Up Close and Personal with Vagheggi Phytocosmetici ~ A Media Event by Vagheggi

Back in November of last year I received an unexpected invitation in my inbox to a rare media event organised by Vagheggi Italy and Vagheggi Malaysia.


This was a brand that I was introduced to through The Lilac Box‘s first Cult Edition and based on how well these samples have worked on my skin, it has become a favourite skincare line of mine and one of my best beauty discoveries of 2013.

I have made up my mind to try more of these products.

Vagheggi have a comprehensive collection of skin care products for all types of skin conditions.

The Vagheggi Equilibrium set was actually my first and only date with the brand but I’m comfortable in saying that this brand has become HG material for me – I can’t speak for everyone but trust me, if you saw the state my skin was in at the time and then saw how my Vageheggi Equlibrium samples gently helped me turn it all around then you would be as happy as I was about this brand.

A similar thing happened to me in December when I soaked up too much sun during my two week trip to Australia. Foolishly, I had decided not to bring along the Vagheggi Cleansing Milk and Toner that I purchased during the Lilac Box promotion because they were full-sized and bulky. Instead, I relied on a random selection of travel-sized skin care from some other brands. Big mistake.

The skin on my face ended up really drying out and was inflamed and peeling by the time I came back from my trip.

When my prescriptive topical creams were not easing my discomfort, I turned back to my Vagheggi products and amazingly they bailed me out of my sensitive skin issues once again.

I’ve been using Vagheggi again for three weeks since and the redness and flaking have all but gone and my skin has dramatically stabilised and is returning back to form.

It appears that Vagheggi has again saved me from another one of my bad skin episodes.

The two items I purchased in full-sizes from the Equlibrium Line. The Cleansing Milk (RRP RM90) The Toner (RRP RM90)

The two items I purchased in full-sizes from the Equilibrium Line. The Cleansing Milk (RRP RM92) & The Rebalancing Face Lotion (RRP RM92). I managed to get both for a promotional price of RM150 for the two using a Lilac Box coupon.

Which brings me to another issue – Vagheggi is hard to find.

It’s available but still pretty elusive to the general public and if you ask your average woman in the street about it she would say “Vag-what?!”.

It’s almost as if there is a very big cloak of secrecy surrounding the brand which, given that it’s actually 40 years strong, means that it is quite the cult beauty brand.

Clients have obviously supported Vagheggi during its four decades of growth but there’s so little said about Vagheggi in the mainstream channels and no flashy billboards or heavy-weight celebrity ad campaigns to speak of.

Surprisingly too, despite this digital age, Vagheggi’s internet presence is still very limited to a few official and distributor website pages and perhaps this is something they need to work on.

To this day it’s still a family-owned company but it has withstood the test of time and flourished with products that look and feel good on skin.

Vagheggi HQ - Venice, Italy

Vagheggi HQ – Venice, Italy

A Family Business that began in 1975 with Pietro Vagheggi

A Family Business that began in 1975 with Pietro Vagheggi

Despite my sensitive skin, I’m a beauty blogger and I can’t seem to stop using my skin as a testing ground for beauty products so in payback, my skin returns the favour with extended periods of discomfort and bad skin. It’s a stubborn little battle for supremacy we have here. A game that we’ll be playing with one another until death do us part but I seem to have the upper hand when I use Vagheggi. I’m really happy about this.

For me, Vagheggi’s products apply like the gentlest baby lotions but like magic, they seem to tame my rebel skin into submission. I’m really won over by their formulas. Vagheggi is my Skin Whisperer!

Vagheggi's Headquarters is also a training academy visited by beauty professionals for training purposes worldwide

Vagheggi’s Headquarters is also a training academy for affiliated beauty professionals worldwide. It looks pristine and professional.

All of Vagheggi’s formulas are 100% Italian-made and they do not repackage random and dubious OEM/ third party-produced formulas as their own. Their collections also fully meet the strict criteria for health products within the European Union and are all dermatologically-tested and nickel-free.

Vagheggi conducts its own research and development.

The company has its own lab facility where it conducts Research and Development for its product lines.

Production is in-house in their Italy manufacture.

Made in Italy. Production is fully in-house in their Venice-based manufacture.

