Bag of Love November 2013 ~ The ‘Go, Girl, Go!’ Edition

As far as beauty subscriptions go, Bag of Love has always been the industry daredevil by choosing to go where no beauty service has been and I think the November edition just about sums up the perfectly endearing pioneering spirit of this little beauty bag with a big heart.

My review of the November Edition is more than a little late but I’d still like to list for posterity my thoughts on the bag you were lucky to get and would have been sorry to miss.


November’s Bag of Love ~ All gone!


If you’re new to Bag of Love, you’ll be surprised to hear that this November edition sold out in a matter of days on account of a teaser that revealed that the bag itself was no ordinary beauty pouch but an honest-to-goodness genuine brand mini tote by the folks at Levis. It was also hinted that this month’s subscription would contain an electronic beauty surprise but more on that later. First, let’s take a look at the bag!

Beyond Expectation: The Levis tote that impressed all subscribers

Beyond Expectation: The Levis mini tote that impressed all would-be subscribers.

It’s not hard to understand why when you look at what you could have scored for a mere RM39.90.

It must have been that charm, her movie-star good looks or that the people at Levis were just floored by her passion but somehow and someway Mi Mi managed to get some love from the folks at Levis and share it with her fans and so it was that this exclusive tote became ours.

The real deal!

The real deal!

The Levis Mini Tote sports an adorable gingham interior

The Levis Mini Tote sports an adorable gingham interior.

Anyway, it just so happens that Bag of Love’s Mimi impressed Levis Malaysia so much that not only did they come out and sponsor the pouch for the month, they also named her one of the brand’s exclusive empowered women ambassadors in their ‘ Levis Revel Go Forth’ jeans campaign for 2013.

Levis Revel Go Forth Campaign ~ Mi Mi was one of the

Levis Revel Go Forth Campaign ~ Mi Mi, on the far right was one of women who impressed Levis.


Thank you Bag of Love AND Levis! This was more than we could ever have expected when we signed up for the November edition.
Now, at RM39.90 for a subscription, the value of this bag was pretty much already IN the bag (excuse the pun) but if you know Mimi and Bag of Love, the love and surprises almost never stop at just one.

The moment the second teaser went up on Bag of Love’s Facebook page, the subscription machinery at Bag of Love HQ must have had to work some serious overtime because within hours or perhaps even minutes all the remaining bags had been snapped up like hotcakes …only this time the hotcakes came in the form of an electrical beauty gadget of some wizardry from Panasonic Beauty Malaysia.

While some were hoping this gadget was a eyebrow trimmer, eyelash curler or whatever it is that’s small, runs on batteries and vibrates, what we did get was a snazzy little electronic toothbrush that vibrates a dizzying 16,000 brush strokes a minute.

The Panasonic Doltz

The Panasonic Doltz

Okay, so a tooth brush is admittedly pedestrian and less sexy than a eyelash curler but while the eyes may be the windows to the soul – bad teeth can ruin everything so yes, this Panasonic Doltz will come handy. People don’t give enough credit to dental care and in terms of frequency you have got to brush your teeth more than you curl your lashes, right?

Trust me, a toothbrush will get more use. I only wish it came with batteries but I know that’s being a bit precious of me. Mind, this brush runs on a little known battery called the LR03 which seems a little challenging to hunt down but oh well.

A closeup

Let’s take a closer look.

Now, the two above items were already worth much more than the subscription price of the bag but it didn’t stop there.

This bag was themed the “Go, Girl, Go!” Edition and while the bag is nice and clean teeth are necessary you didn’t think Bag of Love would just let it end there without pampering subscribers with the usual beauty treats, did you?

Bag of love has always been such a champion of womens’ rights and needs and the rest of the goodies reflect a slew of indulgences for busy women who work, love and play.

Clarins Double Serum 7-Day Trial Program (Sachet Kit)
with Collect-at-Counter bounce back Gift Offer

The Clarins Double Serum Trial Kit has been doing the rounds in the local beauty subscriptions but it’s from such a great brand that it’s worth saving up all these sachets for a month’s supply of the Clarins Double Serum. There’s also a little card attached within for me to show up at any Clarins counter nationwide to collect extra samples that suit my skin type.

Clarins Double Serum Trial Set

Clarins Double Serum 7-Day Trial Set with bounce back offer.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Aura EDT – Sample 1.2ml

This is a floral fragrance with fresh citrusy notes that dries down to a youthful yet sophisticated scent. I think Red Door Aura EDT is a better fragrance than the original Red Door because it’s lighter and younger but still has that hint of muskiness that tempers any frivolity and makes it more elegant.

Red Door Aura sample 1.2ml

Red Door Aura EDT sample 1.2ml

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo RM4.40/ Full Sized
Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner RM4.40/ Full Sized

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall shampoo & conditioner deluxe

Dove Hair Therapy Hair Fall Rescue shampoo & conditioner deluxe samples (90ml& 80ml respectively)

One can never have enough shampoo and conditioner and intuitively but sadly, I think the anti-hairfall qualities of this Dove duo will be appreciated by me. Isn’t it an irony of a woman’s lot in life that hair that’s meant to stay never hangs around yet hair in places we don’t want just seems to grow back in ample lots?!

Hair issues, anyone?

Hair issues, anyone? I do believe this lady knows what I’m talking about.

Bag of Love’s November Edition really did impress with another innovative collection of beauty products and what I’ve come to like about Bag of Love is that it continually seems to reinvent what we can expect from a beauty sample service.

From December I’ve subscribed for another quarter. Enough said.

The Bag of Love November 2013

The Bag of Love November 2013

And if you’re interested in getting some love in a bag of your own…click on the logo here.

Click Here to go to Bag of Love

Bag of Love Facebook

RM39.90 a month for Peninsular Malaysia ( add RM8 for shipping to East Malaysia)

[Disclaimer: The Bag of Love November was paid for in full by me and all opinions and comments expressed herein are of a personal nature. Consider at your own risk.]



  1. Missed this bag ..wish I had worked on renewing my sub sooner. Such a great bag and it included lots of goodies too.
    p/s: hope you had lots of fun while shopping Down Under

  2. @Sharon! Long time no see! Oh no, you missed it 😦 Nevermind, I am sure Mi Mi will outdo herself soon enough. I agree about how hard it is to keep track of these BOL subscriptions. I kind of have to keep a constant mental note on when each quarter ends. I had a blast in Oz. I miss it so much – more than you’ll ever know. It’s really quite a home for me!

  3. Did you go claim your Clarins samples? They’re so generous about these things and threw in a couple of others too! This bag truly went above and beyond!

  4. @ Arpita, I haven’t yet…I think the offer expires on NYE and you’re making me regret not having done this yet. Thanks for the reminder though!

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