Almost Good Enough to Eat ~ The Picnic in the Park Shower Gel Trio by Kit Cosmetics

This blogger loves cake. This blogger loves dessert. And this blogger loves beauty products. So when some clever little devil puts the two-and-two together to come up with a set like this then I just know I needed to have it.

Meet my new shower darlings, the Kit Picnic trio!

Kit's Picnic in the Park

Kit’s Picnic in the Park (AUD39.90 for the full set)…


…Or approx. RM110 in our little money.

It’s ‘bake sale meets beauty care’ with this set of shower gels inspired by that great trinity of Australian desserts – the lamington, the pavlova and hokey pokey bits in vanilla ice cream.

The Limited Edition Picnic in the Park shower gel set is a fun tribute to Australian flavours. It’s nostalgic and cute and I love it so much that I hauled three boxes. Truly, limited luggage allowance was about the only thing that prevented me from picking up more.

Certainly, the best part about using dessert-scented beauty products is that it’s so gloriously calorie and guilt-free that you can have as many seconds and thirds as you want.

And, I’m not shy to admit that I’ve thought more than once or twice about writhing in a sea of syrupy caramel but hey, that’s going to have to be another story for another type of blog. Fifty Shades of Caramel, anyone?

Use them individually or mix them up

Kit’s Serving Suggestion: Lather them up individually or mix them together and make your own sweet bath time cocktail.

Three Lovely Sisters

Group Photo: The Sweet & Lovely Trio

The Hokey Pokey Bath & Shower Gel (200ml)

Inspired by ‘butterscotchy’ pieces of crunchy honeycomb candy that are so sweet they make teeth ache but hearts sing, life cannot seriously be complete until you’ve had Hokey Pokey Ice Cream.

However, if you haven’t the teeth for the real deal, this Kit gel makes a close enough approximation to those crunchy honeycomb bits of heaven in this over-the-top toffee and vanilla-scented tribute to Hokey Pokey.

Think of that iconic Aussie ice cream, Golden Gaytime, and you will have the ‘flavour’ of this just about right. Generations of Aussie and New Zealand kids will know what I’m talking about.

Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey – commonly swirled into ice cream but completely original as a shower gel flavour

Hokey Pokey

Kit Hokey Pokey

The Passionfruit Pavlova Bath & Shower Gel

Airy, crispy and sweet, pavlovas are a Down Under creation reminiscent of a giant cloud crossed with a toasted marshmallow.

But it’s also a tart that can often be deemed excessively sweet. As such, a pavlova’s base absolutely benefits from being paired with a sourish fruit topping of some kind and it’s this fruity addition that helps temper the sugary excesses of this dessert’s meringue shell.

In this shower gel version of the pavlova, Kit pays homage to the very Australian passionfruit edition of this dessert and the result is a wonderfully juicy blast of zesty passionfruit notes.

Passionfruit Pavlova

Sweet with just the right measure of tartness – Passionfruit Pavlova

Kit Passionfruit Pavlova

Kit Passionfruit Pavlova

The Lamington Bath & Shower Gel

Last but not least we have the lamington which remains my favorite cake of all time and, despite what the Americans might try and tell you otherwise, the lesser known lamington in my opinion is still supremely better in form and taste than that oddly coloured cake mutation they have in the US of A called Red Velvet.

I’ve come across many Red Velvet-scented bath and beauty products but this might be the first time someone was inventive enough to create a lamington-inspired beauty product. Whatever took them so long?!

This is my favorite shower gel of the three. Original and inspired, the Kit shower gel incarnation of the lamington is realistic enough that I struggle to keep myself from ingesting it during a shower.

From the bottle, I can detect the vanilla sponge and almost taste the chocolate coating on my tongue. Whiffs of coconut sing through the concoction and I think I’m wafting on a cloud of lamington bliss. In the shower, this gel is like lathering up with a toasty chocolate biscuit. Almost edible.

Kit Lamington

Kit Lamington


My beloved – the glorious lamington

The Picnic in the Park set gets you all three shower gels but if you weren’t keen on the full trio it was possible to pick these up individually too at AUD17.95 each at either Kit or Mecca Maxima outlets in Australia and online (local & NZ delivery only).

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this set or anything from Kit for that matter is available here at all and these gels are also meant to be Limited Edition products (for Christmas?) so I’m assuming that they’ll only be around until they’re sold out.

Sugar-scented and whimsical, these gels might not be for everyone but if you’re a fan of Lush Cosmetics and their sell-out products in the Snow Fairy or Honey I Washed the Kids collections, then you’ll not want to overlook these. This set will be right up your alley.

If, however, you’re from that school of beauty where dessert-inspired scents don’t rock your world then these gels might not be for you. However, it’s worth noting that these are not perfumes so the scents are easily watered down after a bath/ shower and any lingering fragrance on the skin is only very subtle and not in the least bit overwhelming or offensive.

Certainly, these Kit bath gels were created for dessert-loving gals who love their cake and want to swim in it too. And without a doubt, that includes me.

How about you? Are these fun gourmand-scented shower gels your thing or would you prefer something less whimsical and more classy, sporty or serious?KitLogo

Kit Cosmetics

Kit Cosmetics Facebook

Mecca Cosmetica



  1. ShopGirl, you really made me so hungry while reading your post! Reason is I had not have breakfast yet. So Yummy!!!
    Looks delicious, sounds delicious & I bet that it smells delicious too!
    Would love to try it one day. =)

  2. @ Arpita, they really are deliciously-scented and combined, they make my bathroom smell like some kind of caramel pina colada.

  3. @ Nadia, your wish may very well come true. Psst! I’m giving away one of these Limited Edition boxes on this blog very soon. Keep an eye out for the details of this giveaway 😉

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