So, you will not find Vagheggi’s products in mass over-the-counter channels like department stores or retail shops but it is impressive to hear that it has four decades of experience delivering premium cosmeceutical procedures to women in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Vagheggi has a uniquely prescriptive way of doing business. They operate consult-style and are serious about wanting to sit down with you, talk to you, touch your skin and get to know you – all before they sell you anything. The brand excels in producing premium skincare products and training experienced beauty associates globally to dispense services based on individual needs.

Anyway, as far as brand events go, this Vagheggi media event didn’t disappoint at all.

The presentation was extremely well put together and featured a trio of special guests who had flown in all the way from Vagheggi HQ.

From Italy

All the way from Italy: Ms. Patrizia, Ms. Franca & Ms. Elena (L-R)


Ms. Franca Gualtiero – Trainer & Foreign Marketing Manager
Ms. Elena Beaupain – Business Development
Ms. Patrizia Filiguri – Trainer & Beautician

Guest Speaker, Ms. Elena, conducted the presentation as Vagheggi Trainer and Beautician, Ms. Patrizia demonstrated a full top-to-toe Vagheggi facial & body treatment on a live volunteer as the former spoke.

Ms. Elena Beaupain, Business Development, Vagheggi HQ

Ms. Elena Beaupain introduces and explains the uses of some of Vagheggi’s premier skin care collections. Here she talks about the company’s Lime Vitamin C Line for anti-ageing.

The function launched with a brief introduction to the Vagheggi brand and Ms. Elena was keen to say that each of the company’s products was a measured result of much R&D used to maximise the potential of the active ingredients used within each formula.

Ms. Patrizia

Ms. Patrizia demonstrates a facial on a live volunteer using a Lime Vitamin C Mask during the seminar. This very thick peel-off  type mask must only be mixed at the time of application and no sooner. For this reason, this particular mask is a salon-only procedure and not for home use.

Peel off mask

The mask is laid on thick and takes almost an hour to dry. Once dry, I was surprised to see that it peeled off completely in a single piece to reveal fresh and radiant skin on this lucky volunteer.

All the while, staff from Vagheggi’s Malaysian reps, Phletora Sdn Bhd, were on hand to pass out choice shots of the brand’s many lotions for the audience to sample and I noticed that even the male journos in the room were eager to rub these potions into their face, arms and elbows. Many of the media had not tried Vagheggi before and I think this was a nicely interactive way to present Vagheggi’s products to the audience.

There was a spread of Vagheggi skin

Simple and classy packaging is synonymous with this premium Italian skincare brand. Gold, white and pastels are the brand’s signature colours.

As a result of my own personal experience with Vagheggi, I was eager to ask Ms. Elena to explain how their products were able to work so quickly to combat problems like hyper-stressed skin despite their apparent gentleness. I mentioned to her that I was surprised to see positive results with my Equilibrium samples as early as overnight and after only a single use.

She didn’t appear surprised by my feedback at all because according to her, Vagheggi uses only 100% essential oils, oligominerals and botanical ingredients and, in the right balance and formulation, she conveyed that these resulted in some highly active no-nonsense formulas that work very quickly to target the skin’s problems and needs. I totally believe this – it really worked for me!

100% Natural Origin Essential Oils & Oligomineral Concentrates

Vagheggi uses only 100% Natural Origin Essential Oils & Active Oligomineral Concentrates

Beautiful Bottles

Beautiful dropper-style bottles make it possible to dispense the formulas one drop at a time.

I also had a chance to speak personally with one of Vagheggi’s key Malaysian sales reps, Mrs. Lok, and she stressed that an unbalanced state of skin makes it impossible for a person to absorb the goodness of any treatment irrespective of brand or product.

I think ‘balance’ is one of the operative words at Vagheggi HQ and this word that came up over and over again over the course of the afternoon.

For this reason, Vagheggi looks first at balancing the skin as a necessary pre-condition to enabling the skin to benefit from further treatments.

In other words, you can apply all the fantastic or expensive skin products you want to your skin but, despite your best intentions, if your skin is not balanced it will not absorb the benefits of any other formulas.

Wow! This was a completely amazing point but something I had never actually considered and I came away from this event with an immediate mental note – Must. Balance. Skin.

In fact, it is one of Vagheggi’s founding principles to use active formulas to re-balance unbalanced skin before dispensing any other targeted treatments based on skin type and this is why they developed their Equibilbrium range (a re-balancing line) as a starter set.

