An Inglot Haul!

A quick post on what was a quick haul. I had less than 30 minutes of actual shopping time and a limited budget but I still managed to walk away from the Inglot Warehouse Sale with a sizable stash of beauty steals.

Inglot Lip Pans

Inglot Lip Pans

These Inglot lip colour pans were originally RM24 each.

Sale Price – RM7.20 each

Intense colours

Intense but completely wearable!

They're so creamy!

Like candy but without the calories. Yum!

They look similar but I was surprised at how differently they swatched, even the ones that looked almost the same. And they were very strongly pigmented and smooth to apply. This was my first time swatching Inglot and I was really impressed with the quality of these. I am so sorry for not having found Inglot sooner. Much, much love!

Inglot Eyeshadows

Inglot Eyeshadows

Great quality!

Generously-sized and great quality!

Were RM50. Sale Price – RM15.

A complete steal. I wish I’d grabbed a few more of these but I was so distracted by the lipstick table.

I picked up five shadows in total but gave two away. A girl should always share the spoils of a conquest 😉

Inglot AMC Lip Pencil

Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 3.8g

AMC stands for Advanced Makeup Components. This was a random singular item that I forgot I had thrown into my basket but I decided to keep it anyway.

RRP – RM46

Sale Price – RM23

Inglot Brow Pans

Inglot Brow Pans

RRP – RM24

Sale Price – RM7.20

I discovered these a few minutes before leaving the sale. Regrets for running out of shopping time and not being able to pick up a few more. I love that they’re a true dark, dark brow colour without the red and brownish tinge that seems to be baked into so many brow colours these days. Perfect for gals with black hair who who don’t care to dye.

Next up is a Cult Product Alert!

The final item from my haul is a real eye opener and completely innovative because it works like magic and can be used on both lip and eye products but wait…what is it?!!

Inglot Duraline

Inglot Duraline (9ml)

Duraline by Inglot’s is pure makeup alchemy.

This is by far one of Inglot’s most legendary products and can basically change the consistency of your dry makeup products to make them more intense and easier to apply.

Inglot Duraline ~

Inglot Duraline ~ so many possibilities!

Add a drop of Duraline to a little of any of your dry pigment products such as crushed shadows and mineral colours and you get a wet makeup product with greater intensity and longer wear.

One thing to note is that simply adding Duraline directly to a full product pan will tamper with the consistency of the pigments in that pan and that may not be what you want all the time. My advice for using Duraline is to only mix it into the amount of colour product you intend to use per application so do the mixing away from the original colour pan i.e. on your wrist or a clean artist’s palette.

Another thing you may want to note is that the Duraline formula is kind to sensitive skin and eyes and also safe for use on the waterline and with lip products too. This is great news for people like me with sensitive skin and eyes.

One of the best things about Duraline has got to be the fact that it can be used to extend the use of your makeup odds and ends. For example, instead of throwing out your broken colour pans, use a little Duraline to revive dried up liners and broken eyeshadow, brow and lip pans.

I know it looks small and sounds expensive for the 9ml that you get but it seems that a little does go a long way.

RRP – RM40

Sale Price – RM32

The Duraline comes in a little glass jar with a handy little droplet dispenser.

And easy

Duraline ~ this is pretty magical stuff!

By the way, I managed to get an extra 10% off the final bill for all of my purchases because I paid for it all with a Hong Leong Bank credit card. What a happy, happy day for a haul!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this little Inglot haul of mine as much as I enjoyed hauling it.

Inglot Warehouse Sale 2013

Inglot Warehouse Sale 2013


Inglot Malaysia Facebook

Mid Valley Megamall, KL
G.015, Mid Valley Megamall, KL
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor
G1.36, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid
Setia City Mall, Selangor
UG 55A, Setia City Mall, Shah Alam
Queensbay Mall, Penang
GF.59, Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall
City Square, Johor Bahru
J1-05, Level 1, Johor Bharu City Square
KL Sogo, Kuala Lumpur (Counter)
GF, KL Sogo, 190, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman


  1. @ Mieza, I only wish I had more time at this sale but my purse probably appreciates the fact that I didn’t 🙂
    The Duraline is really quite a fun thing to play with if you like getting creative with your makeup products and making them multi-task. I want to use it to save some of my crushed up colours.

  2. Oh wow!! You are lucky babe! I wished I knew about the sale! So so so upset! Oh well, maybe next year… not that I need any more make up lol. Hope you are doing well 🙂

  3. @ Samia!! Hello…long time no see, sweetie! I know exactly what you mean about not needing more makeup but this was so, so tempting. I think Arpita and I debated about this when I flagged it on my FB Page and we both thought we wouldn’t go but as you can see I totally MADE time for it and what do you know, she did too. I am doing well and I hope you are too…totally looking forward to a chance to catch up with you and all the lovelies again. I will personally let you know if there is a sale like this again. Promise!

  4. Oh my! Now I’m really regretting not picking up Duraline!

    What a terrific batch of stuff you got in just half an hour! You have me well and truly kicking myself!

  5. @ Arpita, I think the sale was a fair opportunity to try Inglot. I really don’t believe they are on par with MAC but it’s worth having a go at the heavily reduced prices. I’m really and truly surprised that you didn’t pick up a single item – so unlike you! By the way, you promised me you wouldn’t go haha
    By the way, I’ve only tested the Duraline in swatching but have not used it for wear so we will need to see how ‘magical’ this is down the track.

  6. @ Miss Ika, hello and yes, I was pretty lucky to catch this sale. I usually announce top beauty warehouse sales like this on my Facebook page…and sometimes even the online ones.

    Don’t worry, this town loves a sale and I’m sure there will be more. The other one to watch out for is the Luxasia Malaysia sale and it’s best for fragrances although I picked up some great Anna Sui makeup products for a steal too. Now the other major sale – the Suria Meriang Staff Sale might be the most impressive of all but one needs that oh-so-elusive pass.

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