LUSH Cosmetics, Sydney & A Lush Mini Haul

For some oddly inexplicable reason Lush Cosmetics has yet to hit our shores.

So, as a result of this glaring void it’s not uncommon for the average beauty addict from our parts to go a bit Lush-crazy when they come anywhere into the vicinity of a Lush store during their travels.

When I hit Sydney last month I took it to be a rare opportunity to make a purposeful beeline for Lush Cosmetics. It would have been a crime not to.

There's a Lush Malaysia Facebook Page but no LUSH store yet! How is that possible?!


Now, the store I visited wasn’t even a full-blown Lush outlet and only one of their open kiosks but my heart was already beating outside of my chest!

I love Lush, I really do and mine was a pre-Christmas visit to Lush so the shelves were full of adorable little pre-bundled Lush gifts all wrapped and ready to give away to some lucky recipient.

LUSH goodies wrapped & ready to go

Who needs to gift wrap when Lush have their goodies all conveniently wrapped & ready to go at Christmas.

Pre-packed LUSH gift sets

Pre-packed Lush gift sets are a godsend for the wrap-challenged among us.

A LUSH spread

A lush spread of fresh face masks. Testers are organised in a buffet of tempting dip-like bowls that really do more like food than beauty products.

Everything in Lush is so lush and part of the fun of going into a Lush store is wanting and being allowed to stick my greedy fingers and bury my curious nose into their unique ‘fresh’ beauty formulas.

LUSH Bath Bombs ~ A classic LUSH indulgence

LUSH Bath Bombs are a classic Lush indulgence ~ there’s a bomb for every budget and need.

At Lush you’ll also be forgiven for thinking that some of their beauty products are edible. In fact, without warning a child next to me actually proceeded to tear off a piece of the Honey I Washed the Kids Fun Bar tester and put it in his mouth!

I can’t really blame him because many of the Lush products really do smell good enough to eat but I’ve never actually witnessed a real person do this until now.

Apparently, the poor kid mistook the ‘Try Me’ sign at the counter to mean ‘Eat Me’. Needless to say, the little tyke had to promptly wash his mouth out in the nearby sink but the LUSH assistant calmly assured us all with a winking smile and some words to the effect that a little bit of ingested LUSH never did hurt a fly.

Perhaps this sort of thing is quite common at LUSH where the lines between beauty and food may often seem a little blurred.

So take note, as much as some of us would like to imagine – LUSH Cosmetics are not actually edible so keep them away from greedy little fingers who might mistake them for dessert.

Lush Fun Bars

Lush Fun Bars are a mass of very deliciously scented play-dough soap for bath time fun~ AUD 9.50

The Lush Fun Bars have 4 in 1 uses.

The Lush Fun Bars are an all-round multi-use bath product. Just don’t eat them.


Now before I go on, as lovely as they are, another word of warning about these LUSH Fun Bars…and I speak from first-hand experience.

No FUN Bar for me :(

No FUN Bars for me 😦

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT take these through Australian Customs in your hand luggage!

And this is why…

They will be binned!

They will be binned!

I foolishly had these in my hand luggage and they were all seized by the overenthusiastic folk at Australian Customs for being too soft to be a carry-on item.

Who knew?! Ignorantly, I thought the restriction only applied to liquids and gels but apparently they apply to LUSH Fun Bars as well. OMG, they may as well have ripped my heart from my chest and tossed it into the contraband bin with my Lush soaps.

What? Who? Why?!!

I kid you not, these babies are banned from crossing through Aussie Customs in carry-on luggage. I have no idea if they’re allowed through in check-in luggage either but this will the be the first time I have ever heard of a solid soap being a contraband item. And yes, they are solid but apparently not solid enough!! So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

By the way, the fun bars are AUD9.50 (200g) each.

Classic & Seasonal LUSH goodies

Classic & Seasonal LUSH goodies.

The pink bottles on the top shelf are the extremely popular Snow Fairy products that are only available at Lush during Christmas. Snow Fairy is a seasonal Lush collection that smells like a sugary cocktail of cotton candy, fruit juice and conversation hearts.

The shower gel and soap versions are swirled with sparkly pink and bluish glitter particles to leave your bath water shimmering which sounds very pretty but as much as I adore sweet gourmand scents, I was surprised to find that I really didn’t like this as much as I thought I would. It’s a bit too Barbie Doll for me.

Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set

The Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set


Signature LUSH

The Signature LUSH black and white packaging is supremely recognisable and funky.

Lush Lip Care

Lush Lip Care

I’ve heard interesting things about the Popcorn lip scrub but sadly, I forgot to pick one up on this visit. Regrets, regrets.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub


Meet Levent. This guy is great and you'll love him. I wish all customer service people had his passion.

