The Lilac Box 5 ~ TLB5: The Final Edition for 2013

And so it was that the final Lilac Box (TLB5) for 2013 arrived on my doorstep back in late November and I was pleased as punch with this purchase because TLB5 turned out to be a perfectly classy selection of designer beauty goodies and worth so much more than the cover charge of RM49.90.

I agree, it’s a little insane to plan certain Saturdays around the invariably obsessive online scramble for these limited Lilac Boxes but I assure you, nothing is as cathartic as these mad dashes for Lilac Boxes (regular editions, cult, special editions or otherwise) on those specific Saturday mornings that they’re released.

Just ask any Lilac-mad beauty junkie about the Lilac Box and they will tell you that nothing quite beats the smug satisfaction of knowing you have snagged a (slightly) rare Lilac! They just keep selling out because coveting them is addictive and buying them is weirdly compelling. What can I say, I’m a sucker for crazy and frenzied group buying, aren’t you?

Anyway, in true Lilac Box fashion, TLB5 was a great way to end what was a year of great fanfare and inspired beauty finds and I think the contents of this box truly sums up what The Lilac Box is all about.

Chic. Sexy. Coveted.

Guerlain Abeille Royale ~ Youth Serum

Guerlain Abeille Royale ~ Youth Serum (3ml)

This is a super tiny tube of the indulgent anti-ageing youth serum by Guerlain and looks even smaller in real life but a 50ml version usually retails for more than RM350 so I understand that I can’t get a full-sized version in a sample box but this is still a nice little luxury inclusion. In its flash gold box it’s so ‘tai-tai‘.

CK Down Town Shower Gel

CK Down Town Shower Gel (Deluxe Sample – 30ml)

I confess I wish this came in TLB5 as an EDT or even body lotion but a deluxe-sized Down Town shower gel is still generous and reflects this youthful and refreshing scent well enough.

In my opinion, CK always manages to design some of the best modern fragrances and I think this new scent by Calvin Klein will be another contemporary hit by the house. Off the cuff, it’s a softly floral scent that mellows into a cache of woodier notes. An early burst of citrus makes this a refreshing and pleasant fragrance for day wear but of course I can’t just apply a shower gel as a perfume. I’ll have to keep this for my morning shower.


Aveda Damage Remedy ~ Daily Hair Repair & Intensive Restructuring Treatment (Miniature samples – 10ml Each)

Aveda are an industry expert in botanical beauty products and are more than well known for their leanings toward targeted hair care solutions. The above two items are from their Damage Remedy line. I already have these from an earlier jaunt with Cosmobox but they’re so small that doubles are really appreciated necessary.

Also from Aveda is this next sample, the Aveda ControlForce hair spray. Hmm…


Aveda ControlForce Hair Spray (50ml)

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have ever really liked using hair spray at any point in my life so this is pretty far from being my favourite product of the box but… I’m a glass-half-full kind of beauty blogger and will refer to this trusty list of 22 Amazing and Practical Uses for Hair Spray and work with it. Who knew?!

Académie Micellar Cleansing Water

Académie Micellar Cleansing Water (Deluxe sample ~50ml)

The next product heralds a much-loved beauty secret from that cult beauty stable known as the French pharmacy school of beauty, and it’s micellar cleansing water!

Now if you’ve never heard of micellar cleansing waters before these are basically unique cleansing formulations designed to rid skin of surface impurities absent of any of the harsh stripping actions common to detergents and soaps.

And Micellar Cleansing Waters are a completely innovative beauty industry creation hence named because they feature a unique component called micelles. These micelles are effectively small clusters of cleansing molecules suspended in liquid and it is these cutting-edge molecules which help dissolve the impurities in your skin (similar to how detergent breaks down oil) so that you can just rinse or wipe away makeup, oils and dirt from the skin.

The micellar cleansing action really means that you don’t need to scrub your face in order to get rid of impurities and because it’s so effective but gentle it’s perfect for cleansing the skin while on the go. In fact, micellar cleansing waters are often used backstage on the runways of fashion shows as a fast, effective and gentle way to swab away makeup from catwalk models who need to be prepped immediately for the next look.

This deluxe sample in TLB5 is a Micellar Cleansing Water made in France from French brand, Académie and I’m excited to have a chance to try it as part of my skin cleansing routine. This will be my first time using a miscellar cleansing formula and notably it looks and smells like a refreshing and watery toner.

Laura Mercier Pirmer & Tint

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer & Tinted Moisturiser SPF20 (14.7ml Each)

These Laura Mercier deluxe samples are my absolute favourite inclusions in TLB5. True to this brand’s esteemed heritage, both products apply like a dream and are so lightweight they feel like a second skin.

The tinted moisturiser seems to come in only one universal shade but it melts into my skin perfectly and gives a featherweight coverage that sinks so effortlessly into the skin I can’t even feel it and it’s really like wearing no makeup at all. I think this makes it a good makeup base for day wear in our perennially hot and sultry weather.

One of my New Year resolutions is to ‘buy less, choose well’ and I’m thinking of investing in some better quality makeup staples (*heart sings but wallet groans*) and I’m really going to take these samples as a catalyst for exploring more of the Laura Mercier range. I found myself drawn to the Laura Mercier colour palettes after playing with them at Mecca Maxima in Sydney.

Alqvimia Oils!

Alqvimia Oils! Made in Spain.

An Alqvimia Trio ~

A Golden Trio ~ Shape Reducer Body Oil, Body Sculptor Oil, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil (6ml Each), all by Alqvimia.

TLB5 came with not one but three of these pretty little glass apothecary bottles by Alqvimia. They look like little magic potions…and perhaps they are.

Alqvimia is a Spanish brand internationally renowned for their all-natural concentrated formulas of high-end cosmetic oils. While I doubt a mere 6ml of each will result in any huge improvement on this bod of mine, it’s still a good opportunity to test these oils in hand for their texture and scents. This is a first date with Alqvimia for me.

Until next year...the final Lilac Box for 2013!

Until next year…the final Lilac Box for 2013 was a winner in my books!

Honestly, I think TLB 5 ended up exceeding all my expectations and turned out to be one of the sexiest beauty boxes I’ve come across yet and I’m glad I made the effort to snap up this final edition for 2013 before it sold out. There really aren’t many other beauty box that feature so many premium brands in one haul.

I feel pretty lucky to have snagged one of these Lilac babies. Did you manage to get one? What did you think of the TLB5?

At this point I’m already looking forward to what The 3 Guys at The Lilac Box have planned for 2014.

So, here’s to another inspired year ahead, *clinks glasses* Viva la Lilac!

As with all other editions, Lilac Box 5 was a Limited Edition & completely Sold Out in 3 days!

And who knows when the next Lilac Box is available!

That’s part of the blooming beauty of The Lilac Box too. They’re so d*mned mysterious.

The Lilac Box #5 was RM49.90 (inclusive of delivery).

The Lilac Box subscriptions are currently still only available to West Malaysia.

The Lilac Box Facebook

The Lilac Box Website


P.S. Merry Christmas!

{Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored or brand affiliated post. The Lilac Box #5 was paid for by me and the opinions expressed here are entirely my own. Consider at your own risk}



  1. I love the micellar water! It’s definitely one of the better ones out there, though I’ve not tried Bioderma which is still the reigning champion it would seem.

  2. @ Arpita, I know…micellar water is really like one of the fashion & beauty industry’s best kept secrets! Can’t wait to try it for myself.

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