Mrs Lok of Phletora with Ms. Elena &

Mrs Lok of Phletora with Ms. Elena & Ms. Franca

The Equilibrium Line, as the name suggests, is Vagheggi’s basic skin program designed for all skin types and is meant to de-stress, rebalance and prepare the skin to accept further targeted treatments. I am currently using the cleansing milk and toner from this line and love them but I had no idea they were only part of a much larger Equilibrium family of products (see below). I’m so excited about this. I want to try them all now.

The Equlibrium Collection

The Equlibrium Collection is a simple starter range designed to stabilise your skin’s natural pH levels, calm the dermis and prepare it to better accept the benefits of further skin treatment.

Another great point that was raised by Ms. Elena during the seminar was related to how skin is inclined to build immunity against all products over the long term.

This is a natural reaction of human skin to treatment but one which ultimately reduces the benefits of the products we use on our bodies. Vagheggi recommends that we avoid this by periodically changing up the products we use so that our skin does not fall into a skincare rut. Yet again, another piece of great advice from this event. I love it!


The Vagheggi Sun Line consists of SPF products to protect the skin before, after and during exposure to the sun.

Before the seminar ended, Vagheggi surprised me by inviting me to stand up to talk about my personal experience with Vagheggi to the attending audience! This was a first for me and I was a little nervous but more than happy to share because I count Vagheggi among my defining beauty discoveries of last year!

I am absolutely not being paid to do so but can’t stop talking about how much I love my Vagheggi products to anyone who will listen. It’s like I’ve been waiting all my life for something like this. This is cult quality beauty at its best, I tell you! Why didn’t someone tell me about Vagheggi years ago?! It would have saved me from a lot of skin troubles.

At the beginning of the seminar every attendee was presented with a door gift containing a Vagheggi lip balm and hand cream so we could go home and explore the brand in the comfort of our own homes but imagine my surprise when Vagheggi and Phletora made an extra presentation to me at the end of the event to thank me for my feedback and sharing my experience.

I was shocked and I didn’t expect this at all but thank you, Vagheggi Italy and Phletora Malaysia! Please keep making wonderful products.

Vagheggi Lip Sun Protection SPF30

Vagheggi Lip Sun Protection SPF30 – a deliciously-scented lightweight cream for the lips. It’s gentle enough for babies too ~ 15ml RRP RM76


Vagheggi Vegetable Hand Cream ~ 50ml RRP RM48.

Vagheggi were kind enough to ensure that I received products from their hypersensitive lines to suit my skin type and the products pictured below were the extra items gifted to me during the event.

I’ll be doing a review on these after I am satisfied with having a decent trial of each.

Aluminium Complex

Oligomineral Aluminium Complex – 50ml RRP RM135

Emozioni ~ Face Mask 200ml RRP RM260

Emozioni ~ Face Mask 200ml RRP RM260

If you’re interested in exploring Vagheggi for yourself you may contact the exclusive Malaysian distributor for this brand to locate your nearest salon…Who knows, perhaps like me, you’ll find a holy grail product or two from Vagheggi too.

Phletora Sdn Bhd

Vagheggi Malaysia Facebook

If you’re outside of Malaysia, click here for a list of distributors in other countries where Vagheggi products and services can be found.

I leave you with some blurbs from some of the skincare lines currently available via Vagheggi Malaysia.

This is by no means a complete list of all of Vagheggi’s products and services. The availability of certain product ranges by Vagheggi may vary from country to country.

Please contact your local Vagheggi distributor directly for the most up-to-date details regarding these and other lines produced by Vagheggi Phytocosmetici, Italy.

I’ve paraphrased the key areas each set of products deals with. The information below was obtained with courtesy from Vagheggi’s event Press Kit and from their company website. 



A pamphlet outlining the indications of Vagheggi’s Essential Oils and Oligominerals formulas.

