Thank You, Hermo, Here’s A Poem I Wrote For You!

Today’s post is a special shout-out to those who recently made a Christmas wish come true.

BeautyMaker Brush Set from Hermo

My divine BeautyMaker Brush Set from Hermo

Thank you, Hermo & The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Here’s a poem I wrote for you…

Thank You

~Thank You~

Whomever said that wishes don’t come true

Never met Santa Hermo & The Butterfly crew.

Back in December; yes late last year,

I made this wish to these Santa dears.

Imagine my surprise when they both came through

And made my little dream come true!

Sent to my door in record time,

Was a darling brush kit that’s so divine.

Here's what I wished for!

Here’s what I wished for!

By BeautyMaker artist, Kevin MUA,

Their generous gift really made my day!

I love these brushes with all my heart,

They’ll really help perfect my art.

Kevin Beautymaker Brush Set ~ RM75

Kevin Beautymaker 7-Piece Brush Set ~ RM75

Comes in an adorable Brush Pouch too

Comes in an adorable pink polka dotted brush pouch too!

A 7-Piece Brush Set

A 7-Piece Brush Set for the whole face! With a dual-sided brush in there too!

If you like this kit as much as I do,

You can buy it online from Hermo too.

Just a few easy clicks and you’ll have it in hand

 They’re fast, they’re genuine, they understand,

What it’s like to shop online.

The system’s friendly, the prices are kind.

There are daily deals on beauty buys,

And special offers of all types.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing Hermo as much as I do

And perhaps find something that’s right for you!

With thanks and love!


Hermo ~ An Online Mall of Beauty Surprises

Hermo ~ An Online Mall of Beauty Surprises!

Hermo stocks genuine products from all these brands

Hermo stocks only genuine products from all these brands and more. Even SK-II!

Hermo Beauty Collection

Hermo Facebook



  1. @ Miss Ika, don’t worry! I am sure The Butterfly Blogging Project will have many, many more similar opportunities planned so stalk their FB page like your life depends on it. This particular chapter was my very first Butterfly task and it was a nice surprise to catch Santa Hermo’s eye.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll have a go at some of the other Butterfly tasks/ events and perhaps I’ll catch you at one of these some time in the near future. All the best!

  2. OMG this is brilliant! I adore your verse! And I am now definitely regretting not getting in on this! BRUSHES! You absolutely deserve it though, especially with gratitude that’s poetic!

  3. @ Arpita, what can I say, bad poetry becomes me 😛
    This was one of those rare Butterfly tasks I actually could fit into my schedule so I’m pretty pleased about this little surprise from Hermo. I wish you would have had a little go. I am curious as to what would make you sing for your supper 😉

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