an interesting and eclectic selection from one of my favourite beauty makers around again worth much more than the subscription price.


The January 2014 – here’s the math of it.

Bag of Love - January 2014

Bag of Love – January 2014 Lineup

Keep it up, Bag of Love!

You had me at ‘bag’.

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Bag of Love

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RM39.90 a month for Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

[Disclaimer: The Bag of Love January 2014 was purchased by me and all opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk.]



  1. Oh my God! I’m excited about this bag all over again after reading your review! Pics are amazing as always, as is your writing! I would absolutely welcome a suitcase as well 😀

  2. I was looking forward to the January edition of Bag of Love very much since almost of their previous bags come with awesome products, but the January edition actually dissapoints me a little. =(

    Its the brands that turned me off this bag, I’m not a big fan of Etude House, Wella, and the only product that really attracts me is the Alqvimia oils, which I already own.

    Hoping the February one is much better! 🙂 *raises glass*

    PS: Did you get yourself a Lilac box? =D

  3. @ Shasha, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the Jan edition but here’s to hoping that BOL produces a stellar February Edition. I think it was decent value for what I paid but hey, it’s perfectly fine to live in the hope that the each month outdoes the next. Anyway, fingers crossed for Feb!

    As for the Lilac Box, I wouldn’t miss it. BOL and TLB are the only subs I’m happy to be consistently subscribed to. I think mine was one of the first dozen out of the gate last Saturday.

  4. Oh gosh, damn it. I have missed out this bag. I have been dying to get the wonderpore from etude house because many have been saying how wonderful it is ! So jealous of you…

  5. @ Sarah, hi! I thought the Etude House set was a steal too considering all the other things that came along with the bag (not forgetting the bag itself!). So sorry you missed it!

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