  • 100% Essential Oils Line – Vagheggi can boast thirty years’ experience in the use of essential oils; it was born out of collaboration with famous bioenergy and naturopathy experts. These essential oils come from the best Italian and international cultivations, in line with the Vagheggi quality choice: 100% natural origin essential oils.
    Aromacology, a term coined by the famous chemist-pharmacist René-Maurice Gattefossé, is the science that uses the inhalation of essential oils in a search for a state of total well-being. Vagheggi proposes a total cosmetic approach that respects human nature and the environment.
  • Oligominerals Line – active forms of trace elements such as magnesium. aluminum, iron each with special indications of different skin types. Oligominerals contain bio-available forms of trace elements active in tiny quantities on the skin, each with specific indications.
    Active ingredients and efficacy: Each oligo-mineral content product contains specific active principles, in particular: manganese, zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and aluminium. They restore skin’s equilibrium and therefore help impure, irritated, dry, sensitive, delicate and stressed skin.


  • Equilibrium Line – a basic introductory line of cleansing and toning to suit all skin types. Intended to balance and prepare skin for further treatments.
  • Emozioni Line – A colourant and mineral-free range for hypersensitive skin with low defence barriers and low tolerance that’s prone to tingling, burning sensations and with a tendency to peel.
  • Rehydra Line – An emollient line that rehydrates skin.
  • Balance Line – Targeted at skin prone to imperfections (open pores, oily, combination and blemishes). Helps control sebum, diminish irritation, designed to hydrate and mattify skin.
  • Lime Vitamin C – This set has anti-ageing qualities and protects skin from free radicals, oxidation and has a regenerating effect on skin stressed by factors associated with early ageing.
  • DL Gold Stem Line – Harnesses plant stem cells in a concentrated form to provide benefits to skin.
  • Delay Infinity Line – This line won a CPCIA Innovation Prize 2013 for containing the best anti-ageing ingredient of a skincare product. Delay Infinity products contain Crocus Chrysanthus, a biological cell communication facilitator, which is essentially a powerful active ingredient that stimulates collagen growth and elastin to strengthen skin and delay visible signs of ageing.
  • Temptation Renewal Line – This set of products aids skin tissue renewal, radiance, evening of skin tone and deep moisturising.
  • White Moon Line – Regularises melanin production, combating dull skin and uneven colour. Improves radiance and smooths skin and has an innovative texture that protects skin like a shield.
  • Facefence Line – This is a range for redensyfying, oxygenating and anti-ageing. This range perks up skin tissue and slows down biological ageing. It also helps with microcirculation and the diffusion of oxygen to skin tissue.
  • DL New Emotions Line – is a range designed to help clients achieve a better profile with products for fuller lips, smooth necks and a more attractive decollete and bust line.
  • Terra Line – is a collection of phytocosmetic solutions for normalising liquid retention and reducing fibrous tissue linked to the unsightly problem of cellulite.
  • People Line – a professional range of three types of naturally enriched massage oils for combating Advanced Cellulite, Early Cellulite and Intolerant Skins (with soothing and toning effects).
  • Acqua Line (Thalasso Cosmetics) – is a collection designed in three parts to purify and prepare the skin for further treatment, for slimming and reduce bloating and liquid retention and finally to firm skin by combating the effects of sagging, loose and slack skin.
  • Sun Products – a SPF line designed to protect the skin from free radicals and harmful UVA and UVB rays. There are product sets for Before, During & After-sun care.


[Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are based on my own experience of the Vagheggi brand. Unless otherwise indicated, items reviewed were purchased by me. Results with any of Vagheggi’s products may vary from person to person and you are advised to consider my recommendations at your own risk.]



  1. Oooo they definitely picked the right person to talk about their experience! I’m sure you must have had everyone there rushing to pick these products up!

    And I’m now curious about the brand all over again! Temptress! Do let us know how the mask fares!

  2. @ Arpita, perhaps you should consider giving Vagheggi another go. I have only had amazing experiences with their products. Could it be that you might need to try a product from another one of their lines? They have so many lines that there should be something for everyone.
    I’m going to test the mask and Aluminum Complex soon. I think these will suit me more than the Magnesium Complex we received in our Lilac Boxes. That was intended for dry skin. The Aluminum Complex is designed for sensitive and intolerant skin which sounds like it is made just for me.

    The humble-looking lip balm is also fantastic and smells so good. You would love it.

  3. @ vagheggi magnesium oil, I do believe your best bet is to contact the exclusive distributor for Vagheggi products in the UK for the availability of Vagheggi products.
    Here’s a link that might help –

  4. @Nartarsha: As far as I’m aware, some Vagheggi products do contain active ingredients but I suggest you visit the vagheggi.com website or email them directly for specific details.

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