Violet Box ~ November Edition 2013

It’s always fun to have a look at what other countries are doing with their beauty subscriptions so one of the things I managed to do last month when I was down in Oz early this month was to actually get my hands on some local beauty boxes.

Violet Box

Australia’s latest beauty subscription ~ Violet Box

Now, beauty boxes are not new to Oz. In fact, I think our southern neighbours had a start on us in this game when they very fortunately got their own local editions of the actual Glossybox and Birch Box; something we sadly never did get here. I’m still so jealous about this!

Anyway, as much as I would have liked to lug all the beauty boxes available in Australia back to our shores, I had to limit myself to only one for practical purposes and I decided to go for the Violet Box because it is the newest addition to the market and one of the lesser known boxes in the country.

Violet Box Card

The Violet Box Calling Card

Just some background before we dig into the November box itself, Violet Box was launched as a sample subscription service only as recently as June of this year. The usual drill applies. A monthly subscription begets the purchaser a box containing 4-5 samples of cosmetic and beauty samples. The price of a single Violet Box is AUD22.95 (approx. RM66 per box) so yes, it’s relatively pricey as far as our own boxes go. As you know, for RM70 we can score deluxe samples from brands like Lierac of France.

VioletBox June

Violet Box ~ This was the very first edition that came out in June 2013


So for your viewing pleasure…let’s take a look at the contents of the November Violet Box and you can make up your own mind as to whether it’s a good deal or not. One thing’s for sure the overall feel of the box is certainly different from what we are getting here.

The box itself is alright but I’m not sure I’m loving the packaging as much compared with what I’m getting here. It’s a sturdy box with a little magnetic catch and it’s alright but it lacks the little pretty touches that have made me fall in love with The Lilac Box, Vanity Trove, Cosmobox and Bag of Love. I’m kind of bias but I do think we have prettier deals.

Black & Purple makes me think of The Lilac Box

Black & Purple makes me think of The Lilac Box

Anyway, the November box came with a couple of fragrance samples and I knew this even before I opened it because the whole package was rather musky and pungent and I can’t say that I really liked the scent.

Upon on opening the box I realised why I didn’t like the scent. It was coming from a little vial of Guess Night which happens to be a male fragrance and not at all what I expected to be a beauty box for women. I don’t think it’s an entirely bad perfume but I was caught off guard by the inclusion of a men’s fragrance. This was a bonus sample in the November box from Violet Box and thanks but maybe, no thanks.

The Guess Night Sample

The Guess Night Sample EDT  1.5ml

I am not going to be using this so I’m happy to give this away to one of my readers. If you want it let me know you’re interested in the comments section and it can be yours. In addition to that, you can also take a whole pile of Mariah Carey scent vials that I got from the last legs of the Cosmobox off my hands too because as well as she sings, I’m no fan of her fragrances.

And, of course, me being me…I’m also going to send you some other little mystery beauty treats too…just because I think it’s nice of you to want to save me from these items I don’t need. If there happens to be more than one of you that want this…I’ll do a little draw so it’s fair. For convenience, the only restriction to this deal is that you must have a local Malaysian delivery address.

Guess Girl

Guess Girl Belle EDT sachet sample

This is the first time I’ve ever received a fragrance sample in a sachet. Seems a little impractical to not use it up in one go but it might probably be overkill to drench myself in the full sample. Messy little sachets are really not the best way to sample a scent, I’m afraid.

Body Armour Face Cream 50ml (150ml@AUD32.00)

Body Armour Face Cream 50ml (150ml@AUD35.00)

There were two variants among the subs for this in the November Violet Box. You either got the Body Armour Face Cream or the Body Armour Body Lotion. As you can see, I got the former which is what I am happier with.

It’s a facial moisturiser and meant to nourish and protect the skin there. I’ve never heard of this brand but it’s made in the UK.

Apparently the products are effective but gentle enough to be suitable for people who’ve undergone intensive beauty treatments like microdermabrasion too so in saying that it should be safe for folks with sensitive skin like me.

I applied some to my hand and it seems alright. It’s non-greasy and sinks right into the skin. A good sign but I’ll be needing to do some more research about this brand before I can say anything more.

ModelCo Blush

ModelCo Cheek Powder 8g (FullSize @ AUD18.00)

The next item by ModelCo was full-sized. It’s a pressed cheek powder that comes with a mirror. It’s also one of the biggest pressed blushers I have ever seen. In fact, it’s the size of my palm! It’s huge! The shade I got was Amaretto Sunset which is a wearable woody rose. This is probably one of the better items in the box.

Blush by Modelco

This is the biggest blush I have ever seen. Someone once told me that everything is bigger in Oz…or was that meant to be Texas?

The next item was also a full-sized product and again by ModelCo.

ModelCo EyePencil

ModelCo EyePencil

It was an eye pencil in Black 01. What’s different and handy about this is that it comes with its own sharpener built into the pencil’s lid. I’m pretty glad I got this in Black which is an infinitely flattering universal colour than something crazy and bold that I wouldn’t be likely to use.