The perfect sales person ~ you can’t help but love him. 10/10 for service! Give this guy a pay rise, Lush!

Meet Levent. He was my wonderful Lush Beauty Assistant that day and probably the most amazing and bubbly person I’ve ever met in customer service.

He is one of the very few people I’ve come across in life who appears to really, really love his job. He also knows his Lush products well and even helped me remove all the makeup swatches from my arm without me having to ask which was a nice personal touch.

For some reason, I rarely ever get this level of assistance here in Asia and I usually have both arms fully tattooed in swatches by the time I leave a beauty counter so Levent’s help was standout for me.

And did you know Lush also sells makeup? I am very, very behind on this and thought they only stocked bath and skincare products but yes, they also have lip and eye colours but the Lush way of selling and packaging is, as always, a little bit avante garde.

When I was told by Levent that Lush had a makeup range he enthusiastically unearthed this massive wooden wheel of wonders from beneath a counter.

A Game of Emotional Brilliance

A Game of Emotional Brilliance

Apparently, a customer picks three colours from the board based on their intuition or something or other and this is meant to be an emotional way to select makeup colours that represent a suitable emotional state/ personality traits and the wheel translates those traits into makeup colours.

Each colour represents a personality trait

Lush Emotional Brilliance Collection ~ Each colour represents an emotional state or personality trait

For sure, this is a quirky and novel way of presenting their makeup collection but in truth, I think it’s a little clumsy to do this with your BA in the midst of heaving hordes of Christmas shoppers.

It’s also a tad gimmicky for me and I feel I’m getting too old to play board games to earn my colours but I didn’t want to disappoint Levent so I gave it a shot anyway.

Lush Lip Colours

My Lush Lip Colours

I scored Decisive and Perspective but I gave up on picking a third because, what do you know, I found that I was feeling indecisive and lacked perspective that day lol.

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Something tells me that the muted rosiness of Perspective may be a more wearable colour than Decisive which definitely has a loud Rockabilly vibe.

Take note that these go on very, very rich and I was quite shocked at how heavily pigmented these appeared on my arm but Levent assured me that they could be blended out quite easily and I was in a curious mood enough to try something different so into the basket they went.

I still have no idea if I’ll be able to carry these off but they’re definitely an interesting makeup product so I’d like to do a proper review of these in a future blog post.

My Lush Haul

My Lush Mini Haul minus the Fun Bars. I curse you, Customs!

I had to be quite measured with my selections because of luggage weight issues and the fact that Lush products are pretty heavy articles but this is what I managed to haul home from Lush in Sydney and yes, I am still trying not to think about all the fun I could have had with my Lush Fun Bars.

I’m also experiencing pangs of Lush withdrawal as I write this post and really think that something needs to be done about the sad fact that we are still Lush-less in this town.

What do you think? Are we long overdue for our own Lush stores in this part of the Universe? Or, are you happy just lusting after Lush from afar?

If it’s any consolation, there’s apparently a Lush Malaysia Facebook page to remind us all of what we’re missing but I’m not sure if this is actually an official site or just a fan page. In fact, it’s kind of mysterious and presently seems only to serve the purpose of showing us what we can’t have. So evil!

Finally, to end this post, I’m going to have to beg for your pardons for the low photo quality of this edition. No excuses, just a big fat SORRY and THANK YOU for letting me put you through the low-res misery of my phone cam.

Lush Australia

Lush Australia Facebook

lush logo



  1. why the customs confiscate your soaps!!! omg now i feel like strangling people. btw, i agree with you on the torture of not having Lush on our shore. I’m not blessed with the money and opportunity to travel out of the country yet, and not having them here is just so sad.

  2. @ Mieza, I’m still peeved about losing my soaps but Aussie Customs is notoriously paranoid about everything. Anyway, I hope this blog post saves another person from losing their play dough through customs.
    And yes, I really, really hope Lush will come our way so we can all get some Lush. It’s really not fair that Singapore has Lush but we don’t.

  3. I’m so jealous right now! I probably should have asked you to get me a lip scrub, but it didn’t occur to me till weeks later! Now I feel deprived! I do hope Lush pops up here soon!

  4. @ Arpita, I know what you mean. I can’t believe I forgot to get a Lush lip scrub too! Regrets, regrets! And those fun bars *sobs*…
    When will Lush realise how much they need to open a store here?!

  5. That’s bad for that soap to be thrown 😦 Uh really wanna walk in to a Lush shop!!Maybe if more people bought their item from UK then only they finally realize that how much their product is been accepted here. Maybe lol.

  6. @ Nudz Tanaka, yes…I’m still upset about my tossed Lush soap. A lesson learned the hard way. And yes, we really need a Lush here. There are way too many fans here for them to continue ignoring us, don’t you think?

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