Of Monkeys and Monsoons…Cempedak Bay, Kuantan

I know this is a completely random non-beauty post and not what you would normally expect from this blog but I wanted to squeeze it in between my usual programming because I wanted to share with you a little tribute post about a corner in Malaysia that is one of those places that has such a warm and familiar place in my heart. Here’s to Kuantan and Teluk Cempedak!


Cempedak Bay

Without fail, I return every year to this bit of coastline and although I haven’t got any family or friends here and only ever visit for leisure, this is a place that I’m naturally drawn to and make a note to come back again year after year.

Teluk Cempedak

Also known locally as Teluk Cempedak


These are not pebbles but gigantic boulders gathered naturally to one corner of the bay.

Young and old enjoy scampering around these picturesque boulders

Young and old enjoy scampering around these picturesque boulders

Plenty of photo ops

Plenty of photo ops among these age old stones.

In fact, I’ve been doing this nostalgic little jaunt annually for more than ten years and for me its always a time to reflect and wind down at the tail end of another busy year. I simply can’t explain my magnetic attraction to this sleepy seaside town but I hope that some of the photos will help me say what I might lack the words for.


A little pagoda built facing the sea makes this corner of the bay a popular spot for locals to enjoy the ocean view.


A bright watchtower overlooks the beach at the bay.

And what’s a Malaysian holiday without a monkey or two…or three and more. Actually, this place is overrun with primates. They were preying mischievously on the remains of the McValue meals at the local McDonalds at Cempedak Bay and playing among the rock pools before dashing back into their coastal jungle home.

Some serious monkey business

Getting down to some serious monkey business with Ronald.

Who can resist a sundae?

Who can resist a sundae?

Primates aplenty - so many I lost count!

Primates aplenty – There are so many it’s not long before you lose count! They’re not in the least bit afraid of humans

Only two weeks ago, the Kuantan coastline was battered by some of the worst rainfalls seen by this part of Malaysia but Kuantan being Kuantan is no stranger to torrential storms during the December monsoons and while some may see it as a sleepy seaside town, the residents of Kuantan are survivors and were back on their feet no time. These photos were all taken within a fortnight of this year’s monstrous monsoon storm.

The rock formations at Cempedak Bay are natural

The rock formations at Cempedak Bay are completely natural.

Where ocean meets the jungle

Where rock pools meet the forest.

I honestly might have been a hermit crab in a previous life and the coastline in this part of Malaysia was my regular haunt during that brief but meaningful life because I just can’t seem to end a year without a visit to these crab-filled shores.

I heart you, Kuantan! Thank you for all the good times and it’s likely I’ll see you again next year!

You can find out more about Kuantan and other places to visit in Malaysia via the Government’s official tourism portal for 2014 via the following links-:

Tourism Malaysia


Visit Malaysia 2014




  1. awww.. I had my first date and fell in love with my SO at Teluk Cempedak, and its such a special place in my heart ❤ We haven't visited it in so long, and your post makes me want to go back there =)

  2. @ Shasha, that’s really so sweet! It’s nice to hear that Teluk Cempedak is so special for you too. I love this bay and this part of Malaysia in general. It’s not as touristy as some other places but I imagine that it is a place where there has been a lot of love found 🙂 You really should go back and visit again soon.

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