I haven’t actually used anything by ModelCo before but as far as I know it is one of Australia’s leading drugstore makeup brands. Their current campaigns are fronted by the sexy former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Rosie For ModelCo

Rosie For ModelCo

The final sample in the November Violet Box was a couple of sachets from an indie skincare brand in New Zealand. I’ve never heard of Tailor Skincare but just by the packaging it looks a little homemade and artisan.

Tailor Skincare

Tailor Skincare Masques 21g (Pack of 10@AUD40.00)

The brand produces natural and organic skincare brand that uses no chemicals, fillers or parabens . The samples in this box were clay masks made from natural New Zealand ingredients. Two packs for two single uses.

The active ingredient in these masques is bentonite clay which according to the Tailor Skincare website… “expands when wet. When it dries it contracts, tightening the skin. Bentonite also has an electrical charge which helps to draw toxins from the skin leaving skin feeling smooth and soft”.

Tailor Skincare Bentonite Clay Masque

Tailor Skincare Bentonite Clay Masque

Electrical charges in a mask? Wow, I’m already intrigued. I’m actually a huge fan of Indie beauty products because I do believe they often contain great ingredients and are made with a whole lot of passion. Can”t wait to give this a twirl! Mud masks are so much fun and it always make me laugh to use one because you know how hard it is to keep a straight face with a mud mask on. They’re just too gorgeous 😉

The blurbs ~ a card comes in every box introducing subscribers to all the products within.

The blurbs ~ a card comes in every box introducing subscribers to all the products within.

So there we have it for the November edition of the Violet Box. With the exception of the fragrance samples I do believe I’m happy with these Violet Box November goodies and this was a nice change up from my usual fare of local subscriptions.

I did also pick up a couple of the Violet Box’s earlier editions and may just, for the record, review them retrospectively here for you because I am actually kind of excited about looking at brands and products we don’t easily get here. Anyhow, I thought I’d start with the newest edition first. A December Edition has since been released but I haven”t managed to get my hands on that…yet.

A Family Photo

A Group Photo

It’s too bad the Violet Box can’t be shipped to me regularly here because for the novelty factor of having something that no one else has around here I could see myself getting addicted to this subscription but I guess it’s just as well they don’t. At around RM70 a monthly box, I don’t think my wallet would appreciate the extra commitment.

But you know, if I had it my way I would be able to get my hands on any beauty box from anywhere in the world. Foreign beauty boxes are extra novel, don’t you think?

If you’re interested in exploring the Violet Box for yourself here are the links.

Violet Box

Click Here

Violet Box Facebook

[Disclaimer: This blog is not affiliated with The Violet Box or any of the brands contained within it. The Violet Box was paid for by me and all opinions are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk]



  1. Oooo thanks for this review! I love the addition of eye liner AND a blush! And the best part about it is getting to try brand new stuff you would never pick up.

    I do think I would like to try a beauty box from France if I had my way. It seems like it would be the most exciting thing in the world.

  2. Oh…just when I thought that you have found a new beauty box in Malaysia but it turned out to be from Australia.
    I’m not overwhelmed by the contents of the box though. I’m bias too & think that Malaysia beauty boxes have a better choice than Australia.
    And that sachet of GUESS perfume is definitely a NO NO for me. Messy messy messy…
    But it’s good to know about other beauty box available from other country.
    Thanks ShopGirl. =)

  3. @ Nadia, you’re welcome! I think the Violet Box is okay for the novelty factor but yes, I think we are getting more premium brands and products for what we are paying here and as far as beauty boxes in this country go RM70 for us is relatively pricey. I think we are very lucky to have so many nice beauty boxes to play with in this country, don’t you think?

  4. @ Arpita, I just wanted to change things up a bit because between you and I think we have about every beauty box in this country covered 😉
    You’re right, I would never have thought of trying ModelCo otherwise but now I guess I will. I would be curious to see what the French are getting in their subscriptions too.

  5. @ Miss Ika, for scoops of this nature it really does help to have a credit card or a PayPal account.
    I also regularly make claim to the mailing addresses and kindness of friends and family abroad and am inclined to do this without shame with lots and lots of pleading but when that fails, you can always try a forwarding service like vPost. Costs a little more by way of shipping but the novelty factor is sometimes worth the trouble when you’re as crazy as me 😉

  6. Loved reading about the violet box; I have just signed up to Bellabox and Lust Have It in Australia, my second month’s worth of boxes are on their way. So good to see what other services are offering.

  7. @ xbeautyandbeyondx, I agree, it’s great having a look at the different editions of beauty boxes available. Glad to see that you’re as happy about beauty boxes as I am. They’re so addictive! I have subscriptions coming out of my ears.
    I would have loved to pick up Bellabox and Lust Have It too but timing and cost issues limited me to just one of the services this time round. Maybe next time. Thanks for stopping by!

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